Ava’s Assembler OSRS Guide

For players that prefer to take a Ranged approach to combat, the Ava’s Assembler is a must-have piece of equipment. It helps players by collecting ranged ammunition, allowing players to use a single piece of ammunition up to an average of five times.

This enables players to not spend as much inventory space on ammunition, as well as saving them money and time replacing the ammunition they use. So, if you want to make a solid Ranged build, you’ll want to get your hands on Ava’s Assembler.

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Equipment Slot: Back
  • Skill Requirements: Ranged Level 70
  • Tradeable: No
  • Quest Requirements: Complete Dragon Slayer II and Animal Magnetism

Ava’s Assembler Overview

Ava’s Assembler is a machine that can be worn on your character’s back to automatically gather up to mithril arrows and crossbow bolts after firing them. Players who want to equip it must have at least Ranged Level 70.

Once it is equipped it will work indefinitely, but it cannot be worn with a metal chest piece of armor because the metal interferes with the signals of its components. It also comes with the following stat bonuses:

  • Ranged Attack +8
  • Stab Defense +1
  • Slash Defense +1
  • Crush Defense +1
  • Magic Defense +8
  • Ranged Defense +2
  • Ranged Strength +2

These bonus stats are nt for an item of this rarity, especially in conjunction with its ammunique ammunition-savingility. It also is the only piece of equipment that occupies the cape slot in all of OSRS that provides an increase to the player’s Ranged Strength.

The in-game description states that Ava’s Assembler works by having a chicken inside the machine that gathers the items for you, but creating it doesn’t require a chicken, and one is never seen while using the item.

Once you have Ava’s Assembler equipped, it provides an 80% chance of gathering each piece of ammunition used. The remaining 20% of the time, the ammunition breaks, meaning that it will never drop ammunition on the ground that players then have to pick up.

If you’re going to use Ava’s Assembler, it is also essential to understand how the item is impacted by death. If you have the item and die below Wilderness Level 20, you will keep it, but it will be broken.

To repair it, you’ll have to travel to one of Perdu’s Lost Property shops in Lumbridge, Falador, Catherby, Edgeville, or the Ferox Enclave. There you can pay him 75,000 coins to fix it for you.

If you plan on using Ava’s Assembler a lot, I recommend getting it locked by Perdu. This can be done by paying him 500,000 coins and a Trouver Parchment and will ensure that regardless of where you die, you will be able to keep it without it being broken.

If you don’t have it protected and die beyond Wilderness Level 20, it will be gone entirely and will be converted to coins, and you’ll have to build a new one from scratch.

How Worthwhile is Ava’s Assembler?

Ava's Assembler OSRS

With the 80% chance for Ava’s Assembler to retrieve a piece of ammunition after it has been fired, you can get an average of five uses out of each one. When calculating how much money the Ava Assembler saves players this means that it effectively reduces each piece of ammunition to 20% of its typical cost.

This reduces the price of Rune Arrows to an average of 21.4 coins, Amethyst to 51.2 coins, and Dragon to 511.8 coins. Over time this can save Ranged players a fortune in saved ammunition costs.

However, the Assembler’s combat boosts are the best in the game for Ranged builds, so it is worth getting for that reason alone if you use Ranged frequently enough.

How to Get Ava’s Assembler

One can use a few different methods to get their hands on an Assembler of their own. It is the third item in a line of cape equipment known as Ava’s devices.

Each of the three things in the equipment line fulfills a similar purpose of gathering ranged ammunition after it is fired. Still, Ava’s Assembler is the best, with the highest percentage of ammunition saved of the three.

Animal Magnetism

Animal Magnetism quest

Before you can access any of Ava’s Equipment, you need to complete the quest Animal Magnetism. Animal Magnetism is an Intermediate members-only quest that is started by talking to Ava inside of Draynor Manor.

It tasks the player with helping Ava find a good night’s sleep since she finds the manor’s beds extremely uncomfortable to sleep in. Before you can start the quest, however, you’ll need to meet these requirements:

  • Complete these quests: Priest in Peril, Restless Ghost, and Ernest, the Chicken
  • Slayer Level 18
  • Crafting Level 19
  • Ranged Level 30
  • Woodcutting Level 35

The quest also requires some items that I would advise collecting before you start it to ensure your playthrough goes as smoothly as possible. The items that you will need to gather are:

  • Mithril axe
  • Polished Buttons
  • Holy Symbol
  • Hard Leather
  • 5x Iron Bars
  • Ghostspeak Amulet
  • Hammer
  • 20x Ecto-tokens

Once you have all the items and meet the quest’s requirements, you can find Ava on the ground floor of Draynor Manor after interacting with the west wing’s bookcase that opens a secret door. After talking to her, you’ll need to travel to Echtofuntus near Port Phasmatys.

Once you’re there, go back and forth talking to Alice and the ghost of her husband until you’re told to speak to Alice directly. To do so, travel to the Old Crone near the Slayer Tower and talk to her while wearing your Ghostpeak Amulet.

This will give you a modified version of the amulet you need to deliver to Alice’s husband. This will trigger a cutscene, after which you can purchase the two ghost chickens you need with your Ecto-tokens.

After delivering the chickens to Ava, she will ask you to get her a magnet as well. To start the process, take your Iron Bars to the nearby witch in exchange for a bar of Selected Iron.

You then have to take the Selected Iron to the mine by Rimmington, just to the village’s northeast. Go in the mine and face north. Then, use your hammer on the Selected Iron to turn it into a Bar Magnet. Take this back to Ava, and she will request Undead Twigs.

These can be gathered from any of the trees around Draynor Manor, so try with your Mithril Axe to receive a message that it is impossible. Then, head back to Ava and ask her if she has any ideas to chop down the trees.

