Tormented Bracelet Guide

All my fellow Magic users in Old School RuneScape should know about the single best hand accessory item out there in the game for you. That item is none other than the tormented bracelet, one of the several accessories you can wear. As you will see in this tormented bracelet guide, it is one of the most highly recommended items if you wish to dominate the endgame meta.

Ever since I started RuneScape about a decade and a half ago, I have known that my combat preference has almost solely lied in the Magic department. I love ranged combat in the MMO and how much freedom it affords you in situations. If you’re anything like me, the tormented bracelet should be on your radar. Though it isn’t easy or cheap to get, this tormented bracelet guide will show you why you need it.

Bottom Line Up Front

The tormented bracelet is the single best hand accessory item for Magic wielders to fit into the bracelet slot. The bonus that it gives you to your Magic offensively is unparalleled, and there is no other item that can compare to it. The unfortunate part about the tormented bracelet is that it costs so much to purchase from the Grand Exchange. At this time, buying just a single one is approximately worth around 15 million coins.

Quick Facts About the Tormented Bracelet

Here are some quick facts you should know about the Tormented Bracelet, including who can use it and what it does when you do:

  • Release Date: May 2016
  • Members Only: Yes
  • Tradeable: Yes
  • Stackable: No
  • In-Game Cash Value: 201,000 coins (an example of how expensive this item is)
  • Grand Exchange Value: Approximately 15-20 million coins
  • Requirements to Wear: Level 75 Hitpoints (to wear), Level 93 Magic (to make)
  • Attack Stats: +10 Magic
  • Defensive Stats: Nothing
  • Quest-Related: Nope

Tormented Bracelet Overview

Tormented Bracelet
Image From Run Escape Fandom

Without a doubt, the tormented bracelet is an item you need to have if you wish to do any serious damage as a Magic user in OSRS. For the endgame players who want to dominate in whatever content you’re doing, this accessory item is the best chance you’ll have of dealing the most consistent and highest amount of damage possible with your spells.

This is why the tormented bracelet is in such high demand, and there are bracelets often being sold on the Grand Exchange as a result of this. But the offset of this accessory’s power is the fact that it is so expensive. It costs far more than most items in the same category.

Thankfully, though, there is more than one way to get it, so it is possible to create the tormented bracelet yourself. This way, you can have a much cheaper way of acquiring it without having to deal with GE’s prices. Here’s everything that you need to know about how to make and correctly use the tormented bracelet in Old School RuneScape.

How the Tormented Bracelet Works In Combat

How the Tormented Bracelet Works In Combat

For starters, here is why you need the tormented bracelet in your arsenal. When you have this item equipped to your hand slot, it does two main things. First, the most straightforward one is that it grants you +10 to your Magic skill in battle and then +2 to your Prayer stat all the time. This is only when you are attacking and not when you are defending.

Unfortunately, this bonus doesn’t go to the user in defensive situations when you are up against a fellow Magic user, but that’s where other items come into play instead. That +10 to your Magic skill is already the best that you’ll find in the game when it comes to an accessory bracelet.

So, that alone makes it worth using, but there is a second reason you want to use this item in combat. The other bonus from this item is a 5% boost to your overall damage using magical spells and attacks. That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up with each tick you have in battle.

Plus, there is the fact that all of these stat bonuses and boosts can be stacked with any other equipment that you have. They don’t replace or limit anything else, so stacking this with another item like the brimstone ring, for instance, will only compound and add to your Magic stats.

The tormented bracelet is a must-have for players who wish to be endgame Magic users. It provides you with the best possible item that you can use in your hand slot for accessories. It is part of the best possible gear set that Magic users can wield. Of course, if you’re not into Magic, this item may not be for you at all.

What is worth noting is that there is a requirement to even use the tormented bracelet in battle. You need at least level 75 Hitpoints to be able even to equip it. Oddly enough, there isn’t a requirement for your Magic skill to wear it, though there is if you want to make it.

So, theoretically, even newer Magic users with a nice stash of gold coins could acquire this item and wear it so long as they have done enough ranged or melee combat to get their Hitpoints to level 75.

