OSRS Ranged Training Guide: Our Best Tips!

Ranged is an essential skill to train for PVP and PVM players because it lets them attack from a safe distance. It’s one of the three combat styles and is very efficient for safe spotting and slaying bosses. The skill doesn’t have many requirements to start, and supplies are extremely cheap. Today, you’ll learn the necessary information about how to train the skill, items needed, and the best Ranged quests to do.

Why Train Ranged?

Range Training

Ranged is the safest combat style since you can stand back in safe spots and kill creatures. Also, it’s easy to pick up as there isn’t a huge barrier to entry. Progressing the skill unlocks special weapons that are great for PVM and bossing.

Moreover, it’s a brilliant money-making skill because many high-tier creatures are weak to Ranged attacks. Lastly, the skill is required for important quests like Song of the Elves, which unlocks Elf City.

Best Equipment For Ranged

Ranged is appealing because of its unique weapons and armors that players can use. Some do more damage to specific creatures. For example, the Craw’s bow does 50% more damage to any monsters in the Wilderness.

Moreover, Ranged weapons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This can impact DPS, range, and attack speed. Unlike Strength, your Attack level does not impact the weaponry you can wield. Due to the wide variety of weaponry, you can select an option the appeals to you most. Use this section of the guide to progress to your next weapon tier.



All Ranged weapons will need some sort of ammunition. The type varies on the weapon you use:

  • Shortbows/Longbows – Arrows
  • Crossbows – Bolts
  • Toxic Blowpipe – Darts and Zulrah’s Scales
  • Crystal Bow – No Ammo
  • Ballista – Javelins

Furthermore, just like weapons, ammo has its own tier system. Often they follow the metallic tier list, which is featured across multiple skills.

  • Level 1 – Training Arrows
  • Level 1 – Bronze Arrows
  • Level 1 – Iron Arrows
  • Level 5 – Steel Arrows
  • Level 20 – Mithril Arrows
  • Level 30 – Adamant Arrows
  • Level 40 – Rune Arrows
  • Level 50 – Broad Arrows
  • Level 50 – Amethyst Arrows
  • Level 60 – Dragon Arrows


This category features both shortbows and longbows. They fire the same types of arrows. However, the difference is longbows can fire over long distances, and short bows have a faster attack speed. Their damage and accuracy are identical.

  • Level 1 – Shortbow/Longbow
  • Level 5 – Oak Shortbow/Longbow
  • Level 20 – Willow Shortbow/Longbow
  • Level 30 – Maple Shortbow/Longbow
  • Level 40 – Yew Shortbow/Longbow
  • Level 50 – Magic Shortbow/Longbow

Darts and Throwing Knives:

Throwing Knives

These weapons have the fastest attack speed in the game. Therefore, making them brilliant items to use in PVP combat. They have an attack range of 4 tiles or 6 when using long-range attack style.

  • Level 1 – Bronze
  • Level 1 – Iron
  • Level 5 – Steel
  • Level 10 – Black
  • Level 20 – Mithril
  • Level 30 – Adamant
  • Level 40 – Rune
  • Level 60 – Dragon


Crossbows are excellent weapons that can be used for PVP and PVM. The benefit of this weapon is that you can use a shield for extra defense. The crossbow uses bolts for ammunition, and wealthy players can use gem-tipped bolts.

  • Level 1 – Bronze Crossbow
  • Level 26 – Iron Crossbow
  • Level 31 – Steel Crossbow
  • Level 36 – Mithril Crossbow
  • Level 46 – Adamant Crossbow
  • Level 61 – Rune Crossbow
  • Level 64 – Dragon Crossbow


Level 45 – Chinchompa

Chinchompas are a unique type of ranged weapon that lets you attack multiple enemies at once. They can be caught with box traps while training Hunter or bought from the Grand Exchange. Currently, there are 3 chinchompa tiers:

  • Level 45 – Chinchompa
  • Level 55 – Red Chinchompa
  • Level 65 – Black Chinchompa

Special Weapons:

Special weapons are types of Ranged gear that provide unique bonuses to players in combat. These are usually extremely expensive but very worth purchasing. Most often they are drops from difficult bosses.