Ava will point you toward a slayer in Burthorpe named Turael. Go talk to him, and he will offer to combine a Mithril Axe and Holy Symbol into a Blessed Axe.

Once you have the Blessed Axe, you can chop down any of the trees by Draynor Manor to get the Undead Twigs you need. Give them to Ava, and she will tell you that the last thing she needs help with is getting some of her research notes translated.

She will give you the research notes you will need to use in your inventory to bring them up on your screen. You will see a sheet with a row of green buttons on the bottom.

When you click on the buttons, they will turn red, and to translate the notes you need to click on the first, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, and eighth buttons to turn them red. So, the order of buttons that you should have at the bottom of the notes is:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Red
  • Red
  • Green
  • Red
  • Red
  • Red
  • Green

Once you have that done, you can exit out of the research notes and talk to Ava again. She will be thankful for your help and tell you that the last thing she needs is some Hard Leather and Polished Buttons to combine with a container.

Combine all three elements in your inventory, and then talk with her again to complete the quest and get your rewards.

Ava’s Attractor

Ava's Attractor

If you complete the Animal Magnetism quest while below Ranged Level 50, you will be given with the first of Ava’s Devices, Ava’s Attractor.

This version has a 20% chance for ammunition to break, a 20% chance for the ammunition to fall on the ground, and a 60% chance to retrieve it automatically. While you have Ava’s Attractor equipped, it also increases your Ranged Attack and Magic Defense by+2.

Ava’s Attractor will also randomly collect junk while you wear it, like jugs or other random metal items. If you have Iron Arrows equipped, or no ammunition at all, it also can randomly generate Iron Arrows.

However, these features can be turned off by right-clicking on Ava’s Attractor in your inventory and selecting the “Commune” option. If you lose the Attractor or destroy it, you can purchase another one from Ava for 999 coins.

Ava’s Accumulator

If you complete Animal Magnetism and have a Ranged Level of 50 or above, you will instead be given Ava’s Accumulator. If you completed the quest before raising your Ranged Level above 50, however, you can upgrade Ava’s Attractor to the Accumulator by bringing her 75 Steel Arrows along with the Attractor.

If you somehow lose your Accumulator, however, you can replace it with 75 Steel Arrows and 999 coins, effectively skipping the Attractor.

Ava’s Accumulator is very similar to Ava’s Attractor in that it will randomly generate junk and metal items in the player’s inventory. However, it instead creates steel items instead of iron.

It also has an improved retention rate for its ammunition. There is still a 20% chance that the ammunition will break but only an 8% chance of it falling on the floor and a 72% chance of it being recovered by the Accumulator.

The Accumulator also comes with improved skill bonuses, amounting to a +4 to both Ranged Attack and Magic Defense, along with a +1 to Slash Defense. This makes the Accumulator the second-best cape for Ranged bonuses, with it only being beaten by Ava’s Assembler.

Ava’s Assembler

Ava's Assembler
Image from oldschoolrunescape fandom

Before you get Ava’s Assembler, you have to complete the quest Dragon Slayer II and kill the dragon Vorkath. After you’ve killed Vorkath for the quest, you will be able to return to the instance to farm it as much as you need, which you will have to do until you get the Vorkath’s Head drop.

The drop has a 2% chance of dropping but is guaranteed to drop on the player’s 50th kill of Vorkath.

Once you have Vorkath’s Head, you can take it and 75 Mithril Arrows to Ava. If you still have your Accumulator, you can then upgrade it to the Assembler, but if you don’t have it, you will have to pay 4,999 coins to cover making one from scratch.

If you ever lost your Assembler for whatever reason, you then will have to repeat the process of grinding for Vorkath’s Head and bringing it to Ava with 4,999 coins and 75 Mithril Arrows.

How to Upgrade Ava’s Assembler

Once you have Ava’s Assembler, you also have some options to upgrade it even further. I highly recommend the abovementioned first upgrade to protect it from being lost upon death.

However, you can also change the Assembler’s appearance by combining it with a Masori Crafting kit to match Masori Armor or a Max Cape to make an Assembler Max Cape.

Both options are cosmetic-only changes, but they allow players to tailor the Assembler’s appearance to their liking. Getting the Assembler Max Cape is the only way for Ultimate Ironman players to store it, as it can then be placed on a Cape Rack.

You can also use the Assembler on both Lanthus and Nomad to upgrade its abilities during the Castle Wars and Soul Wars minigames respectively. This is an excellent option for players that enjoy those minigames, especially since it is free to do once you have acquired the Assembler.


Question: How Do I Get Ava’s Assembler?

Answer: Ava’s Assembler is an upgraded version of Ava’s Accumulator that can be gotten after completing the quests Animal Magnetism and Dragon Slayer II.
You then have to get Vorkath’s Head and 75 Mithril Arrows as well as either Ava’s Accumulator or 4,999 coins and take it to Ava in Draynor Manor.

Question: Do Ava’s Devices Work with Bandos Armor?

Answer: Yes, Ava’s Devices work with Bandos armor despite being stated to not work with metal armor.

Question: What Ammunition Can Ava’s Devices Work with?

Answer: Ava’s Devices can pick up any arrows, knives, throwing darts, or crossbow bolts while it is equipped.


Getting your hands on Ava’s Devices can take a bit of dedication, especially when it comes to grinding for Vorkath’s Head to get the Assembler.

If you plan on using Ranged frequently, it is well worth doing and will save you countless coins and effort when it comes to gathering ammunition while tackling OSRS’ hardest content.

It is also especially worth working for if you enjoy the Castle Wars or Soul Wars minigames as it can help you the leg up on the competition.

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