OSRS Hunter Training Guide: Best Methods To Level 99

Hunter is a relaxing skill the can be fast and highly profitable to train. The skill lets players catch various creatures and animals that roam Gielinor. Many of them award valuable loot when caught, which makes Hunter one of the most profitable skills in OSRS. Leveling the skill is engaging, and you’ll visit locations that you’ve never been to.

This OSRS Hunter guide will cover the fastest, efficient, and most profitable methods of reaching level 99. Also, you’ll find must-do quests for experience, optional gear, and items that will help smoothen the process.

Why Train Hunter?

There are various reasons why players choose to train Hunter. The main reason is that it’s highly profitable at the latest stages, and players can earn millions per hour. At level 80 hunter, your character can catch red and black Chinchompas, which can earn a respectable 800k to 1,2m GP per hour.

Iron man accounts love the skill because it lets them gather valuable resources. This way, they don’t have to rely on drops from creatures and are guaranteed the loot every time. Training Range could take days in game time. However, catching red or black Chinchompas can significantly improve XP per hour since they can attack multiple enemies at once.

Also, the skill is a requirement for high-tier quests that will progress your character within OSRS. For example, Monkey Madness II requires level 60 Hunter, and after completion, you can kill Demonic Gorillas. Another great example is Song of the Elves, requiring level 70 Hunter and is one of the best high-tier quests. This is because it allows you to enter Prifddinas, which gives you access to high-level training methods.

Must-have Hunter Items

If there are any items that can help train more efficiently, you should definitely use them. Here’s some gear that can make the grind a little easier.

  • Stamina potions: Although the skill is not that running-heavy, stamina potions are still highly recommended. They will help you relocate much faster since you can constantly run. Also, this will significantly improve XP per hour because you won’t be spending time walking.
  • Graceful outfit: Much like stamina potions, this outfit will save time moving between areas. The whole outfit provides a weight reduction of 25kg and provides 30% boost to run energy regeneration. The gear is not a necessity, so don’t waste time grinding to obtain it.

What Equipment Do You Need For Hunter?

A great aspect about Hunter is that it doesn’t have a complex training system. You’ll only ever need a few select items on your path to level 99. There are 2 Hunter shops in Gielinor, which provide all the Hunter equipment you’ll need. They are located in Yanille and Nardah.

  • Noose wand: An item used for tracking kebbits.
  • Bird snares: An item used for catching birds.
  • Butterfly net and butterfly jars: Items used to catch butterflies.
  • Small fishing net and rope: Items used to trap swamp lizards or salamanders.
  • Box trap: An item used to catch Chinchompas.

Most of these items are easy to get, since you can purchase them at the Grand Exchange. However, some require the completion of quests to use.

Hunter Quests To Complete

There are a few quests that you can complete to gain access to various Hunting locations. All the quests are not mandatory but will help you smoothen the process to level 99. They have high requirements so you won’t be able to complete them when you start. However, once you have acquired the necessary skills, make sure to finish them.

A Fairy Tale Part II – Cure A Queen

The skill requirements are level 57 Herblore, level 40 Thieving, and level 49 Farming. The reward for finishing is access to the Fairy Rings Network, which lets you quickly teleport between banks and Hunting locations.

Eagles’ Peak

The skill requirements are level 27 Hunter. The rewards are 2,500 Hunter XP, access to the Eagle Transportation System, and the ability to use box traps. This quest is mandatory because some of the methods we will discuss include box trap hunting. Therefore, you should complete Eagles’ Peak as soon as you hit level 27 Hunter.

Monkey Madness II

The skill requirements are level 60 Hunter, Level 70 Crafting, Level 55 Agility, level 60 Firemaking, Level 69 Slayer, and Level 55 Thieving. Completing the quests will give you a ton of XP in various skills, including Hunter. This quest is recommended to complete once you feel like you need a break from training Hunter.

Now that we’ve covered essential quests that you should complete once your character has the requirements. It’s time to dive into what quests you can do right now to fly past the low levels in Hunter. These quests have low requirements and will give you a decent amount of experience.

Natural History Quiz

The quest begins in the basement section of the Varrock Museum. It consists of a 14 creature display in which players must answer 3 questions correctly to receive kudos. Each room has a Natural Historian who will give a lecture about the creatures. The answers will be hidden in the speeches, and if you fail the question, you can always restart. After completing the quest, you’ll gain 1,000 Hunter experience.

