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Slayer is one of the most enjoyable skills in Runescape. There’s plenty of room for excellent combat experience rates per hour. A lot of Slayer monsters offer excellent profit as well. And on top of all that, Slayer is just plain fun. 

Or it will be. But there are some annoying aspects about Slayer that you have to get around. You ideally want to start Slayer with relatively high combat stats before beginning. You will need to complete various quests to unlock some Slayer monsters and masters.

A large amount of Quest Points is required to unlock multiple block slots. But the biggest problem you’ll encounter while training Slayer? Monsters. 

There are a lot of monsters that Slayer masters will assign to you for tasks. And many of them, especially at lower Slayer levels, are awful. The experience rates are pretty bad, the profits aren’t there, and the fun is non-existent. If only there were a way to expedite this part of the Slayer grind.

Introducing the Expeditious Bracelet. 

It’s here to make your least-favorite Slayer tasks go by a little bit faster. And since Slayer is a pretty slow skill to train, every bit of assistance helps. Since your wrist and the Expeditious bracelet will be on a first-name basis, best to learn all about the thing.

What Does the Expeditious Bracelet Do?

The Expeditious Bracelet is a useful albeit plain lookin bracelet.
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The Expeditious bracelet is a relatively new item in OSRS, introduced in February of 2017. It’s an enchanted opal bracelet that provides no combat bonuses whatsoever. Where its value lies is its interactivity with Slayer tasks.

For the Expeditious bracelet to work, you need it equipped when one of your Slayer task monsters is about to die. You can wear something else for most of the fight (Like a Combat bracelet) to optimize your build.

If using one of the most efficient methods for completing Slayer tasks, that being Barrage spells or a Cannon, this is more trouble than it is worth. 

The Expeditious Bracelet

When a Slayer task monster dies while you have an Expeditious bracelet equipped, there’s a 25% chance that the Expeditious bracelet will count a Slayer kill as two instead of one. A message will appear in the chat box when the bracelet activates. You will NOT get experience for this second quote-unquote kill. 

The Expeditious Bracelet has a max of 30 charges and will crumble to dust after 30 activations. You can also prematurely break your bracelet should you wish to do so to reset charges. 

It functions similarly to the Ring of Recoil in that the number of charges it has is dependent on the player. Your Expeditious bracelet might have 30 charges, while your friend’s bracelet might have 17 if you give them one.

For years, there has been some confusion on how much the Expeditious bracelet speeds up Slayer tasks. Some players see the 25% activation rate and mistakenly assume the Expeditious bracelet makes Slayer tasks 25% faster. Others think it is an identical inverse of the Bracelet of Slaughter and makes tasks 33% faster. 

In actuality, the Expeditious bracelet makes Slayer tasks 20% faster. On average, the Expeditious bracelet will activate once every four kills, meaning every four kills will actually be five. If you have a Slayer task of 100 monsters, then the Expeditious bracelet should turn it into an 80-monster task, hence a 20% speed increase.

How Do I Get an Expeditious Bracelet?

Expeditious Bracelet off the Grand Exchange

You can easily acquire an Expeditious bracelet from the Grand Exchange or another player. It currently goes for around 1.6K GP. That cost will add up since you’ll likely buy many of these during your Slayer grind. 

If you’re an Ironman, you’ve got a few options for getting your hands on some Expeditious bracelets. You can’t obtain one as a monster drop, but the raw components to make one aren’t hard to obtain.

Crafting and Enchanting an Opal Bracelet

To make an Expeditious bracelet, you need to enchant an opal bracelet. You can make opal bracelets with a cut opal, a silver bar, and a bracelet mould. The bracelet mould is easy to get from any Crafting Shop around Gielinor.

You can buy the silver bar from Erin, the Silver merchant in Ardougne, for 150 GP. As for the cut opal, you have two main options. 

The first is gem rocks. With level 40 Mining, you can mine gem rocks at either Shilo Village or the Lunar Isle. Since opals are the least-valuable gem in Runescape, they have the highest drop rate when mining gem rocks. 

Accessing either Shilo Village or the Lunar Isle has some notable other requirements besides level 40 Mining, so it’ll take time to utilize this option. I strongly recommend this route in the long run since it’s the best way to amass a bunch of opals. 

