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Woodcutting was probably my favorite non-combat skill as a kid. It was so easy to get into right off Tutorial Island. You had regular trees and oaks right behind Lumbridge Castle, and you could buy up to a steel axe from Bob’s Axes. When you hit level 30 Woodcutting, you could skip over to Draynor Village and start chopping Willows, and probably get yourself killed by a Dark Wizard down the line. It was great. 

The introduction of the Woodcutting Guild definitely ranks in my top five favorite content updates in OSRS. It showed some much-needed love for the Woodcutting skill and introduced a lot of helpful things to us aspiring Paul Bunyans. 

Grab your favorite long-sleeved flannel and throw on some hiking boots; we’ve got lumberjacking to do. Let’s deep dive into everything the Woodcutting Guild has to offer. 

How To Get There

The easiest way to get there is with a skills necklace. It can teleport you to the entrance of the Woodcutting Guild. Xeric’s talisman is also a good option. It’s easier for Iron Man accounts to get their hands on too. Use the Xeric’s Glade teleport and head south to reach the Woodcutting Guild.

With level 25 Construction, you can speak with the Estate agent and move your POH to Hosidius for 8,750 GP. Teleport home, then head southwest. Take the bridge north, then run west to the Woodcutting Guild.  

If you have at least level 69 Magic and have read the book transportation incantations in the Arceuus Library, use it and run south. But if you have level 69 Magic, you likely have access to one of the other three and more convenient options anyway.

Entry Requirements

To enter the Woodcutting Guild, you need two things:

  1. At least level 60 Woodcutting (61 recommended for Dragon axe)
  2. At least 75% Hosidius favor. 

Getting 60 Woodcutting doesn’t take too long, and knocking out Hosidius’s favor as well as favor for all the other cities of Great Kourend is something you want to do sooner rather than later.

Once you’ve met these two requirements, you can head into the Woodcutting Guild! Berry, the guard, will greet you and point you in the direction of his sister Perry, who runs a shop inside the guild.

Since we’re on the topic of NPCs, let’s go over who you’ll meet while inside the Woodcutting Guild.

The NPCs


Forresters don't have much to say. Have woodcutting on their minds.

Several generic Forresters are wandering around the Woodcutting Guild. They only have three lines of dialogue: nice weather we’re having, it’s so peaceful here, and complaining about you crowding their spot. 

You can also attack these level 15 Forresters, but they have no drops except bones, so there’s no reason to do so. 

Sawmill Operator

Cool googles old man.

The Sawmill operator is in the middle of the Woodcutting Guild. He sells saws, bolts of cloth, as well as small amounts of bronze, iron, and steel nails. He can also make wood, oak, teak, and mahogany planks for you. 

If you want to be a jerk, you can steal the Sawmill operator’s triangle sandwich and cup of tea lunch by using Telekinetic Grab on them.


Berry is the entry sentry of the Woodcutting Guild.

Berry guards the entrance of the Woodcutting Guild (Not that he’s scaring anybody with his default outfit and steel axe). He likes to cut down trees. Berry will welcome you into the guild and suggest you check out his sister’s shop. Besides that, he has nothing to say.


Perry is the sister of Berry and runs the shop.

Perry is the sister of Berry and runs Perry’s Chop-chop Shop. You can find her southeast near the entrance of the Woodcutting Guild.


Nesty seems a bit.....off.

Nesty is a Forrester in the northwest corner of the Woodcutting Guild. She is standing next to the entrance of the Shrine. She doesn’t appear to be in possession of all her marbles and doesn’t offer up much dialogue.


Murfet tells players about the Ent dungeon.

Murfet is a Forrester standing outside the entrance of the Ent dungeon not far from Nesty. He will tell players they can head inside if they’re as skilled in combat as they are in Woodcutting.


Kai is the keeper of the Ent dungeon.

Head through the Ent dungeon entrance, and you’ll soon spot Kai. He’s the guardian of the Ent dungeon. He will give you a brief history of the Ent species and tell you that you can fight them.

Guildmaster Lars

Guildmaster Lars is the founder of the Woodcutting Guild.

Unrelated to Owen Lars, Guildmaster Lars is the Guildmaster of the Woodcutting Guild. He’s wandering around in Perry’s shop.