The Ascent of Arceuus

This quest is part of the Great Kourend series. Each quest focuses on a different character, in this case, Arceuus. The official difficulty of the quest is intermediate as you’ll need to kill 5 Tormented Souls (level 16) and a Trapped Soul (Level 30). After completing the quest, you’ll receive 1,500 Hunter XP.

Once these quests have been completed, you’ll be level 17 Hunter. This is a great way to skip past the early levels and explore Gielinor whiles doing so.

How To Train Hunter

Before training Hunter, make sure to bring all the necessary items. It can become time-consuming to run from Hunter shops to banks and back to training locations. Training the skill is simple as you’ll only need to set traps on the floor and wait for the animal to get caught. To set a trap, right-click the equipment in your inventory and click “Set”. Some items will make you use them on the terrain. For example, to catch salamanders, you’ll need to set net traps on trees.

To know if you’re in the correct location to train Hunter, you can take a look at your minimap. It will show the Hunter icon.

Level 1-99 OSRS Hunter Guide

Now that you know what items you’ll need to bring, it’s time to dive into the best training methods. This guide will show the fastest options to level 99 Hunter. Also, you’ll find out about alternative money-making methods.

Levels 1-9: The Natural History Quiz Quest

To quickly get to level 9, you can complete the Natural History Quiz. The quest will take less than 10 minutes, so you’ll be saving a lot of time. To begin the quest, speak to Orlando Smith, who is located on the basement floor of the Varrock Museum. Also, completing the quest will give you Kudos, which is a requirement for high-level quests.

Levels 1-7: Hunting Polar Kebbits

However, if you rather not complete the quest, you can catch Polar Kebbits. You’ll need to bring a noose wand to capture them. The animal is located Northeast of Rellekka in the snow region. Look at the world map, and you’ll notice it instantly because the small island has a Hunter symbol. It’s recommended to wear a Ring of Pursuit since there is a 25% chance to reveal the entire track of Polar Kebbits. The ring will provide 10 charges before disappearing, so bring a few in your inventory.

Levels 7-15: Feldip Weasels

Once you reach level 7, your character will unlock Feldip Weasels. They are located in the Feldip Hunter Area. An efficient method of getting there is using a Ring of Dueling and selecting Castle Wars. However, if you have Gnome Gilders unlocked, you can fly directly to the center of the area.

To catch Feldip Weasles, you’ll need to bring a noose wand. Bring a Ring of Pursuit and stamina potions to make the training more effective, as you’ll be running a lot. Feldip Weasels are roughly 6,000 XP per hour. To reach level 15 Hunter, you’ll only need to catch 37 Feldip Weasels.

Levels 15-33: Rub Butterflies and Copper Longtails

Ruby Butterflies and Copper Longtails are the best sources of XP till level 33. They will provide 13-20k XP per hour based on your level. Head over to the Piscatoris Hunter area, and you’ll see plenty of creatures roaming around. The easiest way to get there is by purchasing a Piscatoris Teleport Scroll at the Grand Exchange.

Make sure to bring a butterfly net, butterfly jars, and bird snares. Catching both these animals simultaneously will drastically increase XP rates. Also, Rub Butterflies and Copper Longtails are located next to each other, which means you won’t be running around as much.

Levels 33-37: Barb-tailed Kebbit and Crimson Swifts

From level 33 to 37, you’ll be catching Barb-tailed Kebbits. Since they are located next to Crimson Swifts, you can also catch them for better hourly XP rates. Barb-tailed Kebbits are caught using an axe with a knife, and Crimson Swifts can be captured with bird snares.

The animals are located in the Southern region of the Feldip Hunter area. Also, players who have Kandarin Head Gear can cut 2 logs from a regular tree. This will make Hunting a lot faster in this location.

Levels 37-43: Prickly Kebbits, Ruby Butterflies, and Copper Longtails

This method is very click-intensive, but you’ll be receiving a lot of experience per hour. At level 37, players unlock Prickly Kebbits. They are located on the Northern side of the Piscatoris Hunter Area. Since Ruby Butterflies and Copper Longtails are next to the Prickly Kebbits, you can catch them to receive 30k XP per hour.

Moreover, after you’ve caught a Prickly Kebbit, you can chisel their spikes to receive Kebbit Bolts. The bolts are stackable, which means you can use this method to receive 100k GP per hour.

Levels 43-57: Spotted Kebbits

At level 43 Hunter, you unlock Spotted Kebbits, which are located in the Piscatoris Falconry. Players can rent a Falcon by paying 500 GP. The Falcon will target Kebbits in the small fenced enclosure. Depending on how good and active you play, this method can deliver 60k experience per hour. In addition, bring a Bonecrusher, which will automatically bury bones for you. This way you’ll be receiving Hunter and Prayer XP.

