Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS Guide

In all honesty, one of the less popular and talked about quest lines has to be the Myreque quest chain. Despite being as long as several others, it feels like one of the most underrated quest lines in all of Old School RuneScape. This is despite having so many twists and turns and some of the best serious writing I’ve seen in the entire MMO. The story gets to a strong midway point with the daring adventure the player must take on.

This Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS guide is all about the third part of the entire adventure. In this section, the player must go on a solo quest to scout ahead for the rest of the Myreque group of heroes. The vampires’ forces aren’t stopping in the slightest, and it’s now time to take the fight to them. Venturing into this previously forbidden part of the Morytania region wasn’t possible, but it’s now up to you to venture into the unknown. Here’s everything you need to know about to complete this quest.

Bottom Line Up Front

Darkness of Hallowvale follows the player’s third quest alongside the Myreque as you head into the eastern part of Morytania, which the vampires call home. It’s quite a long quest, despite not being too hard overall for the length, but it can sometimes be confusing. Throughout this journey, you’ll visit Meiyerditch, the home of the vampire forces you aim to take down, and experience a thrilling tale of venturing into the darkness ahead.

Quest Details Up Front

Quest Details

Before diving into the third part of the Myreque questline, here are the major details you need to know about regarding this quest. These quick facts include who can complete this quest, any prerequisites, the items you’ll need, and much more.

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Official Length: Long
  • Official Difficulty: Experienced
  • Required Quests: First two quests in the Myreque storyline, In Aid of the Myreque and In Search of the Myreque. Also need Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, and The Restless Ghost.
  • Required Items: A hammer, knife, or optionally a sickle, two planks, eight nails, and the Telekinetic Grab spell
  • Required Skills: Level 5 Construction, level 20 Mining, level 22 Thieving, level 26 Agility, level 32 Crafting, level 33 Magic, and level 40 Strength
  • Optional Items/Skills: Level 50-60 combat, pickaxe item, stamina potions, and protection from melee (this last one isn’t as necessary but will help out a ton)
  • Quest Rewards: Two quest points, 2000 Construction experience, 6000 Thieving XP, 7000 Agility experience, and the tome of experience to use on whatever three skills you prefer

Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS Overview

Darkness of Hallowvale is a solid darker middle point in the whole storyline of the Myreque versus the vampire forces in Morytania. There is a lot of excitement and even some confusion about the various objectives that you face. It also continues the excellent writing that I think is among the best in all of RuneScape.

What is intriguing about Darkness of Hallowvale is that it is arguably a lot longer than hard. You must go to many objectives and places, with only some challenging parts here and there. It just ends up being more time-consuming than anything else, though. Thankfully, I have your back when exploring Meiyerditch and the rest of Morytania to learn more about the vampires.


You and the heroes in the Myreque group have finally found a new home base in the town of Burgh de Rott, but that is only the start of the fight against the vampires. It is now time to head to the Sanguinesti region in the eastern half of Morytania and go where few mortals have gone. You’ll need to trek on this adventure alone and scout to find information about the vampire forces to help the war continue to victory.

Required Items and Skills: How to Get Them

There are just a few items that you need for the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, but you also need a fair number of skill levels simultaneously. I would say that these requirements are intermediate at best, but I will help you nonetheless to ensure that you are prepared for the quest before even starting.

How to Get the Hammer and Knife or Sickle

Hammer OSRS
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

Kicking off the list of items we need on our errands list is the hammer. Thankfully like most of the items on this list, it is relatively easy to find. There are a plethora of places you can buy it, including most general stores around the world of RuneScape.

Of course, if you get overwhelmed and don’t know where to look for a general store to buy it at, the Grand Exchange in Varrock is always my go-to for lazily purchasing whatever items I need for my next quest. You can get the hammer there or anywhere for just a handful of coins.

This is almost precisely the same case for the knife. Alternatively, you can use a sickle for this quest, but I don’t think there’s any reason to whatsoever unless you have a sickle but no knife for whatever reason. This is due to the fact that you can get the knife at just about any general store or the GE for almost next to nothing in terms of money.

Make sure to have one hammer and one knife, and let’s move on.

How to Get the Planks and Nails

Nails OSRS
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

For the following items, you need two planks. If you’re a member, which you have to be for this quest, then you have access to the Construction skill, which you also need for the Darkness of Hallowvale. Because of that, what you can do is make a plank using regular old logs and 100 coins at the sawmill.

