Swan Song OSRS Guide: An Old Man’s Last Hurrah!

The swan song OSRS quest is one of my favorites. Mainly because my all-time favorite NPC is the Wise Old Man. 

In this quest, we are going to aid him in his final quest before he is going on retirement. Our goal is to help him out and aiding the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. 

The quest has a difficulty level of a master quest, so prepare for a serious fight. The length of the quest is going to be medium. 

In this guide, I am going to tell you what the quest requirements are, how to get them, and of course, how to do the quest. 


  • 100 Quest points: This is probably going to take the longest of all requirements. You should look to do short quests with lots of quest points. An example of this is the goblin diplomacy quest. 
  • 66 magic: Getting up to this magic level is not too hard. You can do it by combat, you can splash some levels, or use the curse spell to train. 
  • 62 fishing: The best way to train up to this level is by using the fly fishing method. You should use feathers and a fly fishing rod. Catch salmon and trout, and just drop them on the spot where you catch them. This method is pretty fast. You can boost this with an admiral pie to +4 or +5. 
  • 62 cooking: This is also a very easy skill to train. You can use the fish you caught to get up to 62 fish. Or use anything else to train the skill. Cooking is known to have a very high exp an hour. 
  • 45 smithing: Smithing is very easy to do. You should start with the free 2 play quests that give you a lot of smithing exp. Then you simply smith either iron or steal items. You can also smith cannonballs for money.
  • 42 firemaking: This skill is just as fast as cooking. You should just burn the best logs you can with a tinderbox. Getting this level won’t take longer than 30 minutes if you have the right logs. 
  • 40 crafting: This skill is also very easy to train. It will at most take you an hour to train this. If you have no money, even cowhides that you gather yourself will get you to this level pretty quickly. 
  • One small favor: This is one of the longest quests in the entire game, so it is quite a large hurdle. To do this quest you need to do multiple other quests first. You need to do Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle potion, and the Druidic Ritual. So you have quite a long road ahead of you. 
  • Garden of Tranquility: This is a medium-length quest, but can be pretty annoying due to the farming requirements you need to do. To even do this quest, you need to do a couple of other quests. You have to do The creature of Fenkenstrain quest, Priest in Peril, and The Restless Ghost.

Finally, you need to be strong enough to kill a level 170 monster. This monster can use magic and melee, and can drain your prayer points! 

Required items

  • 10 mist runes: You can easily get these by combination runecrafting. 
  • 10 lava runes: Just like the mist runes you can make these with combination runecrafting
  • 5 blood runes: You can make these or get them as a monster drop. 
  • 7 bones: You can kill just any monster that drops bones, you can use just regular bones. However, you can also get them during the quest. 
  • Airtight pot: You need to make the pot by creating a pot with soft clay and a pot lid with soft clay. You can do this during the quest but you will need a pickaxe. 
  • 5 iron bars: You can just make these with smelting iron, you can do this during the quest.
  • 1 set of logs: These can be any kind of logs. 
  • Hammer, small fishing net, and brown apron: You can all buy these in a general store, or you can also just get all of these during the quest

You do not need any of these items, but they are going to make the quest a whole lot easier and enjoyable for you to do. 

  • Tele to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony: You can use a dramen staff or a lunar staff (A K Q) or the teleport scrolls that tele there. 
  • Amulet of glory: You can use this to go to Draynor Village, you do not have this tele, you can use something to go to Port Sarim or Lumbridge. 
  • Skills Necklace: This gets you to the crafting guild very easily. Another option is a Falador teleport. 
  • Watchtower tele: You can use the watchtower teleport but also just use your nightmare zone teleport.
  • Prayer potions and food: Get 2 to 4 prayer potions, and get a ton of food that heals you more than 18 hp at a time. 

How to start the Swan Song quest

Use your Piscatoris teleport scroll, or any other teleport – like the fairy rings –  to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Go to the Colony northeast on your map, and there you can speak to Herman Caranos. Tell him you want to help him, and he will ask you to go and find the Wise Old Man. He is in Draynor Village. 

Talking to the wise old man  

Make your way to Draynor Village and get the 10 lava runes, 10 mist runes, and your 5 blood runes from the bank and talk to him. He will take them from you and agree to help you. Now teleport or go back to the Fishing Colony.

Fighting at the Fishing Colony

Look out! There will be a battle against 8 sea trolls of combat level 79 so be prepared. Bring your watchtower tele, your iron bars, logs, hammer, and the tinderbox.

When you get back to the Fishing Colony, you will see the Wise Old Man by the entrance. When you talk to him, you will be attacked by 8 sea trolls. The wise old man is going to help you fight them, however, after just a few casts of saradomin strike, he can only throw stones that hit 2.

When you have fought and killed the trolls, you can pick up the bones if you don’t have some already. Now you can go inside the Colony and go and talk to Herman Caranos. You can find him in the eastern part of the Colony.

When you talk to him the Wise Old Man is going to appear again and talk to you. Now your task is to do some Short jobs in the colony. 

Working in the Fishing Colony

There are two people you need to help. You need to help Arnold Lydspor and Franklink Caranos. It does not matter which one you help with first. 

Arnold Lydspor

You can find him near the bank of the Fishing Colony. Arnold is going to tell you that the Fishing Colony does not have any food. You will need to help him catch 5 cooked fresh monkfish. Arnold will give you a fishing net to fish in the fishing spots there. 

