Dragon Defender OSRS Guide: An Essential Defensive Dagger

Most off-hand weapons in OSRS provide amazing offensive stats and will help increase damage output. However, did you know that you can equip an item that not only helps you offensively but also provides tremendous defensive stats? The Dragon Defender is the 2nd strongest Defender in OSRS and delivers players with everything they need.

The item is essential for PVM and risky PVP players because it can provide a tactical advantage. After reading this guide, you’ll have all the knowledge about the defensive weapon and how to obtain it. Also, you’ll know how to create the Avernic Defender, which is the best defensive weapon in the game.

What Is The Dragon Defender?

The Dragon Defender is an off-hand weapon that will help in multiple combat situations. It provides benefits in all categories and can eliminate the need to use a shield. The defensive stats can be compared to an Adamant Square Shield with minor differences. Also, its strength bonuses are far better than the Dragonfire Shield, which means you’ll do considerably more damage with the Defender.

Attack Bonuses:

  • +25 Stab
  • +24 Slash
  • +23 Crush
  • -3 Magic
  • -2 Ranged

Defense Bonuses

  • +25 Stab
  • +24 Slash
  • +23 Crush
  • -3 Magic
  • -2 Ranged

Other Bonuses:

  • +6 Strength

How To Get The Dragon Defender

Before players get a chance to receive a Dragon Defender, they must complete a minigame that requires them to kill Cyclopes. Thankfully, the minigame is very simple to understand, and players can obtain defenders within 4-6 hours, depending on RNG.

During the minigame, you will have to enter a room and kill Cyclopes in hopes of Defender drops. Once you obtain the first Defender, make sure to equip it so that the creatures will drop the next tier. At first, you will begin with the lowest tier, which is the Bronze Defender. Players can only receive the next tier Defender drop and cannot skip brackets. For example, if you wield a Mithril Defender, the Cyclopes will only drop an Adamant and previous tier Defenders.


The Cyclopes are located in the Warriors’ Guild. It’s a large building West of Burthorpe that has a variety of combat-based activities. When players perform well doing the minigames, they will earn Warrior Guild Tokens. These are used to gain entry to the top floor and basement to kill Cyclopes.

The Warriors’ Guild requires players to have a combined level of 130 in Strength and Attack. However, having level 99 in either skill will grant access inside. The best methods of getting to the guild are:

  • Combat Bracelet: Teleports players directly outside of the Warriors’ Guild.
  • Games Necklace: Teleports players to Burthrope, East of the Warriors’ Guild.
  • Group Teleport: Will teleport players to the Burthorpe Games Room.
  • Falador Teleport: Will take players to the center of Falador, then players can walk to the guild.
  • Camelot Teleport: Will place players not far away from the guild. Players then can run to the guild.
  • POH Teleport: If players have houses in Taverley, they can run North towards the Warriors’ Guild.
  • Balloon Transport System: After completing an Enlightened Journey, players can use the transport system to Taverley. Then walk North towards the guild.
  • Strength Cape: The skillcape will teleport players inside the Warriors’ Guild.


To gain access to the Cyclopes, you’ll need to have plenty of Warrior Guild Tokens. These are gained by completing and getting high marks in the guild’s minigames. Once you have sufficient tokens, speak to Kamfreena, who will let you go inside the room filled with Cyclopes.

Entry of the room requires a minimum of 100 Warrior Guild Tokens. 10 Tokens will go towards the cost of going in, and then 10 tokens per minute you are inside. If players run out of tokens whilst in the room, Kamfreena will provide a warning to leave. If players decide to stay longer, they will be teleported out within a minute.


Before killing cyclopes, you’ll need to complete a few minigames within the guild to earn tokens. Preferably you’ll want to do a minigame that you find fun and enjoyable so you won’t burn out. Here are all the minigames the Warriors’ Guild has to offer:

Animation Room

The animation room is in the Southwestern room of the guild’s entrance. This room is one of the best for receiving tokens because it’s extremely simple to do. Players must bring full sets of metal armor like Bronze or Rune. To start the minigame, click on the animation machine with the full set of armor in your inventory.

The armor will come to life and start attacking you. After defeating the animated armor, players can pick up the armor with tokens and restart the minigame. Higher tier armor will be much harder to defeat but will provide more tokens. Also, animated armor sets are immune to Ranged and Magic attacks.


