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Conflict is everywhere, and so is capitalism, whether you like or appreciate either one of those topics. The Feud is a quest in Old School RuneScape that tackles both of these issues head-on and in the funniest way possible. While The Feud can be one of the more frustrating quests due to its numerous puzzling tasks, it doesn’t have to be any longer with our The Feud OSRS guide.

The desert region in the southeastern corner of the map of OSRS is one of my favorite locations in the game. Partially due to its unique biome style and the fact that not a lot of players trek here, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last decade in this area just exploring and having fun. Of course, this includes completing quests like the one I’m going to help you with in The Feud OSRS guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Feud is an intermediate-difficulty quest only members can complete in the desert region. It begins in Al Kharid but soon takes you across the desert as you deal with two warring gangs in a small town far from the desert capital. The Feud has a lot going on with it due to the various steps, but the ability to learn how to pickpocket villagers and the genuinely goofy dialogue in this quest more than make up for the struggle to complete it.

Quest Details Up Front

The Feud OSRS
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

Here is a top-down view of everything you need to know about The Feud OSRS quest before you get started. From the items and skills you’ll need to the rewards you’ll receive, perhaps this will help you decide whether or not you’ll want to tackle this quest right now or later on.

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Official Length: Medium (Note that this is the official length, but I find this one to be pretty long, especially if you don’t prepare)
  • Official Difficulty: Intermediate (But could be considered Hard, given the level requirement)
  • Required Quests: None
  • Required Items500 coins (1000 if done inefficiently), three beers, a bucket, gloves (various types work, such as leather gloves), a fake beard, and a Kharidian headpiece
  • Optional Items/SkillsLevel 70 or higher combat level
  • Required Skills: Level 30 Thieving
  • Quest Rewards: 1 quest point, 15,000 Thieving skill experience, 500 coins, adamant scimitar, desert disguise, oak blackjack, pickpocketing of various NPCs, willow blackjack, and various content such as the Rogue Trader minigame

The Feud OSRS Overview

The Feud
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

The Feud is one of my favorite members’ quests that you can find in the desert region of the OSRS world. It is a classic standoff between two rival gangs that are battling for control of a town. All the while, it is wrapped up in you trying to find the long-lost nephew of a struggling merchant.

This is your typical melodramatic soap opera storyline right here but all wrapped up in the hilarious slapstick comedic writing that RuneScape is known for. As a relatively challenging quest with a surprisingly long length to it, this is one mission that will take some true time commitment from you.

That said, it is well worth the time and effort since the writing pay-off and quest rewards are more than worth it. Not to mention the fact that The Feud’s quest completion is required for a couple of future quests that you may wish to tackle down the road. Here’s everything that you need to know about The Feud in order to complete it.


The story of The Feud begins with the player encountering the greatest merchant in all the lands, Ali Morrisane. The struggling merchant finds that he is too popular and needs some assistance from his nephew, who, sadly, seems to be missing and last seen in the town of Pollnivneach.

The player soon finds that there is more to this story than meets the eye, as Ali’s nephew has possibly gotten himself wrapped up in an ongoing battle between the bandits of the small desert town and the Menaphite gang.

Required Items: How to Get Them

There are quite a few items that the player will need for The Feud OSRS quest. Some of these items aren’t necessary at the start of the quest, but I recommend grabbing them ahead of time to save you time and frustration later. You’ll be able to go straight from quest objective to objective with no breaks in between. Here’s how to get all of the various required items.

How to Get 500 Coins

Grand Exchange market
Image from oldschool rune scape fandom

For starters, you’ll need 500 gold coins to do this quest. That isn’t a whole lot, especially since you’ll likely have been playing RuneScape for quite some time by the time you tackle this quest due to the level requirement. However, there is a trick involved with this item requirement.

If you do the quest wrong (more on that below), you’ll need 1000 coins, which is arguably still almost nothing. You could have gotten well over 500 coins just from completing other quests, taking drops from fallen foes over time, or selling items on the Grand Exchange market. It’s up to you how you wish to acquire these 500 coins, but rest assured that you will get them back when you’re done.

How to Get Beers and a Bucket

Beer - OSRS Wiki
Image from Oldschool Runescape Wiki

Three beers are also needed for this quest, which is by far the easiest item requirement here. This is the only one I don’t think you need to get beforehand, but you’re more than welcome to. Head to any bar in one of the main cities like Varrock, and you can buy some beers for just a handful of coins.

Alternatively, you can just wait until you reach the town of Pollnivneach and buy some beers from the bartender there. You’ll need a bucket for this quest, too, which you can buy from any of the general stores in the world, but even this isn’t too necessary. Near the location required for the bucket (more on that in a bit), you’ll find that some buckets spawn there, so it’s up to you if you want to get this before starting the quest.

