Tempoross OSRS Guide

Tempoross is a unique boss in OSRS because he is a boss fought with skills rather than direct combat. It is a massive entity made of water, sometimes referred to as the Spirit of the Sea, capable of creating storms and disrupting shipping routes that pass through its territory. While he laid dormant for many years, he has now been reawoken, requiring players to use their unique abilities to help quell him.

Key Info Up Front

Members Only: Yes

Location: Tempoross Cove

Skill Requirements: Fishing Level 35

Achievements: Yes

Tempoross Overview

Players fight Tempoross at the behest of a fishermen group in Al Kharid known as the Spirit Anglers. While the encounter with Tempoross does not see players making direct attacks at it, the fight is still considered a boss encounter, not a minigame. If players fail at any point, they are subject to the standard item loss rules and Hardcore Ironmen losing Hardcore status. The fight revolves around the player fishing and using the fish they catch to fight back against Tempoross, repairing the damages he causes, and other small tasks to help the fishermen fight back.

Requirements to Face Tempoross

Skill Requirements

Fishing Abilities
Image From Run Escape Wiki

The only skill required for the Tempoross boss fight is Fishing Level 35. If you need to train up your Fishing a bit, you can find our guide on the best ways to do so here. The player’s other skills are irrelevant to this boss, as he does not deal any damage to the player or threaten any of the personal items that they bring into the minigame unless they lose.

Reaching Tempoross

When it comes time for you to face Tempoross, you’ll have a few options for how to make your way to him. The first is to head south from the bank in Al Kharid. There you can find Ferryman Sathwood, who has a boat capable of taking you to the docks where you can start the fight.

Another option is to ride the Magic Carpet found in the Kharidian Desert to Menaphos. From there, you can run to the northwest. A third option is using the Capulet, allowing players to be teleported to Enakhra’s Temple entrance before heading straight south. The final method is getting sent to Azzanadra’s Pyramid by using the Pharaoh’s Sceptre. Head to the southwest, and you’ll find yourself ready to face Tempoross.

Fighting Tempoross

The Tempoross fight is started by boarding the ship to the end of the docks in the Unkah Ruins. The boss fight can be undertaken solo or in a group, and it scales according to how many players are attempting it and their combined Fishing level. This prevents the boss fight from getting too easier when playing it in a group, although groups will have an easier time dealing with the fires that Tempoross’ attacks can start.

It is also important to note that the Tempoross fight is completely instanced, allowing as many players and groups that want to participate in the battle to do so simultaneously. Once the battle starts, players will be on one of two ships, where they can find the tools required for the encounter. These are:

  • Buckets
  • Hammers
  • Harpoons
  • Ropes

The first phase of the fight then revolves around players fishing for Harpoonfish and shooting them at Tempoross via the cannons on the decks of the ships. Once Tempoross’ energy is reduced to zero, players will enter the second phase, where he submerges themselves in the sea. During this phase, players are tasked with catching energized fish at the end of the dock to disrupt Tempoross’ regeneration.

If the players can completely drain Tempoross’ essence during the second phase, they will finish the encounter successfully. If they cannot, the fight will return to the first phase, saving the progress toward depleting its essence when it returns to the second phase. This cycle can be attempted a maximum of three times. If the players cannot finish off its essence in those cycles, Tempoross will become enraged, and the fight will be considered a loss.

Tempoross Attacks

While Tempoross’ attacks don’t directly deal damage to players throughout the fight, they serve to hinder their progress instead and slow them down. These can push players around or cause them to drop tools and have to return to their decks to grab new ones. So, here are the attacks that you can expect to deal with while fighting Tempoross.



You can tell that this attack is coming when the sky over the area is covered with grey clouds. The clouds will then expand before sending bolts of lightning to strike the boats and start fires on their decks, which players need to be put out with Buckets filled with water. If these fires are not dealt with quickly, they can spread across the deck, preventing players from maneuvering around and completing their tasks. However, this attack will not be triggered if Tempoross is below 10% energy. However, the fire will continue to spread once it is lit, regardless of Tempoross’ power.



This attack sends a pillar of water at one of the cannons available to players. This not only stuns any player loading the cannon but also disables it for a limited time. Players can do nothing to expedite the cannon becoming operational again, so I recommend focusing on just moving away from the gun to avoid being stunned along with it. Torrent will also not be used by Tempoross if it is at 10% energy or less.


