OSRS Rogues’ Den Guide

Making money in Runescape back in the day wasn’t easy. We had no Grand Exchange where we could instantly sell any tradeable item in the game. Instead, you had to camp out back of Varrock East Bank, spamming “Flash2: Bank sale!” and hope someone around wanted to buy what you were selling. Then I became a member and heard about the Thieving skill

Do you mean to tell me that there’s a skill that puts cash straight into my pocket? Just like that? Then call me Swiper because I’m about to do some swiping. I’ve got gold-trimmed Black armour to buy. 

I started with the basic pickpocketing and stall stealing, but my Thieving exploits eventually took me to the Rogues’ Den. I had no idea what to expect. It turns out the Rogues’ Den is a must-visit for any aspiring thief. 

Keep a set of eyes in the back of your head and clutch your wallet a little tighter because we’re going to the Rogues’ Den.

How To Get There

The easiest way to get to the Rogues’ Den is using the Games Room teleport on the games necklace to get to Burthorpe Games Room. From there, head slightly southeast to The Toad and the Chicken Pub. The ladder leading into the Rogues’ Den is in the Pub.

Use the trapdoor in The Toad and the Chicken Pub to enter the Rogues' Den.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Alternatively, you can use the combat bracelet to teleport to the Warriors’ Guild and run east to The Toad and the Chicken Pub. However, recharging dragonstone jewellery is a bit of a hassle, and the games necklace is much cheaper.

Entry Requirements

Skyrim could sure take a page out of the Jagex playbook. Unlike the guilds of Skyrim, like the College of Winterhold, which will let someone who doesn’t even use magic become the leader of their order, you actually have to be a proficient thief before you can get inside the Rogues’ Den. Specifically, you need a minimum of level 50 in Thieving and Agility

The Agility requirement may come as a surprise, but to be fair, it makes sense. You can’t exactly be a pickpocket or make a swift getaway after a heist if you’re clumsy. Getting up your Agility should be at the top of your account priority list, so it works out all the same. 

Once you have level 50 Thieving and Agility, make your way to the Rogues’ Den ASAP.


Brian O’Richard

Brian runs the Maze in the Rogues' Den.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Brian is the guy in the snazzy suit, and he’s the man you’ll want to speak to once inside the Rogues’ Den. Brian manages the Rogues’ Den minigame, and you need to talk to him to play.

Martin Thwait

Martin runs the Rogues' Den General Store and sells the Thieving Cape.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Martin runs the General Store down in the Rogues’ Den. He’s also the NPC that sells the Thieving Cape and Hood to players who have reached level 99. 

Emerald Benedict

Benedict runs the bank in the Rogues' Den.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Emerald Benedict is in the southwest part of the Rogues’ Den and runs a bank. After all, a thief’s pockets can only hold so much. 


Grace sells the Graceful Outfit.
Image by Xavier Geitz

The fourth and final NPC in the Rogues’ Den is Grace. She runs a store called Grace’s Graceful Clothing and is the NPC who sells the Graceful Outfit. She also sells packs of amylase crystals.

Services/Notable Locations

Rogues’ Den Maze

The highlight of the Rogues’ Den and one of the two primary reasons for going here is the Maze. 

To enter the Maze, speak with Brian. You can’t have anything equipped or in your inventory before Brian allows you inside the Maze. He will give you a mystic jewel, which lets you leave the Maze whenever you want, then sends you on your way. 

The Maze is full of an assortment of both Thieving and Agility traps and obstacles like floor spikes, spinning blades, and contortion bars. There are also Rogue guards patrolling the Maze.

Use RuneLite's Rogues' Den Maze plugin to make things easier.
Image by Xavier Geitz

I strongly recommend you use RuneLite while playing the Rogues’ Den minigame. There’s a plugin that trivializes the minigame, which allows you to get a complete Rogue outfit as quickly as possible. The plugin tells you where to and not to step and the optimal path for navigating the Maze.

Some traps are considered dangerous obstacles. Failing at any of these or getting caught by a Rogue guard will boot you out of the Maze. Disarming traps and navigating through obstacles will lower your Thieving and Agility levels by one each time, respectively. If either your Thieving or Agility reaches zero, you will receive a boot from the Maze. Consider sipping a dose of a stamina potion and eating a bite of summer pie before entering the Maze.

Complete the Rogues' Den Maze to get some Rogue outfit pieces.
Image by Xavier Geitz

If you successfully make it through the Maze, you will be able to crack one of the eight wall safes in the central chamber. These wall safes have a chance of giving you Rogue’s equipment crates, each of which contains one piece of Rogue equipment. The wall safe might also drop a Rogue kit which is pretty useless. You can use a Rogue kit to give yourself a spade, rope, chisel, or tinderbox. 

There’s a chance that you will fail to crack the wall safe. If this happens, a trap will trigger and boot you to the beginning of the Maze. You can’t win them all. 

If you have the bare minimum of level 50 Thieving and Agility, getting a complete Rogue outfit should take no longer than two hours. If your Thieving and Agility levels are somewhere in the 70s-80s, you can get this done in as little as 30 minutes.

Rogue’s Outfit

The Rogue's Outfit is one of the coolest outfits in OSRS.
Image from OSRS Wiki – Image by Xavier Geitz

Each piece of the Rogue’s outfit gives you a 20% chance of getting double loot from successful NPC pickpockets. If you have the complete set, that’s a 100% chance.

Several recommended training methods to level 99 Thieving, like Elves or Ardougne knights, can net you considerable profit. You have no reason not to get the Rogue’s outfit before settling into that grind. 

The outfit also looks pretty dang cool with a thieving bag.