How to Get Gloves

Gloves OSRS
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

The player needs a pair of gloves that they’ll need to wear for The Feud quest. The weird thing here is that there are different types of gloves that can work for this quest, but not all gloves work. To simplify the confusing nature of this item requirement, I recommend just grabbing yourself some leather gloves.

They work for this quest and are relatively easy to acquire. All you need to do is either buy them on the Grand Exchange for a couple of coins, depending on the current state of the market, or make them yourself. This only requires a base level one of Crafting to make them.

Once you are ready to make some leather gloves, make sure to pick up some leather (obtained from tanning a cowhide) and some thread, which you can get in the Jolly Boar Inn’s kitchen just northeast of Varrock. Or, again, you could get it from the Grand Exchange for a few coins, but you might as well just buy the leather gloves there at that point.

Where to Find the Fake Beard

Fake beard (Rocking Out) - The RuneScape Wiki
Image from Runescape Wiki

There is a fake beard that you’ll need for this quest, too. Thankfully, you don’t have to go far to find the fake beard since Ali Morrisane, the merchant who gives you this quest, will sell it to you. If you miss out on buying it from him for some reason, you can also get it at the general store in Pollnivneach.

Lastly, you could purchase the fake beard ahead of time at the Grand Exchange, but you’ll be paying an unnecessary sum of a couple hundred coins, so keep that in mind.

Where to Acquire a Kharidian Headpiece

Kharidian Headpiece
Image from Runescape Wiki

The final item that you’ll need is the Kharidian headpiece item. Like the fake beard before it, you could buy this from the Grand Exchange if you happen to be near there before starting the quest, but you’ll waste a couple hundred coins when you don’t need to.

Ali Morrisane sells this Kharidian headpiece to you so you can grab it as soon as you start the quest. If you forget and miss out on getting it from him, you can grab it while in the middle of the quest from the Pollnivneach general store, too, for the same price.

The only technically required level you need for The Feud quest is to have at least level 30 in your Thieving skill beforehand. This classic members-only skill is there to let the player steal from NPCs and various stores throughout the world. Still, you’ll need to level it up to steal from certain characters.

In the case of this quest, you’ll need at least level 30 Thieving to complete The Feud. If you find yourself under that level when you grab this quest, here’s what I like to do to level up quickly. For absolute beginners who haven’t done Thieving at all, head to Edgeville and pickpocket the male NPCs in the town there.

Once you reach level five, head on over to Varrock and steal from the tea stand that is in the middle of the city. You’ll have to keep doing this over and over until you reach level 30. There are some other methods of leveling up Thieving quickly, but this is what I prefer to do.

Unfortunately, reaching level 30 in Thieving isn’t the only grinding you’ll possibly have to do for this OSRS quest. Though it is the only required skill, you’ll have a couple of major fights in this quest. They aren’t easy, either, requiring you to take down some level 70 and level 75 enemies.

As such, I highly recommend that you reach at least level 70 combat level and have some decent equipment on to boot. These enemies aren’t the hardest, and you can, technically, gank the system from some safe corners, but I wouldn’t rely on that solely. Try to at least hit combat level 70 if you can to ensure you have no issues or frustrations with this quest.

Brief Walkthrough

For those of you players who are in a hurry when it comes to completing The Feud, I have you covered below with a shortened walkthrough of what you need to do for this quest. Keep in mind, though, that this is a rather long quest, so if you’re in that much of a hurry, this might not be the quest for you right now since it will take up a whole lot of your time.

  1. After gathering the necessary items and recommended levels for this quest, begin The Feud by speaking with the merchant, Ali Morrisane, in Al Kharid.
  2. Combine the Kharidian headpiece and fake beard to make a desert disguise.
  3. Head southeast of Al Kharid to the small town of Pollnivneach, and go into the bar there.
  4. Give the three beers to the Drunken Ali NPC in the bar, one at a time, gaining more information.
  5. Go to the Menaphite’s tent and speak with a member there, then talk with one of the bandits on the northern side of the city.
  6. Speak with Ali the Camel Man and buy the two camels for 500 coins (don’t offer 1000, or you’ll waste money unnecessarily), and then take the camels to the two rival gangs.
  7. Speak with Ali, the Operator, and then pickpocket three villagers in the desert town.
  8. Return to Ali the Operator, put on your desert disguise, the gloves, and hide behind the cactus near the mayor’s home.
  9. Open up the safe behind the picture in the mayor’s bedroom using the password 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8.
  10. Give the jewels to Ali the Operator, talk to a Menaphite member, return to Ali the Operator once more, speak with Ali the Barman, and then visit Ali the Hag west of town.
  11. Give some money to the snake charmer and then use the snake charm on one of the desert snakes north of town.
  12. Go back to Ali the Hag and then head to Ali the Kebab to get some hot sauce. Use that hot sauce on the camels nearby to acquire some nice brown or Ugthanki dung.
  13. Get the poison from the hag and then head into the bar to use the poison on the empty table that has a beer set on it.
  14. Return to Ali the Operator, then speak with the Menaphite Leader, defeat the Tough Guy, and speak with a villager.
  15. Speak with the bandit leader now and defeat the bandit champion.
  16. Speak with one of the villagers again and then talk with Ali, the Mayor. Once done with that, return to Ali Morrisane to complete The Feud.

