Tears of Guthix OSRS Guide: The Tears Of a God

The Tears Of Guthix can either be a quest or a minigame, but this article is going to cover both! No matter what you will be collecting the tears of Guthix from the Lumberidge Swamp caves, and aiding a serpent named Juna while also learning more about why the walls flow with the tears of a god. Whether you are looking for the quest or the minigame, here’s our guide!

Getting To The Caves In The Lumberidge Swamp

There are two different ways to get inside the caves, depending on your progress with the quest “The Lost Tribe.” This first guide will assume you haven’t been into the caves before, and have not started the quest. For starters, you need to have a bullseye lantern, which is durable enough to withstand the trip into the swamps and also unable to inflame the swamp gas that will explode otherwise.

While you will need to have the 49 fire-making skills to light the lantern yourself, you can ask another player to make one for you if you lack the 49 smithing and 49 crafting skills to create the lantern parts. You also need to use sapphire to create a sapphire lantern, because it (and the properties of the lantern) are necessary for the quest to progress.

You will be able to enter the cave from the swamp and then will need to stay near the south wall unless there is a hole inside of it. Then you should step one tile away from the wall and run past the holes to avoid fighting the wall beasts. You will next see an area filled with swamp gas, but your sapphire lantern won’t ignite them.

Pretty soon you will move through the cave and will find a large serpent near the cave, and speaking to her will start the quest.

Getting To The Caves If You’ve Done “The Lost Tribe”

If you have started or completed the quest ‘The Lost Tribe’ then you know that the basement of the Lumberidge castle connects underground. You can simply climb down from the castle and then travel towards Juna without risking the wall beasts or the swamp gas. It’s still a route you need to take, but it’s a lot safer and the ‘The Lost Tribe’ quest does kickstart a fun story, so you get a bit of a two for one.

Speaking To Juna

As long as you approach the serpent without a weapon, she will converse with you and tell you a story about the Tears of Guthix. She will state that Guthix was the God of Balance and also one of the three major gods alongside Saradomin and Zamorak. When the two gods led opposing forces during the God Wars and sought control over the world, the world burned.

Their armies clashed all over the planet, not caring for anything in their way as millions died, countless amounts of land were destroyed, and both several plant and animal species began to go extinct. To say nothing of the fact that every nation was forced to take up arms and lash out against their enemy.

Guthix woke up from a long sleep and saw the utter destruction the two forces were causing through their direct action with the world. He instantly ended the fighting and ordered all the Gods to leave the world forcing them to communicate through cults and proxies. But not before weeping in the same cave you are standing in, crying at the horror of the destruction that the other Gods had done to his world.

For the story that she told you, you will need to tell her one of the worlds above. The serpent states that she has been very bored and alone for thousands of years, and you will need to tell her a story of your adventurers. Clicking the option to tell her a story will display a blurb of text, where your character briefly narrates one of the quests or adventures they have gone on.

After the story has been told, Juna will allow you into the cave where you can seek out the tears. However, you will need a special stone bowl to catch them and that can only be found on the upper level.

Carving Your Stone Bowl

You will head up the path again and climb over some rocks, There’s a large area shrouded in darkness, where you can see floating orbs of light called light creatures. Use your lit sapphire lantern to attract one of these creatures to you, and then they will pick you up and you will be able to go where one of the rocks for the stone bowl is.

You will be able to use the pickaxe on the rock to get a magic stone and then can craft that into a stone bowl with your chisel. After that, you can give the bowl to Junia, which will complete the quest and also will give you access to the weekly “Tears Of Guthix” Minigame.

Collecting The Tears Of Guthix

To play the minigame, you will be able to play it for free your first time and then will need to earn at least 100,000 total experience points or a quest point to play the game again. The quest journal will be able to tell you how many experience points you need before you can play the game. Additionally, you will need to wait one real-world week to play the game.

If you are playing the game directly after the quest, then you will be able to enter the cave and see various streams of blue liquid falling from the walls. Move towards the walls and fill your bowl with the blue tears, while also avoiding the green tears which will reduce the number of tears gained. Now, as you stand at the tear streams, the stream will remain where it is for nine seconds before the location changes and you will need to run towards the nearest stream to keep things going.

