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For many players, myself included, the Slayer skill is the most enjoyable part of combat in OSRS. I remember my first Slayer grind in Runescape. Making my way through the handful of Slayer masters spread across Gielinor, killing anything they asked me to.

Sometimes, I got dud tasks like Pyrefiends or Mogres. But other times, a Slayer master would bless me with a glorious quest. A Deathbringer mission so fantastic that I’d muse, “I wish this task were longer.”

For many years, that was little more than wishful thinking. But thanks to an item released in OSRS in 2017, it’s a reality. That item is the Bracelet of Slaughter. 

So, take a load off, grab a Fruit Blast and a chili potato, and enjoy as we deep dive into the item that can make any Slayer task the most glorious massacre.

What Does the Bracelet of Slaughter Do?

The Bracelet of Barney, I mean Slaughter.
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The Bracelet of Slaughter allows you to slaughter your Slayer task monster for longer. 

The Bracelet of Slaughter makes tasks 33% longer

While on a Slayer task, if an assigned monster dies while you are wearing a Bracelet of Slaughter, there’s a 25% chance a kill won’t count towards your Slayer task.

A notification in the chat box will pop up when your bracelet activates. The Bracelet of Slaughter is the inverse of the Expeditious Bracelet also has no combat stats and 30 charges before it crumbles to dust. 

The Bracelet of Slaughter, Expeditious Bracelet, and Ring of Recoil have the same functionality. Their charges are dependent on each player. I hate having nearly-depleted items like (1) teleport options in my bank.

Luckily, for people like me, the break option exists. Breaking your Bracelet of Slaughter will reset the charges back to 30. 

On average, wearing Bracelets of Slaughter for the entirety of a Slayer task will make it 33.3% longer than usual. You only need to wear the Bracelet of Slaughter when the monster dies for its’ effect to have a chance to activate. That means you can use combat-oriented hand slot items for most of the fight. 

With the Expeditious Bracelet, switching back and forth can be annoying. Due to the monsters you typically use it on, switching back and forth would be extremely click-intensive.

The Bracelet of Slaughter doesn’t have that problem. But we’ll get to that first. First, let’s talk about getting our hands on this gauntlet of genocide. Eh. Bracelet of Slaughter sounds better, I suppose.

How Do I Get a Bracelet of Slaughter?

Buy the bracelets off the GE

You can buy Bracelets of Slaughter from other players or the Grand Exchange for around 2.7K. And unless you’re an Iron Man, that’s definitely the recommended way of getting your hands on some. No monsters in the game drop them. And making Bracelets of Slaughter yourself is a bit of a hassle for one reason: Red Topaz.

Crafting and Enchanting a Topaz Bracelet

Topaz bracelets require a bracelet mould, silver bars, and cut red topaz. The first two items are easy to obtain. The Red Topaz, on the other hand, can be tricky. 

The two most common methods of obtaining red topaz are gem rocks and the Gnome Restaurant minigame. You can get red topaz from gem rocks at about a 1/8.5 drop rate.

It’s more efficient mining gems than performing Gnome Restaurant deliveries if intending to amass a bunch of red topaz. So, gem rocks it is. That means you need to complete the Shilo Village quest and have at least level 40 Mining

Once you have your hands on some uncut red topaz, you’ll need to cut them. Easier said than done. Red topaz only requires level 16 Crafting to cut. But these trollish gemstones have a very high failure rate, and you will accidentally crush them pretty often.

Even with level 99 Crafting, you don’t have a 100% chance of cutting red topaz successfully. That will definitely make crafting Bracelets of Slaughter as an Iron Man pretty annoying until you get a decently-high Crafting level. 

Once you have all the raw materials ready, take them to a furnace with at least level 38 Crafting to make a topaz bracelet. All that’s left is enchanting it via the Lvl-3 Enchant spell. You’ll need level 49 Magic, five fire runes (Or just a staff that supplies them), and a lone cosmic rune to make it happen. 

And voila! You’ve got yourself a Bracelet of Slaughter. Time to put it to use. But when exactly should you use these bracelets? You don’t want to waste them, especially if you’re an Iron Man. So, let’s go over the best times to slap one of these on your pixelated wrists. 

When Should I Use Bracelets of Slaughter?

When Should I Use Bracelets of Slaughter?