  • Toxic Blowpipe: This is a powerful ranged weapon that can be obtained from killing Zulrah. You can make it by using a chisel on a tanzanite fang, which will require level 53 Fletching.
    • Attack Bonuses:
      • +30 Ranged
      • +20 Ranged Strength
    • Dorgeshuun Crossbow: The crossbow requires level 28 Ranged to wield and is often used to train the mid-levels. The weapon’s special attack reduces the enemy’s Defense by 50%.
      • Attack Bonuses:
      • +42 Ranged
    • Dark Bow: The Dark Bow has earned its respect among PVP players for being the best Ranged weapon. This is because its special attack is extremely strong. The 1st special attack deals up to 30% more damage with a minimum of 5 per arrow. However, if players use dragon arrows, the special attack will deal 50% more damage capping at 48.
      • Attack Bonuses:
        • +95 Ranged
      • Twisted Bow: The bow requires a Ranged level of 75 to wield. The twisted bow is supreme because it does more damage to enemies with high Magic Therefore, it’s ideal to use against Demonic Gorillas and Steel Dragons.
        • Attack Bonuses:
          • +70 Ranged
          • +20 Ranged Strength
        • Crystal Bow: The crystal bow is made from an enhanced elven crystal. It requires level 50 Agility, and 70 Ranged to wield. Also, you will need to complete the Roving Elves quest. The bow doesn’t use any ammo and will disintegrate over time.
          • Attack Bonuses:
            • +100 Ranged
            • +78 Ranged Strength
          • Craw’s Bow: This shortbow is ideal to use in the Wilderness because it does 50% more damage. It’s ideal for those players who like to farm revenants for money. The short bow doesn’t use ammo and will disintegrate. The bow can be charged with revenant ether.
            • Attack Bonuses:
              • +75 Ranged
              • +60 Ranged Strength
            • Heavy Ballista: The light and heavy ballista use javelins as ammunition. However, the heavy ballista is a lot slower and does significantly more damage. To wield the weapon, you’ll need to complete Monkey Madness II and have level 75 Ranged.
              • Attack Bonuses:
                • +125 Ranged
                • +15 Ranged Strength

Best Ranged Armor

Armadyl Armor

While training Ranged it’s important to equip the best armor so that you take less damage. This will improve XP rates since you won’t need to bank as much for food. Bear in mind that you will need to have the equivalent Defense level to equip the range armor. For example, Green d’hide armor will require you to have level 40 Ranged and Defense.

  • Level 1 – Leather Armor
  • Level 20 – Studded Leather Armor
  • Level 30 – Snakeskin Armor
  • Level 40 – Green D’hide Armor
  • Level 42 – Void Knight Armor
  • Level 50 – Blue D’Hide Armor
  • Level 60 – Red D’Hide Armor
  • Level 70 – Black D’Hide Armor
  • Level 70 – Crystal Armor
  • Level 70 – Armadyl Armor

The top-tier armors will be extremely expensive but will provide excellent bonuses. Therefore, if you have the funds, you should definitely purchase crystal or armadyl armor.

Useful Ranged Equipment

Like any combat skill, it comes with a wide variety of amulets and rings, which can provide decent bonuses. These items will help you deal more damage and increase your kills per hour.

  • Archers Ring (i): This ring is an upgraded version of the archer’s ring. It can be imbued as a reward from soul wars for 260 zeal tokens or 650,000 reward points from the Nightmare Zone.
    • Attack Bonuses:
      • +8 Ranged
    • Defense Bonuses:
      • +8 Ranged
    • Dragonfire Shield: The shield is an upgraded version of the anti-fire shield. It requires level 75 Defence and Dragon Slayer I to wield.
      • Attack bonuses:
        • -5 Ranged
      • Defence Bonuses:
        • +22 Ranged
      • Ava’s Assembler: This is a reward after completing Animal Magnetism. The Ava’s Accumulator will pick up arrows for you, which is a huge quality of life improvement. However, you can upgrade the device to an Ava’s Assembler after completing Dragon Slayer II. Afterward, it will give the best Ranged bonuses in the Cape slot.
        • Attack Bonuses:
          • +8 Ranged
          • +2 Ranged Strength
        • Defense Bonuses:
          • +1 Stab
          • +1 Slash
          • +1 Crush
          • +8 Magic
          • +2 Ranged
        • Necklace of Anguish: The amulet requires level 75 Hitpoints to wear and is purely an offensive item. The item is extremely expensive costing 10m GP or can be obtained from clue scrolls.
          • Attack Bonuses:
            • +15 Ranged
            • +5 Ranged Strength
            • +2 Prayer
          • Amulet of Fury: This is the most powerful amulet in OSRS because of the wide variety of bonuses.
            • Attack Bonuses:
            • Defense Bonuses:
              • +15 Stab
              • +15 Slash
              • +15 Crush
              • +15 Magic
              • +15 Ranged

