Hespori Seed OSRS Guide – How to Take Advantage of this Boss!

Some bosses just happen in video games, some bosses you create, some are summoned, and some are grown. This is the case with the Hespori boss from Old School Runescape, which is actually grown from the hespori seed.

You can find this boss in a cave near the farming guide, and the best way to start farming it is to plant the hespori seed inside the cave and then wait. Here’s how to get started and how you should best take advantage of this boss.

Where Can You Find a Hespori Seed?

You can find a hespori seed whenever you check the plants in your garden and the other plants around Gilenor, and with a level 65 skill in farming, the seeds can be planted. All you need is a seed dibber and you can go into the cave and plant the seed.

If you are spending a lot of time farming and looking around at bushes and trees, you will probably have a stockpile of hespori seeds before you will know what to do with them! Hespori seeds can be found when checking your grown trees and bushes, given to you from farming quests, and dropped whenever you harvest plants.

You won’t need to give the seed water or compost or defend it from any sickness like you would the normal plants in your garden. Instead, you just need to wait and the seed will grow on its own.

Some of the plants that can have a very low hespori seed drop rate include Apple trees (18 base chance), a banana tree (18 base chance), an orange tree (18 base chance), and a teak tree with a (10 base chance). Various other trees and plants have similar drop chances, so take a look and try to look into those trees if you are going hespori seed hunting.

You can also find a hespori seed whenever you start farming giant seaweed because they drop at a rate of 1/15. If you spend enough time collecting giant seaweed, you’ll find one. In other cases, you will have a rate of 1/500 for drops. Now, the reason that you would want to start farming Hespori seeds, is to fight what grows out of them.

The Hespori Boss

The Hespori Boss

In the lore, the Hespori boss is a carnivorous plant that originates from Morytania, the land of evil and monsters. It’s pretty powerful, and you will only encounter one Hespori in the wild during a quest, otherwise, it is just done inside the cave.

Now, after anywhere from 22-32 hours after the seed has been planted in the cave, you will find that a flower has grown beside the cave and you can enter and battle the hespori.

How Do You Prepare for the Boss Fight?

If you want to make the boss fight as easy as possible for yourself, then you need to prepare. The Hespori’s attacks are magical, and melee is the best offense against it. Wear armor that can boost your hitting power and defend you from magic. A prayer might also help you negate the damage.

You will also need some anti-poison weapons and gear, and some type of ranged weapon to defeat the flowers that the Hespori summons. They die in one hit, so you can bring the cheapest ranged weapon you have if you don’t want to over-prepare.

Other than that it is a pretty easy boss fight. You don’t need to worry about other enemies charging in and causing you problems, or any traps showing up. This plant also won’t blossom into a new phase once you knock its health down.

Additionally, if you have very high level gear such as the abyssal whip or the dragon scimitar, then you should use that. It will help you end the fight that much quicker!

The Fight Itself

Keep in mind that the Hespori has a melee attack where it swirls around and tries to hit you, and also a ranged attack where it fires poisonous spores at you. These attacks are both magical in nature, but they don’t do too much damage. Bringing some good armor and food will often be enough to heal your way out of the damage, as well as some anti-venom.

The only thing that you need to really worry about is the binding attack that the Hespori will use on you. If you get caught by this attack, then you will be bound and will need to click around to break free from the vines. If you aren’t able to break free, then when the vines do shatter you will take 40 damage, along with some poison damage.

There are also four flowers around the combat area. Each of these flowers will open up 3 times during the fight. Once at the battle’s start, once when the Hespori is at 66% health, and once at 33% health. These flowers are shielding the Hespori from any damage that you can do, so you will need to destroy them.

They do die in one hit, and it’s much more efficient to open fire on them with a ranged weapon, rather than running around the battlefield to hit them with a melee weapon. You’ll be weathering the Hespori’s attacks the entire time, which is a waste of your healing resources.

Once the plant has wilted and died, you won’t be able to loot it. Instead, you will need to come equipped with a spade to smooth the dirt over. Then you can properly loot the monster. If a spade is the one item you forgot to bring, don’t worry, you can simply walk out of the cave and come back, the plant will still be dead.

Why Would You Farm the Hespori?

Why Would You Farm the Hespori

Alright, as you have probably guessed, Hespori seeds are pretty common if you know where to look and they are very common. You can plant the seed over and over again to fight the Hespori boss every 22-32 hours, and it isn’t a very hard boss to fight. However, why would you battle against this boss?