Generally speaking, leveling up Slayer is very slow. Slayer grinding is also the best source of profit while training combat skills. So, you ideally want to focus Bracelet of Slaughter use on monsters that give good experience, profits, or both. Those types of monsters typically come in two varieties. 


Bossing is the peak of PVE in OSRS. If you’re looking for a way to put those combat skills to use to expand your stack of gold coins, bossing is the way to go. Many bosses also have obtainable pets if you’re about the pet grinding life.

(A moment of silence for our brothers and sisters who have gone 3K KC on the Abyssal Sire with no Abyssal Orphan to show for it). 

Since bosses tend to have chunky HP pools, they’re also good sources of Slayer experience. Since you’ll likely be taking these foes on anyway, why not do so on a Slayer task?

Slayer Task only Monsters

There are dozens of monsters in OSRS that you can only fight while on Slayer task (Including some bosses). There are a bunch of tasks that Slayer masters can give you. A lot of them are complete drags. When you get a good one, you want to make it last as long as possible. 

Lesser Monsters with Superior/Boss Variants

One of the best things about Slayer is how the game tosses you a few bones once you reach the mid-late game of the Slayer grind. Some monsters, like Hellhounds, are pretty lame task monsters. But, the game allows you to fight stronger versions of these monsters, and they will count towards your current Slayer task. 

Instead of fighting Cave Kraken, you can opt to fight the Kraken boss. There are 30 unlockable superior variants to various Slayer monsters that you can fight instead of their lesser forms. The superior and boss variants give better exp and drops (Like the Eternal gem), so it’s a win-win.

Whatever You Want

Bracelets of Slaughter are your personal wrist bling, so use them on whatever you enjoy fighting. I assume you’re playing OSRS because it’s fun, so don’t let me stop you from having a ball. 

You’d be surprised at what tasks you might find enjoyable. Take Hellhounds as an example. Sure, you can fight Cerberus instead, but only when you have level 95 Slayer. So, until level 95, you would think Hellhounds are an instant-skip task.

Not necessarily. I love clue hunting and am currently trying to get every unique clue scroll completion item. With an imbued Ring of Wealth, Hellhounds you kill in the Wilderness have an incredible 1/32 hard clue scroll drop chance. For clue scroll hunters like me, this Dwarf Cannon snore-fest of a task isn’t so bad. 

What Shouldn’t I Use Bracelets of Slaughter On?

What Shouldn't I Use Bracelets of Slaughter On

If you don’t like a task and or it doesn’t give good experience rates, don’t prolong it. Slayer burnout is very real. I know you might be tempted to extend tasks early on just because Slayer is painfully slow to level up until the mid-game, but trust me, it’s not worth it. An endless sea of spider, bear, zombie, and skeleton tasks will bore you to death.


Question: Which is Better, the Bracelet of Slaughter or Expeditious Bracelet?

Answer: Bracelet of Slaughter easily. The Expeditious Bracelet can come in handy for many awful tasks. But you can always tough it out through any and cut out Expeditious Bracelet costs.
With the existence of so many Slayer task-only monsters, most of them being great for experience or profit, the ability to extend tasks is invaluable. 

Question: Are Bracelets of Slaughter a Good Moneymaking Option?

Answer: No. Turning topaz bracelets into Bracelets of Slaughter results in a GP loss. Crafting topaz bracelets from the raw materials has an okay profit margin, but not high enough and not safe enough. You’d be better off crafting gold bracelets.

Question: How do I Unlock Superior Variants of Monsters?

Answer: By using Slayer points. Use your Slayer reward points and purchase Bigger and Badder from a Slayer master. Be sure to snag Like a boss, too. That way, Konar, Duradel, Nieve/Steve, and Krystilia can assign you boss tasks.


The Bracelet of Slaughter is definitely a 100% win for the player base. Slayer was already a fun experience, and that Bracelet of Slaughter makes it even better.

The GP cost for all your bracelets will definitely start to add up. But since you’ll likely mostly use them on monsters with high profitability, you’ll easily recoup your losses. For me, it’s a must-have, must-use item. 

To all the Iron Man accounts out there, good luck. For a while, the only thing you’ll be slaughtering is your left mouse button from clicking on gem rocks so many times. But it’ll be worth it in the end. 

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