Brilliant Ranged Quests

Death to the Dorgeshuun

When you first begin any combat skill, it can be painfully slow because you’ll be splashing many attacks. Therefore, you can complete quests to receive Ranged experience and fly past the early levels. By doing this, you’ll have access to higher-tier weapons and armor.

  • Death to the Dorgeshuun – 2,000 Ranged Experience
  • Heroes’ Quest – 2,075 Ranged Experience
  • Horror from the Deep – 4,662.5 Ranged Experience

Completing these quests will give you 8,737.5 XP and place you at level 25 Ranged. Now you won’t splash as much and can begin the mid-tier training bracket of this guide. Also, if you love questing, here are some other options that you can complete. However, they will have a Ranged requirement.

  • Level 30:
    • Big Chompy Bird Hunting – 735 Ranged Experience
    • Recipe for Disaster – 1,500 Ranged Experience
    • Zogre Flesh Easters – 2,000 Ranged Experience
    • Chompy Bird Hunting – 30,000 Ranged Experience
  • Level 40:
    • Temple of Ikov – 10,500 Ranged Experience

How To Train Ranged

To train the skill, you will need to have a ranged weapon and ammunition. After, select attack on an enemy, and for every successful hit, you’ll get experience. Ranged is extremely simple to train, and there are 3 attack types:

  • Accurate: When using the accurate style, your character will shoot less often but will have an invisible +3 Ranged bonus. This will let you get bigger max hits, which is great for PVP combat. For every successful 1 HP hit, you’ll gain 4 Ranged experience and 1.33 Hitpoint experience.
  • Rapid: The rapid attack style will make your character shoot faster but will sacrifice accuracy in the process. For every successful 1 HP hit, you’ll gain 4 Ranged Experience and 1.33 Hitpoint experience.
  • Longrange: This attack style will increase your attack range and your Defense by +3 levels. For every successful 1 HP hit, you’ll gain 2 Ranged and Defense experience with 1.33 Hitpoints experience.

Make sure always to equip the best weapons and armor you can use to get more kills per hour. This is essential to get faster XP rates and get to level 99 Ranged quickly. Also, invest in decent food so that you can train at each location for longer. This will eliminate the need to bank as often and improve your XP rates.

Dwarf Cannon

Dwarf Cannon

The dwarf cannon is an automated turret that will attack enemies for you. It will turn in circles firing cannonballs if any monsters are in front of it. This can help kill enemies much faster and give you Range XP for each successful hit.

Before you can use the weapon, you’ll need to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest. There are no requirements to begin, and the official length is short. It’s a must-do quest for those who want to gain experience quickly.

The cannon is made up of 4 pieces:

  • Cannon Barrels
  • Cannon Base
  • Cannon Furnace
  • Cannon Stand

Once you have the pieces and cannonballs, select the stand and hit place. Your character will begin the assembly process. Once the weapon is placed, use the cannonballs on the cannon to arm it. Afterward, the cannon will begin spinning and attacking enemies.

Fastest Level 1-99 OSRS Range Guide

Levels 1-25: Questing

Heroes’ Quest

Completing quests is the fastest method of receiving experience at the early levels. This is because you’ll be hitting a lot of 0s with level 1 Ranged and low-tier weaponry. These quests have no Ranged requirements so you can start them now.

  • Death to the Dorgeshuun
  • Heroes’ Quest
  • Horror from the Deep

Levels 25-75: Ammorite Crabs

The best XP rate for the mid to high levels is by killing ammorite crabs. They have a low defense with attack stats and 100 HP. The high Hitpoint stats means that they provide a lot of experience per kill. Therefore, you can earn around 100k Range experience per hour, assuming you’re using a cannon. The crabs are on the coast of Fossil Island.

