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Grotworms are by far my least favorite monsters in RuneScape because of how disgusting they look! They are often assigned as a slayer task by most masters and offer players decent experience rates.

However, if it’s your first time encountering these nasty creatures, you can easily get intimidated due to their high defense and ranged attacks.

Therefore, I’ve created this guide to help those who want to slay Grotworms efficiently. I’ll show you the best gear to take and what you should hold in your inventory. Luckily, there are multiple Grotworm tiers, so all players can fight them regardless of their stats.

Bottom Line Up Front

This section is for people who do not want to read the full guide and need a TLDR.

Grotworms are found in the Grotworm lair by Port Sarim lodestone. You can find it by walking northwest towards the white knight camp and entering the cave. The lair has three layers that contain different level grot worms:

  • First layer – Young Grotworms
  • Second Layer – Grotworms
  • Third Layer – Mature Grotworms

The best way to slay these creatures is by using a crossbow since they take increased damage from bolts. The best gear to take is death lotus armor because it increases your health and durability. 

Killing them is straightforward as they have no mechanics. Simply attack them, and your character will do the rest with the revolution bar active. Note that protect from magic helps negate damage, but it’s not essential if you bring a full inventory of food.

If you want to learn more about these creatures, continue reading the guide.

Types of Grotworms

There are three different Grotworms in RuneScape that you’ll encounter in the lair. Let’s take a look at them individually. 

Young Grotworm

Young Grotworm

Young Grotworms are the easiest to kill because they have low combat levels and few defenses. Their aggression range is small, so only players next to them will get attacked. They mostly attack with a mix of magic and melee.


  • Level twenty-eight
  • One thousand life points
  • Level twenty magic

Best Drops

  • Starved Ancient Effigy
  • Easy Clue Scroll
  • Spirit Ruby
  • Spirit Emerald
  • Key Token
  • Mimic Kill Token


Grotworms can be found deeper in the Grotworm lair and are slightly harder to kill. These creatures can attack with melee, ranged, and magic, making them difficult to pray against. For their level, Grotworms hit accurately, so it’s advised to take a full inventory of food.


  • Level sixty-three
  • Six thousand seven hundred and fifty life points
  • Level forty-five magic
  • Level forty-five attack

Best Drops

  • Key Token
  • Mimic Kill Token
  • Starved Ancient Effigy
  • Spirit Ruby
  • Spirit Emerald
  • Hard Clue Scroll
  • Rare Drop Table
  • Onyx Bolts

Mature Grotworm

Mature Grotworm

Mature Grotworms are the highest tier that can be found in the lair. They are slow-moving but hit extremely hard with their magic attacks. However, if you get close to them, they will attack with melee. Due to their high armor, I recommend having at least level eighty stats and equipment.


  • Level ninety-eight
  • Ten thousand and five hundred life points
  • Level seventy magic
  • Level seventy attack
  • Level seventy defense

Best Drops

  • Key Token
  • Mimic Kill Token
  • Starved Ancient Effigy
  • Spirit Ruby
  • Spirit Emerald
  • Court Summons
  • Crystal Triskelion Fragments
  • Brawling Gloves

Grotworm Locations

Grotworms are found in the Grotworm lair, located near Port Sarim. You can easily find it by teleporting to Port Sarim via the loadstone and going northwest until you see a white knight camp. Next to them will be a cave entrance that you can enter to go inside the lair.

The lair has three levels that host different Grotworms.

  • First Level – Young Grotworms
  • Second Level – Grotworm
  • Third Level – Mature Grotworm

When you enter the first level, there is a shortcut to the south that will instantly take you to the third level. However, this shortcut requires level fifty agility to use. Otherwise, you can run to the end of each cavern to reach another cave entrance to go further down to your desired Grotworm tier.

Best Setup for Grotworms

grotworms runescape Locations

Now, let’s dive into the best gear to take when fighting Grotworms. If you do not meet the gear requirements, don’t worry, as you can always use the previous tier gear. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be as efficient when killing them.

