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Your appearance matters when it comes to RuneScape 3 or even its older sibling, Old School RuneScape. Ensuring that your avatar looks how you want them to is essential to enjoying the roleplaying nature of the MMO. And for me, ever since first starting RuneScape more than a decade ago, the most essential part of my appearance has always been the cape or cloak. And I can tell you the crowning jewel of the cloak category is the star of this Cloak of Seasons guide.

The Cloak of Seasons is the king of all capes in RuneScape 3. It is the epitome of what makes a beautiful cape, and there is none that can even remotely come close to touching its overwhelming beauty. Unfortunately, this gorgeous creation comes at a hefty cost, one that is almost unparalleled within the entirety of RS3. Thankfully, this Cloak of Seasons guide will try its best to simplify it as much as possible so that you can own one, too.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Cloak of Seasons is, by and large the most expensive and best cape that you can find in RuneScape 3. This cape’s entire idea encompasses all four seasonal cloaks — winter, spring, summer, and autumn — into a single item for you to wear on your back. It is capable of cycling through the seasons as they change in the real world, making it a fashion-friendly cloak at all times of the year. However, you can only get it by combining the four seasonal cloaks into one, randomly getting it through the Treasure Hunter, or buying it off the Grand Exchange.

Quick Facts About the Cloak of Seasons

Cloak of Seasons
Image from Rune Scape Fandom

Here are some quick facts about the nature of the Cloak of Seasons that you may want to know, including the stats of the item and how much it is worth:

  • Release Date: May 2014
  • Members Only: Nope (Even free players can acquire this extremely valuable item that is worth far more than a single Bond for the member’s subscription)
  • Tradeable: Yes
  • Stackable: Nope
  • In-Game Cash Value: Roughly 250,000 coins (this is pretty bogus, honestly as it is worth far more than that on the GE)
  • Grand Exchange Value: Roughly 300 million coins
  • Requirements to Wear: None whatsoever
  • Attack Stats: None
  • Defensive Stats: None
  • Quest-Related: Nope

Cloak of Seasons Overview

The Cloak of Seasons is a symbol of your grandeur in RuneScape 3, or at least of how immensely lucky you are. When it comes to MMOs, appearances are everything, and looking like a top dog or simply whatever you think is the best outfit is imperative.

An MMO like RS3 is where you should be the vainest that you can be; it’s honestly encouraged. A peek into my wardrobe for a minute; I am extremely fond of cloaks. I honestly don’t care all that much about what my armor looks like as long as my cape is phenomenal.

I see it as the centerpiece of my outfit in RS3, and I don’t think I’m alone in this fact. In fact, developer Jagex knows it, which is why we have an item like the Cloak of Seasons. This is the crown jewel of all capes and one of the most expensive items you will find in the entire MMO.

Nothing honestly compares to the beauty of this cape, a far cry from the standard patterns and colors you find with the other cloaks out there. The reason for this is due to the fact that the Cloak of Seasons is literally what it says it is: an embodiment of the actual four seasons of the year.

Made up of all four cloaks of winter, spring, summer, and autumn, the Cloak of Seasons is the all-around most flexible cosmetic item you can find in the entire game. It works not just during the holidays or the hot summer days but the rest of the year, too.

Unfortunately, this cosmetic cape is extremely hard to get. Acquiring this item is much easier said than done because of the insane value that it has behind it. If you want to pick up the Cloak of Seasons for yourself, you’re looking at spending hundreds of millions of coins unless you can make it yourself. Here’s how to acquire the Cloak of Seasons through all three methods.

How to Acquire the Cloak of Seasons

How to acquire cloak of seasons
Image from Rune Scape Wiki

In total, there are three ways that a person can acquire the Cloak of Seasons. They each have their pros and cons to them, which I will note, but these are all valid methods that someone has done at some point or another. In the end, it comes down to your preferences.

If you’re looking for the easy way out or if you want to make the Cloak of Seasons from the ground up, it’s really up to you. That said, your wallet in-game might actually determine which method is available to you and which is not, so keep that in mind as there are few items in the same ballpark in terms of worth as the Cloak of Seasons.

