Pest Control OSRS Guide: A Fun Mini-Game

I am going to tell you all there is to know about where you can find the pest control minigame, what you can find around the place, and what the things are inside of the minigame. There is quite a lot to do in this often forgotten area of the game, so it is more than deserving of a location guide! 

Pest control is a fun mini-game that you can start at level 40 combat. The point is to defend the void knight from an invasion of monsters. You do this by destroying the 4 portals where the monsters spawn from. 

This guide is intended for beginning players and intermediate players who are interested in knowing more about this world. I am going to tell you exactly what you can find in the Void knights outpost and Pest control island. This is going to help you make the most use of your (free) mini-game teleport, and you will be able to do pest control a whole lot more effectively. 

How do you get to the Void Knights Outpost

The Void Knights Outpost is a small island in the south of the OSRS world. You can find it near the island of Ape Atoll. There are a couple of ways to get there. I will rank them from best to worst. The best method is going to get you there a lot faster. 

  1. The best way to get here quickly is by using the minigame teleport. The teleport is free and will get you straight to the Void Knights Outpost. All you need to do is navigate to the minigame teleport system. This is indicated with the red star (the blue star is quests and the green star is diary achievements).  Scroll down the list and select the Pest Control option. Your character will now start drawing a circle and you will be teleported to the Void Knights Outpost. Using this method is free and will only take you about 20 seconds to do. However, you can only use this teleporting method once every 30 minutes. So if you want to go to the Void Knights Outpost a couple of times in quick succession, you will need an alternative. 
  2. Due to a relatively recent update, a lot more teleport options have been introduced to the world of old-school Runescape. One of these is a teleport scroll to pest control. You can get this scroll by doing all levels (easy, medium, hard, elite, and master) of clues. You are not guaranteed to get this drop when finishing a clue. If you use the teleport scroll, you will end up in the same place as the minigame teleport. However, there is no 30-minute cooldown. The scrolls do cost (quite some) money if you buy them from the GE. 
  3. The third best way to get there is by going to the southern part of Port Sarim. Here you will find an NPC who is simply named ¨squire¨. You need to talk to him and ask him to bring you to the island. Getting to Port Sarim can be quite a hassle. There are a couple of ways to get there fairly quickly. The first option is doing the minigame teleport named the Ratcatchers. This teleport will get you a  walking distance of around 10 seconds from the squire. It is locked behind a quest, so you might not have access to it.

Another option is to teleport to draynor village with the amulet of glory. This is going to get you a little far from Port Sarim, so you will have to walk or run about a minute before you get to the squire to get to the Void Knights Outpost.

  1. The final option to get to the Void Knights Outpost is quite a hassle but is an option. You need to use an amulet of glory and 30 coins. Use the amulet of glory and pick the option to teleport to Karamja. You have to pay 30 GP to the customs officer to bring you to the Void Knights Outpost. You can also travel for free when you have the ring of charos (a). If you have one, you will get the option to charm the customs officer, and he will let you go to the Void Knights Outpost at no charge at all. 

Everything there is do on the Void Knights Outpost

The bank:

The bank in the Void Knights Outpost, the closest one to Port Sarim. It is also a pretty busy bank if you go there in world 344, which might be entertaining when you are fletching or alching. It is also one of the banks that is the closest by boat to a lot of more remote places of OSRS. Often this boat journey is free if you have the ring of charos (a). 

An anvil:

There is an anvil fairly close to the bank. In the building, there is a smith who can repair your barrow’s armor. This makes it a pretty popular place for players without a player-owned house to repair armor. One of the few other places in OSRS to repair this armor is Bob in Lumbridge. This repair does cost you a few coins. 

The Void Knight Archery Store:

Here you can buy quite a lot of archery supplies. It is the only shop on the Void Knights Outpost that sells them, so they are often sold out when clan events are going on. You can get arrow tips and javelins, starting from the bronze ones (the weakest) all the way up to rune (the 2nd and 3rd best). A lot of ironmen go here to buy these items. 

Void Knight General store:

This is the store you can find on the westernmost part of the Void Knights Outpost island. The general store on the Void Knights Outpost is a bit different than the other ones you can find in OSRS. Besides the regular items like pots, jugs, buckets, bowls, and so on, they also sell field rations. This item will heal you 10 hit points, which is about the same as a tuna. This is kind of low, and the price is pretty expensive, so I would not bother with this. The only other place to get this item is in the Field Supplies store owned by Jennifer in Shayzien. 

