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Farming, love it or hate it, but the skill is crucial if you want to progress in the game. In a pretty recent 2019 update, the farming guild was added to the game. This opens up a lot of new things you can do with the skill.

I am going to discuss the farming Guild in depth. I will explain why you should (not) get the required level, what level you need, and how to make use of the guild. There is quite a lot to unpack here. 

This guide is aimed at lower-level players who aren’t fully aware of how the skill works and what you need to do to get the most out of this new place. If you are an experienced player, you will know most of the info in this guide already. So I will try to include some expert tips and opinions that might give you some new info. 

What are the requirements to get to the farming guild? 

The farming requirements are different for each part of the Guild. There are three parts to the farming guild, each requires a different level to get in. You can boost all of these levels. So I will just use the base stats you need, without having to rely on a boost. If you want to boost, you can use a stew. This gives you a +5 in your farming levels. However, this is only temporary, and you have pretty low odds of getting a plus 5 boost straight away. 

  • Beginner Tier: To get in this tier, you will need to be level 45 farming. Meaning, you can boost this from level 40 with a stew. If you drop below 45 while inside, you won’t be kicked out. 
  • Intermediate Tier: To get in this tier, you will need to be level 65 farming. Meaning, you can boost this from level 60 with a stew. If you drop below 65 while inside, you won’t be kicked out. 
  • Advanced Tier: To get in this tier, you will need to be level 85 farming. Meaning, you can boost this from level 80 with a stew. If you drop below 85 while inside, you won’t be kicked out. 

Of course, besides these requirements, you need to have access to Zeah. You can just talk to Veos and get access to the new continent. 

How do you get to the farming Guild?

This list is in order of convenience. Meaning, the first option is going to be the fastest way to the farming guild. The option at the bottom of the list is going to be the slowest.

  1. If you have a skills necklace, you can teleport to the Farming guild. If you have at least 45 farming, you will be teleported inside the guild. This is by far the fastest and most convenient way to get into the farming guild at lower levels. 
  2. If you have 99 farming, you can also use this as a teleport into the farming guild. 
  3. You can use the spell – or the tablet – that goes to the Battlefront Teleport. This way you are just west of the guild and you can easily get there in a couple of seconds. 
  4. Another option to get there pretty quickly is by using the fairy ring code C I R. You will end up at Mount Karuulm. This is just a short run to the farming guild. It will just take a few seconds until you get there. 
  5. Players with 85 farming can use a spirit tree to get straight into the farming guild. You must have a spirit tree seed that you have planted there first to make use of this.
  6. Finally, you can also use the Rada´s blessing 3 or 4 to teleport. You will need to have finished the Kourend hard or elite diary for this. This will only bring you to Mount Karuulm. You will have to go all the way down first. 

What to do and where to do it in the Farming Guild

Farming contracts 

This is a new feature in OSRS. Here, you will help the Farming Guild rotate crops and help the guild master with growing certain crops. If you complete these tasks, you will get awarded the seed packs. 

There are 3 tiers of contracts. These are based on your farming level and correspond with the tiers of the farming guild itself. 

Easy farming contract 

You can get quite a lot of seeds doing these, but it is not very worth it in my opinion. There is a small chance to get ranarr and maple seeds here. Those are the two seeds I would say are the most important at these levels. However, it is much better to just grind to 65 farming. 

Medium farming contract 

These are more interesting. You can get snapdragon, yew tree, and even magic tree seeds here. These are going to make more money than the easy contracts, and you will also get some very decent exp here. You do need a better farming level. At least 65 farming is needed to be able to accept these contracts. They are pretty fun to do and not too hard, so even beginners will understand what they need to do. 

Hard farming contract

These are the best for both money and exp. You can get magic tree seeds here, the dragon fruit tree seeds, the redwood tree seeds, and also the Celatrus tree seeds. Doing these farming contracts are a great way to get some farming exp without doing the same things over and over again. 

Beginner Tier

You can enter the beginner tier and the main area when you have reached level 45 farming. You can boost this farming level. If you have 40 farming, you can just drink a spicy stew and your farming level has the chance to be boosted up to 45. 

Central area:

Here you can find Jane, the guild master and the one that gives you the farming contracts. You can also find the bank here and a seed vault. There you can store seeds and saplings you use while farming. There are also a bunch of farming-related shops here. 

East wing: 

You get a lot of new patches in the east wing to train your farming. There is a Cactus patch, two allotment patches, a flower patch, and finally a bush patch. It is also possible to ask Alan to watch over your patches. There is a Big Compost Bin you can use here. You can store 30 buckets of compost here, twice the normal amount. You can also find a Master Farmer here to pickpocket. 