If you’re like me and can’t be bothered to go out and do that, you can always head to the GE and buy two planks there for roughly 600 coins or so. To go along with the planks, you also need eight nails in total for the quest. The type of nails doesn’t matter, so I recommend just the basic old bronze nails for this purpose.

They are relatively cheap to make, only needing level four Smithing and a bronze bar that you use on the anvil to make them. Just make sure to do it eight times. Or, better yet, go my method and head on over to the GE and pick up all eight for only a handful of coins, along with everything else on your shopping list.

How to Use the Telekinetic Grab Spell

Telekinetic_Grab OSRS
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

For this quest, you need to make sure you can use the Telekinetic Grab spell. This is where your level 33 Magic requirement comes into play. But, as you probably already know, you need runes to use this spell in the quest. It costs one wind rune and one law rune to cast this spell.

The key here is that you can actually get both of these in the middle of the quest itself, so I wouldn’t worry too much about obtaining them beforehand. However, if you want to prepare ahead of time truly, just head on over to the GE, grab both of these, and stick them in your bank for use later on when you need them.

How to Get Construction, Mining, and Thieving Skills

Moving to the skills side of what you need, you need level-five Construction. That is relatively low honestly but if you are still at level one, what I recommend is to do the quest Daddy’s Home to earn yourself a free house.

Then take the time to start making the crude wooden chair over and over until you get to level four, then make the wooden bookcase. It won’t be too much longer before you reach level five at this point.

Mining in OSRS

Mining is a little bit higher, though, requiring you to have a level 20 Mining skill. For this one, I recommend just completing a bunch of quests. There are plenty of quests in OSRS that give you Mining experience, including Another Slice of Ham, The Dig Site, Doric’s Quest, The Giant Dwarf, Plague City, and The Lost Tribe. They will get you to level 20 and much higher.

If necessary, if that isn’t enough for reaching the right level for this quest or you don’t want to do those quests yet for whatever reason, just head to the mining grinding spot near Lumbridge and go for copper, then tin until 15. At that point, switch over to iron, which will get you to 20 in a short bit of time.

For Thieving, this requires you to have at least level 22 Thieving. What you should do here is head to Edgeville and start pickpocketing the NPCs in this town if you are just starting out until you reach level five. Once you get to this point, go to the tea stall in Varrock and start looting it until you get to level 22. There are some alternate methods, but I prefer the simplicity of these.

How to Reach Level 26 Agility and Level 32 Crafting

Darkness of Hallowvale will require you to have level 26 Agility for this quest. You don’t get a lot of options when it comes to training Agility at the earlier stages of the skill, so you are forced to stick to a primarily standard path.

I recommend heading to the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course and starting out there. Be sure just to grind it over and over until you reach level 20. At this point, switch to the Al Kharid Rooftop Course, as this one will give you some of the better XP over the other courses between the two. Keep that up until you finally reach level 26 for this quest.

You also need level 32 Crafting here, which can be done in a few different ways. For starters, you could focus on doing quests like the Observatory Quest, The Fremennik Trials, Murder Mystery, Cold War, Sheep Shearer, Goblin Diplomacy, and so on. These will grant you some XP for Crafting in addition to the Myreque quests you already did.

In case that wasn’t enough, though (and it probably won’t be), you’ll want to stick to the fastest grind possible for Crafting. For this, I recommend creating the leather items until you reach level 20. At this point, switch to cutting gems like the sapphire and emerald until you reach the point where you are finally level 32. You can also make some solid coins this way, too, if you need to.

How to Reach Level 33 Magic and Level 40 Strength

For the last two skills, we move to combat. You need level 33 Magic, which can be helped by doing a lot of the quests in OSRS that grant you Magic XP. If you’ve already done those or don’t want to at this point, here is one of the better ways of earning Magic XP without having to fight all the time.

What I recommend is using the enchantment crossbow bolts method, where you enchant the various bolts with runes to get XP. At level four, you can start this with the opal. Keep moving onto the latest bolts once you unlock them, such as the sapphire at seven, pearl at 24, emerald at 27, and red topaz at 29 until you finally reach level 33.

Last but not least, there is level 40 Strength that you need. This is about as straightforward as it gets. What you want to do is change your combat settings so that you are only focusing all of your XP from battles onto your Strength stat, and that’s it. You don’t want to let any XP go to your other stats for now.

Then just make sure to take on the enemies that are most relevant to your current combat level. I imagine, though, if you are high enough combat level at 50 or 60 total to take on this quest, you are likely pretty close already to 40 Strength unless you’ve only been focusing on one or two combat skills thus far.


