Kharedst Memoirs OSRS Guide: Teleport All Over Kourend!

Kharedst Memoirs are one of the most useful items there are in Old School RuneScape. The book is used to teleport all over Kourend without having to worry about certain spells, skills, having lots of gold, or runes. You can get the book by doing the Client of Kourend Quest. Veos will give you the book as your reward. 

Where can you teleport with the Kharedst´s memoirs book

Before you can make optimal use of the book, you need to do a couple of quests to unlock teleports to all the five cities of Kourend. To actually teleport once you did the quests, you will need to have torn pages. A torn page has 8 teleport charges.

These are the 5 teleport spots you can teleport to once you have an entire book with all the pages. These will save you hour after hour (potentially even hundreds of hours) of traveling time in the MMO. 


If you have completed the quest, The Depths of despair, you will unlock a teleport that is fairly close to Hosidius. It is near the fishing spot on the bridge. The torn page is named Lunch by the lancalliums. This teleport is pretty useful if you want to teleport to a bank that is in Zeah. It only takes a couple of seconds before you reach the bank if you use the teleport Lunch by the lancalliums.

If you want a replacement for the page, you will need to speak to Lord Kandur Hosidius, who you can find in Hosidius. 


To get the page The fisher’s flute, you will need to complete the quest named The Queen of Thieves. This short and fun quest will give you the page as a reward. When you add it to the book, you will be able to teleport to Port Piscarilius. This teleport is very handy for some hard, elite, and master clue scroll steps. No teleport will bring you as close to the port as this one. 

If you lose this page, you will need to go to Lady Sauna Piscarilius. You can find her in The Warrens. 


If you want to add the Shayzien teleport to your memoirs, then you will need to do the quest named Tale of the Righteous. This quest will give you a page named history and hearsay. The teleport is one of the easiest ways – besides the Xeric’s Talisman – to get to Shayzien. This will help you get to the catacombs of Kourend rather quickly and take down any monster assignments you have there, and also helps you go to some clue scroll locations in just a few seconds. 

If you have lost the page History and Hearsay, you will need to go talk to the Lord named Shiro Shayzien, who you can find running around in the Shayzien War tent. 


If you want a very easy way to get to Lovakengj, you should get the page of jewelry of jubilation. This is the reward for completing The Forsaken Tower quest. This is another very easy and enjoyable quest. The teleport will give you the ability to go very quickly to the city of Lovakengj, and thus all the mining training spots you can find there. It is also very close to a bunch of hard, elite, and master clue scroll steps. 

If you have lost the page, you will need to talk to Lady Lovakengj. You can find her in the Lovakengj Assembly, which is not far from the place where you get teleported. 


If you want to get the page a dark disposition, you have to complete the quest The Ascent of Arceuus. This is one of the best teleports of them all in my opinion. You can teleport to the middle of Arceuus with this teleport. The only other close teleport is a fairy ring all the way out of the city. Not only are you close to the library, but there are also a whole lot of shops and NPCs that are interesting. There are also a couple of clue scroll steps very near the teleport. 

If you have lost the page, you will need to go to the Tower of Magic. In this tower, you can find a lord named Lord Trobin Arceuus. You will get the page back after a short dialogue.

BONUS: There is a hidden 6th page in the memoir itself. You have to use a knife on the memoir to get it. While this is another page, it does not give a teleport option, unfortunately. 

How to do the quest for Kharedst´s memoirs

To get this item, you will need to do the Client of Kourend quest. This is a medium-length quest, which is very easy to complete. In this chapter, I am going to tell you what is the best way to complete it. 


  • X marks the Spot: This is one of the most straightforward quests in OSRS. It is intended for completely new players. This quest is very easy and does not need a lot of explanation. It will take you about 20 minutes to complete. 

Items required

  • One feather: This can be any kind of feather. You can even use Stripy and colored feathers. You can just buy one in the Port Sarim fishing stop for just 2 GP. 

There are a couple of items I would recommend you have to make the quest easier, but they are not essential. 

  • Energy restoration: This could be strange fruit, energy potions, super energy potions, and stamina potions. Boots of lightness help too. You will need to run around quite a lot, so you will need 3 or more. If you don’t have those, you can still do the quest, but it is going to take a whole lot longer to complete the quest. 
  • Kourend Castle Teleports: You can use this spell if you have 69 magic and have read the Transportation Incantations. If you do not have this magic level, you can boost it with a wizard mind bomb or a magic potion. 
  • Games Necklace: An alternative is the Fairy rings if you have already unlocked the fairy ring in Kourend for 80k. Getting these items and teleports will save you a great deal of time. 
  • Xeric’s Talisman: You will only need a single charge of the amulet. You will have to use this if you want to go to Hosidius easily. 