Grand Exchange: This Isn’t the Way

First, let’s get the “easiest” method of unlocking the Cloak of Seasons out of the way. Yes, you can buy this cape off of the Grand Exchange, but, in all honesty, this is applicable to almost no one reading this guide. Unless you are the 1% or maybe the top 10% of all of RS3, it is unlikely that this will be helpful for you.

You see, the lengthy method for creating the Cloak of Seasons or randomly stumbling upon it makes its value skyrocket through the roofs. Jagex knew exactly what it was doing, too, by making the Cloak of Seasons itself available on the GE but not the components that make it up.

This way, players could kind of make a living off of creating the Cloak of Seasons and then selling it for bonkers amounts of coins on the Grand Exchange. On average, you are looking at roughly 312 million coins in order to purchase the Cloak of Seasons instantly on the Grand Exchange.

Yes, you read that number correctly. It isn’t uncommon for players, especially members who have been subscribed for a long time, to have that kind of money. I will note that I have even had that amount of money before, and it isn’t uncommon for a member to have close to a billion coins, too, if you grind enough.

However, the problem here is that you are likely spending a massive chunk of all of your savings across your entire RS3 career for this single item. Sadly, the item is worth that amount, in my opinion. However, I still would never recommend it to anyone other than those with nearly the max amount of possible coins stacked (around two billion, to be exact).

So, yes, you can get that instant gratification and purchase the Cloak of Seasons right now in the GE. But this is applicable to almost no one considering that even Bonds that give you a free subscription are going for roughly a fifth of the price of this item right now.

Treasure Hunter: Unlikely to Happen

The second method is another problematic one, possibly even more so than the Grand Exchange way. The Treasure Hunter is that classic RNG system where you get some rewards just for playing the MMO. Of course, the issue with this is that you aren’t ever quite sure what you’ll receive.

It could be some random useless items that you want to throw away, or it could literally be the Cloak of Seasons, one of the most expensive items to ever exist in RS3. The range of possible items is quite ridiculous, honestly, and there is no way to make your odds any better in this situation.

The only thing that you can do is play the game as much as you can and discard the items that aren’t the Cloak of Seasons when you receive them (unless it is also an extremely expensive item you can sell for coins). I don’t personally know anyone who has successfully done this method, but I’m sure some lucky player out there has received it.

One last note about the Treasure Hunter method is that the items included in the entire catalog of rewards can and will change sometimes. This is especially the case when there are limited-time events or promotions going on in the Treasure Hunter. I’m not saying it will happen, but there is a chance that this won’t always be a viable method for acquiring the Cloak of Seasons.

Creating Your Own Cloak of Seasons

Last but not least, this is the final method for getting the Cloak of Seasons, and this is one that you have complete control over without needing 300 million coins. Yes, you can make the Cloak of Seasons yourself. In fact, I think this is the best method since it’s technically kinda free to do, and you’ve earned it through your own time and hard work.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot of both time and effort to get the Cloak of Seasons through this way, which is why some opt to just spend all their coins on it in the GE. To make the Cloak of Seasons, you need to fuse together all four seasonal capes: the winter cape, spring, summer, and autumn.

The problem with that is that you can’t get these items from GE or trading with other players. You have to make these four seasonal cloaks yourself and then turn them into the overall Cloak of Seasons, which you can trade and sell.

Once you have all four cloaks in your inventory, you need to head to Lady Niya, who is found just southwest of the city of Varrock. You can turn in all four cloaks, and they will be sacrificed forever to make the singular Cloak of Seasons item, which is more than worth it.

Unfortunately, there’s a twist here. This method is no longer viable in the game unless you have already started it. You can no longer obtain the four seasonal cloaks through this method. If you already made them, you can still make the Cloak of Seasons, but this isn’t viable for new players anymore after an update changed that. That said, I could see it return someday in the future, so, hopefully, that happens.

How to Get the Cloak of Winter

cloak of seasons winter
Image from Rune Scape Wiki

Beginning with my personal favorite of the four, we have the Cloak of Winter. The problem with this particular cape and its brethren is that you have to make it yourself, which can take a long time. Each of the four capes hones in on a particular side skill, usually focused on gathering or the like.

