Bottomless Compost Bucket OSRS: New Farming Items!

In this guide, we are going to discuss one of the most interesting new farming items in OSRS. The Bottomless Compost Bucket is on the wishlist of every account that is serious about farming. While a normal account can just get it from the Grand Exchange or other players for around 200 000 coins, Ironman can spend days grinding for this item and not getting it. 

In this guide, I am going to explain to you what this item does, how to use its abilities, and most importantly how you can get this item and make some money in the process. This is going to be just as much a Hespori guide as a bottomless compost bucket guide. 

What does a bottomless compost bucket do? 

The concept is pretty straightforward. Have you ever wanted to be able to carry more than one unit of compost in a bucket? Well, we have the solution! Now you can have 10 000 in one bucket. 


While this is a completely over-the-top amount, it does come in very handy. You never – unless you are planning on farming 7,5 years straight without any breaks – need to refill your bucket with compost again, and you will never have one too little with you. 

Not just that, but to fill it you do not need 10 000 units of compost. A single normal compost bucket counts for two buckets if you add it to the bottomless compost bucket. This means you only need 5000 buckets of compost, instead of 10 000 buckets. 

Filling the compost bucket does cost quite a bit of money. If you are going to use regular compost, it will cost you 14.5 GP per charge. Using 5 000 of these buckets to fill it will cost you 145 000 coins. 

When filling up the bottomless compost bucket with super compost, you are going to have to pay a whole lot more to get a full bucket. This will cost 351 coins per charge and 1 755 000 coins for refilling the entire bucket.

The most expensive option is the ultra compost, this charge will cost you 646 coins. The entire bucket is going to cost you 3 230 000 coins. So almost 15 times as much as the bucket itself! 

Getting the bottomless compost bucket – all you need to know

There is only one way to get the bottomless compost bucket. It is a drop from the farming demi-boss Hespori. This is a sporadic boss you can not kill whenever you like. You need to have hespori seeds and a farming level 65 (boostable) to be able to plant the hespori seed in the west wing of the Farming Guild. Besides that, you will also need 60% Hosidius favor. 

Growing the seed will take you 22 hours at the very least. It is not unusual however that it takes 32 hours to be fully grown. Once the Hespori is fully grown, a flower behind the entrance will bloom. 

This monster is combat level 284 and should not be underestimated. It has a high magic attack and can hit up to 40 with its special attack. Next to dropping the bottomless compost bucket, it has a lot of other drops. I am going to discuss these shortly, this way you – if you are an ironman or regular account – can judge for yourself if it is worth it to grind for this bucket in OSRS. 

What does the Hespori drop

Bottomless compost bucket:

Well, this likely is the item you are here for. The bottomless compost bucket has a pretty decent drop rate of 1 in 35. So you are probably going to get it while you are farming. However, a one in 35 chance does not mean you are going to get it guaranteed within 35 kills. You could get it your very first drop, or you could not get it in over a hundred kills. It is worth around 200k depending on the current market prices. 

Atta’s seed:

They drop 1 to 2 of these and you have a one in 3 chance to get it. They require a level 76 farming to plant them and are only found here. If you plant them, you have an improved chance of your plants not dying for 3.5 days. 

Iasor seed:

These are another 1 in 3 drops you can find here at Hespori. You need a farming level of 76 to be able to farm these. When you have planted this one, there is a chance of 80% of the diseased patches surviving it. You can find these seeds exclusively at Hespori. 

Kronos seeds:

These are a level 76 farming plant too. Also, exclusively found here at Hespori. These two have a one in 3 chance of getting dropped by the monster. The seeds when fully grown give a chance for all your plants to skip a growth cycle. This will help your plants grow faster and increase your farming exp per day by quite a lot if you are lucky. 

Snape grass seed:

The Hespori also drops snape grass seed. This is one of the drops that are rarer than the bottomless compost bucket. It is worth quite a bit of money. You can get 6 to 16 at a time and you have a one in 40 chance of getting this drop. Looking at the current market prices, this drop will be worth 16k to 43k. 

White lily seed:

This is a drop that Hespori is known for and that you will probably get while grinding for the bottomless compost bucket. It has a one in 16 chance of dropping, and you can get about 8 to 18 of them at a time. They are pretty decent for the farming experience. This is going to be worth 14k to 31k a drop. Pretty decent, and great farming exp for ironmen. 

Wildblood seed:

The wild blood seed is a pretty decent but rare drop to get from Hespori. It will help ironman boost their farming training by a bit. The drop is worth about 3k. 

Toadflax seed:

The toadflax seeds are one of the few seeds I would pick up here. Hespori drops about 2 to 5 at a time, and it is worth up to 9k. The chances of you getting these drops are going to one in 26. So you will likely see this drop while grinding here. 

Ranarr seed:

This is one of the best drops you can find here. You can get 1 to 2 at a time here, and they are one of the best drops to get as an ironman. The chances of you getting this drop are one in 40, so it is rarer than the bottomless compost bucket. 

Maple seed:

You can get some nice tree seeds here too. You have a one in 20 chance of getting maple seeds here. They drop 2 to 4 at a time, and it is worth 38k to 76k. 

