Magical Eggs Guide: All Magical Eggs In OSRS And How To Get Them

Holidays are a huge part of the Old School RuneScape experience. The classic Easter events and everything else has such a robust and nostalgic place in my heart as one of the most memorable times of playing the game as a kid. As part of these holiday events, Jagex typically gives away plenty of interesting themed items for players to check out. Find out about a fair portion of them in this magical eggs guide for OSRS.

The magical eggs, specifically, have to do with the classic Easter event that happens nearly every year in Old School RuneScape. The Easter bunny and all his crazy antics are some of the most unforgettable moments in the MMO. It also helps that the eggs you can get from that event let you pull off some intriguing gameplay mechanics not found anywhere else. Let’s look at every single one in this magical eggs guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The OSRS magical eggs involve about six different eggs in total that have existed in the MMO since its release. They each have to do with the Easter event over the years and the various iterations of it. During the limited holiday event, players have the opportunity to usually earn these eggs, which can change the player’s visual appearance or even allow them to have a magic 8-ball sort of situation. Most of the magical eggs are, sadly, not available in the game at this time.

Magical Eggs Overview

Easter is a time of year when the old creepy bunny suits come out, and kids around the world start scouring backyards, parks, churches, and so on for eggs to collect. It is also a time for RuneScape players to log on and experience one of the most exciting limited-time events in the game.

I know that when I was a kid, back in the 2000s, before the release of Old School RuneScape, the Easter event was one of the highlights of playing the MMO. Going to the library and playing the game on the computer during the short window of time it was available was enjoyable.

Jagex still keeps it going today, with Easter events happening almost every year in OSRS. There are typically changes each year with slightly new events to engage in and new items to collect. But for many years, the item that players found in the Easter event was the magical eggs.

These eggs seemingly come directly from the Easter bunny himself and include special powers that enable the player to do things they usually wouldn’t be able to do in the game. From changing their cosmetic appearance for a brief time or even seemingly telling the future, these eggs are a special but optional part of OSRS.

All Magical Eggs In OSRS

In total, six different magical eggs exist in OSRS at this point in time. Some of them are similar to one another, just iterations on the last egg from past Easter events, but they all allow the player to do welcome activities in the MMO they usually can’t do.

Though you might not be able to get most of these eggs today, I’m going to break down each of the six eggs, what exactly they do, and how you were able to obtain them in the past when they were initially available.

Magic Egg Explained: How To Get It

The Easter Event
The Easter Event From Run Escape Fandom

Starting, we have the original magical egg, the magic egg item. It first came out in OSRS in the Easter of 2013 during that limited-time event. The Easter event that year was modeled after one of the originals back in the RuneScape 2 days when I was a young kid discovering the MMO for the first time.

During the Easter event, players could obtain the magic egg. This blue and yellow egg allowed the player to eat it and then turn into a rabbit for a short bit of time in the game. They could run and hop around, literally appearing like one of the random bunnies that you could find in the world of RuneScape.

In addition, consuming the magic egg was one of the ways to learn the infamous bunny hop emote that was only available during Easter events like this one. There are still players today who can use the bunny hop emote even if they have long lost the original magic eggs that granted it to them.

The magic egg wasn’t a member’s only item, so every single player could participate in the Easter event and earn some to use for a period of time. Unfortunately, they were only available through the Easter event at Nigel’s Farm in RuneScape for about two weeks.

The event occurred between March 26, 2013, and April 8, 2013. During that time, you could earn magic eggs through the Easter event festivities, and that was it. Once the magic egg left the game, it never returned as Jagex, instead, chose to iterate on the magic egg with newer versions in the following years.

Magical Bunny Egg Explained

Magical Bunny Egg
Image From Run Escape Fandom

The following year after the release of the magic egg, RuneScape returned with yet another Easter event for players to participate in. This time around, though, it featured some tweaks and even improvements from the past year with a much more rounded out (get it?) event in 2014.

As part of this, the magical bunny egg appeared for the first time. This time around, Jagex didn’t require players to engage necessarily in the Easter activities themselves (though you definitely should have when it was around) actually to obtain the magical bunny egg.

Instead, the 2014 Easter event saw the release of the magical bunny egg in the Treasure Hunter system. As you may know, the Treasure Hunter is the daily activity system where players can earn the right to randomly collect an item that could be anything at all.

During this Easter event, though, there were a few eggs that the player could collect, including the magical bunny egg. It was only in the Treasure Hunter for a limited time before leaving the game once more to be seen in another Easter event in the future.