However, this location can be crowded at peak hours, so you can kill sand crabs alternatively. They have 60 HP, which means you can get 60-80k Ranged XP per hour. They are located along the Southen coast in Hosidius.

Both these options can be AFK once you reach a higher Defense and Range level. They are aggressive creatures, so you’ll need to re-enter the location every 10 minutes.  Although they do minimal damage, bring a full inventory of food to stay at these locations longer.

Levels 75-99: Nightmare Zone

Cape – Ava’s Assembler

The best training method till level 99 is Ranged is Nightmare Zone. This is a combat minigame where you’ll be fighting creatures that you’ve fought in quests. The game is safe, so if you die, don’t worry about losing expensive items. Make sure to equip your best armor and weapon for the best XP rates. This is the optimal setup if you can afford it:

  • Head – Armadyl Helmet
  • Chest – Armadyl Chestplate
  • Legs – Armadyl Chainskirt
  • Feet – Armadyls D’hide boots
  • Cape – Ava’s Assembler
  • Ring – Archers Ring (i)
  • Neck – Necklace of Anguish
  • Weapon – Toxic Blowpipe

There are 3 modes in Nightmare Zone: Endurance, Practice, and Rumble. Every mode has a normal and hard difficulty. In normal mode, the quest bosses will have the same amount of HP as they did in the quests. However, all the bosses will have increased HP, Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged in hard difficulty.

  • Endurance: This mode features 1v1 battles with unlocked bosses in waves. The game ends once all the bosses have been successfully defeated or when the player dies. Beating all the bosses will earn 216,644 reward points in normal mode and 794,770 in hard mode.
  • Practice: This mode will let you practice the bosses before indulging in harder difficulties. However, players will not earn reward points and experience.
  • Rumble: The rumble mode will let you go in as a group of 5 to slay bosses. Adding more players to the party will increase the number of bosses that spawn.

Alternative: Chinchompa Skeletons

This method will require you to complete Monkey Madness 2 so that you have access to Ape Atoll Dungeon. This method can bring crazy amounts of experience but is extremely expensive. Once you’re in the Ape Atoll Dungeon, head to the section with skeletons. Equip the red or black chinchompas and begin attacking the skeletons.

This location has plenty of creatures that will attack you so bring food. If you aggro a lot of skeletons in the safe area you can earn up to 1,000,000 Ranged experience.

Profitable Level 1-99 OSRS Range Guide

Levels 1-25: Questing

Horror from the Deep

All the profitable options begin at the later levels, so it’s important to quickly get a lot of XP. The best method to this is by completing these quests:

  • Death to the Dorgeshuun
  • Heroes’ Quest
  • Horror from the Deep

Levels 25-40: Minotaurs

For the next 15 levels, you’ll be killing minotaurs in the Stronghold of Security. To get there, head to Barbarian Village and go down the hole near the rocks. They are located on the first floor of the stronghold. You can safely spot this location by going to the right side behind the stone fencing.

Levels 40-60: Hill Giants

The best mid-tier money-making method is killing hill giants and picking up their big bones and limpwurt roots. The best location is West of the Cooking Guild in Varrock. You’ll need a brass key to open the shed, which has a ladder leading down the cave to the hill giants. This method can generate 100-150k GP per hour.

Levels 60-75: Green Dragons

Green dragons are the best for money-making until level 75 Ranged. They can generate 450-500k GP per hour. Make sure to equip your best armor and have an anti-dragon shield or anti-fire potions. After each kill, pick up the green d’hide and dragon bones.

The best location to slay green dragons is in the Wilderness. They are South of the Ruins and East of the Bandit Camp. Be careful of this location because it is a PKer hotspot, so run away if you see a white dot appear on your minimap.

Levels 75-99: Demonic Gorillas

Demonic Gorillas

The best method of making money in OSRS is by killing Demonic Gorillas. They drop Zenyte Shards that can be cut with an Onyx to make an uncut Zenyte. This item is worth over 10 million GP, and you’ll get plenty on your path to level 99. To gain access to this location, you will need to compete Monkey Madness 2, which is a high-tier quest.

Killing them can seem difficult at first, but you’ll get the hang of the mechanics after a few hours. The creature requires you to go in with 2 combat styles because they use defensive prayers. After you’ve dealt 50 HP of damage, the gorilla will switch its Prayer to the style you are attacking it with.