The Hespori will drop a lot of items that can be very useful for a farming focused adventurer, and here are some of them. The Bottomless Compost Bucket and the Farming Skill Pet: The Tangleroot.

First, the Bottomless Compost Bucket is a hespori exclusive drop. Unlike regular compost buckets that fill one at a time, this bucket can hold up to 5,000 regular buckets of compost all in one go, so you won’t need to move back and forth from your garden to the compost bin. If only there were something like that in real life for us gardeners!

If you aren’t a fan of filling one compost bucket after another to take care of your massive garden, then this compost bucket is something that can be used to make treating your garden much easier.

You can also get the Tangleroot pet from the Hespori at a fairly reasonable drop rate. The tangleroot looks pretty cute and will either follow the player around or join their inventory. Once you get the Tangleroot pet, you can use different seeds on it to get a number of cosmetic variants. These variants are:

The Acorn Seed: which gives you the Normal version, the Dragonfruit Seed: which gives you the Dragonfruit version, the Redwood Seed: Redwood version, the Crystal Acorn seed: which gives you the Crystal Version, the Guam seed: which gives you the Herb Version, and the White Lily: which gives you White Lily Version.

The only thing the seed does is change the pet’s looks, so if you don’t want to show it off to the world you can just ignore this. If you tire of a look and want to change it, you can give the version an acorn and it will turn normal. Next, just give it a new seed and watch the change in the Tangleroot’s looks!

Other Garden Drops

Other Garden Drops OSRS

Finally, the last thing that the Hespori drops are several farming seeds. The White Lily seeds protect any crops next to them from disease and the lily itself can make supercompost. Anima seeds can increase the growth of your plants.

They come in three types: The Attas Seed, the Kronos seed, and the Lasor seed. You can plant these seeds only in special patches called Anima patches, and once grown they will give their effect on the surrounding plants. The Attas seed helps your plants produce more, Kronos allows them to grow faster, and the Lasor seed makes them more resistant to disease.

These are all perfect if you are a player who really enjoys farming, as they can aid the experience. If you don’t like farming or want to be rid of the excess hespori seeds, you can simply sell the seeds and move on, getting a few hundred gold in the process.


Question: Should I Farm the Hespori?

Answer: With the hespori being a fully optional boss, some players who don’t care that much about farming simply choose to ignore it. If you care about the rewards listed above, find the boss easy, and want to get the seeds to further improve your farming skill, then there’s no real downside to fighting the boss over and over.

You’ll get XP, and every time you slay it you increase the chances of getting more and more rare drops.

However, if you aren’t the type to do much farming and would rather focus on other aspects of the game, you can leave it alone. There’s plenty to do in the game otherwise, and you are sure to find something else you will like more than cutting down a plant over and over.

Question: What If I Don’t Want to Have Hespori Seeds/Fight the Hespori?

Answer: Well, if you are getting tired of having more Hespori seeds than you know what to do with, then you will need to speak to Arno. This man serves two purposes. First, he allows you to get your lost items back whenever you die to the Hespori for a fee of 2,000 coins. Next, he also is the person to talk to about the abundance of seeds.

Just speak with him and you will stop receiving random seeds as you go through Gielinor looking at your crops and harvesting plants. If you decide you want to receive these seeds again, speak with him again to start finding them. Why Arno can magically influence the growth of Gielinor seeds, well, that’s never explained in the game!

Question: Can You Find a Hespori in the Wild? Can I Plant the Seeds Elsewhere?

Answer: There is one other place where you can find a Hespori in the wild without having to plant it. This is during the ‘A Night At The Theater’ questline. Since this quest has you fighting through the theater of blood against vampyres, Hespori bark is needed as part of the quest.

You will be able to find the boss Hespori and once you defeat it the hespori bark will drop. Other than that encounter, which is no different than the regular hespori you fought at the Farming Guild, you can’t find Hespori anywhere else.

You also won’t be able to plant the seeds anywhere but that cave, so unless you are planning on fighting the hespori again, you should probably turn the seeds off. They only sell for 100 gold each, so it’s not even worth selling that many unless you need some fast gold.

Question: Can I Find Hespori Seeds in the Wild or in My Own Garden?

Answer: If you happen to be looking for some hespori seeds, you can find them both while clearing out your own garden and also while in the wild. This can be a boon because if you know that apple trees and giant seaweed patches have very low drop rates for hespori seeds, but you have none in your garden, then you can go to places in the wild that have them and search there.

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