If you’re jumping straight into Slayer immediately and want Expeditious bracelets as soon as possible, pickpocketing H.A.M. members is your best bet. 

H.A.M. members - decent source of opals

Head for the H.A.M. Hideout northwest behind Lumbridge Castle and head down. With levels 15 and 20 Thieving, respectively, you can pickpocket female and male H.A.M. members. They each have roughly a 1/50 chance of giving you an uncut opal. Not ideal drop rates, but it gets the job done until you can mine gem rocks. 

After you have all the raw materials, get yourself level 22 Crafting and make an opal bracelet. The final step is enchanting it via the Lvl-1 Enchant spell, which only requires level 9 Magic

And that’s it! You’ve got yourself an Expeditious bracelet. 

When Should I Use an Expeditious Bracelet?

That depends entirely on a few factors that are unique to every OSRS player:

  1. How much GP are you willing to sink into Expeditious Bracelets
  2. How much you can tolerate bad Slayer tasks

Expeditious bracelets are never necessary and are purely a quality of life item. But let’s not pretend like attrition and burnout aren’t things in Runescape.

More than once, I have taken a break from training Slayer after getting several horrible tasks back to back to back. They weren’t worth block slots, and I prefer to avoid spending points on skipping tasks as much as possible. 

Generally speaking, I find slow tasks that have horrible EXP rates or little profitability warrant using Expeditious bracelets. A Slayer nemesis on mine would be Black Demons. They hit really hard, aren’t the easiest/fastest to kill, and have abysmal drops. You better believe I’m using Expeditious bracelets on them. 

And this is actually one of the reasons why I recommend starting Slayer only when you’re a mid-level player (Level 60 combat stats). Do the higher-level Slayer masters give out bad tasks?

Absolutely (Hello Steel Dragons). But they do so far less frequently than the low-tier Slayer masters like Turael or Spria. How would you like to get an assignment killing birds

Expeditious bracelets will always be a money sink. But with high-level Slayer masters, you’ll make back the money you spend on them easily and quickly. With low-level Slayer masters, you’ll always be in the red.

When Should I Not Use an Expeditious Bracelet?

When Should I Not Use an Expeditious Bracelet

I would strongly recommend against using Expeditious bracelets when you have an assignment of a Slayer monster that you can only fight while on task. That list includes bosses like the Cerberus and Kraken and superior monster variants like the Choke devil and Abhorrent Spectre. 

These monsters tend to have good profitability, EXP rates, or both. If one of them is giving you a bit of a hard time, I recommend putting Slayer on hold and leveling up your combat skills instead of expediting the task.


Question:Is it Possible to Recharge Expeditious Bracelets?

Answer: No. Expeditious bracelets work like Rings of Recoil and disappear after you use all their charges.

Question:Is there any Way to Increase the Max Charges on an Expeditious Bracelet?

Answer: No. You can imbue a lot of items in Runescape to make them stronger or hold more charges, but the Expeditious bracelet is not one such item.

Question:Is making Expeditious Bracelets a Good Moneymaking Method?

Answer: No. While it’s true that the profit margins from buying opal bracelets and enchanting them into Expeditious bracelets are huge, that’s not the whole picture.
Expeditious bracelets aren’t sustainable as a long-term moneymaking method as the market for them isn’t consistent enough. Maybe you can make it work as a one-off every once in a while, but that’s probably it.


I would say that the Expeditious bracelet has a pretty solid place in OSRS. For low-mid level Slayer, they will definitely come in handy as you work past the boring part of the Slayer grind. 

Once you reach high levels of Slayer, the need to use Expeditious bracelets will drop significantly, as the chances of getting awful tasks will be less likely. 

Many players have been advocating for the Expeditious bracelet to receive a buff. It’s supposed to be the inverse of the Bracelet of Slaughter, but for that to truly be the case, it would need to speed up tasks by 33%, not 20%. I’d be in favor of that buff. Anything to make Black Demon tasks go by faster. 

Yes, I hate Black Demons. No, I don’t have enough Quest Points to open up another block slot to block them. Yet. So Expeditious bracelets it is. 

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