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Members have many advantages over F2P players. One of the most notable is their infinitely superior selection of combat gear. 

Good F2P options are few, and the best-in-slot F2P gear is blown out of the water by top-tier members’ equipment.

And the best part (For members. It’s the worst part for F2P players) is that many top-tier members’ items have little to no requirements, and you can effortlessly obtain them near-instantly after starting a members’ account. The Combat bracelet is one such item. 

One of the four enchanted Dragonstone jewellery available in OSRS, the Combat bracelet will be a stalwart companion of yours for a very, very long time. As you might guess from the name, it does wonders for any player that takes it into battle. 

What benefits does the Combat bracelet provide, I hear you ask. Great question. I’ll be happy to answer it for you. Let’s dive right in and explore everything there is to know about the Combat bracelet. 

What Does The Combat Bracelet Do?

The Combat bracelet was one of seven bracelets released with the April 30th, 2007, Carat update of Runescape. So yes, this is an official 2007scape item. With the glorious release of OSRS in 2013, the Combat bracelet was back in prime form. 

The Combat Bracelet is an enchanted Dragonstone bracelet with multiple pieces of utility.

Unlike other enchanted Dragonstone jewellery, like the Ring of Wealth, the Combat Bracelet has functioned relatively the same since its initial release. As you would assume from the name, you get the most out of this item from combat. 

The Combat bracelet has some pretty outstanding stats.

The Combat bracelet provides very respectable boosts to almost all of your offensive and defensive stats. Those boosts are as follows:

  • Stab Attack: +7
  • Slash Attack: +7
  • Crush Attack: +7
  • Magic Attack: +7
  • Ranged Attack: +7
  • Melee Strength: +6
  • Stab Defense: +5
  • Slash Defense: +5
  • Crush Defense: +5
  • Magic Defense: +3

With the Combat bracelet having zero skill or quest requirements to wear and only costing around 12K GP, the Combat bracelet is easily the most accessible, and best overall glove slot option for low-mid-level players (Who aren’t Ironmen).

Aside from the excellent combat stats, the Combat bracelet does some other useful things for you. The first of which is its’ teleportation options. 

A charged Combat bracelet can teleport you to any of these four locations:

  • Edgeville Monastery
  • Ranging Guild
  • Warriors’ Guild
  • Champions’ Guild

While you can teleport to several guild entrances, they each have their own requirements for you to gain admission. Still, these teleports are handy for getting close to other locations like Seers’ Village for the Ranging Guild and Burthorpe for the Warriors’ Guild. 

Another feature of a charged Combat bracelet is a Slayer task kill tracker. After every ten kills you get in a Slayer task, your Combat bracelet will remind you how many monsters are left. 

It’s not the most incredible feature in the world since a Slayer gem does the job of keeping track well enough, but it’s not a detrimental effect either. Unless I’m currently on a Black demon task, and it reminds me I have 217 more to go. Thanks, Combat bracelet.

The last bit of value you’ll get out of a Combat bracelet is its’ most obscure; a lone Elite clue task requires that you wear a Combat bracelet while completing it.

Not many people do Elite clues, as converting them into Master clues is better in almost every way (Unless you’re aiming to get the heavy casket reward after completing 200 Elites). But, if you find yourself doing an Elite, you’ll be prepared.

How Do I Get A Combat Bracelet?

You can trade players for a Combat bracelet or get one off the Grand Exchange for 12-12.7K GP. Only uncharged, Combat bracelets (4) and Combat bracelets (6) are available on the GE.

You cannot obtain a Combat bracelet as a drop from any monster. The only way to get one besides purchasing it is to create one yourself from a Dragonstone bracelet.

Crafting And Enchanting A Dragonstone Bracelet

Don’t let anyone say that Runescape 3 doesn’t do anything better than OSRS. Because while Dragonstone bracelets are a potential monster drop in RS3, they aren’t in OSRS.

You have a chance of getting one from an Elite clue, but let’s get real. Elite clues are pretty endgame. You want a Combat bracelet sooner rather than later. 

The Combat Bracelet's steep skill requirements make it hard for Ironman to obtain one.

To make a Dragonstone bracelet, you need a gold bar, bracelet mould, and a cut dragonstone. Non-Ironmen can easily purchase all the components off the Grand Exchange. 

The easiest way Ironmen can obtain a cut dragonstone is from the Crystal chest in Taverley. It gives an uncut dragonstone as a guaranteed reward every time you open it. 

Unfortunately, Dragonstone bracelets have a pretty hefty Crafting Level requirement of 74. Depending on how dedicated you are to the Crafting grind, you may or may be past the point of wanting a Combat bracelet. 74 Crafting isn’t crazy high, but it’s high enough that you’ll have to put in significant grind time. 