A store for runes:

There is also a rune shop on the Void Knights Outpost. The store has a lot less competition for runes and buying other items than the one you can find in Port Sarim. The Void Knights Outpost rune shop sells all of the elemental runes – fire, water, earth, and air – and also runes like death and chaos runes. The prices on the Void Knights Outpost are the same in any other place in Old School, but due to the high stock you often pay a little less here. 

The dodgy squire:

The dodgy squire on the Void Knights Outpost can be found between the bank and the arrow shop. You can talk to him and ask for an exchange of your Void Knight equipment pieces for commendation points. When you exchange your equipment with him, you will get 80% of the value of commendation points back. 

3 pest control boats:

There are three pest control boats at the docks in the Void Knights Outpost. One is for beginners, this is the boat for the level 40 and above players. The second one is the boat for players of 70 combat and above, this is the intermediary boat. The final boat is the one for veterans. You need to be combat 100 and above for this boat. There can only be 5 to 25 players in one boat. 

You can also unlock two music tracks here. The first one is Null and Void, you will unlock the track straight away when you go to the island for the very first time. The other music track you can only unlock when you start the minigame. This will unlock the Pest Control soundtrack the second you arrive at the Pest Control Island. 

Where to find everything there is on Pest Control Island

While every combat can go to the Void Knights Outpost, the Pest control Island can only be accessed by level 40 combat and above players. I will discuss what you can find in this location, so you know what to look out for and understand how to navigate here. 

The center:

In the center of the Pest control Island, you can find the void knight. He is on a platform. You will notice that the void knight is surrounded by trees and 3 gates. These are all very important for the pest control minigame.

Trees and gates:

Every side you look, but for the northern part of the Island, you will see that there are gates and trees. Those trees can be cut to make barricades to repair the wooden gates. 

Purple portal:

You can find the purple portal to the west of the Pest control Island. It is surrounded by multiple barricades. This is the portal that is weak to ranged attacks. This means that using range on the purple portal is more effective than melee and magic attacks. 

Blue portal:

To the east of the Pest control Island, you can find the blue portal. This portal is weak to magic attacks. So you will be able to hit it more accurately with magical attacks and less accurately with melee and ranged attacks. This portal is also surrounded by barricades. 

Yellow portal:

To the Southeast of the Pest control Island, there is a yellow portal. This portal is weak to stab and slash attacks; those are 2 melee attacks. However, the portal is not weak to crush so look out for that. It is also surrounded by barricades. 

Pink portal:

Finally, the pink portal is the one that is weak to crush attacks. It is pretty resistant to all others. So you will have little chance of hitting it accurately with a stab. Slash, magic, or range attacks. 

Conclusion: A very handy location for low levels

There is a lot to do on this island. You have a pretty busy bank, an anvil with a smith that repairs your barrow’s armor, and you can get a lot of supplies here like runes and archery materials. 

The Void Knight Island is really easy to get to. You can just use a minigame teleport. This will get you in the middle of the island in under 30 seconds. The other options are okay too. At most, it will take you 1 minute to get to the island.

The pest control island is also straightforward to navigate. Using this location guide will help you do pest control a lot more effectively thanks to the weaknesses of the portals mentioned here. 

Frequently asked questions about Pest Control OSRS Location 

Question: Where is the Void Knight in OSRS?

Answer: You can only find the void knight in a game of pest control. All the other void knights are just squires and not knights. To find the void knight, you simply need to participate in a pest control game. You can do this starting from level 40 combat. Once you have taken a boat to the Pest Control Island, all you need to do is go south. In the middle of the island, on the platform, you will find him. 

Question: What do I need for Pest Control in OSRS?

Answer: You do not need anything to participate in Pest Control, but a combat level of 40. That combat will give you access to the pest control boat for beginners. If you have combat of 70, you will get access to the intermediary boat, and with a combat of 100, you are going to get access to the veteran boat.
Participating in a game of pest control is completely free. You do not need any gear or anything else. Of course, you still need to get to the island. This is also free if you use the minigame teleport method and the squire in Port Sarim. 

Question: How do I get the pest control teleport?

Answer: This is the fourth way of getting to pest control. You can get a teleport scroll from all of the clues there are in OSRS. There is a chance of getting this teleport scroll (and other scrolls) from easy, medium, hard, elite, and master clues. 
This is not a guaranteed drop, and you only get the drop when you have completed all the steps of your clue scroll successfully. 

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