You will have a time limit when you are in the cave, but the time limit is controlled by the number of quest points you have. Each quest point gives you one game tick inside of the cave. If you have 100 quest points, you get 100 seconds inside the cave. If you have 200 quest points, then you get 200 seconds to collect tears and so on.

Finally, once the time limit is done, you will exit the cave and then drink from the tears you have collected. Then you will get experience in your lowest skill based on the number of tears you have gotten.

Now, the experience you gain will be dependent on the experience you have. If your lowest level is 1, then you will get 10 experiences per tear. If your lowest level is 20, then you will get 26.6 experience per tear, and 60 experience per tear at level 30. This is also where it caps.

If you have several skills tied at the same level, you will get the experience reward for the skill with the least experience. If you happen to have skills at the same level and with the same experience number, then the experience will go towards the skill listed in the stats tab first.

Now, if you haven’t unlocked the construction, herblore, or runecraft skills, then the experience boost will not be applied to them. You will need to unlock construction by buying a house, herblore by completing the Druidic Ritual quest, and runecraft by compelling the Rune Mysteries quest. Then they will be applied to the experience level gained by the tears.

Does Juna Do Anything Else?

Since she is a talking serpent, some players ask if she can do anything else in the game. Other than a role in the “Death To The Dorgeshuun” quest, where you play the minigame again to heal one of your recently slain allies with the tears, she doesn’t do much else.

For the role in the quest, you will take the body of Zanik (the slain dorgeshuun dwarf) down to see Juna. She will tell you to take Zanik’s bowl and collect 20 tears to restore her to life, and you will play the game as normal. This is a playthrough of the minigame where you are collecting the tears, but you do not gain any experience and it doesn’t count for your weekly playthrough of the game.

Juna is also part of the answer to the cryptic clue that you can find in treasure trails. You can find the clue listed here: Here, there are tears, but nobody is crying. Speak to the guardian and show off your alignment to balance.

To complete this clue, you will need to speak to Juna while wearing three items affiliated with Guthix. These can include Guthix rune armor, a Guthix halo, A Guthix heraldic helm, or anything else. You will mostly be able to find these during treasure trails, and wearing any of the three items on your person is sufficient to do the quest.

Tears Of Guthix FAQ

Question: Can I Upgrade My Experience Gained In Any Way?

Answer: Unlike other items or games where you can wear certain items or pieces of armor to boost your experience, there’s nothing you can wear to boost the experience that you are gaining from the tears. The only way you can upgrade the experience boost gained is to complete the Lumbridge Hard Diary, which is a series of tasks that you need to do in and around Lumbridge.
Once you have done those tasks, then you will get various rewards and one of those rewards is 10% increased experience from the Tears of Guthix minigame.

Question: How Do I Get The Most Experience From The Minigame?

Answer: If you want to collect the maximum number of tears possible, then you should have the highest number of quest points that you can before entering the cave. Also, make sure to pick a wall and stay with it, as most walls have two to three streams and not all of them will turn green at the same time.
So if you want to spend less time running from wall to wall and more time collecting tears, then pick a wall and shuffle from stream to stream, rather than running back and forth from wall to wall.
Additionally, the experience you get is going to correlate with the amount of time you can spend in the caves. As said before, the time you spend in the cave correlates with the number of quest points you have access to, so make sure to stock up on quest points to get as many seconds as possible!

Question: How Do I Make Sure The Skill I Want Is The Skill That Gets The XP?

Answer: Well, this might seem silly, because doesn’t the lowest skill get the XP boost? Well, sometimes two skills are neck and neck and you might end up doing an activity that boosts the skill you want up. So your weekly chance to play the minigame and your weekly XP boost go down the drain all because you decided to mine on your way to the caves.
So, make sure you are checking your skill levels and the amount of XP that you have in those skills before you set foot in the caves. The requirements for which skill gets the XP are pretty simple to follow but are also very hard to master. Plus, they are very easy to forget about until you are in the caves.
Another thing you can do is not do any activities related to the skill you want to increase at a set time. For example, if you know that you want to play Tears of Guthix to improve your mining, then once mining is your lowest skill, don’t mine or do anything mining-related until you complete the minigame.

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