Garden of Tranquility OSRS Guide: Frolicking In Ellamaria’s Garden

Before you start this quest, I am going to have to warn you. No matter how long you think this quest will take you, you will take at least twice as long. Nothing is challenging or hard about this quest, it just has these little things that all take a very long time. 

The Quest will get you all over the place, and you will have some pretty funny dialogue with a famous NPC in the world of Runescape. The Queen of Varrock wants to make a nice and serene, tranquil garden just behind the castle of Varrock. 

Oh yes, this is a farming quest. One of the few in Old School where farming is a vital part of the quest. Why are there so few quests that have farming playing such a large role? You will surely find out why once you have finished this quest. 

Required skills and quests

25 farming:

This is pretty easy to get, you can use tears of Guthix or lamps you get from quests and random events to get to this level. You can get 25 farming without ever having to farm a single plant or tree. 

Creature of Fenkenstrain:

This is a pretty fun and easy quest that you need to complete before you can complete the Garden of Tranquility. The Creature of Fenkenstrain quest has two prerequisite quests. The Priest in Peril quest and The Restless Ghost quest. 

Required Items

  • Ring of charos: You are going to get this ring during the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. You can just wear it, so you do not waste inventory space during the quest. 
  • The tool leprechaun tools: You are going to need quite a lot of tools to do this quest. You need to have a rake, a seed dibber, a spade, you must have (magic) secateurs, a watering can, and finally a gardening trowel. Make sure you have all of these before you start the quest, so you don’t lose time.
  • Plant cures: You must have 2 plant cures. You can make these with the herblore skill. 
  • Marigold seed: You can get these as a drop from all kinds of monsters, like goblins. You can also pickpocket farmers to get this seed. 
  • 3+ cabbage seeds: This is another low-level seed you are going to need. You should have more than 3 to be honest. If I was you, you should have at least 6 to 9 seeds at least. 
  • 3+ onion seeds: Same as the cabbage seeds, bring a lot extra so you are sure that they are all going to survive. 
  • Hammer: You can just buy these in the general store.
  • Rune/pure essence: You can get this as a monster drop or just go mine them in the essence mines. 
  • Pestle and mortar: You can buy this in the taverley dungeon.
  • Filled plant pot: You can fill a regular pot with soil by using a spade.
  • Ultra, super or regular compost: You can easily get these too from the tool leprechaun. 

More compost:

Bring more compost than just a single bucket. I would bring more than 4 or 5. 

Fly fishing rod:

You can buy this in any fishing shop in Runescape. A close one is the one in Port Sarim.

A lot of teleports:

You should bring teleport runes or items for locations such as Varrock, Draynor Village, Port Phasmatys, the Ardougne farm, and the Catherby farm. You should also get some teleports to the Burthorpe tavern, the Edgeville Monastery, Lumbridge, Falador, and Taverley. 

Energy restoration items:

It is useful to bring energy potions, strange fruit, super energy potions, or stamina potions. Even more so if you do not have a teleport to any of the locations I have listed above. 

Starting the Garden of Tranquility quest

Go to the Varrock Palace and find Ellamaria in the garden east of the Varrock Palace. You have to talk to her twice. The second time you will get a Trolley from her. 

Now you have to go to the Wise Old Man. You can find him near the bank in Draynor Village. You need to talk to him while wearing a ring of Charos. He will give you a quiz with some easy answers that you should know if you have played OSRS before.

These are the answers

  1. Show them orange colors…
  2. Take his generous gift…
  3. It’s absolutely….
  4. Put on the silly helmet…
  5. You of course Pkmaster0036…
  6. Ask me nicely…
  7. No, especially not that wise old man…

You will get the quiz questions in this order. Just pick the options that start with those frases, and you will be fine.

Getting the seeds for Farming

Growing the onions

Get your Ring of Charos, all the farming equipment you have, and 3 onion seeds. Also, make sure you have all the recommended items in your inventory. 