Grace’s Graceful Clothing

Browse the wares of Grace's Graceful Clothing to get a Graceful Outfit.
Image by Xavier Geitz

The Rogues’ Den was already a pretty sweet place thanks to the Rogue’s outfit alone, but an update in OSRS made this place an even bigger priority. I’m talking about Grace’s Graceful Clothing.

While training Agility via rooftop courses, you will receive marks of grace. Always pick these up, as these are the currency used in Grace’s Graceful Clothing. You can use them to purchase pieces of the Graceful outfit. 

After you have a complete set of Graceful, you can use any leftover marks of grace to buy amylase packs. Each pack contains 100 amylase crystals, which sell for 1.1K GP each on the Grand Exchange. Amylase crystals are one of the ingredients needed to make stamina potions. 

Graceful outfit

The Graceful Outfit is the most useful piece of equipment in the game.
Image from OSRS Wiki – Image by Xavier Geitz

The Graceful outfit is easily the single most valuable equipment set in OSRS. It doesn’t matter whether you like skilling, PVMing, or questing; whatever your preference, you’ll be running around Gielinor. A lot. That takes up energy. In other words, you’ll need a lot of run energy.

Each piece of the Graceful outfit has weight reduction properties. They also give a buff to your run energy restoration rate. Wearing the complete set gives our run energy restoration rate a 30% bonus. Combine this with a dose of a stamina potion, and you won’t be running out of energy anytime soon.

Pieces of equipment like the penance gloves and spottier cape have superior weight reduction effects compared to their Graceful counterparts. However, the Graceful set effect makes Graceful the best option overall. 

Trust me; I know how painfully dull it can be to train Agility. It’s one of the reasons why I slack so much on bumping up my second main account. But I can’t emphasize enough the value of the Graceful outfit. It should be one of the first significant grinds you knock out in OSRS.

Martin Thwait’s Lost and Found

Martin's shop buys items at High Alchemy prices.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Martin’s General Store is one of only several general stores in OSRS that purchase items at their High Alchemy prices. This store comes in handy, especially for Iron Man accounts.

The other general store that comes to mind is the Bandit Duty Free General Store in the Wilderness. Bandit Duty Free isn’t a super hotspot for PKers, but there’s no reason to take that risk when you have a safe alternative. 

Martin sells low-level throwing knives, claws, and utility tools. If you have level 99 Thieving, you can purchase a Thieving Cape from the shop.

Benedict Bank

Benedict Bank, or the Bank of Benedict, is just that. A bank. You can access the bank by speaking with Benedict or using the bank chest. You can also interact with the bank deposit box in the corner.

Neverending Fire

The Rogues' Den fire is one of the best Cooking spots in OSRS.
Image by Xavier Geitz

Step aside, Amaterasu. Close to Benedict Bank is a fire that never goes out. It’s one of the nearest Cooking spots to a bank in OSRS.

Other locations like the Hosidius cooking range and Lumbridge castle cooking range offer benefits that make them superior to this fire, but if you want to cook as much as possible per hour, this is the place to be. Note: fire does not come with s’mores or campfire horror stories.

Waiting Room Wall Safes

The wall safes in the lobby aren't worth your time.
Image by Xavier Geitz

There are four wall safes in the waiting room of the Rogue’s Den. But unlike the wall safes in the Maze, these aren’t worth your time. 

The waiting room wall safes only coin low amounts of coins and low-level uncut gems when cracked. Failing to crack these safes will cause your play to take 2-6 damage from a sprung trap. Getting a stethoscope from Martin will increase your chances of successfully cracking these safes.

Safecracking is awesome in Runescape 3, but these OSRS wall safes aren’t worth your time. There are better ways of training Thieving and getting loot.


Question: Should I play the Rogues’ Den minigame after getting the complete Rogue’s outfit?

Answer: No. The outfit is the only reason you play this minigame. It’s not particularly fun, and it’s not good exp/hour, either. 

Question: What are the best Thieving and Agility levels to be at before playing the Rogues; Den minigame?

Answer: If you have level 80 Thieving, you can pick some doors in the Maze that act as shortcuts to the final chamber. But you ideally want the Rogue’s outfit as soon as possible to get double loot from pickpocketing suckers around Gielinor. Starting at level 50 will only make it take an hour and a half or two hours longer max to get a complete set. 

Question: Why can’t I recolor my Graceful outfit at Grace’s Graceful Clothing?

Answer: Osten in Shayzien is the NPC that can recolor Graceful outfits. He will do so for 15 marks of grace per piece.


You won’t spend too much time in the Rogues’ Den (Unless you want to roleplay with the Rogues’ Den being your hideout). The Rogue’s outfit is obtainable easily and quickly, and you only need to buy a Graceful set once. Even if you use the fire for Cooking, level 99 Cooking is one of the fastest 99s to achieve, so you’ll be out of here before you know it. 

But despite the Rogues’ Den’s lack of staying power, it’s one of the most important places to visit in OSRS. I suppose you can skip over getting the Rogue’s outfit, but you’d be a fool to ignore getting a Graceful set. I tried F2P OSRS, and you run out of steam faster than Slow Stephen from Thomas and Friends. 

Agility might be the best quality of life difference between F2P and Members. The Graceful outfit is how you best take advantage of Agility. 

That means you’re paying the Rogues’ Den a visit. 

If Jagex ever decides to bring a version of the Thieves’ Guild from Runescape 3 over to OSRS, the Rogues’ Den is likely the place they’ll put it. I don’t think that will ever happen; even if that’s the case, the Rogues’ Den is already an MVP. 

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