Smoke Devil OSRS Guide: The Mutant Cousin of Dust Devils

Smoke devils are one of the monsters you don’t have to worry about until the very late game. They are locked behind a massive requirement. You need 93 slayers to be able to fight these monsters. Only the hydra has a higher slayer requirement of level 95 slayer.

The smoke devil is a mutated kind of dust devil. It can be found in a special dungeon, and you can not kill it unless you have a slayer task to kill them. For ironman, these have one of the most wanted drops in OSRS. The Occult Necklace, a special kind of jewelry that is going to boost your magic accuracy and damage by a substantial amount.

This guide is intended for players who are new to these monsters. They are pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it, however, it can be quite overwhelming since they have quite a varied drop table with lots of stuff you can pick up. 


There is only one place in Old School where you can find the smoke devils in osrs. That is the Smoke Devil Dungeon. This place is very close to castle wars, and to a fairy ring. You can enter the dungeon without having a slayer task, but you will not be able to kill monsters here. A NPC named Breive will stop you. 

To enter the Smoke Devil Dungeon you will need to wear a face mask, slayer helm, or gas mask. Otherwise, you will slowly lose your hitpoints all the way until you have only one left. 

The fastest way to get to the dungeon is by using a ring of dueling. You should teleport to the castle wars mini-game. When you get teleported, you need to go to the southwest and follow the wall until you see a red exclamation mark. That is where the dungeon is. 

Another good way to get here fast is by using the fairy ring. You will need a dramen or lunar staff for this, or have done the Lumbridge hard diary. Go to the B K P-code and teleport. Now you need to go North-East till you find the dungeon. 

In the dungeon itself, you will find 36 smoke devils of level 160 combat and a bunch of places to safe spot them. There also is a room with a Thermonuclear smoke devil boss of level 301 that you can fight as a boss instead of the normal smoke devils. For both, you need to be on a smoke devil slayer task. 

What do the Smoke Devils drop in OSRS? 

The average smoke devil kill is going to be worth about 3k. This sounds like it is not so much for a level 93 slayer monster, however they die rather easily, and you can kill multiple at once, so this adds up very fast. If you are going to kill them on a Konar Task, you will net a bit more money. Then the average worth per smoke devil is going to be worth 4.3k, depending on the market prices. 

You are going to need ancient magics here to kill them. This means you are not going to be able to high alch the drops here. This will dampen your profit by a bit unless you want to bank all the armor and supply drops you get here. I am going to discuss all the drops, and tell you what I do with them. 

Weapons and armor

Adamant battleaxe:

I would not bother with this drop. Despite it being worth 2k and is dropped quite often – about 1 in 40 kills – you would lose too much time to pick them up, since your inventory will fill up faster. 

Rune dagger:

They drop these at the same rate as the adamant battleaxe, it is worth double the battleaxe, so I recommend you to pick them up. They add up quite nicely and you can either sell or alch them. The profit they give is very consistent.

Air battlestaff:

The air battlestaff is another drop you should pick up. They drop them about once every 42 kills, and they are worth 9k. This adds up quite a lot over your trips and will help you pay back the supplies you spend killing them.

Black d´hide vambraces:

These are not really worth it picking up. The adamant battleaxe is worth about the same as these. You can alch them, but you are going to have to take them to bank and lose a lot of time doing that. 

Fire battlestaff:

These are the same as the air battle staff. You should pick them up to alch them later. They also drop about once every 42 kills, and they are worth 9k apiece. This will add up quite a lot. 

Mithril plate skirt:

The mithril plate skirts are going to be a waste of time to pick up. They have a one in 64 chance of dropping and are worth only 1.4k each. So you should just skip picking up or alching this item. 

Rune full helm:

The smoke devils here drop a lot of rune full helms. You have a one in 64 chance of getting one, which is pretty good! They alch for around 20.5k and they are very useful to get your supply costs back.

