Chaotic Spear Guide: How to Acquire This Top Weapon

RuneScape 3 is a game that has had a weird back-and-forth with me since its release, where I still preferred OSRS over it the vast majority of the time. I know that I am not alone in this regard, but there is a feature of RS3 that puts it in a unique place, and that is Dungeoneering. If you ever see me playing RuneScape 3, rest assured that it is almost solely to enjoy this exclusive skill and its rewards like the one in this chaotic spear guide.

This chaotic spear guide will dive deep into everything you need to know about this meta-breaking weapon. As one of the best weapons you can find in the entire game, the chaotic spear is well worth picking up for anyone who wants to be efficient in RS3’s endgame. Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock this weapon, how to repair it, and much more.

Bottom Line Up Front

The chaotic spear is one of the most powerful weapons in all of RuneScape 3. Few weapons are better than this one, making it one of the most popular around. Unfortunately, you can only get the chaotic spear through Dungeoneering, which is one of the exclusive RuneScape 3 skills. Players need at least level 80 Dungeoneering, level 80 Attack, 10 chaotic spikes, and already a Zamorakian spear to get the chaotic spear. This beloved spear requires a ton of level and dungeon grinding in order to even unlock it.

Chaotic Spear Overview

Chaotic Spear
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I remember the days in which RuneScape 3 first came out. At the time, I was in my longest period of being away from OSRS as I was busy with school and everything else going on at the time. With the release of RS3, I was brought back to the world of RuneScape and haven’t really left since.

Admittedly, I’m not an RS3 fan at all and vastly prefer to play OSRS but when I do play the newer MMO, what you will usually see me doing is checking out Dungeoneering. The exclusive skill you won’t find in OSRS is arguably the best part of that entire game.

Since I can’t find it in OSRS, Dungeoneering is fun enough to get me to come back to RS3 every so often to check it out. As part of my Dungeoneering efforts, one of the main goals for me initially was to unlock the chaotic spear weapon.

After all, it is one of the best weapons in the entire MMO. If you want to dominate the endgame of RS3, there are few weapons better than the chaotic spear that you can find out there. Unfortunately, suppose you are also like me and want to get this weapon due to its Dungeoneering relation. In that case, you’ll find that acquiring the chaotic spear takes quite a long time.

How to Obtain the Chaotic Spear

Players wishing to get the chaotic spear will find that you must be a member to unlock the endgame weapon. This is the first and most crucial requirement since free players might think it is possible to acquire this chaotic spear.

Even though Dungeoneering is the skill required for the chaotic spear and anyone from free to members alike can enjoy the content, the spear itself isn’t available to free players. This is due to one of the other required items that you need in order to acquire the spear.


First off, it is worth noting the other requirements that you need to have in order to get the chaotic spear. Here is every required skill and item that you will need for this weapon:

  • Level 80 Dungeoneering
  • Level 80 Attack
  • 10 chaotic spikes (which themselves cost a ton of Dungeoneering tokens)
  • Zamorakian spear

How to Best Grind to Level 80 Dungeoneering

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Level 80 Dungeoneering is quite close to the max level that the skill has, making this one of the most demanding requirements for the chaotic spear. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can maximize your grinding to reach this skill as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that you need to be a member in order to own and use the chaotic spear, so to this point, I will only include some of the members grinding methods that I have for you. These are much faster for reaching level 80, and you’ll need the membership anyways if you want the actual weapon itself.

For starters, I always recommend heading to world 77 since this is the world that is designated for Dungeoneering. Sure, you could grind the skill anywhere you want, but for finding other like-minded players, this is the world to head to, and it will make finding parties a whole lot easier.

Having a team of players to frequently run dungeons with is highly recommended as it can be tougher to level up the Dungeoneering skill on your own. This is part of the preparation you should complete before jumping into Daemonheim.

In addition, I recommend drinking the perfect juju Dungeoneering potion before going into Daemonheim. You have to drink it before joining the dungeon, but doing so will grant you 5% more damage, two levels worth of boosting to most skills, and more for a whopping four hours.

Now for the actual dungeon grinding itself. If you are a lower-level Dungeoneering player, I recommend grabbing some other players who have plenty of level 99 or close skills. This will help with some of the more frustrating aspects of needing just about every skill in the game for Dungeoneering.