Deeper Walkthrough

In all honesty, this is a long and detailed quest with a lot of complex steps to it. I get if some players need a little extra help when it comes to knowing exactly where to go, what to do, who to talk to, and how to defeat the two enemies that you’ll face. Here’s everything you need to know to complete The Feud.

Preparing for the Mission

Al Kharid OSRS
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

After acquiring the necessary items and levels for this quest, head to Al Kharid in the desert. On the southwestern side of the city, you’ll find a man named Ali Morrisane, who is a merchant. Speak with him, and you can begin the quest.

He will note to you that he needs help running his business and would like his nephew to help out, but he’s been missing for a while. He tasks you with finding his nephew in the small town of Pollnivneach southeast of the city.

At this point, buy the fake beard and Kharidian headpiece if you haven’t already. Use the two together in your inventory to make a desert disguise, so you’re ready. From there, head to the village of Pollnivneach.

Camel Wrangler

Ugthanki - OSRS Wiki
Image from OldSchool Runescape

Go into the bar in town and speak with Ali, the Barman who will direct you to the Drunken Ali in the bar. If you don’t have three beers already, buy some here in the bar and then head over to the drunken NPC. Speak with him, and he’ll require some beer to answer your questions.

Give him one beer at a time, and he will divulge more information until he reveals that the nephew might have become involved with the currently feuding gangs. From there, head to the purple tent nearby that is the home of the Menaphite gang, one of the two rival groups.

From there, head to the bandit camp on the northern side of town to speak with one of the bandits there and learn more about the camel troubles plaguing the two gangs. Head to the camel store at this point and speak with, you guessed it, yet another Ali NPC. There is certainly something strange going on here, but I digress.

Buy two camels from Ali the Camel Man for 500 coins. You have the option to pay 1000 but don’t pick it unless you want to waste extra coins for no reason whatsoever. Take the camels back to the two gangs and speak with them again, but this will, unfortunately, not help you find Ali Morrisane’s nephew.

How to Pickpocket the Townsfolk

At this point, head on over to Ali, the Operator in town, and speak with him. He will inform you that you should infiltrate one of the gangs to find the lost nephew. But before he’ll help you do that, you’ll need to fulfill three missions for him.

The first mission is to pickpocket three villagers in the town. I guess this is all to prove your loyalty to the gang, but it could just be to line the pockets of the not-very helpful Ali the Operator. For starters, pick any villager that you find in the town and steal from them by right-clicking and selecting that option.

For the second villager, speak with the street urchin character who will help you for 10 coins. He will draw attention to himself, and the game will indicate a distracted villager who you will need to pickpocket.

Last but not least, return to Ali, the Operator, who will give you the blackjack. What you want to do here is speak with one of the villagers and have them follow you into an empty building. Use the blackjack to knock them out and then take all their possessions.

Taking the Precious Jewels

Unfortunately, stealing from those villagers wasn’t enough for the picky and lazy Ali the Operator. At this point, he will require you to do a second job for him that involves stealing the mayor’s wife’s precious jewels.

This is where the desert disguise comes into place, so put that bad boy on and head to the mayor’s home. Outside of it is a large cactus that you can click on to hide behind. Once the coast is clear, you’ll be able to enter the home with the key.

Inside the mayor’s bedroom, there are several items that you can interact with for this puzzle. But I will give you the shortcut and let you know that there is a safe you need to access behind the hanging picture frame.

The answer to the safe is the same as the first few numbers from the Fibonacci sequence, which happens to be 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8. Open the safe and take the jewels from inside.

Poisoning Traitorous Ali

Sadly, once more, this is not enough for Ali, the Operator, who will give you a final task, to eliminate the traitor in the group. Speak with one of the Menaphite members to learn about Traitorous Ali and speak with Ali the Operator, then Ali the Barman to learn about the traitor’s beer.