Tempoross’ Wave attack allows it to push players a couple of spaces away from it. To avoid being pushed, players have to use a Rope to tie themselves to a part of the ship, such as a Mast or Totem Pole. This will keep players stationary during the entire attack but prevent them from being tossed around the deck. However, Wave can also damage Masts and Totem Poles, requiring players to repair them with hammers before they can be used again. This attack will also not be used once Tempoross only has 10% of his energy remaining, but it will release any fires from a Lightning Attack.

Player Actions

Throughout a Tempoross attempt, various actions that a team of players will have to divide to complete. These are all detailed below, as well as the point values for completing each.


Cook the Harpoonfish
Image From Run Escape Wiki

10 points per cooked Harpoonfish

Throughout the fight, players will want to cook the Harpoonfish to make them damage Tempoross even more.


10/65/20 points for a deposited raw, cooked, or crystallized Harpoonfish

Depositing Harpoonfish is how players load them in the cannons so that they can be shot at Tempoross. To do this, players must put them in the crates that are kept next to each of the four cannons.


Image From Run Escape Fandom

5 points for each caught Harpoonfish

Fishing for Harpoonfish is at the core of the Tempoross boss fight and can be done by Fishing at the designated spots across the fight’s map.


40 points for each doused fire

Dousing fires is essential in preventing Tempoross from interfering with your group’s play too severely. Players must take their Buckets and fill them with water before dumping them on the deck fires.


Image From Run Escape Fandom

55 points for each fish caught

Harpooning is the term for players fishing at the end of the docks to drain Tempoross’ essence.


10 points for each survived Wave

All players will want to do this to survive Tempoross’ wave attack. To do so, you’ll need to use a Rope to tether yourself to either a Mast or a Totem Pole.

Suggested Build

There are many different pieces of equipment and builds that you can use when tackling Tempoross. However, the build I have found works the absolute best below.

  • Head Slot: Spirit Angler Headband
  • Back Slot: Agility Cape
  • Body Slot: Spirit Angler Top
  • Leg Slot: Spirit Angler Waders
  • Weapon Slot: Infernal harpoon
  • Hand Slot: Graceful Gloves
  • Feet Slot: Spirit Angler Boots
  • Ring Slot: Lightbearer

Tempoross Experience Rates

Unless you are comfortable using tick manipulation Fishing techniques, Tempoross runs one of the best ways to farm for a Fishing experience in OSRS. However, the rates you can earn depend on whether you cook the Harpoonfish you catch throughout the fight. Cooking them will net you more points and thus more rewards, but not cooking them can reward you with more experience per hour.

The table below shows how the Fishing experience rates per hour that you can expect depending on your Fishing Level and the harpoon you have equipped.

Fishing Level Regular Harpoon Dragon Harpoon Infernal Harpoon Crystal Harpoon
35 30,000
70 62,000 66,000 72,000
80 65,000 69,000 71,000 77,000
90 68,000 72,000 74,000 80,000
99 70,000 74,000 76,000 92,000

The following table contains the rates you can expect if you cook the fish you catch throughout the fight, resulting in more points accumulated.

Fishing Level Regular Harpoon Dragon Harpoon Infernal Harpoon Crystal Harpoon
35 22,000
70 52,000 54,000 58,000
80 56,000 58,000 60,000 62,000
90 60,000 62,000 64,000 66,000
99 64,000 66,000 68,000 70,000

Tempoross Drops

As players go through the Tempoross fight, they accumulate hundreds of points. Once Tempoross is defeated, they are rewarded with several Reward Permits depending on how many points they built up throughout the boss fight. The number of points you need for each number for Reward Permits is in the table below:

Points Reward Permits Awarded
2,000 1
2,700 2
3,400 3
4,100 4
4,800 5
5,500 6
6,200 7
6,900 8
7,600 9
8,300 10
9,000 11
9,700 12
10,400 13
11,100 14
11,800 15
12,500 16
13,200 17
13,900 18

Reward Permits can then be taken to the Reward Pool found west of the bank within the Unkah Ruins. There, they can be stored until the player decides to fish in the Reward Pool with either a small or large net. Rewards are gathered every three seconds while feeling and using the following loot tables. In addition to rolling on the Reward Pool’s Unique Loot Table, there is also a 56.25% chance that the player moves on a Fish table by their Fishing Level.