During the time of Easter in 2014 and once again in the returning event the following year in 2015, players could earn the magical bunny egg. Though its appearance changed to a solid pink egg, the item functioned almost entirely the same as the original magic egg in 2013.

Consuming this egg will turn the player into a bunny with the ability to hop around for a few minutes. It would then disappear after that. In addition to turning them into a bunny, one of the new features for the egg was that it would also heal the player for about 200 Hitpoints when they consume it. This additional feature was random since you wouldn’t want to fight while a bunny in battle.

Enchanted Bunny Egg

Enchanted Bunny Egg
Image From Run Escape Fandom

There was an expanded version of the magical bunny egg that came out at the same time in 2014, known as the enchanted bunny egg. Also earned through the Treasure Hunter system, players could use this much more improved version of the magical egg.

While the last bunny egg would simply let you use it once to turn into a bunny, the enchanted version would let you constantly use it over and over as many times as you want. Though the item was eventually removed, too, players who still own the enchanted bunny egg from 2014 can still use it anytime they want, even today.

Magical Chick Egg

Magical Chick Egg
Image From Run Escape Fandom

Perhaps the biggest surprise in the 2014 Easter event was that the magical eggs were no longer limited to just turning into a child of the Easter bunny. There were other types of eggs you could earn in the Easter event through the Treasure Hunter content that was slightly different.

The magical chick egg was one such egg that functioned largely the same as the magical bunny egg, but instead, the player would turn into a chick for a few minutes. Of course, this is the RuneScape chick, so it has some terrifying eyes and movements that are a little disturbing to me.

Similar to the magical bunny egg, it also gives the player back 200 Hitpoints upon use, so it is a fantastic consumable item, though, again, not sure when you would want to turn into a chick in the middle of battle. Perhaps when you are trying to run away or something.

Also, like the magical bunny egg, there was an enchanted chick egg variant that you could get in the Treasure Hunter. Unlike the basic magical chick egg, this one would be limitless, so you could repeatedly turn into a baby chick anytime you want. It would return in the Easter event in 2015 but remains in the game today for those who still own it.

Magical Lamb Egg

Magical Lamb Egg
Image From Run Escape Fandom

Dropping that same year in 2014, the following magical egg that you could get was the magical lamb egg. You probably know the drill by now: this egg would give the player back 200 Hitpoints and then turn them into an animal for a short period.

In this case, the player would turn into a sweet little lamb. Easily the cutest out of all the animals you could turn into during the Easter event (I said what I said), it would only return once more in 2015 for the Easter event’s second chance Treasure Hunter return.

Also available in the Treasure Hunter during that time was the upgraded version known as the enchanted lamb egg. This version would allow the player to turn into a baby lamb anytime they want continuously. The few players who obtained this special egg can even use and trade that item to this day.

Magical Easter Egg

Magical Easter Egg
Image From Run Escape Fandom

When the Easter event returned in 2015 to Old School RuneScape, Jagex once again offered some new changes and improvements to the previous event. Like the year prior, players could still earn the three core magical eggs that allowed them to turn into animals and heal themselves at the same time.

But there was another magical egg that debuted for the first time during this year, and that was the magical Easter egg. This one wasn’t part of the Treasure Hunter system, and players had to directly unlock it through the Easter Eggsperiments limited-time event and minigames.

If players could earn this blue and red magical Easter egg, they could use it to not turn into an animal but a beast on the battlefield (figuratively, of course). The magical Easter egg would grant the player a temporary boost to Attack, Defense, Ranged, Strength, and even Magic.

This boost was quite significant, too, being a +4 temporary increase to all of those combat skills. This made the magical Easter egg an impressive companion item that would help the player to do quite well in battles that were otherwise a little bit tougher.

During the event, players could find the magical Easter egg as a drop item from eliminating the imp and jadinko enemies that would appear around the Easter area. It was removed from the game after the short two-week Easter event in 2015 and hasn’t returned since.

Magic Egg Ball

Magic Egg Ball
Image From Run Escape Fandom

The final magic egg to ever release in Old School RuneScape is none other than the magic egg ball. This is by far the most unique out of all the magical eggs in OSRS. With this particular egg, it wasn’t about trying to turn into an animal for a period of time or even boosting your stats.

Instead, the magic egg ball is closely related to the real-life novelty toy known as the magic 8 ball. Indeed, it functioned essentially the same as that item, basically being a fortune teller of sorts that would tell you the “future” as an answer to basic yes or no questions that you could ask it.