Yew seed:

You have a one in 40 chance of getting the yew seed. This is going to be worth 61k. If you are an ironman you are going to love this drop as it is going to give you a nice boost in farming experience. You can also sell it if you have a regular account, of course. 

Magic seed:

This is one of the most valuable drops here. It is worth almost 160k depending on the market price. You have a one in 80 chance of getting this drop, meaning it is twice as rare getting the bottomless compost bucket! 

Papaya tree seed:

You can get papaya tree seeds here. These are great to get as a training boost for mid-level farmers. They are worth up to 8k and you have a one in 26 chance of getting them. 

Palm tree seed:

These are worth a lot more than people think. You can get one to three at a time. You have a one in 26 chance of getting these as a drop. A palm tree seed is worth 37k to up to 111k. 

Dragon Fruit tree seed:

The dragon fruit tree seed is the most expensive seed you can get here. You only get one at a time, but it is worth over 170k. Depending on the market price, you can sometimes get 200k. You have a one in 40 chance of getting the drop, so you might not get it when you just want the bottomless compost bucket.

Celatrus seed:

Hespori is one of the few monsters that drop this seed. You have a one in 40 chance to get this drop. You will get 86k if you sell the Celastrus seed. 

Spirit seed:

This is a very useful seed to get. If you have the farming level required, you can plant it and get yourself a spirit tree teleport to the Farming guild. It is pretty rare to get here, with only a one in 80 chance. 

Redwood tree seed:

The Redwood tree seed is pretty rare too, while it is only worth 29k it gives a ton of farming experience if you have the level to plant it. 


Besides the bottomless compost bucket, a lot of players go here to get the tangleroot pet. The odds are you are going to be here quite a while. It only drops once in 5000 times on average.

As you can see the Hespori boss is going to drop a lot more than just a bottomless compost bucket. When you are grinding for this item, you will get a lot of interesting drops here that will definitely help you while farming. 

The gear you need to get the Bottomless compost bucket quickly

To get the bottomless compost bucket, you need to kill Hespori as quickly as you can. This is the gear I would recommend you to kill the monster and make sure you survive the battle! The battle takes place in an instanced area, if you die you can retrieve your items for 25k. The best way of killing them is with melee.

  • Head slot: The best item in the slot here is the Neitiznot faceguard. This has some amazing bonuses. 
  • Necklace slot: The amulet of torture will help you hit high and accurate, so it is more than worth investing in. 
  • Cape slot: The fire cape or infernal cape are going to be amazing here. It gives the right bonuses to kill the boss very easily. 
  • Chest slot: In the chest slot I would put the Bandos chestplate. It will give amazing ranged experience and will give a good str bonus. 
  • Legs slot: The leg slot should be Bandos tassets or something similar. This too gives a great defensive bonus against ranging attacks.  
  • Weapon slot: Hespori is weak against slash attacks, so it is more than worth it to invest in a weapon with massive slash damage. A good option here is the abyssal tentacle whip. 
  • Shield slot: Bring your best defender here as it gives great bonuses to slash. The avernic defender is going to be the best here by far.  
  • Ranging slot: Here you should put an item with a prayer bonus. A good idea is the Rada´s blessing or a normal god’s blessing. 
  • Gloves slot: In the gloves slot there are two great options. The first is the ferocious gloves. The second-best option is the barrows gloves. Both are going to be amazing here to fight Hespori.
  • Boots slot: The primordial boots are going to be amazing here too. If you can not afford them, dragon boots are a fine option too. 
  • Ring slot: The best melee ring here is the berserker (i). This is going to make you hit high and hard.

Conclusion: A fun drop but not worth grinding for

The bottomless compost bucket is one of those drops that are cool to have but will take you way too much time to grind compared to the utility you get out of it. If you like to do bossing, then the Hespori boss is going to be quite fun, but not really a challenge if you have high combat stats. 

The chances are one in 35 kills of getting the bucket. It is only worth 200k, so if you have a regular account, it is a better idea to just buy it. However, as an ironman, you really are going to have to fight this monster quite a bit and collect the seeds for the long term until you get the bucket.

Frequently asked questions about the bottomless compost bucket

Question: What can you fill the bottomless compost bucket with?

Answer: There are three kinds of composts you can put into this bucket. The first option you have is the regular compost. This is the cheapest option. The second option is the super compost. Filling the bucket with this will cost you over a million GP. The final option is ultra compost. If you fill your bucket with this, it will cost you over 3 million GP. 

Question: Is Hespori a difficult boss?

Answer: No, even though the combat level of the monster is over 280, it is pretty easy to kill. The easiest way is to fight her with melee. You should use melee armor with a high-ranking defense bonus. Bandos is a great option. You should pray magic to avoid getting hit with a hard special attack that can hit over 40. 

Question: Is the bottomless compost bucket worth getting? 

Answer: If you are a regular account, and you can just buy it off the GE, then it is definitely worth getting. It only costs 200k, so you won’t have to break the bank to get it. 
If you are an ironman, and you are considering grinding for the bottomless compost bucket just for the item, I would advise against it. It will take you quite some time to get the bucket as a drop from Hespori. The item only has limited utility and is thus not worth the time investment.

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