Go to the farming patch you find in Port Phasmatys, you can find it by walking towards the Fenkenstrain’s castle. You will find Lyra at the allotments. Talk to her while wearing the ring of charos. Use the charm option every single time, but for the sentence that says ¨That’s A deal.¨

You will now get access to the allotment patch where you must now grow onions. These take 40 minutes to grow. So, once they are planted, you can continue with the rest of the quest and go back later. Do not forget to use the compost, water, and plant cure on the onions. 

When your onions have fully grown, you need to speak with the NPC named Lyra again. As a reward, you will get 3 yellow orchid seeds and 3 pink orchid seeds for the garden of the queen. 

Growing the cabbage

Take the ring of charos, your farming equipment, and the cabbage seeds you have, and take the recommended items too. A handy item here is the dramen or lunar staff, you can use the B L R code to teleport quickly.

Make your way to the farming patch you can find in East Ardougne. This is not that far from the fairy ring. Here you will find an NPC named Kragen who is close to the allotments. Ask him about the snowdrop seeds. Agree to plant some cabbages for him.

Now you should use the charm for every dialogue option. Stop using charm until you get the sentence ¨That is a deal¨. This one should be clicked without using charm. 

You are now allowed to put cabbages in his allotment patch. These also take about 40 minutes to grow, so you can continue with the rest of the quest while they grow. Do not forget to use the compost, water, and plant cure on the cabbage. 

When the cabbages are done with growing, then you can start another dialogue with Kragen. He will now give you four snowdrop seeds. 

Planting the Marigolds

Take your ring of charos, the farming equipment, and the marigold seeds. You should also get your compost – or a better version – and your Falador and draynor teleport. 

Go to Draynor Village, and go northwest to the farming patch. Now you are going to have to wear the Ring of charos and speak to the NPC named Elstan. Ask him about the delphinium seeds. 

Select the charm responses again, but stop when you get the option where you agree to grow some marigolds. Do not use the charm for this option. 

You are now allowed to grow marigolds in the flower patch near Elstan. These grow in about 20 minutes, so you can just continue the rest of the quest. 

Do not forget to use the compost, water, and plant cure on the marigolds. When you have grown the marigolds, you should hand them over to Elstan. He will thank you for the Marigolds, and you will get the delphinium seeds. He can always give you more if you lose them. 

Growing a white tree

Take your ring of charos, your gardening trowel, the watering can, a filled plant pot (you can buy this in the farming patch in Catherby). I recommend you bring a Camelot tele and an amulet of glory. 

Go to Catherby, and you will see a farming patch there. The NPC you need to talk to is named Dantaera. You have to ask her about the White Tree and how to grow one. Now you need to use charm options all the way. 

Dantaera says that you can cut a branch from the white tree on top of the Ice Mountain. This is not the same as White Wolf Mountain, so look at your mini-map. 

You should now go to the Ice Mountain. This is to the west of Edgeville, so go there with your glory, and go past the grass and climb up. When you reach the top of the mountain, you will see the White Tree. Use your pair of secateurs on the White Tree and you will get a shoot. Use the shoot on your plant pot with soil with your trowel. Now you have to water it. When it has become a sapling, you can plant it in a tree patch in Ellamaria´s garden in Varrock.

Growing the roses

Take your ring of charos and a fishing rod. Teleport to Edgeville with your amulet of glory or to the monastery with a combat bracelet. Go to the garden at the Edgeville Monastery. Have your ring of charos equipped. 

Talk to Brother Althric. Use the charm option on him. He will get mad and claim you are using an evil talisman to talk to him. Make sure you hear him say to throw it away. Then you can throw it in the well in Edgeville or destroy it. You can either fish it out later after the dialogue is done or get a new one at Castle Frenkenstein. 

 Talk to him again, and he will be happy that you have listened to him. The monk will now give you his rose seeds. You will need three kinds, so make sure you get all three of them. Check if you have gotten Red rose seeds, pink rose seeds and white rose seeds.

If you have your fly-fishing rod, you can now go to the well and fish it out with your fly-fishing rod. 

Getting the vine seeds

To get the vine seeds you will need your ring of charos, the rune or pure essence, a pestle and mortar, two plant cures, and finally your hammer. 

Get yourself to Burthorpe by using a game necklace or a grouping teleport. You need to go to The Toad and Chicken pub and go to the eastern side. You need to talk to Bernald who you will find there in the garden. 

