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Callisto is a magical bear boss corrupted by the evil energies permeating the Wilderness. This means that the bear can only be fought in a PvP area, but to outweigh the risk of fighting it, there are some significant drops that players can earn from doing so. So, if you’re looking for a nerve-wracking boss fight or want to get your hands on the Tyrannical Ring, here is everything you could want to know about fighting Callisto.

Key Info Up Front

Members Only: Yes

Combat Level: 470

Hit Points: 255

Location: Demonic Ruins

Weakness: Slash Damage

Slayer Task: Yes

Callisto Overview

Callisto Overview

Very little is known about Callisto’s origins or backstory because he is not featured in any of the game’s current quests. Instead, he is just a boss hidden in the Wilderness, just to the south of the Demonic Ruins. This makes fighting him a hazardous activity because it leaves players vulnerable to others walking up and exploiting their weakened state. So, if you’re going to farm Callisto for a while, make sure not to take anything you can’t replace with you.

If you’re curious whether or not you’re ready to fight Callisto, I wouldn’t recommend attempting it until you meet these minimum requirements:

However, if you want to be safe or tackle killing Callisto on your own, I would recommend waiting until you meet these levels:

  • Prayer Level 70
  • Hit Points Level 90
  • Attack Level 90
  • Defense Level 90
  • Strength Level 90
  • Ranged Level 90
  • Combat Level 95

Once you’re ready to face Callisto, you’ll need to pick your preferred way of finding him. The fastest method is only available to players with Magic Level 90 or higher. It requires you to use the Ancient Spellbook to teleport to the Demonic Ruins via the Annakarl Teleport before running south to find Callisto. If that doesn’t work, players with Woodcutting Level 57 can make a canoe to head into the wilderness and then run northeast to find the bear.

Annakarl Teleport- Callisto OSRS
Annakarl Teleport

Otherwise, if you have completed the Hard or Elite level Wilderness Diary, you’ll be able to use your Wilderness Sword to teleport to the Fountain of Rune. From there, you can run southwest until you find the boss. Finally, if none is an option, you can use a Games Necklace instead of teleporting to the Corporeal Beast lair. You can exit the cave and head north to find Callisto’s boss arena.

Wilderness Ubelisk
Wilderness Obelisks

Before you fight Callisto, however, I suggest getting a Slayer task to get more out of doing so. Lessons with him as their target can be given by the following Slayer Masters, although only ones offered by Krystilia gain access to two additional pieces of loot on his Tertiary Drop Table:

  • Duradel – Shilo Village
  • Turael – Burthorpe
  • Nieve – Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Spria – Draynor Village
  • Konar quo Maten – Kahlith Settlement
  • Krystilia – Edgeville
  • Mazchna – Canifis

Callisto Stats

Before we look at precisely what Callisto can do during your fight with him, we should look at the numbers that define him. Callisto is a Combat Level 470 Wilderness boss that has 255 Hit Points. He attacks once every 2.4 seconds and attacks with Crush damage. He also has incredibly high Defensive stats with an outright immunity to Magic Damage. However, spells that instead afflict him with vulnerability are still effective.

Callisto Stats

Callisto also only attacks with Melee damage. He has Attack 350, Strength 370, and Defense 440 with no additional offensive stats. His defensive stats, however, are +135 Piercing Defense, +104 Slashing Defense, +175 Crushing Defense, and +240 Ranged Defense. This means that while his defense against Slash Damage is still high, it is the most effective way to damage him. Callisto is also immune to taking any Poison or Venom damage but can be targeted by Thralls and Cannons.

It is also essential to understand Callisto’s attacks before you face him so that you know what to expect and can act accordingly during the fight. Luckily, he is a relatively simple boss fight with only four moves with all his attacks being Melee.

The first is a straightforward Melee attack, where he attacks with one of his claws and a short lunge. The second is Shockwave. This attack sees Callisto unleashing a forceful push with no cooldown that can deal up to 60 points of Damage in Damage hit. He will use this move frequently if you are away from him, so be prepared to dodge it if using a Ranged combat approach.