  • Combat Level: 11
  • Hitpoints: 10
  • Tokens: 5


  • Combat Level: 23
  • Hitpoints: 20
  • Tokens: 10


  • Combat Level: 46
  • Hitpoints: 40
  • Tokens: 15


  • Combat Level: 69
  • Hitpoints: 60
  • Tokens: 20


  • Combat Level: 92
  • Hitpoints: 80
  • Tokens: 25


  • Combat Level: 113
  • Hitpoints: 99
  • Tokens: 30


  • Combat Level: 138
  • Hitpoints: 120
  • Tokens: 40

However, while doing this strategy, it’s possible that the animated armor will not drop all the pieces. Therefore, you should bring multiple sets of armor you’d like to defeat. The most efficient armor type is Black because its pieces never break. Also, they have the best token to Hitpoint ratio.

Dummy Room

The dummy room is on the 1st floor Northwestern of the entrance. There are no combat requirements to begin this minigame. However, it’s recommended to bring all attack-style weapons that are great for stab, slash, crush, accurate, aggressive, defensive, and controlled.

The minigame will test your reflexes with different attack styles that will be used on dummies. To successfully destroy a dummy, you’ll need to select the correct attack method. The room has a poster inside that will advise you on what attack styles you should use for certain dummies. Each hit will reward you with 15 Attack experiences and 2 tokens.

There are 7 dummies in the room, which cover all combat bonuses and attack styles. The best strategy is to bring a longsword because it can hit all dummies instead of the crush dummy. For the last dummy, you’ll want to equip a Warhammer.

Catapult Room

The catapult room is on the 2nd floor West of the armory. To start the minigame, speak to the dwarf outside of the room. He will give you a 2-handed defensive shield that you will need to equip. Stand on the target area and wait for the ammunition to begin firing. Observe the panel to find out what ammo is going to be shot and select the correct defensive style. Each successful choice will grant 10 Defense experiences and 1 token. The catapult will launch a projectile every 4.8 seconds, which can result in 750 tokens per hour.

Shot Put Room

The shot put room is located on the 2nd floor, in the Northeast corner of the guild. To begin the minigame, players will need to pick up a shot, which resembles a cannonball. After, you’ll need to select the correct throwing styles. If players select the wrong style, the ball will drop on their toes, dealing 1HP of damage.

The best strategy is to use the Southern track because it eliminates the need to use ground ashes, energy potions, and explorer’s ring. Therefore, you’ll save a huge amount of time not having to bank. With this method, only use the “Standing Throw” style for optimal tokens amount per hour.

Jimmy’s Challenge

Jimmy’s Challenge is located on the 2nd floor, East of the armory. Click on any keg in the room to begin the minigame. You will have to balance the keg on your head, then go to another keg and pick it up. The maximum number of kegs that can be placed on your character’s head is 5. Balancing the kegs will reward Strength experience, and 2 tokens for every successful barrel picked up.

Warriors’ Guild Top Floor – Acquiring The Rune Defender

To obtain the Dragon Defender, first, you must obtain the Rune Defender. This is done by spending guild tokens on the top floor and accessing the Cyclopes room. They have a combat level of 56 or 76. Their maximum hit is 6, so we recommend bringing high-tier food.

Cyclops Combat Stats:

Level 56 Cyclops

  • Hitpoints – 75
  • Attack – Level 47
  • Strength – Level 50
  • Defense – Level 26
  • Magic – Level 1
  • Ranged – Level 1

Level 76 Cyclops

  • Hitpoints – 100
  • Attack – Level 65
  • Strength – Level 65
  • Defense – Level 35
  • Magic – Level 1
  • Ranged – Level 1

The creatures do not have any defensive stats, which makes them fairly easy to kill. All Cyclops have a 1/50 chance to drop any type of Defender. With good armor and combat stats, you can get hundreds of kills per hour. This is the minimal recommended gear to wear:


  • Boots – Dragon Boots
  • Chest – Dragon Chestplate
  • Legs – Dragon Platelegs
  • Head – Obsidian Helmet
  • Neck – Berserker Necklace
  • Ring – Imbued Berserkers’ Ring
  • Gloves – Barrows Gloves
  • Cape – Fire Cape
  • Weapon – Obsidian Sword


Your inventory can vary depending on how quickly you want to complete the minigame. This is the optimal setup you’ll want to go for to get more kills per hour:

Killing The Cyclops

Once you have made the preparations and are wearing your best gear, it’s time to begin the grind. Entering the room will aggravate the creatures, and they will begin attacking you. Due to them being highly aggressive, killing them is AFKable. However, you will need to keep an eye for Defender drops. Make sure to equip the next tier before attacking a Cyclops because otherwise, you will only get the same tier drops.