His vines are dying and they need a cure. You should use your first plant cure on the vines. It doesn’t work. Now you need to talk to Bernald again, who says you should visit Alain at the Taverley. 

Go south to the Taverley, and speak to Alain there. Alain will give you a way to make your plant cure stronger. Do not try to charm him, he is not going to like it very much and won’t want to help you. 

After you spoke to Alain, use your hammer on your essence and then crush the rune shards with your pestle and mortar. Make some rune dust and add it to the plant cure to upgrade it. Go and use it on the vines. Talk to Bernald again, and you will now get vine seeds from him. 

Getting the statues

Get all your seeds and trees to the garden. Talk to Ellamaria about getting statues for the gardens. She will now give you a trolley, this is used to bring the statues from Lumbridge and Falador to her garden. 

The statue of the king in Lumbridge

First, you have to walk or tele to Lumbridge. When you are just outside the castle gates, examine the statues. One should say ¨king¨. You can now push and push the trolley to go to the other side of the river lum, stealing the statue. 

The statue has to be placed on the eastern slot against the wall. Do not forget to use the ¨place¨ option to place the statue. 

The statue of Saradomin, Falador

Now you can go to Falador and use the trolley on the statue in the city square. You will now see a cutscene where PKmaster0036 fights the Falador guards. After this cutscene, push the trolley as fast as you can out of Falador. Otherwise, the guards will discover that the statue has been stolen, and you will have to start all over again. 

Once you are out of Falador, you will be transported to Varrock. Push and place the statue in the central part of the garden. You will now have placed the two statues if you have done it correctly. 

The final touches

You will need your ring of charos, farming equipment, and two buckets of composts. Of course, you will also need the seeds and the sappelings. 

You don’t need to add any compost to your garden. Just use your rake and remove all the weeds. You can now put all the seeds and saplings in the corresponding places. The plants will take about 15 minutes to grow, and fortunately can not die. 

When all the patches have been grown, you need to talk to Ellamaria. She asks you to talk to King Roald. He is located on the southeast side of the palace on the first floor. 

Now you need to talk to him while wearing the ring of charos (a). Try to charm him up to the point where a cutscene starts playing. The queen of Varrock is going to give you a tour. After the cutscene, the queen rewards the player and your quest has been completed! 

The Rewards

2 Quest points:

If you are trying to get more quest points, then this quest is not a good one to get as many as possible. It takes way too long for just 2 quest points.

5000 farming experience:

A fair reward and useful for the earlier farming levels. 


You also get a couple of seeds, however, these are not really useful. 

White Tree fruit:

This is a pretty cool reward. It grows 4 fruits that you can pick and they restore 8% of your energy each. It is a useful reward for ironmen who don’t have enough energy potions. 

Frequently asked questions about the Garden of Tranquility OSRS

Question: How long does the Garden of Tranquility quest take?

Answer: If you work fast, and you take an effective approach, the quest can be done in an hour or so. However, if you are unlucky, you can spend over 4 hours completing it. This is due to the fact that your plants can die if your farming level is low or if you are just unlucky. 
The best way to make sure the quest is over in under an hour is by doing the steps as fast as possible. Do another part of the quest while your plants are growing. Another good way to make sure you do not need to start over is by using plant cures on the plants. 

Question: How does the ring of Charos work?

Answer: The ring of Charos is an evil OSRS item that unlocks hidden dialogues. It gives you more charm and helps you to deceive NPCs into giving you what you want. The ring does not work on every NPC.
It is an item that is used for a couple of quests. The ring plays a vital role in the Garden of Tranquility quest. You can get the ring on the top floor of the Castle of Frenkenstein.

How long till my delphiniums and onions are grown in Old School Runescape? 

Both of these take about 40 minutes to grow. This means you can do other stuff while the onions and delphiniums are growing while you are doing the quest. The odds that they die if your farming level is low, is pretty high. So make sure you use a plant cure on it.

You can not make them grow any faster, so you have to plan accordingly. Luckily, you can log out during the Garden of Tranquility quest. Your crops will still grow while you are logged out.

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