Family Crest OSRS Guide: Which Rewards Are Must-Haves?

Family Crest is a quest a lot of people overlook. That is a real shame. It isn’t just a pretty fun quest to do, it is in my opinion one of the most useful quests in OSRS. You will travel to some pretty cool places in the world of Runescape and get extremely useful gloves that you can use all the way to the higher levels. 

The official difficulty that Jagex has given the quest is Experienced. To be honest, I do not agree with that. I would at most consider this quest to be medium difficulty. There are no strong monsters that you need to kill head on.

The level requirements are pretty easy. Even Ironman accounts can easily get most of the items without too much trouble. 

If you are an ironman or a new player, do not be put off by the level requirements. You can boost all of them. There is a 170 monster that you need to kill, however, if you follow my strategy you will be able to kill it even at the lowest levels possible. 

The Requirements You Need for Family Crest in OSRS and How to Get Them

The Requirements You Need for Family Crest in OSRS and how to Get Them

40 mining – You will need to have a mining level of 40. You will be able to boost this with a stew or a dwarven stout. The fastest way to get to this mining level is to mine clay all the way to around level 30 and then do iron ore.

If you want to make it even faster, you can drop all the ores that you have mined on the spot. This way, you do not need to make a trip to the bank. 

40 smithing – If you want a high smithing level, you should do some quest that gives exp in the skill. It will give you enough experience to go up to around level 30 and then some.

You will also get more quest points that come in handy later. The rest of your smithing should be trained by making iron armor, if you want to make some money, make dart tips instead. This skill is also boostable. 

59 magic – This is the highest skill you are going to need for this quest. You can boost it a couple of levels with a wizard’s mind bomb. A good way to train magic is by using elemental spells.

There are a lot of monsters you can kill for some money. A suggestion of mine would be using fire bolts (or spells around that damage) to kill Flesh Crawlers and other monsters in the security dungeon. 

40 Crafting – Crafting can be a pretty expensive skill to train. You can boost a few levels so you do not have to go all the way to that level. The best way you can get to this level is by tanning cowhides. It is pretty fast and cheap. You can also cut gems, that will be very expensive, but it will only take a couple of minutes to get to that level. 

Kill a demon – You are going to need to kill a demon of level 170 named Chronozon. Don’t worry, despite the level the monster really isn’t that strong. If you have very low combat, you can also safely spot the demon.

He will be very easy to kill. Since you have over 50 magic, I suggest you either use a spell like wind or water blast or strong bolt spells to kill it off. 

These are the Items You NEED to Have for the Quest

These are the Items You NEED to Have for the Quest

Shrimps – You can get shrimps from level one fishing with a small fishing net. I suggest you go to the river near Draynor. There are a couple of fishing spots you can use there. Note: it does not say raw, it needs to be COOKED.

Salmon – You will need a fly-fishing rod and feathers to get this fish. You will also need 30 fishing to be able to catch it. It needs to be caught in seers village, near the lake. Note: it does not say raw, it needs to be COOKED.

Tuna – You need 35 fishing and a harpoon to catch this one. You can catch one on Karamja. It can take a while to get one if you are a low fishing. Note: it does not say raw, it needs to be COOKED.

Bass – Same as the tuna, you will need to get a big fishing net and a level 40 in the fishing skill. You can get this fish in Karamja or in Catherby. Note: it does not say raw, it needs to be COOKED.

Swordfish – This is the hardest one to get if you are an ironman. You will need to have 50 fishing, a harpoon and some patience to catch one. You can also buy one from the shop named The Shrimp and Parrot.

Note: it does not say raw, it needs to be COOKED. You can both boost your fishing and cooking (45 needed) to get a cooked one as an ironman. 

Pickaxe – You can bring any pickaxe you want here. I do recommend you bring the best one you have, this will make it go a lot faster. 

2 cut ruby – You can get these while mining, or from a random event. There are also some gem shops that sell them. It is a pretty hard item to get at the lower levels if you are an ironman.  

Ring Mould – you can buy one in Al Kharid at the crafting supply store. They only cost a couple of coins.

Necklace Mould –  you can buy one in Al Kharid at the crafting supply store. They only cost a couple of coins.

A Poison cure, like Antipoison – There are a couple of monsters that drop anti-poison potions. You can also use the herblore skill to make some. The requirements are not too high, but it could take you a couple of hours to get to that level if you are starting from scratch. If you did Flesh Crawlers it would go much faster. 

Runes to cast all 4 death based Blast spells – You are going to need the runes. A staff won’t work. You will need death runes, air runes, fire runes, water runes, and earth runes. 