Young Grotworm

Armor Weapons Inventory ArchaeologyRelic Aura Prayer
Rune Helm Rune Scimitar Fourteen sharks Font of Life Vampyrism Protect from Melee
Rune Platebody Rune Kiteshield Three Prayer Potions
Rune Platelegs
Rune Boots
Rune Gloves
Warrior Ring
Obsidian Cape


Armor Weapons Inventory ArchaeologyRelic Aura Prayer
Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Crossbow Fourteen Rocktails Font of Life Vampyrism Protect from Magic
Armadyl Platebody Armadyl off-hand Crossbow Four Prayer Flasks
Armadyl Platelegs Royal Bolts Super Ranging Potion
Armadyl Boots Super Defense Potion
Armadyl Gloves
Archers’ Ring
Ava’s Alerter

Mature Grotworm

Armor Weapons Inventory ArchaeologyRelic Aura Prayer
Death Lotus Hood Ascension Crossbow Fourteen Rocktails Blessing of Het Penance Soul Split
Death Lotus Chestplate Ascension off-hand Crossbow Four Prayer Flasks Death Ward
Death Lotus Chaps Ascension Bolts overloads Fury of the Small
Elite Ranger Boots
Superior Death Lotus Tekoh
Archers’ Ring
Ava’s Alerter

How to Fight Grotworms

How to Fight Grotworms

Killing the worms is straightforward like any other creature in RuneScape since there are no mechanics to learn. Simply click to attack, and your character will do the rest. All Grotworms have similar fighting styles. If you attack from a distance, they’ll use magic and ranged. However, they will use their melee strikes if you get too close.

I prefer fighting young Grotworms with melee since they have low defenses, and you can quickly pick up the dropped items without wasting running energy.

For higher-tier Grotworms, you’ll want to use a crossbow because they are weak to bolt attacks. This means you’ll do considerably more damage compared to other fighting styles.

Make sure to enable the revolution bar, so your abilities automatically go off. This makes it a lot easier to fight them since you don’t need to focus on using spells. These are the combat abilities you’ll want in your hot bar:

  • Ricochet
  • Fragmentation Shot
  • Binding Shot
  • Needle Strike
  • Snap Shot
  • Piercing Shot
  • Bombardment
  • Snipe
  • Soul Split
  • Surge
  • Deadshot

Under no circumstances use the legacy combat mode. This feature makes combat similar to OSRS and does not let you use abilities. 


Question: Should I Accept Grotworm Slayer Tasks?

Answer: I recommend Grotworms for low to mid-level players because they are decent experience. Also, they are generally a fast task to complete since you can kill the young Grotworms quickly. However, I would block this task if you’re a high-level player because there are far better creatures to slay.

Question: What is the Best Way to Kill Grotworms?

Answer: The best way to kill Grotworms is with a crossbow since they are weak to bolt attacks. The best weapons to use are:
• Blightbound Crossbow
• Ascension Crossbow
• Chaotic Crossbow
• Armadyl Crossbow
• Dragon Crossbow
• Rune Crossbow
If you have a low ranged level, then you can use magic or melee to kill the worms. However, you’ll do significantly less damage, and kills will take longer to finish.

Question: What Loot should I Pick Up from Grotworms?

Answer: Grotworms drop various loot ranging from herbs to brawling gloves. Most of the drops are junk items, but there are a few you should pick. Take a look at the top items:
• Crystal Triskelion Fragment
• Mimic Kill Token
• Brawling Gloves
• Hazelmere’s Signet Ring
• Vecna Skull
• Dragon Bones
• Big Bones
• Rune Bar
• Magic Seeds
• Dragon Helm
• Shield Left Half
• Onyx Bolts
• Battlestaff
If you are playing on ironman mode I recommend picking up all herbs and seeds since you’ll need them to train herblore and farming. 


To summarize, Grotworms come in three tiers – young Grotworm, Grotworm, and mature Grotworm. Each tier is significantly harder to kill and requires better armor, weapons, and offensive levels. The best way to kill Grotworms is with a crossbow since their biggest weakness is bolts.

Players will often get Grotworms as a slayer task from various masters. However, I advise you to put them on your block list because slayer masters usually assign you to kill one to two hundred. Therefore, the tasks can get lengthy, and the drops are subpar compared to other tasks.

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