How to Acquire the Tormented Bracelet

Grand Exchange
Grand Exchange From Run Escape Fandom

Here is where everything gets tricky. There are two main ways that you can go about acquiring the tormented bracelet, and they each have their positives and negatives. First off, you can simply go to the Grand Exchange and throw down some coins to purchase them from another player in the MMO.

This is short, sweet, and to the point, but it will come with its own issues. The other is creating the tormented bracelet yourself. I’ll break each method down below with my recommendations to you of which particular route you should take with acquiring this highly valuable item.

Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange is going to be the fastest way of getting the tormented bracelet. Yes, you can buy this powerful accessory item from GE; you aren’t required to make it yourself. There are some rich players out there reading this, and buying this item might not be a problem for you.

For most players, though, it might be a bit difficult to stomach the fact that this item goes for about 15 million coins in total on the GE. If you even want the opportunity to get this item this way, you’re going to shell out more money than most similar items on the GE.

To be fair, this number can change a bit. However, just under 15 million is where it’s at the time of writing this. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t change for the better. It has gone pretty low before, to nearly 10 million but it has also gone all the way up to around 20 million in the past.

15 million seems like a solid middle ground where it appears to be evening out for the time being. That said, if you aren’t drowning in coins or able to be drowning in coins at a moment’s notice, this method isn’t the one for you. 15 million is just too much for a single item like this, especially when it’s relatively easy to make. At least compared to other items that require much more intense grinding and all that.

How to Make the Tormented Bracelet

20 Blood runes
Blood runes From Run Escape Fandom

There is actually quite a lot to making the tormented bracelet. It is sort of that endless errand run where you need to get this item to get that item to then finally make the item you were trying to get. It can be a bit time-consuming, but there are much worse grinds out there, in my opinion.

At its essence, you technically only need a few items for the tormented bracelet, and those are the zenyte bracelet, one cosmic rune, 20 blood runes, and 20 soul runes. The runes are super easy to get, as you can collect them if you want but you can buy all of them on the Grand Exchange for just a few thousand coins altogether.

Unfortunately, the zenyte bracelet is another story entirely, and this is where things get a little bit complicated. But for those who are able to get all of these items, the only other requirement is that you must have level 93 Magic skill in order to craft the tormented bracelet using these items.

This is near the max for the entire skill level, but, as I mentioned before, this is an item that is meant for the endgame Magic users out there. Sure, you could technically use it before you reach level 93 Magic, but that would then require you to go the route of the Grand Exchange.

Once you are level 93 Magic and have all of the items I listed, simply use the Level 7 Enchant spell on the zenyte bracelet while you have the aforementioned runes on hand, and you will turn it into the tormented bracelet.

How to Acquire the Zenyte Bracelet

Zenyte Bracelet

When you are going the route of creating a tormented bracelet yourself, you need the zenyte bracelet first. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. There are two main methods of getting this item, but I will completely disregard the GE route for this guide. There is no point in buying it there as it regularly costs more on the GE than just purchasing the tormented bracelet does.

In that case, if you’re going the homemade tormented bracelet route, you might as well fully commit and make yourself a zenyte bracelet, too. To do that, you need three items: a bracelet mold, a gold bar, and a zenyte. You also need level 95 Crafting, which is insanely high, and then you’ll be able to make this bracelet at the furnace.

The gold bar is relatively cheap and easy to get. The same is the case for the bracelet mold. However, it is the zenyte that is still quite expensive. At this point, I still don’t recommend anyone just to buy this off the GE since the zenyte gem itself costs about 14 million coins, so you aren’t saving much. If you can afford that price, you might as well stick to buying the tormented bracelet itself.

So, now, we have to go deeper then and make the zenyte gem ourselves. To do that, you need an uncut zenyte, which is also very expensive and not worth buying off the GE for this route. Instead, you’ll need to make it with a cut onyx (which is a little bit pricey on its own) and one zenyte shard.

The onyx is relatively simple enough to acquire at this stage in your Crafting, and I imagine you already have collected it before since you need such a high Crafting skill already even to do this whole process. The zenyte shard, though, is the tricky part.