During the Easter limited-time event in 2020, the magic egg ball made its debut, and players could collect it there. If you went to the Falador Party Room during the Easter event in 2020 and completed the initial holiday quest that was offered, you could earn the magic egg ball in the middle of it.

Once you were done with the quest, you could continue to use the magic egg ball as much as you would want. Though it has been removed as an unlockable item today, players who still own the magic egg ball can continue to use it.

How it works is that there are four questions that you can ask the magic egg ball. These are the four questions that are available prompts when using the magical egg:

  • What boss should I fight today?
  • What rare item will I get today?
  • What should I train today?
  • Will I get a pet today?

The magic egg ball will give short and simple answers with yes, no, maybe, or even names of bosses that you should fight. It’s a pretty funny egg with an equally weird appearance that features a yellow egg with a blue arrow in the middle that indicates that it is related to the magic eight ball.

If a player ever lost the magic egg ball, the great thing about it is that they can always head to Django in Draynor Village and speak with the NPC to get a replacement egg. I love the magic egg ball, in particular, because of how ridiculous and random that it is.

There are even some YouTubers who famously used the magic egg ball for some of the best OSRS video content that you’ll ever find. They would do daily challenges back in 2020 where they would let the magic egg ball determine what they would do for the entire day. It was a special time, so, hopefully, it will return as an in-game reward in the future.

Will These Items Ever Return?

Speaking of which, you might be reading this and wondering if and when these magical eggs will ever return to Old School RuneScape in the future. After all, the Easter event comes back every single year in the MMO and brings with it tons of quests and minigames to participate in.

However, the unfortunate news is that some of these eggs may never return. The original magic egg, for instance, from nearly ten years ago is unlikely ever to return. Since there were the three magical eggs that followed (bunny, chick, and lamb), there is no reason for it ever to come back.

As for the three magical animal eggs, though, I think it is up in the air. I could see them return in the Treasure Hunter in the future or even as an extra reward from a future Easter event, but the more likely scenario is that we will get yet another improved version of them.

I could see a situation where we receive a new magical transformation egg that encompasses all three animals — bunny, chick, and lamb — where you could keep using it repeatedly to switch between the three. Perhaps it would even include a fourth animal transformation, such as a baby pig or something like that.

I think it is inevitable that something animal transformation-related should come out at some point, but it may not be the original eggs. As for the magical Easter egg, that is a scenario where I could see that one never comes back. There are plenty of ways of boosting your stats elsewhere, and you don’t need an event item like that one to do it for you.

And last but not least, there is the magic egg ball. Of the eggs on this list, it has one of the strongest cases for returning someday, in my opinion. I love the random mechanics of this egg, and I think it is a shoo-in to return at some point after only being unlockable in a single Easter quest event.

Perhaps there is a twist that it will have when it does return, like offering more questions for you to ask it. For now, though, we will have to wait until the following Easter limited-time event in OSRS  to see what happens.


Question: What is the Easter egg OSRS?

Answer: The Easter egg in OSRS is a relatively simple item you can get from Easter events. It isn’t considered one of the magical eggs, but it is still somewhat helpful. You could eat this colorful Easter egg, and you will gain back 14 Hitpoints.

Question: What is the giant Easter egg OSRS? 

Answer: The giant Easter egg in OSRS is a much larger and more extravagant version of the regular one. It works differently, though. It doesn’t heal the player like the original Easter egg but instead lets the player carry it around while holding it and also includes a special emote if you use the item while it is in your inventory.

Question: What is the melted Easter egg OSRS? 

Answer: The melted Easter egg OSRS item was during the 2022 Easter event iteration. This particular egg had almost no use to it. It was just the melted version of the regular Easter eggs from that event, and all you could do was eat them. But they would only give you one Hitpoint, and that was it. All melted Easter eggs were removed after the event.

How To Celebrate The Holidays In OSRS

The Easter event in Old School RuneScape is one of the best times for the entire MMO. Any holiday event is when I’ll probably hop on the game and see what’s new since it is one of my favorite times. Unfortunately, these events are few and far between. In the meantime, while we wait for the next holiday event, there is something that you can do to prepare.

I recommend getting the Cloak of Seasons item if you can. This gorgeous cape item is easily the best of its class in all of RuneScape. It encompasses the four seasons and their individual capes, allowing you to switch between all of them at will. This lets you have the spring version for the Easter event, the winter one for the winter holiday events, and the autumn one for Halloween. It is the perfect way to celebrate RuneScape events.

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