There is also Callisto’s Knockback attack. This one is a roar attack that pushes you back a few spaces while dealing three Damage. Callisto’s final option is a Heal ability. This is shown by a small blast beneath him, which he heals during. The in-game message in the chat box will indicate that he is preparing to recover based on how much Damage the player deals.

Callisto Strategy

Now that we’ve covered what to expect from Callisto let’s get to the fun part: how to kill him. You can use two strategies depending on whether you are fighting Callisto in a group or by yourself. You will likely fight him as a group first so I will cover that strategy before the soloing technique.

When fighting Callisto in a group, you’ll want to keep spread out so that he has to turn to target any of you constantly. This will decrease the Damage he can deal since he will waste time turning between attacks. If only two of you are in your group, you should both stand on either side of him so that he constantly turns back and forth.

If you can, you should also have as many of your group as possible stand with trees at their backs. If there aren’t enough trees nearby for everyone, you should have the most vulnerable members of the group do so. This will ensure that if they are hit with his Knockback attack, they won’t move anywhere, preventing them from being targeted with the more damaging Shockwave attack.

Callisto Strategy

While you fight Callisto, you should keep your Protect from Melee prayer active as much as possible to mitigate the damage that he can deal to you. Since he doesn’t have Damage attacks that drain Prayer points, you should be able to keep it up throughout the fight with just a few Prayer potions. You can also bring Blighted Vengeance Sacks or summon Thralls to help speed up the kill, but these are far from necessary. If you’re playing in a group, you can also start the fight by having everyone try to cast the Vulnerability spell to speed the war up, but I don’t recommend wasting time on it if you’re facing Callisto alone.

If you are in a group, it is also essential to stay as close as possible. This will help dissuade any other players in the Wilderness from perhaps trying to ambush you to get a quick kill on one player that is separated from the majority of the group. This will also allow you all to react accordingly if other players attack the group.

Players that want to kill Callisto by themselves can best do so by utilizing a convenient safe spot nearby. You can kill Callisto the usual way, but to do so, you’ll need a ton of healing items and defensive ability. To get to the safe spot you need to get Callisto’s focus on you before running to the east.

You then need to lead him to the easternmost tree in the area and go behind it. This will cause Callisto to get stuck behind another nearby tree. Once this happens, you need to go north until you pass a demon and a tiny bit of lava. You will eventually find some tiles to your northeast that are in the shape of an “X.” Go over to them and stand on the one that is the farthest south by some boulders. Attack Callisto once he gets near, and he will get stuck behind those boulders. He will be unable to reach you, allowing you to attack him with Ranged weapons and easily slay him.

Callisto Loadouts

Since Callisto is entirely immune to Magic Damage, you’ll need to decide between using either Melee or Ranged. Both of these methods work whether you are fighting on your own or in a group, but if you plan to use Melee, I recommend bringing many more food items and healing items with you. The loadout I use for Melee runs on Callisto is:

  • Head Slot: Slayer Helmet (if on task) or Neitiznot Faceguard
  • Necklace Slot: Amulet of Torture
  • Cape Slot: Infernal Cape
  • Body Slot: Proselyte Hauberk
  • Leg Slot: Proselyte Cuisse/Tasset
  • Weapon Slot: Osmumten’s Fang
  • Shield Slot: Avernic Defender
  • Arrow Slot: Rada’s Blessing 4
  • Hands Slot: Ferocious Gloves
  • Feet Slot: Dragon Boots
  • Ring Slot: Berserker Ring

If you instead want to use a Ranged build, I have found this one to work best when hunting Callisto:

  • Head Slot: Slayer Helmet (if on task) or Archer Helm
  • Necklace Slot: Necklace of Anguish
  • Cape Slot: Ava’s Assembler
  • Body Slot: Black Dragonhide Body
  • Legs Slot: Black Dragonhide Chaps
  • Weapon Slot: Craw’s Bow
  • Shield Slot: Craw’s Bow
  • Arrow Slot: Rada’s Blessing 4
  • Hands Slot: Barrows Gloves
  • Feet Slot: Blessed Boots
  • Ring Slot: Explorer’s Ring