Rune chainbody:

This is a pretty decent drop to get. They are worth 29k and one of their best drops that you get commonly here. Just like the rune full helm, you have a one in 64 chance of getting this drop. You should definitely pick them up to alch or sell them later. 

Red d´hide body:

This is another pretty decent drop. Though they only drop them on average once in 128 kills, it is still worth 6k and useful to pick it up and to alch later. 

Occult necklace:

This is why most people look forward to killing smoke devils. They – and the boss variant – drop the Occult necklace. It is a magical necklace that gives you a higher accuracy and damage when doing magical attacks. While it is worth only 230k each, and only has a drop rate of 1 in 512 on average, it is still a very decent drop. If you are an ironman, you are going to be very happy when you get this necklace for the very first time. 

Dragon chainbody:

If you want to add a dragon chainbody to your collection, you might get (very) lucky at the smoke devils. Just like dust devils, they have a one in 32 768 chance of dropping one. You will probably never get this 155k drop, however, it is a very nice surprise if you do manage to get one of the most iconic drops in osrs.

Runes and ammunition:

Smoke runes:

Smoke devils are one of the primary sources for ironman accounts to get your smoke runes. There are two drop rolls. You have a one in 12 chance of getting 15 of them and a one in 25 chance to get 40 of them. These really add up. Since you can stack runes you will end up with thousands of them after a while. 

Runite bolts:

This is another stackable drop that is pretty useful to get. You have a one in 25 chance to get 15 of them. If you are an ironman account you are going to get quite a lot of them which will be useful in the future. Definitely pick them up. The value of the drop is about 2k, and you will get multiple trips on average. 

Air and fire runes:

There are a good amount fire runes and air runes dropped by these monsters. However, this is not worth picking up in my opinion. While they do add up after a while, I do not think it is worth it to lose the extra inventory spaces over and having to go bank a whole lot faster. 

Soul runes:

I would pick these up, they are pretty important in the later game if you want to use certain spells like blood barrage and the summoning spells to train your prayer. They drop 10 at a time and have a one in 32 chance of dropping when you kill a smoke devil. 

Rune arrow:

You might want to pick these up if you need arrows, but I do not think it is worth it. Even when you are an ironman there isn’t a good reason to fill another inventory spot with these. They drop 24 at a time, and with a drop rate of one in 64 you might get one or two drops a trip. 

Herbs and other drops 

Smoke devils drop quite a lot of herbs. Unfortunately, they do not drop them noted, so you will have to make hard choices regarding what to pick up and whatnot. They also have a tonne of useful supply drops, however the quantities in which they are dropped are disappointing. 

  • Grimy Ranarr weed: If you have made up to level 93 slayer, you surely are aware of how important this herb is in OSRS. You can never have enough of them if you are an Ironman. They are essential to get enough prayer potions when you are bossing or effectively doing slayer. They have a one in 80 chance on average to be dropped by them and can drop two at a time. These are worth 7 to 15k per drop. 
  • Grimy avantoe: Avantoe is a great herb to get for ironman as they are used to make super-attack potions. They give decent herblore exp for ironman and you can never get enough of them, However, they are not worth it to pick up as a regular account. You have a one in 150 chance to get them. 
  • Grimy kwuarm: These are made to make super-strength potions. You have a, on average, one in 180 chance of getting these as a drop. That isn’t very much, and they are not really valuable. They are worth only 3k if you get two at once. 
  • Grimy cadantine: These herbs are used to make super defense potions. You can get one or two at a time, and they drop about once every 220 kills. They are worth 1.6k a piece, so for regular accounts, this is not worth much, and is a waste of inventory space to pick up. If you are an ironman they are pretty decent high-level herbs that give quite some experience. 
  • Magic logs (noted): They have a pretty high chance of one in 40 to drop a noted amount of 5 magic logs. This is worth around 5k, so you should definitely pick these up. They are a decent supply drop to use for fletching. 
  • Coal (noted): They have the same one in 40 chance of dropping 15 coal ore at once. This is worth about 2.4k per drop. So that is a decent amount, and you will get about 30 to 60 per trip. So that is going to be very useful later on.