You can boost your fishing here now, but bring enough boosts because you will be interrupted every time you try to fish by the trolls. These trolls start at level 65 but get stronger all the way to level 101. So make sure you watch your hit points.

Once you have caught enough monkfish – catch extra if your cooking is under 80 – cook them on the range you find in the south. When you have 5 cooked monkfish, give them to Arnold. 

Make sure you do not left-click on the monkfish, or you will eat them. 

Franklin Caranos

Franklin Caranos is the other inhabitant of the Colony you need to help. He is going to need 5 iron sheets. This is to repair the west walls of the Colony. You will need to have your iron bars and logs for this. If you have not brought them you will need a pickaxe and go south to mine them.

Find the building with the furnace and use the logs on the firebox. When you use your tinderbox, you will light them. Then use your iron bars on the press. This way you are going to make iron sheets. Talk to Franklin and tell him the sheets are made. He is now going to give you a hammer to repair the walls. 

Use the iron sheets on the broken walls to the west. You have to repair all the walls and then talk to Franklin. 

Get yourself an army!

You will need to have a pickaxe. This is also where you need your 7 bones in a pot and the pot lid. 

After you have talked to Franklin, go back to Herman and the Wise Old Man. The plan is to get ourselves an army to kill the sea trolls. The Wise Old Man knows a good place to start, the Wizard named Frumscone. You can find him in the Wizard’s Guild, in the basement. 

You will need to go to Yanille (bring a pickaxe). You can do this with your nightmare zone teleport. Get your bones and pot and lid from the bank and go to the wizard guild’s basement. The wizard there has no interest in helping. However, he knows a wizard who might want to help. The infamous Malignius Mortifer. 

Get your amulet of glory or your house teleport to go to Rimington and teleport to draynor or rimmington. Now head to Magnius Mortifer, which is north of the Rimmington mine and northwest of the Port Sarim Rune and magic shop. 

Malignius Mortifer tells you he needs to have 7 normal bones. You can kill the chickens nearby for some bones if you do not have them already. Then give the bones to Malignius Mortifer and he will tell you that you need something to store seeds in. Malignius Mortifer will give you a brown apron.

Go to the crafting guild to the west, and ask the master craftsmen about how you can store seeds effectively. You will need your pot and your pot lid now. Return to the mage named Malignius Mortifer, and he will teleport you to the fishing colony.

If you do not want to fight yet, do not talk to him as you will be teleported almost straight into battle. Make sure you have the stuff needed to fight. 

Fighting the Sea Troll Queen

This is what you are going to need in your inventory. You will need your bone seeds, the best combat equipment you have to fight a level 170 monster, have something that restores prayer, and bring food and prayer potions. 

When you enter the colony, you should talk to Herman Caranos. All of a sudden a cut scene is going to play, your skeleton mages are going to fight and defeat the sea trolls. Then the Wise Old Man is going to kill the Sea troll General. However, when he is not paying attention, a massive spell hitting 254 hp hits the Wise Old Man. 

You will have to fight the Sea Troll Queen alone. 

The Queen is static in her place, so if you do not want to be hit by a melee, you should stand far away. She is going to use magic attacks on you if you stand at a distance. If you are using prayer against this attack, and she can’t melee you, she will start to use a prayer-draining attack. 

Melee is the best method, as the prayer draining attack is much stronger. The best thing you can do is, wear your best melee armor and pray magic. 

After you have defeated the queen, you should talk to Herman and finish the quest. 

Rewards for doing the Swan Song in OSRS

  • 2 Quest points: You are going to get 2 quest points from this quest, that is fair. You are not going to spend a lot of time getting these quest points. 
  • 15k magic, 10k prayer, 10k fishing exp: This is quite a generous reward for this quest. The prayer experience comes in very handy for ironmen and people with not a lot of money. 
  • 25k: I guess that is cool.

Access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and all the benefits this brings. You are going to be able to fish monkfish here and use the skeleton mages for training here. 

Frequently asked questions about the Swan Song quest in OSRS

Question: Why is the quest called the Swan Song quest?

Answer: This is an idiom that refers to the last appearance. Since this is the last quest the Wise Old Man is going on, it is his Swan Song and his final adventure. There are no swans in the quest, nor anywhere else on Old School. 
As of now, there are no other quests where the Wise Old man is going on an adventure. He does play a minor role in some later quests. 

Question: Is the Sea Troll Queen a hard boss? 

Answer: The Sea Troll Queen should not be underestimated. She can hit pretty high and is very accurate. Her hits are around 25. If you are going to fight her, make sure you pray magic and fight her melee. This way you can ignore her strong magic attack and tank the melee hits that are a lot weaker.
You should bring food that heals at least 18. Karambwans and sharks are a great idea. You can also bring combo food to heal yourself faster. 

Question: Why should I do the Swan Song Quest?

Answer: Doing the quest is the main requirement to be able to fish Monkfish. These are pretty decent AFK exp and heal 16 per food. So they are a really good staple food to have in your bank while training.
While Monkfish is not worth very much, they are very useful for ironman. It is advised to do this quest pretty early on in your game. This will help you get a decent food source that you can use for training. The fish is especially useful for training slayers. Since prayer potions are scarce as an ironman, you will need to save them as much as possible. Doing tasks with food instead of protection prayers is a good way to do this. 

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