Alongside either of these loadouts, you should bring plenty of Prayer Potions, a Divine Ranging Potion, Antidotes to cure poison from Poison Spiders as you travel, and a Stamina Potion at the very least. Beyond that, I recommend filling up your inventory with food items like Sharks. If you want to farm Callisto efficiently, you can also use a complete set of Verac the Defiled’s equipment to bypass more of his defenses. If you plan to do so, I recommend using this build:

  • Head Slot: Verac’s Helm
  • Necklace Slot: Amulet of Torture
  • Cape Slot: Infernal Cape
  • Body Slot: Verac’s Brassard
  • Leg Slot: Verac’s Plateskirt
  • Weapon Slot: Verac’s flail
  • Arrow Slot: Rada’s Blessing 4
  • Hands Slot: Barrows Gloves
  • Feet Slot: Dragon Boots
  • Ring Slot: Berserker Ring

Callisto Drops

Callisto Drops

When players successfully kill Callisto, they automatically roll on numerous tables. There is a guaranteed drop, a pre-roll loot chance, the main loot table, a tertiary loot table, and two unique tables if the player has a Slayer task or is playing Deadman Mode. All of Callisto’s tables and loot drops can be found below.

100% Drop Table

Item Quantity
Big Bones 1

Pre-Roll Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Tyrannical Ring 1 0.19%

Main Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Coins 15,000-19,999 14.84%
Rune Pickaxe 1 9.37%
Dark Crab 8 7.81%
Super Restore 3
Blood Rune 200 5.47%
Chaos Rune 400
Death Rune 300
Noted Uncut Ruby 20
Noted Uncut Diamond 10
Noted Mahogany Logs 400 4.69%
Noted Limwurt Root 25 3.91%
Noted Magic Logs 100
Ryanair Seed 5
Snapdragon Seed 3
Noted Supercompost 100 3.71%
Noted Dragon Bones 30 2.34%
Noted Red Dragonhide 75
Noted Coconut 60 1.56%
Noted Uncut Dragonstone 1
Dragon Pickaxe 1 0.59%
Dark Fishing Bait 375 0.78%
Magic Seed 1
Noted Grimy Toadflax 100
Palm Tree Seed 1
Yew Seed
Dragon 2h Sword 0.39%

Tertiary Drops Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Looting Bag 1 33.33%
Brimstone Key 2%
Elite Clue Scroll 1%
Long Bone 0.25%
Callisto Cub 0.05%
Curved Bone 0.02%

Tertiary Drops with Krystilia Slayer task Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Slayer’s Enchantment 1 33.33%

Deadman Mode Drops Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Saradomin Brew (4) 1 3.33%
Saradomin Brew (1)

Callisto Achievements

Callisto Adept

Achievement Type: Kill Count

Achievement Difficulty: Hard

This achievement is earned by killing Callisto at least ten times.

Callisto Veteran

Achievement Type: Kill Count

Achievement Difficulty: Elite

Callisto Veteran is earned by killing Callisto at least 20 times.


Question: What Boss Drops the Tyrannical Ring?

Answer: The Tyrannical Ring is only dropped by the Wilderness boss Callipso with a 0.19% drop rate.

Question: What Defensive Prayer Should I Use While Fighting Callisto?

Answer: I recommend using primarily the Protect from Melee prayer to minimize your Damage as much as possible.

Question: What is Callisto Weak Against?

Answer: Callisto has relatively high defense against all attacks, but he is weakest against Slash Damage.


The prospect of fighting Callisto can be a hard sell because it spawns in the Wilderness, leaving players vulnerable to one another. Farming it can be well worthwhile, however, thanks to its unique Tyrannical Ring drop, one of only two rings in the game, to increase the player’s Crush Damage. So, if you like using hammers, especially the Dragon Warhammer, you may want to get used to grinding Callisto kills for a while.

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