Intermediate tier

The intermediate tier gives you access to the west wing. You will need 65 farming to enter. However, you can also boost it with a stew up from 60 to level 65. If you are inside, you won´t need to reboot. You will not be kicked out of the west wing if you fall below 65. 

You can find a couple of patches there. There is a herb patch, a tree patch, and the Hespori patch (this one is inside the cave), and finally, there is an anima patch. Here, Rosie will look after your plants. 

Hespori patch

In the west wing, you can enter a cave. You need to have 65 farming to plant a hespori seed here. These will give you access to a solo demi boss called Hespori. She has some pretty cool drops, including the bottomless compost bucket. You can also get a tangle root pet here. 

To fight the Hespori, you must first plant a Hespori seed. To do this you need to have 65 farming and 60% Hosidius favor. When you have planted the Hespori seed it will take about 22 to 32 hours to grow. When it is grown, the flower behind the cave entrance is going to open. 

Killing the Hespori will give you 12 600 farming exp. You will also get interesting seeds, and who knows the bottomless compost bucket. The average Hespori kill is worth 30k. Since it is a demi-boss your kills get counted and there is a timer for you to try and break your own record. 

Anima patch

The anima patch is where players with 76 farming can plant the anime seeds. These are an exclusive drop from Hespori. If you want to know more about these seeds you have to talk about Felfiz Yaryus. 

These plants do die after they are full-grown. The plants will last 3.5 days until they die. They affect the whole world. 

  • Atta’s seed: These increase the yield of the farming patches, and thus helps you farm more herbs from the plants. 
  • Iasor seed: These decrease the chance of farming patches from becoming diseased. This is less useful at the higher levels as your plants have less of a chance to die. 
  • Kronos seed: These give the plant a chance to skip a stage in the growth stage. This way the plant grows faster. It is hard to time this, so this is not really a good seed in my opinion. 

Advanced tier 

The advanced tier of the Farming guild is only accessible when you have a (boostable) farming level 85. The second bank can be found here, but it is not a very useful one. 

There are multiple patches in this area that will help you train your farming a lot faster. There is a fruit tree patch – Which adds yet another 20k to 30k of farming exp to your daily grind. It is a very useful patch to have access to since it is so close to a teleport. 

A spirit tree patch:

To be able to teleport here by spirit tree, you must first plant one. You can do this by planting a spirit tree seed here. This seed is untradeable, so you need to get one from either farming contracts or a monster drop. 

A Celastrus patch:

This is a unique patch and can thus only be found here in all of OSRS. 

A Redwood patch:

This is also a unique patch. The farming guild is the only place where you can find one in OSRS. The Redwood Tree gives a lot of exp but takes very long to grow.

Finally, there is also a master farmer here. You can pickpocket him to get certain seed drops. However, at this level, this is not very useful anymore. 

Conclusion: The Farming Guild is a great addition to the game

The Farming Guild is a great addition to the game. There is a lot of cool content going on here. My favorite part is the mid-level boss Hespori. You can only fight this monster when you have the Hespori seeds. So you can not grind this monster. 

There are also a lot of patches that you can use here. You also have access to two unique patches. The Redwood tree patch is the most useful one of those. You can also get interesting farming contracts here, which are pretty fun to do. 

Accessing the farming guild is possible starting from level 40 – if you use a boost – so even low levels can go here. If you haven’t visited this place already, you should! 

Frequently asked questions about the Farming Guild in OSRS

Question: What is the quickest way to get to the Farming Guild?

Answer: The fastest way for newer players is to use the skill necklace. If you have 45 farming and you use the farming guild teleport, it is going to bring you right inside the guild. If you do not have 45 farming, you will be transported outside the gate. 
If you have 99 farming, you can also use the farming skill cape to transport straight into the guild. 
If you do not have those items, you can also use the lunar staff or dramen staff and use a fairy ring. This will transport you a little further away, but you can still make it into the guild within 20 seconds.

Question: Can you skip farming contracts?

Answer: The easy contracts can not be canceled. You can cancel the medium or the hard contracts by talking to the guild master. You will then have to do an easy contract. This easy contract that you do as a replacement is not skippable. 

Question: What should I plant in the Farming Guild? 

Answer: There are three things I would recommend you to plant here every day to get the maximum amount of experience a day efficiently. 
Fruit trees: This is going to get you a lot of extra exp. An extra fruit tree patch will give you over 200k a week and will make your grind from 85 farming to 99 a lot faster.
Redwood tree: A hardwood tree grows a lot slower, but gives a lot of experience. This is another tree that is going to give you a lot of experience. 
Celastrus tree: The patch here is unique. It is the only one in OSRS. This is another (expensive) tree that is going to help you get to 99 farming a lot faster. 

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