Unique Loot Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Spirit Flakes 32-64 25%
Reward Pool Casket 1 5%
Soaked Page 5-9 1.86%
Fish Barrel 1 0.25%
Soaked Page 25
Tackle Box 1
Big Harpoonfish 0.06%
Empty Tome of Water
Dragon Harpoon 0.01%
Tiny Tempor

Level 35-39 Fish Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Raw Herring 30-40 14.06%
Noted Raw Mackerel 20-30 12.66%
Noted Raw Pike 10-20 11.25%
Noted Raw Salmon 7-12 9.84%
Noted Raw Tuna 5-10 8.44%

Level 40-45 Fish Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Raw Mackerel 30-40 14.06%
Noted Raw Pike 20-30 12.66%
Noted Raw Salmon 10-20 11.25%
Noted Raw Tuna 7-12 9.84%
Noted Raw Lobster 5-10 8.44%

Level 46-49 Fish Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Raw Pike 30-40 14.06%
Noted Raw Salmon 20-30 12.66%
Noted Raw Tuna 10-20 11.25%
Noted Raw Lobster 7-12 9.84%
Noted Raw Bass 5-10 8.44%

Level 50-75 Fish Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Raw Salmon 30-40 14.06%
Noted Raw Tuna 20-30 12.66%
Noted Raw Lobster 10-20 11.25%
Noted Raw Bass 7-12 9.84%
Noted Raw Swordfish 5-10 8.44%

Level 76-78 Fish Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Raw Tuna 30-40 14.06%
Noted Raw Lobster 20-30 12.66%
Noted Raw Bass 10-20 11.25%
Noted Raw Swordfish 7-12 9.84%
Noted Raw Shark 5-10 8.44%

Level 79-80 Fish Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Raw Lobster 30-40 14.06%
Noted Raw Bass 20-30 12.66%
Noted Raw Swordfish 10-20 11.25%
Noted Raw Shark 7-12 9.84%
Noted Raw Sea Turtle 5-10 8.44%

Level 81+ Fish Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Raw Bass 30-40 14.06%
Noted Raw Swordfish 20-30 12.66%
Noted Raw Shark 10-20 11.25%
Noted Raw Sea Turtle 7-12 9.84%
Noted Raw Manta Ray 5-10 8.44%

Other Loot Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Noted Plank 20-30 4.37%
Noted Oak Plank 15-25 3.12%
Noted Seaweed 20-60 2.5%
Feather 800-1,600 1.25%
Fishing Bait
Steel Nails 300-500

Tempoross Achievements

Calm Before the Storm

Totem Pole
Totem Pole From Run Escape Wiki

Achievement Type: Mechanical

Achievement Tier: Easy

This achievement is unlocked the first time a player completes a repair on either a Totem Pole or a Mast during the Tempoross fight.

Fire in the Hole!

Achievement Type: Mechanical

Achievement Tier: Easy

To achieve this, players must have all four cannons shooting at Tempoross.

Master of Buckets

Image From Run Escape Fandom

Achievement Type: Mechanical

Achievement Tier: Easy

Master of Buckets is unlocked by putting out at least five fires in a single fight with Tempoross.

Tempoross Novice

Achievement Type: Kill Count

Achievement Tier: Easy

You will get this achievement after finishing the Tempoross fight successfully five times.

Tempoross Champion

Tempoross Champion

Achievement Type: Kill Count

Achievement Tier: Medium

Tempoross Champion is rewarded to players that successfully defeat Tempoross at least ten times.

The Long Angler

Achievement Type: Perfection

Achievement Tier: Medium

To get The Long Angler, you must defeat Tempoross alone without being hit a single time by his Fire, Torrent, or Wave attacks.

Dress As You Mean It

Achievement Type: Restriction

Achievement Tier: Hard

This achievement is unlocked by beating Tempoross while wearing a complete set of angler gear.

Why Cook?

Achievement Type: Mechanical

Achievement Tier: Hard

You’ll need to be rewarded 10 Reward Permits in a single Tempoross run to achieve this.


Question: Can you solo Tempoross in OSRS?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to beat Tempoross all by yourself.

Question: How many points do you need to get ten Reward Permits from Tempoross?

Answer: To be rewarded with ten Reward Permits from a single Tempoross run, you’ll need to get at least 8,300 points.

Question: What requirements are there for fighting Tempoross?

Answer: The only requirement to attempt Tempoross in OSRS is having at least Fishing Level 35.


Tempoross is an entertaining boss fight in OSRS because of just how unique it is. It plays much more similarly to a minigame than a typical boss fight, pushing players to interact with the game’s mechanics in new and exciting ways that they usually don’t have to. Tempoross also has some significant drops for players to grind, making it all the better to try out here and there.

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