Repairing the boat in Burgh de Rott.
Image from Oldschool Runescape Wiki

For those of you who are in a hurry right now to get this quest done, here is the shortened walkthrough with all of the steps that you need to take to get through the quest from start to finish.

After that, you’ll find some specific tips for some of the fights and moments that you will encounter during the Darkness of Hallowvale quest in case you need a little extra assistance. Before we start, make sure that you have all of the required items and skills at this point, or else you’ll be wasting your time.

  1. Begin Darkness of Hallowvale by talking to Veliaf from the past few Myreque quests in the bar in Burgh de Rott, where the heroes are now based.
  2. Veliaf will let you know about the Meiyerditch heroes who he wishes for you to meet up with. Head to the docks in town, and you’ll need to fix the boat and its chute there. This is where you will use up one of the planks that you acquired before the quest and four of the nails for each part. The hammer will be necessary here as well for being the tool you use.
  3. Use the boat to go to Meiyerditch and go over the wall ahead of you. There is an area of the floor that you can interact with just near the wall; use that to open up a secret path and go down.
  4. Once you arrive in the actual town of Meiyerditch itself, it is now time to speak with any of the NPCs in the area twice. Head northeast into one of the houses here and talk with Old Man Ral, the Sage of Sanguinesti.
  5. Go just a little south of the man you just spoke with and buy the Vyrewatch outfit from Trader Sven to avoid some of the headaches from traveling around the town and being bothered by the guards.
  6. When ready, head to the house just southwest of Old Man Ral’s home and look for the sickle symbol he told you about, then go up its ladder.
  7. It is time to do the Agility course, which is quite long with three different sections to it. Look below for the solution to this course in its entirety, with every step you need to follow.
  8. After completing the Agility course and reaching Sector 3, it is time to talk to Vertida Sefalatis in the secret base area. Now it is time to go back to Burgh de Rott and speak with Veliaf again after all this trouble.
  9. It is time to head to the Temple of the Salve, found in the Paterdomus area. Once you arrive here, speak with Drezel. At this point, head west and up the temple ladder. Keep going west until you find a bush you can interact with, and then the scene will change.
  10. Speak with Drezel again and then teleport to Varrock to speak with the King in the castle there. At this point, take the long trek back to Burgh de Rott and talk to Veliaf again.
  11. Go back to Meiyerditch city, and, unfortunately, you’ll have to do the whole Agility course again or be taken to the mines by the guards; your choice.
  12. Whatever you do, once you reach the base, speak with Vertida again. Vertida will then guide you to Castle Drakan.
  13. To reach the castle, start by going down the ladder near you, then go south of that area and go over the wall where the rubble is.
  14. At this point, continue south some more to then find the spot where you can climb on the wall. Go north while on the wall, and you will eventually come to a ladder that you can go down.
  15. There is a rocky wall to the east of you that you need to interact with. Head to the border north of you and open it for a secret passage.
  16. Head north from here and climb up the ladder you find. Head further north some more, and there will be another ladder. Go up it and then down the next ladder you see.
  17. Head north from here, and then you will find a wall you need to climb. Keep going north, and you will discover Safalaan soon.
  18. Follow Safalaan’s orders and sketch the drawings of the sickle symbol in the three places to the west, north, and south.
  19. When you try to get the southern one, you will be attacked. Right before making this sketch, use the protect from melee prayer as you need to survive five attacks from Vanstrom to continue. You don’t have to defeat him and can’t right now.
  20. When you wake up, get your third sketch and then head back to the base in Meiyerditch however you like. Right before reaching the hideout, head to the west building by the hideout and use the knife on the fireplace and then on the portrait in that room. You’ll get a key.
  21. Speak with Safalaan and Vertida in the hideout. From here, go up the stairs, jump to the west side, down the ladder you find near here, and head north to leave the home. From here, go northeast by the wall.
  22. There is a house near here that has a tapestry in it. Go inside and use the knife on it. Enter this secret passage and then use the key on the vampire statue, followed by opening up the door here.
  23. Head downstairs and use the Telekinetic Grab spell to get the Haemalchemy book. There are runes in this room if you need them.
  24. Speak with Salafaan and then go all the way back to Burgh de Rott and speak with Veliaf to finally finish this long-winded and confusing quest.