Tertiary drops 

Brimstone key:

The smoke devils only drop the brimstone key if you have a slayer task given to you by the slayer master Konar. If you do not have a task like that, you will not get aBrimstone key. The smoke devil has some of the highest chances to drop this key. You have a one in 70 chance of getting one, on average, when you kill a smoke devil. 

Clue scroll (hard):

Getting a clue scroll here isn’t a rare thing. They drop clue scrolls once, about 128 kills on average. Make sure you clean your bank from any hard clue scrolls if you want to get these as a drop, as you can only have one at a time. 

Clue scroll (elite):

You can also get elite clue scrolls here. There is a one in 750 chance to get an elite clue scroll here. That isn’t bad at all. You should not go here to grind for one, the odds are a little too rare to go out of your way just for this. However, since you can only kill them during a slayer task, you won’t be able to grind them anyway. 

The gear and stats you need to kill smoke devils effectively 

The useful stats

  • Slayer: You will need to have 93 slayers. Since you can only kill them on a task, you will not be able to boost your slayer with a wild pie, as you can only get tasks when you have the base level without a boost. 
  • Prayer: You are going to need 40 prayers at the very least. This will enable you to pray to protect from missiles. This is the attack style smoke devils use. Fighting them without prayer and with food is not going to end well for you, so don’t do that. 
  • Magic: Either 70 for ice burst or 94 for ice barrage. I think a level of 94 is going to be a lot more useful. It is almost 60% more damage, meaning your tasks will be over a lot sooner and your exp an hour is going to be a lot higher. 
  • Defense: You should have the level for either ancestral or ahrims robe. In other words, you need 65 or 70 defense. A lower defense is fine too, but weaker magic robes are going to harm your accuracy when fighting them. 
  • Construction: This is pretty optional, but if you have 82 construction you can just have the jewelry box in your house, and you can use this to teleport to castle wars. This is going to save you some time and an inventory slot. 

The gear I would recommend

  • Head slot: Slayer helm (i) is the only option you have here. If you are 93 slayers and you do not have this item, I don’t know what to tell you, but just get one. You can not wear any other headgear – besides face and gas mask – here without dying. 
  • Necklace slot: You need to have the occult necklace to make sure you hit hard and high. It gives a 10% damage boost to the damage you do with magic. It also gives more accuracy to hit. It is by far the best slot item for magic. 
  • Cape slot: You should either wear a god cape or an imbued god cape. The latter is preferred. It will give you more damage (2 percent) and more accuracy to hit the monsters. The mini-quest to get it is also quite fun. 
  • Chest slot: The best thing you can wear here is the ancesteral robe top. This will give a very nice damage boost of 2%. As a budget option, you have the Ahrims robe top. This isn’t as good but still a very decent alternative. 
  • Legs slot: The ancestral robe bottom is going to be the very best option here. This will give you a plus 2% damage bonus. The Ahrims robe bottom is also very good. While it does not give the same bonuses, it is much cheaper.
  • Weapon slot: The best weapon to wear here is the Kodai wand. This is a very expensive wand but gives you massive damage boosts, saves you runes, and makes your accuracy a whole lot higher. An alternative to this could be the ancient staff. It can also auto-cast ancient magics but does not have anything near the same bonuses. 
  • Shield slot: The best shield here is the Arcane Spirit Shield. It gives a huge accuracy bonus for you to increase the chances you actually hit the smoke devils. If you do not have one, another good option is the Malediction ward or the Ancient wyvern shield. These are both good alternatives. 
  • Ranging slot: I suggest you take the Rada´s blessing (4) to kill them. It will give +2 prayer. You can also use a normal god blessing. That will give +1 prayer. Another good idea is just leaving it empty, so you save an inventory spot, as you can store the runite bolts drops there. 
  • Gloves slot: There are two very good options here. You can bring the bracelet of slaughter. This will make the task longer, as you will be able to kill more monsters thanks to it. You could also take the tormented bracelet, this will help you deal more damage. I think the former is going to be the best pick here. Smoke devils are already some of the best slayer exp in the game, so making the task longer is a great idea. 
  • Boots slot: Your eternal boots are going to be the best option you have here. They have a very decent magic bonus and will help you increase your exp an hour by quite a bit. If you do not have those mage boots or devout boots are going to be a good idea too. 
  • Ring slot: The best item in the slot here is the seer’s ring (i), it has gotten a buff some years ago and now gives a +12 in magic attack bonus. That is going to help you splash a lot less on their magic defense. 
  • Spell to use: There are two spells you can use here. The first one is ice burst, you can cast it at level 70, and will give you about 230k magic exp an hour. It is a pretty cheap option, and you will definitely make a profit when using this spell. The ice barrage is going to be the best spell out of all of them. This is going to give you over 300k of magic exp an hour. Your slayer exp will also be massive, you can get over 70k an hour quite easily. 
  • Cannon: You should bring cannon here. Not to damage them, but to learn them to you. This way you can easily stack them on top of each other and then attack up to 12 of them at once. 
  • Special attack weapon: If you want to have some fun, you can bring a spec weapon like the volatile nightmare staff. You will be able to hit 89 in full slayer gear with the staff, but it is not necessary at all. 

