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Brimstone Ring Guide

There are many rings and other accessories in Old School RuneScape for players to equip. But there are very few items out there that can rival the greatness of the Brimstone Ring, arguably the best accessory in the entire game. It is a precious accessory that is so hard to get that it is possible …

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Arclight OSRS Guide

For me, some of the most iconic moments in Old School RuneScape have always involved those legendary adventures to take down the horrific demon or otherworldly creature that has invaded the realm. Quests like the iconic Vampyre Slayer or even the Demon Slayer line are some of the most memorable for me. One of the …

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Holy Grail OSRS Guide

Old School RuneScape is based on a lot of English lore and comedy, likely due to developer Jagex’s own headquarters being in England. That said, you can’t do an entire fantasy MMORPG story without having one of the most famous tales of all time: King Arthur. Thankfully, OSRS doesn’t shy away from that at all, …

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Plague City OSRS Guide

For a very long time, Old School RuneScape’s quests were ruled by the longest quest line of them all: the Elf storyline. With the most quests in the game for quite some time, it is still quite lengthy to this day, remaining tied for the most that you will find in a single storyline. With …

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Cloak of Seasons Guide

Your appearance matters when it comes to RuneScape 3 or even its older sibling, Old School RuneScape. Ensuring that your avatar looks how you want them to is essential to enjoying the roleplaying nature of the MMO. And for me, ever since first starting RuneScape more than a decade ago, the most essential part of …

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