These are the Items I RECOMMEND You to Have for the Quest

Items I RECOMMEND You to Have for the Quest

An extra antipoison potion – This one is going to be for yourself. There are some poison spiders in Edgeville Dungeon that are able to poison you and deal quite some damage over time this way. 

Teleports – I suggest you take Varrock Teleports, Camelot Teleports, Falador Teleports, and Ardougne Teleports with you to get around fast.

A fully charged amulet of glory that you are going to use to teleport to Edgeville and Al-Kharid. If you do not have an amulet of glory, you can also use a Ring of Dueling which provides Al-Kharid teleports. 

A charged Combat Bracelet or a Skills Necklace is going to be very useful if you can get one. However, it is not worth it to grind for it if you do not have one at the moment. 

Starting the Quest 

To begin this quest, you will need to go to the fenced area in the east of Varrock, very close to the tea stall. There you will find a quest icon. In the house where the quest icon is on your map, there is a man called Dimintheis.

He will tell you all about his family crest, and how it is needed for him to prove his heritage to get his estate back in his own hands.

His sons took the crest when they left. All he knows is where Caleb is. He is a chef in Catherby. 

Going to Caleb – The First Brother

Going to Caleb - The First Brother

You will need: The shrimps, salmon, tuna, bass and the swordfish. All of these need to be cooked. 

You will now need to go to Catherby. South of what is the farming shop, you will see a man named Caleb. If you can’t find him, he is probably in the house with the sink. If you talk to him, he will tell you that the crest has been broken in 3 pieces, and each one of the brothers has a crest. 

He only wants you to give his piece if you do something for him. There is a special event coming  up very soon and he needs some ingredients to make a salad. Fish to be exact. You will need to give him all the fish you have.

However, the salmon needs to be fished locally, so listen to his instructions and he will tell you where to get it. It is in a lake near Seers Village.

If you have caught the salmon, you will need to get back to him. He will give you the piece and will also give you a little hint as to where to find the next brother. You will need to talk to the Gem trader in Al-Kharid to find out where Avan is.

It is important that you keep talking to him until he tells you more about the missing pieces. If you do not do this, the gem trader in the desert will not give you the right dialogue options. So make sure you talk about the missing pieces or you will need to go back. 

Going to Avan – The Second Brother

Going to Avan - The Second Brother

You are going to need: Both the necklace mold and ring mold, any pickaxe it can even be bronze, 2 cut rubies. You also have some optional items that you should probably take if you want to save time or if you are a lower level player.

Some food, some defensive armor and a method to get to Falador and Ardougne quickly. You will need to mine here, so bring a mining boost if you do not have the required level. 

Talk to the gem trader you can find in Al Kharid, and he will tell you where to find Avan. He is near the gold rocks of the mines. He is the guy wearing the yellow cape. Talk to him. You will find out that, just like Caleb, he wants a favor before he is going to help you. 

He is in love with a certain lady. He wishes to give her a ring and a necklace made of the perfect gold. The gold ores next to him are just not of the right quality. You will need to go somewhere else. He knows a dwarf named Boot, he knows a lot about this stuff. 

You need to speak to Boot, only this way you can give Avan the gold. You are going to need to go to Falador. To find dwarves, you need to go to the dwarven mine. Once you are inside the mines, you need to go south-west. Boot should be looking around there for something. 

Talk to Boot about the perfect gold. He has an idea where it is. There is a small dungeon near Ardougne and Witchhaven. Go to Ardougne and run east of the city. When you are near Witchaven you will see a bunch of hobgoblins, ogres and dangerous hellhounds of level 122. You do not need to fight them, and you can avoid them. 

You will see an entrance to a cave. You need to solve a lever puzzle here to open up the way to the perfect gold. You will need to do the following things in this exact order: 

  1. You need to go to the most northern wall, and there is a lever you need to pull up.
  2. Go to the southern room. There is another lever that you need to pull up. 
  3. You need to go back to the northern wall and make sure the lever is down now. 
  4. Now you are able to enter the northern room. You should go there and pull up the lever you find there.
  5. When you are out of the room, go to the northern wall, and pull the lever on that wall up. 
  6. Now you need to go back to the southern room and pull that lever down. 
  7. Now the room to room with the hellhounds should be unlocked.
  8. You will have to mine 2 gold ores at the very least. There is a hellhound that can be safely spotted if you stay close to the wall, and then you can just mine that rock two times. You will need to wait awhile. If you are boosting your mining level, you will need to boost it twice. 

Make sure you have your rubies, a ring mould and the necklace mould. You can go to any furnace you want, I would go to the one in Al-Kharid since it is very close to Avan.