Starting the quest

To start the quest, you need to talk to Veos, who is at the northern dock of Port Sarim. He will sail you to Port Piscarilius. Once you have arrived there, you will need to talk to him and ask him if you can do anything for him. 

He wants to know more about the cities of Kourend, if you agree to help him, he will give you an enchanted scroll. Use your feather on the scroll, and you now have an enchanted Quill. 

With this quill, you need to speak to every general store owner in Great Kourend. These are found in the buildings with a pot icon. 

You have to run around all of Kourend to find these general store owners. You can find them in all the large cities. If you have teleports like Xeric’s talisman, you are going to do this part much faster. 

Once you have spoken to every store owner, you will get a message that you need to return to Veos. Veos will take the scroll and quill. 

Your next task is going to be to bring some strange, mysterious orb to the dark altar. You can find this altar in the northern part of Arceuus. You can go there with the Fairy Rings (use the code C I S) or with your game’s necklace (Wintertodt teleport). 

The moment you are close to the altar, your orb will be activated. The glass will shatter and you will get a message to go to Veos again. You need to go to the Veos in Kourend, the version in Port Sarim is not able to complete the quest. 

When you start and talk to Veos, he will all of a sudden become possessed by the Client. Before he stops possessing Veos he will give you the reward you are looking for! Kharedst´s memoirs. 

Note: Only now you can start collecting the pages for the memoirs. It is advised you do this as soon as possible. That way, you can make optimal use of the teleports for clue scrolls and slayer. 

Conclusion: A very useful item that you should get as soon as possible

Kharedst´s Memoirs is one of the most useful items in the entire OSRS to get around in Zeah. It provides you a very simple and free teleport option to all of the five largest cities in Kourend. This will save you countless hours when you enjoy doing clue scrolls and slayer. Almost every teleport has a medium, hard, elite, or master clue scroll step nearby. 

Getting the Kharedst´s Memoirs and all the pages are going to take a couple of hours, however, it is well worth it. All the quests you need to do to complete these quests are pretty fun and there are a ton of interesting rewards you are going to get from them.

In short, if you are a low-level or mid-level player, you should get this item as soon as possible! It is also pretty fun to read the pages you get, as you will get a lot of insight into the world of Kourend. 

Frequently asked questions about Kharedst Memoirs 

Question: What do I need to do to reach Warren’s General Store in OSRS and do I need to visit it?

Answer: You can find this shop in The Warrens. You must have completed the quest, The Queen of Thieves, up to a point where an NPC tells you where it is exactly. Even though, this general store is found in Great Kourend. You do not need to visit it to complete the quest, The Client of Kourend. You can only visit this store after you have done this quest. 
You will need to visit this general store to complete the Queen of Thieves quest. This quest will give you one of the 5 teleport pages you are going to need to complete the memoirs and unlock the teleport. 

Question: How do I research my book when I run out of teleports?

Answer: If you want to recharge the book, we are going to need to go to the Old Memorial. You can find this to the north of Land’s End. 
There are multiple ways to reach this spot. 
If you have Rada´s blessing, you can just teleport to the Kourend Woodland. Once you have teleported, simply run to the northwest, and you will come across the Old Memorial. 
If you want to get to Memorial with the Xeric’s talisman, a great idea is to teleport with the Xeric’s talisman to the Xeric’s Lookout. You will arrive in the northeast of the Old memorial. 
You can also use the memoirs itself if you still have charges. You have to use the page History and hearsay, and you will thus be teleported to Shayzien. You are going to be to the northwest of the old memorial. 
The slowest method is going to be taking a ship to Land’s End. To do this, you will need to talk to Veos. You will find him in Port Sarim. 
If you want to charge the memoirs you are going to need a law, body, mind, and soul rune. You will also get 10 magic exp per charge you additional. 

Question: What is the Book of the Dead in OSRS

Answer: If you have completed the quest A kingdom Divided you will get this Book of Dead. This is the upgraded and improved version of Kharedst´s memoirs.  This book is a lot more useful than the original.
It has up to 60 teleport charges, it also gives a plus 6 magic bonuses and a very nice plus 3 prayer bonuses. You will need to take the same steps to recharge the book if you run out of teleports. 
If you lose this book, you will need to go to the NPC named Fullore. He is a commander that you can find on the first floor of the large castle of Kourend. 

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