The grind for this skill is largely rinse and repeat. You start out with access to only a few floors and areas in Daemonheim and have to unlock the others as you level up your Dungeoneering skill. The idea is to go through the floors you have available to you and then reach your limit.

At that point, reset your progress and start all over from the first floor. This will ensure that you are getting the most XP possible. Continue going through the same old floors once more and resetting until you unlock new areas. You want to up your difficulty whenever you can, as this will also increase the maximum possible XP at the end of your run.

Also, in the same vein, turn off the guide feature once you reach Complexity 5 and higher.

How to Reach Level 80 Attack

Level 80 Attack, thankfully, is a more straightforward experience compared to that of Dungeoneering. What I find is that you could actually double up your efforts and raise this skill at the same time as you are grinding Daemonheim.

Since the dungeon requires combat and the use of other skills, you can use this to level up your Attack skill as much as possible. Outside of that method, though, the best way to get your Attack up is to first off change your settings to solely level up your Attack when you engage in combat.

In general, be diligent about upgrading your weapons and ensuring that you have the best equipment possible. This will not only help you deal the most damage the fastest, but it will also let you tackle the strongest enemies around your current level.

A super attack potion is also welcome since it will boost the overall XP that you gain from grinding; grab a whole bunch of those on the Grand Exchange. The idea is constantly leveling up and changing your mob grinding areas as you go.

You might want to start with the goblins at level one but quickly switch to the mountain troll, hill giant, and so on. So long as you are taking on enemies relative to your Attack skill and have the equipment to back it up, then you will be making the most of your grind.

Lastly, be sure to look up the weapon type weakness for the mob you’re grinding. If your enemy is weak to slashing weapons, take advantage of that. Sure, you could use the other types of weapons but taking advantage of its weakness will ensure that you are killing the enemy as fast as possible.

Where to Find Chaotic Spikes

Dungeoneering tokens
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For better or for worse, the grind doesn’t end with the level requirement that you need for the chaotic spear. To make the actual weapon itself, you need 10 chaotic spikes to build this weapon. These 10 items may seem small in number, but they require an insane amount of Dungeoneering tokens.

Dungeoneering tokens are some of the rewards that you always get upon completion of an entire dungeon run. Leaving a run early before completion will result in no tokens earned, which is why you must always complete your runs when grinding to level 80 Dungeoneering.

How tokens work is that you get one token for every 10 experience that you gain in a dungeon run. For example, if you earn 10,000 XP for Dungeoneering at the end of a run, you will earn 1000 Dungeoneering tokens.

The problem is that each of the chaotic spikes costs a whopping 20,000 Dungeoneering tokens. In total, you will need 200,000 of these tokens to gain all 10 of the chaotic spikes that you need for this weapon. That, in turn, means that you need to accumulate around two million total XP.

Image from runescape wiki

To be fair, you will gain pretty much that many Dungeoneering tokens just trying to get your level to 80 for the skill so long as you complete every single run that you do in Daemonheim. However, the problem is that you must not spend any of your tokens as you are doing this grind.

Otherwise, you’ll have to grind more runs and gain even more XP so that you can get enough tokens for this requirement. Suppose you plan ahead and save up your tokens as you grind from level one to 80. In that case, it is absolutely possible to minimize the frustration with this part of earning the chaotic spear.

Also, remember that Dungeoneering tokens can be used to unlock more experience for the skill. Still, I highly recommend against using this if you genuinely want the chaotic spear. That will speed up one of the requirements but, ultimately, still result in you needing to grind more Daemonheim in the end.

Where to Get the Zamorakian Spear

God Wars Dungeon
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

Finally, there is the Zamorakian spear, which is one of the most time-consuming weapons that you can unlock through the God Wars Dungeon. There are a couple of ways that you can go about tackling finding this spear.

The first of these is by simply doing the God Wars Dungeon and reaching the boss, K’ril Tsutsaroth. This boss is one of the lower-level ones in the dungeon that drops the Zamorakian spear, thankfully, but it is still a rare drop even from this boss.