Level 1-99 OSRS Range Guide With Slayer

A unique method of training Ranged is by completing Slayer tasks. This way you’re training 3 skills at once: Slayer, Ranged, and Hitpoints. Slayer will give you access to new top-tier creatures that drop expensive loot. Also, this type of training method will take you all over the map that you would’nt have visited otherwise. Therefore, you’ll explore new locations and not get burned out training Ranged.

Furthermore, you can earn Slayer points that you can spend on various rewards. You can remove annoying tasks or ask the master to give fun tasks more often. Also, you can purchase the Slayer Helm, which will give you various bonuses when fighting Slayer creatures.


Question: What Bosses Will I Encounter In Nightmare Zone?

Answer: During the combat minigame, you’ll encounter all types of bosses. As you complete more quests in OSRS, you’ll face them inside the Nightmare Zone. These are the bosses that you could potentially face. Also, if you want to fight a particular boss, we’ll mention the quests that will unlock them.
– Trapped Soul – The Ascent of Arceuus
Count Draynor – Vampyre Slayer
Sand Snake – The Depths of Despair
King Roald – What Lies Below
The Kendal – Mountain Daughter
Me – Lunar Diplomacy
Skeleton Hellhound – In Search of the Myreque
Tree Spirit – Lost City
Dad – Troll Stronghold
Khazard Warlord – Tree Gnome Village
Black Knight Titan – Holy Grail
Ice Troll King – The Fremennik Isles
Bouncer – Fight Arena
Black Demond – The Grand Tree
Jungle Demon – Monkey Madness I

Question: What Is The Best Ranged Weapon?

Answer: OSRS Ranged features multiple special weapons that provide unique aspects in battle. There is no best weapon as they each provide different bonuses, which are ideal for specific situations. These are the best 3 weapons in OSRS that deal heavy damage:
* Twisted Bow: This is a brilliant offensive weapon because it deals more damage to magical bosses. The bow requires a Ranged level of 75 to wield and can fire any type of arrow. Also, the weapon has an attack range of 10 tiles.
** Attack Bonuses
*** +70 Ranged
*** +20 Ranged Strength
* Heavy Ballista: This is a powerful 2-handed weapon that does the most damage out of any Ranged weapon. It requires completing Monkey Madness I and level 75 Ranged. The special attack increases your accuracy and damage by 25%.
** Attack Bonuses:
***+125 Ranged
***+15 Ranged Strength
* Crystal Bow: The crystal bow is made by using a crystal weapon seed on a singing bowl. The bow doesn’t use ammunition and will degrade after each use. To wield the bow, you’ll need level 50 Agility and level 70 Ranged.
** Attack Bonuses:
*** +100 Ranged
*** +78 Ranged Strength

Question: What Are The Best Ranged Bosses?

Answer: Bosses are one of the most fun parts of OSRS. It gives you an adrenaline rush and a chance to receive awesome loot. They can be very rewarding and make you millions in the process. These are the best bosses to kill with Ranged combat style:
TzTok-Jad: This is a minigame that requires you to go through waves of enemies before fighting the boss. After killing TzTok-Jad, you’ll be rewarded with the fire cape.
King Black Dragon: The King Black Dragon is a very easy boss and newbie-friendly. It fights just like a regular black dragon but has more HP and damage. The best drop from the KBD is a dragon visage.
Kree’arra: This boss is inside the godwars dungeon and requires at least level 75 Ranged to kill efficiently. Kree’arra will drop all sorts of armadyl armor and weaponry.
Zulrah: One of the best solo bosses is Zulrah because she can drop items to make a toxic blowpipe. The boss has easy mechanics and is a decent money-maker.
Vorkath: To access this boss, you’ll need to complete Dragon Slayer II. Vorkath is quite difficult to kill but very rewarding. Experienced players can earn +1m GP consistently.


Training Ranged is essential in OSRS to complete quests and gain access to high-level creatures. We’ve covered the fastest and most profitable methods in this guide. Select the section that meets your goals and have fun training the skill! Remember, if you feel like you’re getting burned out, finish some Ranged quests. This will give you a break from the skill and progress your character simultaneously.

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