Hespori OSRS Guide for Beginners: How To Defeat Hespori

What do you think of when you hear the words: Farming boss? Well, nine times out of ten, it means a boss that either gives a lot of experience, rare drops, gold, or something else that means you have a reason to fight the boss multiple times.

However, for this tenth time, we refer you to the Hespori, because it is a literal farming boss.

The Hespori is a plant like boss that you can find in the farming guild, and you need to take a Hespori seed and plant it in the guided. Once it is fully grown, you can battle it and receive rewards. But how do you get to, plant, and prune this sporadic boss? This is our guide to the Hespori boss.

What Is The Hespori Boss?

This plant is a 3×3 sized aggressive plant that has a combat level of 284 and it attacks you with ranged and magic blows. Lore wise, it is a carnivorous plant that originates from Morytania, the land of evil and monsters.

This boss is sporadic, and aside from a boss fight during one quest, the only way you can encounter them is through the planting of the Hespori seed.

You can find a Hespori Seed in many different places, and you need level 65 farming to successfully plant them. You can obtain a seed from checking fully grown trees or bushes, harvesting the last harvest of various plants, or as a reward from farming contracts.

Once you have obtained the seed, you can head to the west wing of the Farming Guild and plant the seed in the Hespori patch. You will need a seed dibber, and once you plant the seed that is it.

You do not need to water or compost the seed, as it will always grow into the Hespori plant whenever it is planted after 22-32 hours. The flower by the cave entrance to the boss fight area will be in full bloom whenever the plant can be fought.

If you wish to get Hespori seeds without all the randomness, you can find them at a 1/15 rate when it comes to harvesting giant seaweed. If you want to stop receiving Hespori seeds, speak to Arno and tell him so. Arno can also tell you the lore of the plant as well.

The Hespori Boss Fight


The Hespori has a few moves up its bark sleeves. First, they will twirl around and hit you with a magical attack that can hit for up to 14 hp damage.

The second attack will have the Hespori throwing green spores at the player and hitting twice for up to 8 hp damage. They also have a root binding attack that works a lot like the entangle spell, and you will be unable to move or attack while bound.

Clicking repeatedly on the floor or the Hespori will allow you to struggle free. If you do not do this, then the vines will break on their own and you will take 40 damage. Finally, the Hespori’s attacks are poisonous, so you should load up with ant poison before the fight.

If all that were not bad enough, there are four flowers around the combat area. Each of these flowers will open up 4 times during the fight.

Once at the battle’s start, once when the Hespori is at 66% health, and once at 33% health. These flowers will always die in one hit, but while the four buds are opened the Hespori cannot be harmed.

Preparing For The Boss Fight

This boss fight is fairly simple if you fight the Hespori in melee combat. Make sure to have armor with a high strength bonus and high ranged defense, and then use the prayer ‘protect from magic’ to lessen the magical attacks.

Finally, you will need a good slashing weapon such as the dragon scimitar or abyssal whip to deal the most damage to the Hespori.

You also will need at least eight pieces of food, anti-poison, a spade to clear the area after the fight, and a prayer potion. Additionally, bringing a ranged weapon with you will help you easily kill die-in-one-hit flowers.

Other than that it is a pretty easy boss fight. There are no phases, stages, or environmental hazards. Just run in and whack the weed while keeping an eye out for entanglements and you should finish the fight fairly easily.

Now, if you do wind up dying during the battle, Arno will receive all of your gear for only 25,000 gold.

After the battle is over, you will need to use a spade to clear out the patch where the Hespori had grown and can then collect your loot. If you do not have a spade, then you can safely exit the cave and return to the cave with a spade. The Hespori will not respawn during this time.

What Does The Hespori Drop?

Hespori Battle

For your loot, you will receiver 12,600 base farming XP, and possibly several seeds. However, just like with every other repeatable boss there are a few things that make fighting it worthwhile. Two rewards include the Bottomless Compost Bucket and the Farming Skilling Pet: The Tangleroot.

First, the Bottomless Compost Bucket can only be obtained from the defeated Hespori and it can be filled with 10,000 uses of compost, supercompost, or ultracompost.

You can fill it from a compost bin, and each bucket of compost added to the bin counts as 2 uses so you can fill it with 5,000 regular buckets. This is a perfect tool if you want to do a lot of farming without having to refill your bucket every couple of uses.