His flashy black and red outfit is due to him formerly being a Shazien soldier. He discovered he preferred skilling over combat, so he traded his battleaxe for a hatchet and founded the Woodcutting Guild. 

Lars will give you a brief history of himself and what the Woodcutting Guild has to offer. He is also part of an anagram clue step for Master clues.

Services/Notable Locations


The Sawmill in the Woodcutting Guild is extremely convenient.

You can purchase low-level Construction supplies and make planks at the Sawmill.

It is much easier to make planks here than at the Lumber Yard on the outskirts of Varrock since it’s close to a bank chest. That makes this the best Sawmill for most players. There’s also a Sawmill in Priffddinas, but that’s so far down the line that it’s hardly worth mentioning. 

Perry’s Chop-chop Shop

Perry's shop is a godsend for Iron Man accounts.

Perry sells every axe up to rune and tinderboxes. 

Perry’s Chop-chop Shop is an absolute godsend for Iron Man accounts, especially skillers. Without the ability to purchase one off the Grand Exchange, your next best option would be low gambling at Barbarian Assault for a 1/32 chance of getting a rune axe. After that, runes axes are only obtainable as a drop from pretty high-level monsters or smithed with level 86 Smithing.

Heck, even adamant axes are a bit of a pain for Iron Man accounts to get. Next time you’re at the bar, have a toast in Perry’s honor. She deserves it.

Bank/Bank Deposit Box

The bank chest and deposit box are very close to the best trees in the Woodcutting Guild.

To the southwest, on the upper level of the Woodcutting Guild, is a cabin. There’s a bank chest and bank deposit box inside. The close proximity these two have to nearby trees makes the Woodcutting Guild ideal for any lumberjack who prefers banking their logs instead of dropping them.


The Shrine gives Prayer experience and potentially evil chicken outfit pieces.

The Shrine next to Nesty can restore your Prayer points and offers something unique as far as shrines go. If you make an offering, that is. 

Players can offer birds’ eggs to the Shrine to net 100 Prayer EXP. Anytime you make an offering to the Shrine, you have a 1/300 chance of obtaining a piece of the evil chicken outfit. These pieces range from 400K-800K a pop, so it’s not too shabby. I wouldn’t count on getting any with that drop rate, but it’s a happy surprise when it happens.

Ent Dungeon

The Ent dungeon has nearly two dozen Ents.

Next to Murfet is the entrance to the Ent Dungeon, which contains a whopping 22 Ents. The Ent Dungeon is the only place outside the Wilderness where players can fight Ents. Murfet gives a very accurate suggestion to players, suggesting they enter if they’re as good at fighting as they are at Woodcutting. Anyone with level 60 Combat stats won’t have problems taking down Ents. 

If you want drops from Ents, you have to chop their trunks.

Ents are unique in that they do not have regular drops. When Ents die, they turn into Ent trunks. Players can chop these trunks with a hatchet (Rune or Dragon for best results) and receive a random set of logs, Oaks, Willows, Maples, or Magic per successful chop. You also get 25 Woodcutting EXP per successful chop.

There are some notable downsides to fighting Ents. While they aren’t hard to kill, they hit hard (Much harder than the Wilderness Ents), possessing a max hit of 17. 

Their drops also, well, suck. Imagine killing a monster that can hit a 17 and getting some Willow logs for your effort. Even if you only get Magic logs from every Ent trunk you chopped (Which you obviously won’t), the GP per hour would still be low-tier at best. 

Additionally, while the Ent dungeon is single combat, Ents will attack you while you’re chopping down Ent trunks. Depending on how long it takes to dispatch the second Ent, the first Ent trunk might despawn. So until the Ents stop being aggressive towards you, you might miss out on some of your drops. 

The only practical use of the Ent dungeon is it gives players with Ent Slayer tasks a place to complete them if they don’t want to bother with the Wilderness. 

+7 Invisible Woodcutting Boost

The best of the Woodcutting Guild’s services is the Woodcutting skill boost it constantly provides. 

You can’t see it, but so long as you’re inside the Woodcutting Guild, you get a whopping +7 to your Woodcutting skill. This really comes in handy when trying to chop those magnificent Redwood trees because it means you can go Paul Bunyan mode at level 83 Woodcutting instead of level 90. 

I do not recommend taking advantage of this boost at level 68 Woodcutting to attempt to chop Magic trees. Magic trees are agonizingly slow to chop with the bare-minimum Woodcutting level. 