Conclusion: Smoke devils are exp machines with decent drops

Since you can attack the smoke devils with an ice barrage and fight over 12 at once, you are going to get massive exp drops. It is not uncommon to get over 400 exp from a single cast here. You will need to spend some money on cannonballs and the runes to cast ice barrage for the optimal exp an hour. If you use maxed gear, the smoke devils are the best slayer exp in the entire game. 

If you have budget gear, and you are using ice bursts, you will still have a very decent amount of experience an hour here. You can count on getting upwards to 200k magic exp an hour and about 50 to 60k slayer exp in budget gear. 

The drops are – for the most part – kind of average and boring. However, they do add up quite nicely. If you are using ice bursts, you will make a small profit. If you care using ice barrage, you will only make a small, insignificant loss. 

Frequently asked questions about smoke devils 

Question: How do you fight the smoke devils?

Answer: Due to their high defense stats and the fact that they are in a multi-combat zone, the best method to kill them (by far) is killing them with magic. Trying to kill them with range or melee is going to be much slower. It is advised you kill them with a multi-target spell-like those in the ancient magic spellbook. The best option is ice barrage, however, blood barrage and ice burst are also very decent to kill them quickly. 
When fighting them, it is a good idea to stack them with a cannon and make sure you hit as many as you can per cast. You should also invest in making your magic accuracy bonus and spell damage modifier as high as you can. 

Question: What do you pray at smoke devils?

Answer: Regular smoke devils only use one kind of attack. This is a missile-based attack. So you will need to pray to protect yourself from range. If you do not pray to protect from range, but protect from a mage or protect from melee you are going to have a very bad time here, as it will not protect you at all. 
You should also use a magic boosting prayer to help you boost your accuracy. The eye of augury is going to be the best spell to use by far. It also boosts defense, which is not necessary here. If you do not have access to this spell yet, or if you think this costs too much prayer, you can also pray mystic might. This will still give you a magic accuracy boost but will drain your prayer much slower. 

Question: What are the thermonuclear smoke devil and the nuclear smoke devil

Answer: The thermonuclear smoke devil is the boss variant of the smoke devil. It can be found in the room next door, where the normal smoke devils are. It will count as a boss kill in your slayer log if you kill these monsters. 
The nuclear smoke devil is the superior variant of the regular smoke devil. It has a one in 200 chance of spawning when you are killing smoke devils on a slayer task. When you kill it, you have a chance of getting superior monsters’ slayer loot. These can be the eternal gem and the imbued heart. 

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