Keep on killing the Cyclops until you receive a Rune Defender and show it to Kamfreena. Afterward, you can go to the basement and talk to Lorelai. She will require you to have a Rune Defender in your inventory before going inside.

The Cyclops inside will be level 106, and only they will drop a Dragon Defender. The creatures have a 1/100 drop rate for the defensive weapon so make sure you have a decent amount of guild tokens. Also, make sure to equip your best gear because they have a maximum hit of 8.

Level 106 Cyclops:

  • Hitpoints – 150
  • Attack – Level 95
  • Strength – Level 75
  • Defense – Level 55
  • Magic – Level 1
  • Ranged – Level 1

What Is The Avernic Defender?

The Avernic Defender is a tier higher than the Dragon Defender. It provides more offensive and defensive stats, making it one of the best off-hand defensive weapons. The Defender requires level 70 Attack and Defense to wield.

Avernic Defender Stats:

Attack Bonuses:

  • +30 Stab
  • +29 Slash
  • +28 Crush
  • -5 Magic
  • -4 Ranged

Defense Bonuses:

  • +30 Stab
  • +29 Slash
  • +28 Crush
  • -5 Magic
  • -4 Ranged

Other Bonuses:

  • +8 Strength

To make the defensive weapon, you will need a Dragon Defender and an Avernic Defender Hilt. Use the hilt onto the Dragon defender to create the powerful Avernic Defender. This process can be reverted to return the Dragon Defender. However, the Avernic Defender Hilt will be destroyed in the process.

The Avernic Defender Hilt can be acquired as a reward from the Theatre of Blood. Also, it’s a rare reward from clue scrolls.


Question: What Is The Dragon Defender (t) and Rune Defender (t)?

Answer: OSRS provides players with a variety of customization, from armor kits to weaponry. The Dragon Defender can be combined with a Dragon Defender Ornament kit, which changes the appearance of the defensive weapon. It will now have a golden trim that makes the Dragon Defender look majestic.

In addition, players can use a Rune Defender Ornament kit on a Rune Defender. This will make the weapon have a fully golden appearance instead of blue. However, the kit doesn’t provide any extra stats and is only changes the visuals.

Question: What Are The Best Weapons To Use With A Dragon Defender?

Answer: The Dragon Defender is a brilliant weapon to combine with late-game weaponry. It will increase your maximum hit without sacrificing defense. These are the best weapons to synchronize the Dragon Defender with:

Dragon Dagger: The Dragon Dagger is the 2nd most powerful of its type. The poisoned version is brilliant to use in PVP combat because of the special attack. A puncture will deal with 2 hits at once with boosted accuracy and damage for both strikes. Combine it with a Dragon Defender, and you’ll be one-shotting enemy players.

Abyssal Bludgeon: The Abyssal Bludgeon is a deadly crush weapon that players can obtain from The Overseer. It requires a level 70 Attack and Strength to wield. The special attack is Penance, which boosts damage for every point that you have missing.

Abyssal Whip: One of the most famous OSRS weapons is the Abyssal Whip. It has excellent attack speed, which is brilliant for PVM battles. Players can receive whips as a drop from Abyssal Demons.

Ghrazi Rapier: This level 75 weapon has the best stab stats in OSRS. The attack speed is extremely fast, being 4 with 2.4-second intervals. Players can receive the weapon from the Grand Exchange or Theatre of Blood.

Question: What Is The Fastest Method Of Acquiring The Dragon Defender?

Answer: Obtaining the Dragon Defender will require you to first meet the requirements to enter the Warriors’ Guild. The minimal requirements to enter are a combined Strength and Attack level of 130 or 1 level 99 in either skill. You can refer to our Attack Guide or Strength Guide to find out the fastest options to gain levels.

Once you have the requirements to enter, you’ll need guild tokens to enter the rooms to kill Cyclops, which drop Defenders. The fastest method of obtaining tokens is to use full armor sets on the animating machine and defeating the creature. This option is faster than the other minigames and will give you +1,000 guild tokens per hour.

Then you’ll want to spend the tokens by entering the Cyclops area and killing them until you obtain all the Defenders until Rune. Afterward, you’ll go into the basement to fight the highest level Cyclops that drop Dragon Defenders.


This Dragon Defender OSRS guide explained everything you need to know about obtaining the fantastic defensive weapon. It has immense potential in all forms of combat as it will increase your damage output tremendously.  It’s a necessary item to gain for those who love dealing max hits and inflicting fear on their opponents!

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