You ideally want at least level 85 Woodcutting. But by that point, unless you want some profit, you’re better off chopping Redwoods. 

The Trees

Finally, we move on to why you’re really in the Woodcutting Guild: Those glorious trees. 

The Woodcutting Guild has every common tree in the game except hardwoods like teak and mahogany. 

In total, the Woodcutting Guild has:

  • 11 Trees
  • 4 Oak trees
  • 7 Willow trees
  • 13 Maple trees
  • 17 Yew trees
  • 8 Magic trees
  • 2 Redwood trees

Yews are past their prime but still have their uses.

The highlights of the Woodcutting Guild are the Yews, Magics, and Redwood trees. While Yew trees aren’t rare, many locations with Yews are far away from a bank.

The abundance of Yew trees in the Woodcutting Guild, combined with the convenience of a bank chest/deposit box a few steps away, makes the Woodcutting Guild the best place to chop Yews. Even if you have some competition from other players, there are plenty of Yew trees to go around. 

The Woodcutting Guild is the best place to chop Magic trees.

Magic trees are rare, and typically only several are in an area. The Woodcutting Guild is one of only two locations with 8 Magic trees and the closest to a bank. Magic logs are still worth a decent amount of GP, so if you want some profit on your way to 99 Woodcutting, chopping Magic trees is a solid option.

Like AFK training? Then you'll love Redwoods.

But the stars of the Woodcutting Guild are the Redwood trees. You can’t miss them; they’re the massive red trees in the southwest section of the upper part of the Woodcutting Guild. These are the only Redwood trees currently in the game (Though you can plant Redwood trees in the Farming Guild). 

These Redwood trees are split into two levels and have 12 choppable sections each. They require level 90 Woodcutting to chop (Though with the invisible boost in the Woodcutting Guild, you can start at 83). Redwoods give 380 EXP per log and are extremely AFK-friendly, making them one of the most popular casual methods of hitting 99 Woodcutting in OSRS.

They have a unique element to them regarding bird nests. Redwoods drop clue nests but do not drop empty nests, seed nests, egg nests, or ring nests. 

Additionally, Redwoods have the best base chance of dropping the Beaver Woodcutting pet alongside Magic logs. Notice I said best base chance and not the best chance. That’s because other trees in Runescape are faster to chop than Redwoods, which makes up the difference in base chance. 


Question: Is Chopping Redwoods the Best Way to Achieve 99 Woodcutting?

Answer: No. Several methods are better than chopping Redwoods. The appeal of chopping Redwoods is it offers above-average EXP per hour and is AFK-friendly. 

Question: What Should I do with my Redwood Logs?

Answer: That’s up to you. Redwood logs currently sit at around 350 GP. That’s okay, but nothing spectacular. Redwood logs give 350 Firemaking experience per log, so if 99 Firemaking is on your hitlist, they might be worth banking. But with Wintertodt in the game, traditional Firemaking methods to 99 Firemaking is somewhat rare. 
If you want some Fletching training while you’re on the grind, you can cut them into stackable arrow shafts. If Woodcutting experience is your priority, the best option is to drop them.

Question: What Offers the best Woodcutting EXP in the Game?

Answer: Chopping Sulliusceps on Fossil Island is not only better EXP per hour than Redwoods (Even at lower Woodcutting levels than the 90 required for Redwoods) but offers better profit. You need to complete Bone Voyage to access Fossil Island.
1.5-tick or 2-tick chopping Teak trees are the best Woodcutting EXP in the game. Both are also extremely click-intensive, so many players (Myself included) shy away from these methods.


While I always found Woodcutting easy to get into, there’s no denying that it was, and still is, an extremely slow skill to train. The Woodcutting Guild doesn’t offer the best Woodcutting training method in the game, but it does provide a top-tier option you can AFK.

The Woodcutting grind is known to wear down many players, so to have a way to sit back and take a break while still earning solid EXP is a godsend. 

While Yew trees are far from Woodcutting meta these days, they’re still quite useful for Iron Man accounts. Yew longbows offer both great Fletching EXP and GP via High Alchemy. The same goes for Magic trees. 

That said, I definitely think the Woodcutting Guild is a net positive. It tosses a few bones at one of the more grind-heavy skills in OSRS. And I’m more than happy to take them. 

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