You now need to smelt the ores into perfect golden bars. Make sure you select MAKE 1. If you do not, you will make multiple of them, and you will have to go all the way back to mine ore again. Now make one perfect ring and one perfect necklace. 

If you have gotten these items from the furnace, go back to Avan. He will be very happy and give you a second piece. 

Going to Johnathon – The Third Brother

Going to Johnathon - The Third Brother

Items required for this: The antipoison potion, your optional anti-poison potion. The necessary runes and Wizard’s mind bomb/magic potion (if boosting). You will also need some decent combat equipment for the battle with Chronozon, the level 170 combat demon. 

You will need to go to the last brother now. He is in the Jolly Boar Inn, in the north east of Varrock. The bar is the one close to the Wilderness. You are going to need your anti potion here. 

Go to the first floor of the bar. There you will find the third brother. He has been bitten by a poisonous spider. If you give him the anti potion he will then tell you what happened. He was on a quest to kill the powerful demon named Chronozon. The demon stole the last piece of the crest from him. 

If you want to go and kill Chronozon, you will need to go to the Edgeville Dungeon. Make sure you are prepared for some serious combat if you are not going to safe spot the monster. You will also need to have the runes to cast fire, water, earth and air blast. You can splash on him, so bring multiple runes for enough casts with you. 

You need to hit him with the spells. This means you will need to do damage. A 0 does not count. You can then kill him with any combat style you want. If the spells have not hit, he can not die. 

The Demon is Dead and the Quest is Finished

When you kill him, just grab his piece that he drops and the head. You can now get back to Varrock. You do not need to go to Jonathan again. Now you can just use the crest pieces on one another and combine it. You can now give the crest back to Dimintheis. He is the one where you started the crest. 

When you give back the family crest you will now have completed the quest. You will also be able to do the Family pest mini crest. I suggest you do so because it will speed up doing the quest by quite a lot. 

The Family Crest Quest Rewards

The Family Crest Quest Rewards

1 Quest point – This is a little low, but the quest is very easy if you know what to do and can just buy the items. 

Steel gauntlets – These are some of the best glove slot gear you can get in the mid-game. You can go to the brothers and ask them to imbue them. You can only have them imbued once, or you will need to pay 25k.

The gloves are pretty useful for some skills. Higher levels use it to get their smithing levels up. Or if you want to train magic, it will cause you to hit your fire bolt – and other bolt spells – higher with 3 hit points. The cooking gauntlets will help you burn less food when cooking some fish. 

If you do the family pest quest, you can have all three of them and imbue them for 500k. 

Frequently Asked Questions about The Family Crest Quest 

Question: Is the Family Crest Quest a Hard Quest to do?

Answer: While the official difficulty says that it is an expert level quest, I really do not agree with that assessment. You can do this at the lower levels. If you are 20 hit points or around that number, the quest would be more than doable if you keep your attention and know how to spot monsters.

For example, you do not need to fight the hellhounds that are defending the perfect gold ores. The 170 demon is an easy one to safe spot too. You can fight him without taking any damage at all. All other things in the quest are pretty straightforward. You do not need to do anything complex. 

Question: Why doesn’t Caleb Accept my Salmon?

Answer: Caleb needs to get a specific salmon. You can not pick the spot where you catch it. He will tell you where to find it. Listen to his instructions carefully. You will need to go to a lake in Seers village. There you need to catch a salmon.
If you catch any other salmon you will not be able to give it to him. All the other fish can be caught wherever you want. So you do not need to worry about that. 

The same goes for Avan and gold jewelry. He does not accept any jewelry besides the perfect jewelry. So you can not use regular gold ores to smelt jewelry for him. 

Question: Are the Steel Gauntlets from the Family Crest any Good? 

Answer: Yes! They are some of the best gauntlets in the entire game for some niche uses.  You can go to one of the sons and talk to them to ask for a specific gauntlet.

From Calab you can get the cooking gauntlets, these will make you cook some fish like lobster and shark at a much lower burn rate. This way you can train your cooking a bit faster and save some money due to them burning less. 

From Avan, you can get the gauntlet that is called the Goldsmithing Gauntlets. These will give you 56,25 exp more when you are smithing gold bars in a furnace. 

From the wizard brother, Jonathan, you get Chaos Gauntlets. These have a 3 point more damage boost when you are casting chaos bolts. If you are using them with a fire bolt it hits 15.

However, this stacks with the tome of fire and other damage boosting gear. This means you can get damage to up to 25 hitpoints with a regular fire bolt! That is the best damage a low level can do per second in OSRS. 

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