In the case of the Cloak of Winter, the featured skill is Firemaking. What players have to do is make a whopping 600 charred branches while using the Firemaking skill and then combine them together to make the Cloak of Winter.

This was annoying because it had to do with the special recurring event that happened every so often in RS3 up until 2016 and then never returned. You could get like 15 of these branches an hour plus some more from daily challenges.

This meant it would take many hours and days of playing RS3 to get the total 600 needed for this cloak, but it was an excellent source of XP for Firemaking, at least.

Cloak of Spring Explained

Cloak of Seasons spring
Image from Rune Scape Wiki

The next cloak you could use to make the Cloak of Seasons was the Cloak of Spring. This one used the flourishing seeds, which were also part of the occasional limited-time events in RS3. You could make these using the Herblore skill during the event.

You needed a whopping 600 of them, and, unfortunately, you could only obtain about 15 of these seeds per hour at the time. This meant a serious grind was in store if you wanted to get the Cloak of Spring during the limited-time event.

Cloak of Summer

Cloak of Seasons summer
Image from Rune Scape Wiki

The Cloak of Summer had the same unlock method as the others, with only being available through the various promotions that occasionally happened up until 2016. This one focused on the Woodcutting skill, one of my personal favorites in all of RuneScape.

Players had to use their Woodcutting skills to chop down 600 lush blossoms during the event. No surprises here, but you could only get around 15 an hour and then around 25 a day, making this yet another grind that players had to deal with. But if you could get the 600, you would have the Cloak of Summer, which is a nice one, too.

Cloak of Autumn

cloak of Seasons autumn
Image from Rune Scape Wiki

Last but not least, there is the Cloak of Autumn, which I would say is my second favorite among the quartet. I love the burgundy red style of this cape, which used the Farming skill. Like the others, you needed to complete this cloak while you were in the middle of the limited-time event.

During this time, players had to use the Farming skill to gather up a whopping 600 fallen leaves because it is the Fall season, you know? Again, though, you could get maybe 15 of these an hour plus an extra 25 from the usual daily challenges at the time.

If you wanted this Cloak of Autumn, you really had to grind that event. Hopefully, it returns in the future so that players will have another opportunity to make a Cloak of Autumn and later Seasons for themselves.


Question: Can you still make the Cloak of Seasons RS3? 

Answer: No, you cannot still make the Cloak of Seasons in RuneScape 3 these days. Unfortunately, the very best cloak around in the MMO is unavailable for players to make at this time. This is because the materials to make the four seasonal cloaks that make it up were only in some limited-time events. They could and should return someday but not yet.

Question: Is the Cloak of Seasons discontinued?

Answer: No, the Cloak of Seasons is not discontinued at this time. If you own it, you can continue to wear it. And if you don’t have it, there’s a chance of possibly finding it in the Treasure Hunter, but your chances are slim, and it may not always be an item offered there. Or you could buy it off the Grand Exchange for an insane approximately 300 million coins.

Question: How to get the Coronet of Spring RS3?

Answer: The Coronet of Spring was a crown that was themed around the spring season that required players to combine 500 flourishing seeds together to make it. It was also given out to players at the time for free in 2018. Unfortunately, you can’t make it at this time and will likely be unable ever to make it again unless the limited-time seasonal event comes back.

What Item to Make Next

Chaotic Spear
Image from runescape fandom

The Cloak of Seasons is one of the very best items that you will ever find in RS3. There are only a few items out there with the same level of grandeur and elegance to it as the very best cape that exists in the MMO. Of course, acquiring the status of having this cape equipped on your character is much easier said than done.

Unfortunately, you’re not very likely to get the Cloak of Seasons in the near future, given the fact that the standard method of making it doesn’t exist right now. That said, there are some high-end items that you can still get nonetheless, and one of those is the chaotic spear, otherwise known as one of the very best weapons in all of RS3. We’re not just cosmetic fans here; we have you covered on that combat side, too.

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