Levels 57-60: Dark & Spotted Kebbits

At these levels, you’ll still remain in the fenced-off area in Piscatoris Falconry. Catching both Dark and Spotted Kebbits will generate 60-70k XP per hour. You’ll need to catch roughly 700-750 Kebbits to reach level 60 Hunter. Also, it’s recommended to bring 5k GP to rent a Falcon.

Levels 60-67: Red Salamanders

Once you reach level 60 Hunter, your character unlocks the ability to set 4 traps at a time. Players can hunt Red Salamanders at level 59. However, it’s better to wait till level 60 Hunter because you’ll gain more experience per hour by setting up 4 traps. Catching Red Salamanders yield 80-100k Hunter XP and GP hourly.

Red Salamanders are located near the Ourania Altar Northwest of Tree Gnome Village. The best method of going there is with a Spirit Tree to Khazard Battlefield and running West.

Levels 67-80: Black Salamanders

This method is risky to train because it’s located in the Wilderness. You’ll be catching Black Salamanders with a small fishing net and rope till level 80 Hunter. To catch the creature, right-click on the dead trees and select “set trap”.

Although this option is risky, the hourly XP outweighs the negatives. Catching Black Salamanders efficiently will grant you +100k experience and 100-120k GP per hour.

Since the creatures are located in the Wilderness, bring minimal gear. You’ll find Black Salamanders Northeast of the Chaos Temple. It’s easy to spot because you’ll see the Hunter icon on your minimap.

Level 80-99: Red Chinchompas

From level 80 to 99, you’ll be catching Red Chinchompas. Make sure to bring 5 traps so that you get the best XP rates. This method will get your roughly 100-160k experience hourly. As this training method is not located in the Wilderness, it’s the best option till level 99 Hunter. You can find Red Chinchompas in the Feldip Hills in the Hunter Ground.

This method requires finishing the Eagle’s Peak quest to gain the ability to catch Red Chincompas. The GP per hour is up to 800k, and on your path to level 99 you’ll make 90 million GP. Also, you have a 1 in 80,000 chance to receive a Red Chincompa pet.

Profitable Alternative: Black Chinchompas

The most profitable creature in Hunter is the Black Chincompa. They are unlocked at level 73 Hunter. However, at level 80, you gain the ability to set 5 traps, which makes this method a lot faster. From level 80 to 99, you’ll make more than 125 million.

Unfortunately, Black Chinchompas are located above level 30 Wilderness in the Hunting Grounds. Therefore, you can’t teleport out if Pkers come, which makes this training option extremely risky.

Unique Alternative: Herbiboars

Another great method that you unlock at level 80 Hunter is tracking Herbiboars. However, you’ll need to complete the Bone Voyage quest to gain access to this training option. Herbiboars can generate 150k Hunter XP with precise clicks and stamina potions. Also, you’ll gain an extra 40k Herblore XP for harvesting the creatures.

Furthermore, this training method will yield 400-600k GP hourly, and you have a 1 in 6500 chance to receive a pet. The Herbiboars are located on Fossil Island in the Mushroom Forest.


Question: Is Hunter Profitable In OSRS?

Answer: Hunter can be very profitable depending on what creatures you catch. The most profitable animal is the Black Chincompa, which is located deep in the Wilderness. Therefore, fewer players catch them, and the price for each Black Chincompa stays high. A safer option is Red Chincompas since they’re not located in the Wilderness. Nevertheless, both these options can earn you anywhere between 80-120 million GP.

Question: How Long Will It Take To Get Level 99 Hunter?

Answer: The time to achieve level 99 Hunter is different for each player because of the many variables. Getting accurate clicks and having 100% focus on the skill will speed up the process significantly. Experienced and dedicated players can achieve level 99 in 2-3 weeks by playing 5-6 hours per day.

Question: What Benefits Does The Hunter Skillcape Give?

Answer: The skillcape is a huge achievement for players grinding the Hunter skill. Like all skillcapes, it gives +9 to all defensive stats and +4 prayer bonus if the cape is trimmed. Also, the cape provides 5 teleports per day to:
Carnivorous Chinchompas
Black Chinchompas
Therefore, using the skillcape can save considerable time when hunting for profit since you won’t need to run as much.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this Hunter guide we’ve gone over the fastest and profitable methods of achieving level 99. Hunter is one of the unique skills in RuneScape, and you’ll be training all around the world. Also, the skill is extremely profitable at the later stages.

So what did you think of the guide? Is there something you think we left out? Please let us know in the comments below!

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