Next comes enchanting your bracelet. Enchanting your Dragonstone bracelet into a Combat bracelet requires Level 68 Magic for Level-5 Enchant, 15 air runes, 15 earth runes, and one cosmic rune. 

With these requirements met, you can create an uncharged Combat bracelet. The final step is charging it. 

Charging the Combat Bracelet

Unlike its cousin, the Ring of Wealth, the Combat bracelet has multiple charging and recharging options. Unfortunately, all require access to the Legends’ Guild or completion of Legends’ Quest.

Totem Pole

The Totem Pole in the Legends Guild can charge your Combat bracelets.
Image from wiki

The most common way of charging Combat bracelets is at the Totem Pole. 

The Totem Pole is inside the main hall of the Legends’ Guild. After completing Legends’ Quest, players can use it to give their Combat bracelets four charges.

Fountain of Uhld

The Fountain of Uhld recharges all Dragonstone jewellery except Rings of Wealth.
Image from wiki

The Fountain of Uhld is beneath the Myths Guild and can charge all Dragonstone jewellery except Rings of Wealth. Like the Totem Pole, any Combat bracelets you charge here will receive four charges.

To use the Fountain of Uhld, you must first gain access to the Myths’ Guild, which requires completion of Dragon Slayer II. The Myths’ Guild is very endgame, and because of this, the Fountain of Uhld’s value as a charging station is borderline non-existent. 

Fountain of Rune

The Tower of Rune can charge all Dragonstone jewllery to max.
Image from Wiki

After completing the Legends’ Quest, players can charge Combat bracelets at the Fountain of Rune. Every other charging option only gives your Combat bracelet four charges, but the Fountain of Rune gives the maximum of six. 

Obtaining maximum charges for your Combat bracelets does not come without risk. The Fountain of Rune is in Level 47 Wilderness, south of the Wilderness volcano. PKers prowl around this area, so you need to be extra cautious. 

The go-to method of getting to the Fountain of Rune is doing so in F2P. No members-only bosses, monsters, or PKers can attack you in F2P, and P2P PKers can only use relatively weak weapons and spells and have no access to Tele Block. Your chances of dying in F2P are low. 

Once you reach the Fountain of Rune, log into a members’ world, handle your business, log back into a F2P world and walk back to teleport-friendly Wilderness levels. 

An alternative method of reaching and escaping the Fountain of Rune involves the completion of the Hard Wilderness Diary. 

If you’ve completed the Hard Wilderness Diary, you can set the teleport locations of all Wilderness Obelisks instead of them being random. You will also have access to the Wilderness sword (3), which gives you one daily teleport to the Fountain of Rune.

Recharge Dragonstone

Recharge Dragonstone is a Lunar spell, so it requires completion of Lunar Diplomacy for access to the Lunar spellbook. Additionally, you must complete the Fremmenik Hard Diary, Legends’ Quest, and have Level 89 Magic. 

Using up four water runes, one soul rune, and one astral rune, Recharge Dragonstone charges all Dragonstone jewellery except Rings of Wealth with four charges.

Charge Dragonstone Jewellery Scroll

If you meet the requirements, you can use these scrolls to recharge your Combat bracelet.

The Charge dragonstone jewellery scroll requires completion of the Legends’ Quest. It will charge all Combat bracelets, Skills necklaces, and Amulets of Glory in your inventory and on your person. 

You can get your hands on Charge dragonstone jewellery scrolls via clue scroll rewards (Except Beginner) or buy them off the Grand Exchange for 325 GP each. 

Combat Bracelet Alternatives

While the Combat bracelet is easily the best glove slot item for low-mid level players and a solid budget option for high-level players, there are other options to consider. 

Keep these items in mind if you want to optimize your combat loadout. 

Green/Blue/Red/Black D’Hide Vambraces

If you want to give your character as much Ranged attack bonus as possible, all of the dragonhide vambraces are superior options over the Combat bracelet.

You need Level 40, 50, 60, and 70 Ranged to wear them. The Gilded d’hide vambraces also have a better Ranged attack bonus but are weaker than blue and cost over 7 million GP. 

The Combat bracelet has superior Defense bonuses over each colored dragonhide vambrace except black. Black d’hide vambraces have better Magic Defense, equal Slash and Crush Defense, and slightly weaker Stab Defense bonuses. The Spiky Red and Black d’hide vambrace variants are also defensively superior. 

Despite their poor Defense bonuses, Green d’hide vambraces will be best-in-slot gloves for Ironmen for a while since you can easily purchase them from Seddu’s store in Nardah.

Blessed Vambraces

All the God vambraces have superior Ranged Attack bonuses, Defense bonuses, and a slight Prayer bonus. They also protect from monsters of the designated god in the God Wars Dungeon.