From this point, head west of town to see Ali the Hag to get some poison to take out the traitor. For her to make it, though, she first needs a snake. Head to the snake charmer and give him some money using his pot. In turn, he will give you the snake basket and snake charm items.

Use the snake charm on one of the snakes in town to acquire it and then return to the old hag. The second item that you’ll need is some fresh dung, so head to Ali the Kebab man and get some hot sauce from him. Use that hot sauce on the feeding area for the camels and keep doing this until you receive either nice brown dung or Ugthanki dung. I apologize for the very descriptive names, but that is what they are called in-game.

At this point, Ali the Hag will finally give you the poison, which you should use on the beer on the empty table in the bar. At this point, return to Ali, the Operator.

How to Defeat the Tough Guy and Bandit Champion

Ali the Operator, will have you speak with the leader of the Menaphite gang, who will have his level 75 Tough Guy fight you. So long as you have the recommended level of 70 for this fight and some decent equipment, it should be easy enough.

For magic users and lower-level players, though, this will be a struggle. There is a safety zone inside of the tent where you get him stuck on the stool in the corner if you really need some extra help winning this fight.

After this, speak with one of the villagers, and you’ll now need to take care of the bandits. Speak with the bandit leader, and he will send out his level 70 bandit champion to take you on. Again, being the right level for this will make this a rather straightforward fight. Still, if not, there is another safe zone in the tent nearby for magic users and ranged fighters.

Finishing the Quest

After defeating the bandit champion, it is now time to talk with the villagers. After finding out that the still ungrateful peasants hate you, talk with Ali, the Mayor. At the very least, he will be somewhat appreciative of everything that you did for the town.

He will finally let you know about Ali Morrisane’s nephew, the whole point of this entire quest, which begs the question of why you couldn’t have spoken with him in the first place. You find that his nephew was kicked out of town for swindling people. Hmm, very strange.

Return to Ali Morrisane to find out that you were the one swindled this entire time by the best salesman in all the lands. This was all an elaborate ploy to get you to go to the town and spend a lot of time and money there with the various traders in the town, like the bartender, hag, kebab seller, and so on.

Indeed, Ali Morrisane might be the greatest master of disguise and salesperson to ever grace RuneScape; he even puts the scammers and hackers out there to shame.

The Feud OSRS Rewards

When the long-awaited completion of The Feud, you will receive various rewards from Ali Morrisane, the greatest swindler in all of RuneScape. You’ll get a quest point as always, 15,000 Thieving experience, which is quite nice for leveling up your Thieving skill, and 500 coins to make up for your loss.

In addition, you’ll keep the desert disguise, the oak blackjack, the adamant scimitar, and the willow blackjack so long as you keep these drops and items from the two enemies you faced.

Less tangible than some of the other rewards that you receive from this quest is the ability to now do the Rogue Trader minigame. You’ll also now be able to return to the desert town and pickpocket most NPCs there, including the villagers and bandits.

Follow-Up Quests

My Arm's Big Adventure
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

The Feud is a necessary quest for some of the other quests that you can do later on. Note that it isn’t part of any actual quest series or major storyline since you wrap everything up nicely at the end of The Feud. Here are the two quests and the one diary that you need to complete The Feud for and can now do whenever you want:

  • Hard Desert Diary
  • My Arm’s Big Adventure
  • Rogue Trader


Question: What gloves work for The Feud OSRS?

Answer: There are many glove types that work for The Feud, but not all of them. Some of the glove types include the Karamja gloves, ham gloves, and more. But I always recommend just the leather gloves for being so easy to acquire.

Question: How do I get a safe spot bandit champion?

Answer: There are a couple of safe spots for the bandit champion, including the nearby crates that he can get stuck on. I prefer the nearby tent, though, since it is easy to get him stuck there and use ranged attacks.

Question: How do you play snake charm OSRS?

Answer: When you are ready with the snake charm in hand, search one of the urns to find a snake. Use the snake charm on the snake that appears, and then play your song for it. This will allow you to loot any urn for what’s inside.

What OSRS Quest to Tackle Next

Completing the long-winded and hilarious ending of The Feud isn’t the end of your RuneScape journeys. Oh, no, it is far from over now. There are still many more quests and journeys for you to go on. There are a ton of quests that you still haven’t done, including the ones that required The Feud’s completion to unlock.

But for the full list of quests that exist in OSRS and to see which ones you might still have left to complete, be sure to consult our full list of all OSRS quests in existence. This is a nifty way to keep track of all the quests you’ve done and the ones that you still have left to tackle in order to finish your entire journey.

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