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It wouldn’t be a fantasy MMORPG without some good, old-fashioned witches. I’m talking the unpleasant to look at, long-chinned, warty nose kinds you’d find in The Wizard of Oz. 

Well, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore; you’re in Gielinor. A lot of these witches, you should probably give a wide berth. They might put you in their cauldron and serve you for stew like the bad ending of a Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure book. 

But some witches around Runescape are worth getting to know. Who knows? Maybe they can teach you how to fly on a broom. That’s one way to travel in style.

One of the good witches you’ll meet is Hetty over in Rimmington. Inexperienced adventurers in Gielinor can receive a quest from her that’ll help you in your arcane endeavors. So, let’s head on over and pay Hetty a visit.

Quest Requirements

Witch’s Potion is an extremely short beginner quest, so the requirements border on non-existent. The only things you’ll need for this quest are an onion, an eye of new, a rat’s tail, and a piece of burnt meat.

You can get the onion, eye of newt, and burnt meat before starting the quest, but rat’s tails are only obtainable after starting Witch’s Potion.

Getting To Rimmington

If you’re a member and started Construction, the default player home is in Rimmington. Just teleport to your house and use the portal to get to Rimmington proper. 

Alternatively, you can use a skills necklace to teleport to the nearby Crafting Guild and run from there. If you can’t do either or though, because you’re F2P or otherwise, follow the brown texture-devoid road. From Lumbridge, head past Draynor Village and Port Sarim, and you’ll come up on Rimmington. 

Speak With Hetty

To begin Witch’s Potion, speak with Hetty. She’s in the house east of Brian’s Archery Supplies. You can’t miss her; she’s got a chin that would make the Crimson Chin envious.

Strike up a conversation with Hetty, and she will ask you what you could possibly want from her. Tell her you’re looking for a quest, and Hetty will ask if you’re interested in becoming more proficient in the dark arts. Select the option that asks Hetty to help you become one with your darker side (Not of the Force, just the dark side of magic. Hetty’s no Darth Sidious). 

Hetty needs a couple of things for her potion.
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Hetty tells you that she’ll make you a potion to help you become more one with your darker side. But first, she needs the ingredients. She asks you to fetch her a burnt piece of meat, an eye of newt, a rat’s tail, and an onion.

You can purchase everything except the rat’s tail on the Grand Exchange. If you’re an Iron Man, there’s a field of onions north of Rimmington that you can use. For the burnt meat and eye of newt, travel back to Port Sarim. You can purchase an eye of newt from Betty’s Magic Emporium and some raw beef from Wydin’s Food Store.

You can use the logs in the Archery Shop to start a fire and burn your meat.
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Meat is easy to cook, even with a low Cooking level, but you can use cooked meat on a fire or range to intentionally burn it. There are some logs in Brian’s Archery Supplies that you can use for a fire. Just bring a tinderbox or grab one from the General Store. There’s also a cooking range nearby you can use.

Cutting the tails off tiny rats feels wrong but eh. It's witch stuff.
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Last on the list is the rat’s tail. Several rats are crawling around in Brian’s Archery Supplies. If you’re like me and enjoy collecting quest items, kill multiple rats for their tails before heading back to Hetty. Rats will no longer drop their tails after you complete the quest. 

Let the Dark Side flow through you. And this disgusting potion.
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Once you have all the ingredients, head back to Hetty and give them to her. She will tell you to drink from the cauldron. Drinking bubbly green stuff out of a witch’s cauldron isn’t something I’d normally recommend, but I’ve done it a dozen times, so I know it’s okay. 

Drink from the cauldron, and to no one’s surprise, the concoction tastes horrible. But that’s okay because you’re not actually in the game and can’t taste anything.

The quest is now complete!

Quest Rewards

Witch's Potion is a beginners quest, so the rewards aren't amazing.
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The rewards for completing Witch’s Potion are one Quest Point and 325 Magic EXP. 

Here’s a fun fact: Back in Runescape Classic, completing Witch’s Potion would give you EvilMagic experience. The earliest build of Runescape split Magic into GoodMagic and EvilMagic before Jagex decided to streamline the Magic skill.


Question: Is there any use for rats’ tails after the quest?

Answer: No. I just personally like collecting quest items. If you ever need to know whether a quest item has a purpose post-quest, speak with the Wise Old Man in Draynor. He can tell you which quest items are useless.

Question: Is Hetty involved in any other quests?

Answer: No. Hetty is a one-and-done character. I wouldn’t mind if they gave her a second quest that gave out Magic and Herblore EXP due to her knack for creating potions. But Jagex has done nothing with her for over two decades, so there’s no reason to think they will now.

Question: If starting from level 1 Magic, how many Magic levels will completing Witch’s Potion get me?

Answer: If you’re starting from level 1, Witch’s Potion will shoot you up to level 3 Magic. Nothing spectacular, but it’s a start.


On its own, Witch’s Potion doesn’t look like much. For starters, it’s a beginner-level quest, so it can’t be too exciting. 

But when you combine it with some other low-level quests, especially if you’re an Iron Man, it can help kickstart your account’s Combat stats. 

When starting up a new account, I like completing Witch’s Potion, followed by the Imp Catcher quest, which also rewards Magic EXP. The total Magic EXP gained is enough to give your account access to Earth Strike. Once you have access to that, you can safe spot Count Draynor in the Vampire Slayer quest to get yourself three Quest Points and enough Attack experience to jump straight to level 20 Attack. The three Quest Points from Vampire Slayer combined with the Quest Point rewards from Imp Catcher, Witch’s Potion, and Romeo & Juliet are enough to lift the Grand Exchange restrictions on new accounts too. 

I realize I may be min/maxing account efficiency entirely too much, but hey, no EXP waste is life. And back in the day, PVP was obscenely popular, and you wanted to get your account up and running as quickly as possible. 

So yeah, that’s how you complete Witch’s Potion. Enjoy these difficulty-free quests while you can. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you wish quests were half as easy as Witch’s Potion. 

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