To this point, you will probably need a good bit of grinding this boss fight in order to unlock the spear and add it to your inventory. Alternatively, there is another way of handling this, and that is by grinding with a team of players who also need the spear.

If you work together, you will be much faster in your grind of the dungeon and, therefore, earn your rewards. When the spear drops, it will instead drop 120 shards that make up the weapon that will be divided up between the party members.

You need 120 shards to make the spear, so this would require a few different runs, but everyone would be able to get it at the same time this way. Also, it could be much easier since you would be working with a team that can tackle these bosses much more quickly.

Also, keep in mind that the lucky Zamorakian spear works here, too, for the chaotic spear. Still, you have even fewer chances of acquiring that weapon.

Once you have all four of these main requirements in your inventory, you will be able to create the chaotic spear, one of the top weapons in all of RuneScape 3.

How to Repair the Chaotic Spear

Unlike most of the other weapons in RuneScape 3, there is a weapon break mechanic involved with the chaotic spear that you should know about. Despite the overwhelming strength of this weapon which is capable of a whopping 1788 damage, it is not the infinite weapon that it might seem.

It has only 30,000 charges for its durability status before it breaks and needs to be repaired. Thankfully, that durability will usually last for several in-game hours before you ever have to fix it, but this is a certainty, especially for players grinding more of Daemonheim and the like.

You can repair the chaotic spear at any time by visiting the rewards trader that is found in Daemonheim. How it works is that the calculation for the repair costs will be determined by the current durability of the weapon, starting from the moment that it is at 99% of its charges and beyond all the way to its broken state of 0% charges.

When it is at 99% charge, this is the lowest-costing repair charge, which you can pay in one of two manners. It can either cost you 20,000 coins for a 1% charge of the weapon or, alternatively, 2000 coins and 200 Dungeoneering tokens.

In practice, you will likely be repairing much more than a single percent of the weapon charge. Suppose you wait until it is completely broken, for instance. In that case, the repair costs will, at maximum, require a whopping two million total coins or 200,000 coins and 20,000 Dungeoneering tokens.

Personally, I recommend sticking to the two million coins option when it comes to repairing the weapon. I would never suggest using the Dungeoneering tokens to make this happen since they are so crucial for other rewards. Plus, if you are a member at this level to get the chaotic spear, two million coins should be relatively easy to acquire.

Thankfully, there is one way to bring down the costs of the repairs for the chaotic spear. If you have unlocked Daemonheim Aura 3 (which is very well possible at this point), you’ll get a nice 5% discount to repair the spear. This aura version requires the completion of the hard Daemonheim achievements.


Question: How do you get chaotic weapons in RuneScape?

Answer: There are other chaotic weapons besides the chaotic spear we covered in this guide. You can acquire the other chaotic weapons by purchasing them from the trader in Daemonheim with similar items to the spear. What remains the same is that you need level 80 Dungeoneering skill as always but the secondary skill changes to that of whichever weapon you want, but still remaining at level 80 for that particular skill, such as Ranged, Magic, and more.

Question: How do you charge a chaotic weapon?

Answer: You can charge any chaotic weapon, not just the chaotic spear, by heading to the rewards trader in Daemonheim. It will cost you one of two possible avenues of currency: either full-on coins only or a mix of the RuneScape coins and the Dungeoneering tokens. You pick whichever method you would rather use for repairing the chaotic weapon.

Question: Can you augment the Zamorakian spear? 

Answer: Yes, you definitely can augment the Zamorakian spear. Like other similar weapons, all you need to do is use one of the Augmentors on the spear, and you’ll be able to use this special, upgraded version of the weapon.

How to Conquer Daemonheim

Of course, getting the chaotic spear requires you to be a Dungeoneering master, essentially at level 80. That is much easier said than done. While it isn’t the worst grind possible in RuneScape 3, it will take time for you to reach that point. Thankfully, we’ve got your back when it comes to tackling and mastering the entirety of Daemonheim.

To this point, we have a guide to completing all of the tasks in Daemonheim. This includes details on how to get Daemonheim Aura 3, which is a welcome addition for reducing the costs of repairing the chaotic spear. That is the best place to look for anyone who wishes to master the Dungeoneering skill and the chaotic spear.

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