You can also get the Tangleroot pet, although the Hespori is not the only area that drops him. Once you get him, you can create one of 6 variants using different seeds on him:

  • Acorn: Normal version
  • Dragonfruit: Dragonfruit version
  • Redwood: Redwood version
  • Crystal Acorn: Crystal Version
  • Guam: Herb Version
  • White Lily: White Lily Version

All of these variants are cosmetic, and do not change anything about the pet other than its looks. If you want to revert the pet back to normal, you can simply give one of the variants an acorn, and then it will turn back to the normal version. Then you can keep it as normal or give it another seed to make it a different version.

Dropped Seeds

The Hespori also drops two unique seeds that are only available from the boss fight. Those seeds are the White Lily seeds and then the Anima seeds.

White lily seeds require level 58 farming to grow, and once fully planted the white lily plants protect all the neighboring flowers from disease. If picked, the white lily can be used to make supercompost as well. Which goes perfectly with the Bottomless Compost Bucket.

The anima seed is an untradable seed that you get from defeating the Hespori, and you need level 76 farming to plant them all. There are three types of these seeds:

The Attas Seed, the Kronos seed, and the Iasor seed. All three can be planted in the Anima patch and all three have a different effect. Additionally, an anima seed drop is guaranteed.

The Attas seed increases the yield of all of your farming patches and increases the chance to save a life by 5%. It provides this effect for 3.5 days before dying, so it is best to plant the seed less than 10 minutes after a farming tick occurs.

The Kronos seed provides a chance for the surrounding farming patches to skip a growth stage during their next growth cycle. All plants can have this effect, and multiple growth stages can be skipped every farming tick. It also provides this effect for 3.5 days before dying.

Finally, the Iasor seed decreases the chance of all farming patches becoming diseased during growth by 80%, also providing the effect for 3.5 days. All of the seeds provide powerful effects for your garden, and will also help to level up your farming experience.

Can The Hespori Be Encountered Anywhere Else?


You can encounter the boss version of the Hespori during the quest ‘A Night At The Theatre’ where the player fights their way through the Theatre of Blood.

This quest allows the player to charge through the theater in Entry Mode to learn the mechanics of the raid. You will be hunting down vampyres during this quest, and Hespori were originally used as weapons against vampyres.

You eventually lure that the Hespori and more specifically their regenerative capabilities are connected to the quest and an NPC will point you towards the Nature Grotto. You will be able to find the boss Hespori and once you defeat it you will get hespori bark. The quest goes on, but that’s the extent of the Hespori’s role in it.

The Hespori Night Boss Fight

The Hespori you end up battling during the quest is no different than the regular hespori you fight at the Farming Guild. If you use the same strategies and gear, you should be able to handle the fight without too much in the way of difficultly and can conserve your resources for the remainder of the quest.

Other than the one Hespori, you don’t encounter them naturally anywhere else, they can only be fought when you specifically grow them.

Hespori OSRS FAQ:

Question: Do I Need To Farm The Hespori?

Answer: It depends on how passionate you are about farming and the farming XP. If you want to level up your farming skills quickly, grab a few rare seeds, and potentially grab the Bottomless Compost bucket while you are at it, then you can easily farm the Hespori.

Presuming you either find or harvest several seeds, you can fight this creature every other day if you want to.

It’s a pretty easy boss to fight, especially once you learn its moves and can counter its attacks. However, if you don’t want to battle the Hespori, you can simply talk to Arno about it and the seeds will stop spawning in the world until you speak with him again.

If you are one of the players who want to focus on farming skills in addition to or over combat skills, you can easily farm the Hespori. If you want to focus on other areas of the game you can simply leave it alone.

Question: Can I Negate All Of The Hespori’s Damage?

Answer: Since the Hespori attacks with both magical and ranged damage for their attacks, you will not be able to negate all of the damage.

Using ‘Protect From Magic’ is a good idea, as is bringing some food. Monkfish is a good option to heal the max hit of 16 that the Hespori hits you with. You can use armor with high ranged defense and high magical defense, but you are probably still going to need some food to heal up.

You might not be able to negate all the damage that the Hespori sends your way, but you will be able to hold the line if you prepare. Especially whenever it comes to the poison attacks, which will need to be countered with anti-poison.

Question: Should You Have A Ranged Weapon?

Answer: A ranged weapon can be very helpful to overcome the flowers that open up at three stages of the fight.

Instead of moving away from the Hespori and running to every corner of the room to hit a flower, you can simply draw a ranged weapon and fire at each of these flowers before returning to the battle with the Hespori.

Otherwise, you should be armed with a slashing weapon and armor that enhances your strength bonuses to do the most damage to the Hespori.
A ranged weapon will make the battle much easier, and you might even be able to range the Hespori with a toxic blowpipe in addition to taking out the flowers. Stil, melee is often the best strategy.

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