Like the Black d’hide vambraces, you can only wear them if you have at least Level 70 Ranged.

Recipe for Disaster Gloves: Mithril and Up

The Combat bracelet provides +1 more to all Attack bonuses except Magic over the Mithril gloves. Mithril gloves provide +1 more to all Defense bonuses except Magic over the Combat bracelet. Their Strength bonuses are identical. 

Once you reach Adamant gloves and beyond, all stats across the board are better than what the Combat bracelet provides. 

Don’t get too excited, though. Recipe for Disaster is a pretty endgame quest, and it’ll be a while before you get your hands on those glorious Barrows gloves. Even getting to Mithril gloves will take a while (Especially since a lot of players despise questing in OSRS). But once you do, the Combat bracelet’s loadout viability disappears. 

Regen Bracelet

The Regen bracelet is superior to the Combat bracelet in every category except Magic bonuses, where they are equal. If you’re a Pure, it will be your best-in-slot glove option since it has no Defense requirements. 

It will, however, set you back 2.1 million GP. Be careful where you take it. 

Tormented Bracelet

If Magic is your go-to, then the Tormented bracelet is your endgame. 

The Tormented bracelet boasts the highest Magic attack bonus in the game at +10. It also gives an additional +5% to magical damage and a +2 Prayer bonus. It provides no Defense bonuses. But since Mages are typically safespotting, that doesn’t matter. 

Getting your hands on a Tormented bracelet will cost you over 17 million GP if you buy it outright. If you complete Monkey Madness II, you get an uncut zenyte, the primary component needed to make the bracelet. You also need 89 Crafting to make a Zenyte bracelet and 93 Magic to enchant it into a Tormented bracelet. 

So, rich or endgame player to get one. Either way, it’ll take some time to get this elite item.

Ferocious Gloves

Last but not least, we have another endgame best-in-slot glove item. But this time, for Melee players. 

The Ferocious gloves are purely for Melee combat, offering zero Defense bonuses and negative Range and Magic Attack bonuses. They provide a whopping +16 to Stab, Slash, and Crush Attacks and a +14 Strength bonus. 

You can get a set of Ferocious gloves either as a drop from the Alchemical Hydra (Which requires Level 95 Slayer to kill) as a 1/514 drop, or by making them yourself. 

You can make some Ferocious gloves by using a piece of Hydra leather on the Machinery in the Lithkren Vault. The Hydra leather will cost you about 4.2 million GP, and you can only enter the Lithkren Vault if you’ve completed Dragon Slayer II. 

The Disadvantage of the Combat Bracelet

Yes, disadvantage, as in only one. There’s only one con worth mentioning. All charging options are gated behind access to the Legends’ Guild or completing the Legends’ Quest. If you’re using the Combat bracelet’s teleports often, you have no choice but to keep buying more until you can access the Legends’ Guild. 

But to be fair, the Combat bracelet’s teleports aren’t really as useful as the teleports for other Dragonstone jewellery like the Amulet of Glory or Ring of Wealth.

The Edgeville Monastery teleport will be one you seldom use, and the Champions’ Guild teleport is redundant since the Chronicle can do that. That leaves the Warriors’ Guild and Ranging Guild. Sure, you’ll go to the Warriors’ Guild to get a Dragon Defender.

You might travel to the Ranging Guild to possibly buy out the store for some item flipping, but you won’t burn through these teleports. 


Question: Is it worth charging Combat bracelets at the Fountain of Rune?

Answer: Given my opinion that the Combat bracelet’s teleports aren’t supremely valuable comparatively speaking, no. Four charges will do you just fine. It’s not worth risking taking them out into the Wilderness. 

Question: I have enough money to purchase a Regen bracelet! Should I replace my Combat bracelet?

Answer: It depends. Will buying that Regen bracelet break your bank? Do you pay for OSRS membership with real money or bonds? Bonds are pretty expensive now. If it’s the latter, make sure you have enough GP to sustain your membership. 
The Regen bracelet is better than the Combat bracelet, but only slightly. If there are better ways of using that 2.1 million GP, don’t feel rushed to buy it.

Question: When should I work towards gaining access to the Legends’ Guild so I can recharge my Combat bracelets?

Answer: It’s up to you, but I would argue there’s no rush. The offensive and defensive bonuses stay the same if it’s a charged or uncharged bracelet, and that’s where the Combat bracelet shines most.
I really can’t understate how much questing seems to turn off a lot of OSRS players. Don’t risk burning yourself out, taking on multiple long quests just for the Legends’ Guild.


The Combat bracelet will eventually be completely outclassed once you upgrade to endgame player, but it will be your best option for many hours of gameplay. It’s a very well-designed item. Well done, Jagex. Now give me a Tormented bracelet, please. You know, for science. 

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