Only two types of enemies in the entire game drop this item, which is the source of why this whole process is so darn expensive. You can find both enemies in the Crash Site Cavern, which is just north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, so relatively easy to access.

Enter the dungeon, and you will find two enemy types that drop the zenyte shard of vastly different levels: the tortured gorilla and the demonic gorilla. The former is only level 141-142, which should be simple enough for you to take down since you are presumably near level 93 Magic to make this item in the first place.

The problem is that the drop for the shard is a whopping 1 in 3000 chance. That is nearing the shiny base odds for a Pokemon at that point, and I would never touch any drops that are even close to those odds in OSRS. Instead, opt for the demonic gorilla, which is, unfortunately, much stronger at level 275.

But at this point, it has only a 1 in 300 chance. That is still pretty bad, admittedly, but you only need a single shard in this case. Especially with Magic on your side, you could do pretty decent against the enemy and get into a nice grind. If this is too much for you, though, then feel free to save up however you like for coins to buy it off the GE.

That said, if you can get in the groove of quickly taking down the demonic gorilla once you have the tormented bracelet, this is an excellent way of making money. I recommend making the full tormented bracelet, though, as I don’t see too many people buying the components that make it up since that is a waste of time and money.

How to Get the Tormented Bracelet Ornament Version

Finally, before we head out on this tormented bracelet, there is one last part about the accessory item worth mentioning. Technically, there is an upgraded version of this item. Well, sort of. There is the tormented bracelet (or) version, which is strictly an ornamental piece.

I should note that this version of the item will not ever upgrade your stats or make them better than the base version. This is the best that it gets, and there is no current true upgrade that makes your stats better. However, if you want to change it up cosmetically, this option is available to you.

However, unless you are the type of player who went the GE route and have the coins to spare, I can’t recommend the tormented bracelet (or) to you in the slightest. The stats are exactly the same, and the design only looks slightly better on your character.

There are more gems on the bracelet itself, and they look a little bit more pronounced, but that’s about it. The only other change is that it is now seen on both wrists rather than only on one of your arms. That might make it somewhat worth it for some players, but, again, I don’t think it’s great.

I think the main issue stems from the fact that the tormented bracelet doesn’t look that impressive, to begin with. It sure doesn’t have the greatest design in the game by a long shot for such an expensive and powerful item.

But if you insist on making the ornamental version, you’ll need the tormented ornament kit. You could earn this yourself but it involves the RNG of the master treasure trails, which I don’t recommend wasting your time with for this item. You’re better off just buying the kit on the GE since you presumably shouldn’t have a problem with that. It is roughly 3 to 4 million coins on the Grand Exchange, leaning more towards the former at the time of writing.


Question: How good is the tormented bracelet OSRS?

Answer: The tormented bracelet isn’t just good in OSRS; it’s the very best bracelet item that you can wear in your hand slot if you are a Magic user. There is absolutely no other item you need to use in that slot in the entire MMO endgame if you want to be the best you can be.

Question: What does the zenyte bracelet do? 

Answer: On its own, the zenyte bracelet doesn’t do much at all. It is honestly just there for the cosmetic appearance and to be a very expensive item. Its only true purpose, honestly is to be made into the tormented bracelet and that’s about it. There is honestly no reason to use it other than that or to sell it on the GE.

Question: How do you make a zenyte amulet? 

Answer: There are three main items you need to make a zenyte amulet. You need one zenyte gem, an amulet mold, and a gold bar. You also need to make sure to have a Crafting level of 98 to be able to make it. You can enchant it to turn it into an amulet of torture, which is highly recommended.

What RuneScape Item You Need to Equip Next

The tormented bracelet is an item that should be in the arsenal of any Magic user out there who wants to do the best they possibly can in the endgame of the MMO. No matter if you like to do PvP or prefer to stick to the usual dungeon and PvE grind, you’ll need the tormented bracelet to do the very best that you possibly can in battle. However, that’s only if you want to be a Magic user.

Let’s say that you want to dive into some of the other forms of combat in RuneScape, including ranged attacks that aren’t Magic. In that case, the item you should get next is Ava’s Assembler, one of the must-haves for ranged users out there. You can find out more about how to get this item and what exactly it does here.

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