Meiyerditch Agility Course Solution

Image from Oldschool wiki

Here is the complete step-by-step solution to the Agility course you must do in this quest:

  1. First, for this Agility course, you want to jump to the south and then jump again, but this time east.
  2. Go to the corner, push open the wall there, and then you’ll be able to go through. Crawl beneath the wall in this next area and then keep going north. Once you get to the next room here, open up the wall on the west side, and then go through there to find a ladder to climb down.
  3. Interact with the table in this room and then go through its secret passage. Find the shelf in this next area, and you’ll be able to climb up it. Then crawl beneath the wall that is on the eastern side.
  4. From here, you want to jump on the eastern side of the area, climb down the ladder here, and then look through the pots to find a key. Use that key on the nearby door, and part one of this course is done.
  5. For the second sector, head east and then climb up the ladder that is near here. Jump to the south and then head east once more to then interact and go up the southern shelves.
  6. Head west from here, and you’ll find a ladder to climb up. At that point, make sure to jump south once more and then climb down the ladder you find. Head east once more across the rope that you find. Head down the ladder near here, and there is a northern wall you need to open up to go through.
  7. There is a shelf just north of you, which you can climb up. Then find another shelf in this area that is in the northeastern corner that you can also go up. Jump north from here twice in a row and then continue north until you reach near the end of this area and then jump east.
  8. At this point, go up the ladder that isn’t broken. Interact with the western wall, and you’ll find the piece you need. Go back down and fix the broken wall. Head down it, and you’re done with part two of this course.
  9. You are now in Sector 3 of the city. Start by opening up the door near you and heading north. Keep heading north until you run into a house and head into it. Go left from here and then north to leave this house behind. At this point, keep going east until you find the home that has a sickle symbol outside it. It should be to your south; enter it.
  10. Climb the ladder you find in this house and then jump in the eastern direction. There will be some stairs nearby; go down them and then head east.
  11. This is where your knife comes into play. Interact with the wall near you and then use the knife on it. Interact with the special wall here. There is a rug in the southeast of where you’re at that you need to interact with.
  12. This will open up a secret passage that you can interact with to finally complete this Agility puzzle.

Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS Rewards

Image from Oldschool wiki

The rewards that you get for the Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS quest are as follows:

  • Two quest points
  • 2000 Construction experience
  • 6000 Thieving XP
  • 7000 Agility XP
  • The tome of experience

The tome of experience is the most important one since you can use it to gain 2000 XP on three skills that you want. Think carefully before picking which ones to use the tome on.

Follow-Up Quests

There are only two main pieces of content that you unlock for completing the Darkness of Hallowvale quest. The first is the Temple Trekking minigame you can now do. The other is A Taste of Hope, the fourth quest in the Myreque storyline. That quest itself eventually leads to the fifth and final quest in this amazing but confusing story.

It took about 12 years to get the fourth quest in the series finally and it is finally here, so now you can experience the true breadth of this tale now. After A Taste of Hope, you’ll be able to see the presumed finale (for now) with Sins of the Father, one of the newest quests that exist in Old School RuneScape.


Question: How do you start the Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS?

Answer: You can start the Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS quest by simply heading to Burgh de Rott, where you finished the last quest in the Myreque storyline, and speaking with Veliaf there to begin.

Question: How do I get into Old Man Ral’s house? 

Answer: Once you get off the boat in Meiyerditch, head over the wall and into the town itself. Talk to two NPCs there and then head northeast, and you’ll now be able to enter and speak with Old Man Ral.

Question: How do you start A Taste of Hope OSRS? 

Answer: For those who might have done Darkness of Hallowvale a long time ago or just finished it and want to immediately start A Taste of Hope, all you need to do is head to Ver Sinhala east of Meiyerditch and speak with Garth there near the Theatre of Blood.

Your Next Old School RuneScape Quest

Darkness of Hallowvale is one of the most timeless quests in one of my favorite storylines of all of Old School RuneScape. With some of the best writing and genuinely fun twists, this is a storyline that I didn’t want to see come to an end. And it doesn’t have to end for you just yet since Darkness of Hallowvale is only the third quest, with still more to come after.

Speaking of after, it is now time for you to focus on your next OSRS quest with this one finished. I don’t recommend immediately jumping to the next Myreque quest in the storyline since you might want to savor the moments more and grind to ensure you’re appropriately leveled for the next part. As such, a quest that you should take on next if you haven’t already is Plague City. It’s short, pretty easy, and it starts its own quest line that is quite intriguing.

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