OSRS Bed Guide: All Bed Types and How to Get Them

My favorite part about RuneScape is the escape it offers to players (I mean, it’s literally in the name itself) as this massive fantasy MMORPG. It has been an escape for many for 15 years, and a considerable part of that comes from the freedom that OSRS offers. I love, for instance, that you can even make and live in your own house in the game. This house can be complete with various items, such as beds in this OSRS bed guide.

This OSRS bed guide is all about the various beds you can build and customize to add to your bedroom in your members-only house. This is where you can hang out, pretend to sleep, and even spend time with other players to show off your home. A bed may not be the most helpful feature of your home, but it can be the flashiest. Find out about every type of bed in RuneScape and how to acquire them in this OSRS bed guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Old School RuneScape features the ability to own your house in the game, so long as you are a current member subscriber. In your house, there are various rooms and items that you can customize, including your own bed to sleep in. There are four main bed types, including wooden, oak, teak, and 4-poster. There are some slight variations within those main categories. Still, they each require some effort from you, the player, in terms of materials, coins, and Construction skill.

OSRS Beds Overview

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The place where you lie your head at night is just as important as the other significant aspects of your home. If you aren’t comfortable when you sleep, how will you do everything you need to do during the day while being so tired?

That is the same idea for the beds in Old School RuneScape. Your home in the game is the escape that you have from the real world, perhaps even especially so for those players who don’t own a house in real life (aka me). Your bed and bedroom are the cornerstones of your player house in OSRS.

Thankfully, Jagex knows this and ensures that there are multiple options to choose from when it comes to selecting your bed in the game. These options are different enough from one another to give you plenty of choices and appeal to a wide selection of players.

Unfortunately, getting a bed for your home is a bit easier said than done. You must take many steps to get a bed, and it will be quite a costly venture in some situations, even more so than getting your player house in the first place. Thankfully, I have your back when it comes to all of these aspects and more.

Beds Purpose Explained

First and foremost, the purpose of a bed in Old School RuneScape is to give you an in-game place to rest. Admittedly, it is mainly for show, as there is no actual benefit of the bed in RuneScape other than somewhere where you can figuratively sleep away the tiredness from your digital days in the world.

However, it is the centerpiece of the fantasy that is owning your own house in RuneScape. In this way, it is a defining factor in what people think of your home in OSRS. If they see a fancy or appealing bed in your bedroom, chances are that they will think highly of your tastes and even money, perhaps in the game.

Lastly, there is a final purpose for the bed that I hesitate to even bring up here. But, you know, RuneScape is a game that is all about roleplaying, from top to bottom. Everything you do in the game is all about the RPG mechanics, and some people take roleplaying quite seriously in OSRS.

To this point, you can, of course, involve your player-owned house and, ahem, bed in your roleplaying goals. I won’t say more than that but rest assured that the better the bed you have, well, the more elaborate and interesting your time hanging out with friends can be.

How to Get a House of Your Own

OSRS House
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But there is something that should be mentioned here before we go any further when it comes to breaking down the beds that you can have in OSRS, and that is the house itself. This is worthy of its own guide, but the idea is that you need a house before you can do anything else with your home.

To do this, you, of course, need to be an active member. Once that requirement is met, there are two possible paths to getting a home. The first is to outright buy one instantly. All you need to do for this method is head on over to the estate agent NPC and speak with them to purchase a home for 1000 coins.

1000 coins is an insignificant amount, especially for a member, so it shouldn’t be that hard to earn a house this way. However, some of you might have qualms about spending some extra money unnecessarily in the game so let me tell you that there is a free way of earning a home.

This is through doing the Daddy’s Home quest, which is reasonably new to OSRS, and only released in 2020. Not only will you receive a free home after completing this quest, but you will get some good Construction experience that will help you along the way with that skill and building your home.

If you already own a house when you do this, no worries, as it won’t be a waste since you will receive 1000 coins as a refund of sorts.

All Bed Types in OSRS

Once you have a house and your Construction skill is going, it is time to get yourself a bed. The main requirement here is that you have to have at least level 20 in Construction before you can create a bedroom that costs 10,000 coins to make. The bedroom space is necessary for owning a bed in your home.

Level 20 isn’t that hard to reach, as what you really need to do is grind the skill through one of two methods. You can, first, do the Mahogany Homes task that will grant you Construction experience, but that requires a good bit of travel for the player across the realm.

The other one is what I like to do, and that is gathering a whole bunch of materials and continuously making certain furniture items, putting them in the home, removing them, and then making them again. Regardless, reaching level 20 in Construction is one of the more manageable milestones of this members-only skill.

Once you do so, you will find four main types of beds you can add to your newly constructed bedroom. After spending the 10,000 for the bedroom, you can make a bed. Still, it will depend mainly on the resources you have available and what level your Construction is.

How to Make a Wooden Bed

OSRS Wooden Bed
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

The first bed that every player will be able to make as soon as they can unlock the bedroom at level 20 Construction is the wooden bed. This is your basic, no-frills bed that gets the job done but nothing else. It is a level 20 Construction item, so nothing too crazy to worry about here.

To make the wooden bed, you need two bolts of cloth, three nails, and three planks. There is a cost associated with actually building the bed itself, and it comes down to the type of nails that you use in the process of making it. It can vary from 2552 coins for the cheapest option to 6869 for the most expensive one, so choose carefully.

In exchange, you will receive 117 experience for your Construction skill upon the completion of the wooden bed. It is rather pricey for a newer member, so you may need to do some methods of earning cash, like the bowstring method. Gather up some flax on the Grand Exchange, spin it up on the spinning wheel, and then sell that bowstring back on the Grand Exchange for a cool profit.

Wooden Bedroom Layout Recommendations

The bedroom is a fairly set area in OSRS. You can’t adjust much like in other MMOs, being forced to deal with the preset seven spots that you find in the bedroom. These include the following:

  • Your bed spot
  • Corner spot
  • Curtain
  • Dresser
  • Fireplace
  • Rug
  • Wardrobe

Note that you can’t move these spaces around but you can choose what items to place there. Here’s our little recommendations for what I think looks good for a bedroom layout with the wooden bed in your bedroom:

  • Oak clock: Goes in the corner space. Construction level and price is roughly similar to the wooden bed.
  • Curtains: While you could go for the torn curtains, the standard curtains are only level 18 Construction and look much better. Don’t settle for the raggedy version.
  • Shaving stand: This goes in the dresser spot. Nothing too special but still necessary for customizing your hairstyle and color.
  • Clay fireplace: You could grind Construction to get the stone fireplace at level 33 Construction but for newer players, the clay fireplace gets the job done and is rather cheap.
  • Brown rug: You could use the regular rug but the brown rug is extremely cheap and doesn’t look too bad. It actually matches the wooden bed quite nicely.
  • Oak drawers: This wardrobe requires you to reach level 27 Construction but it’s worth it. The shoe box at level 20 is honestly dingy and unattractive, so I say skip straight to the oak drawers.

How to Make an Oak Bed

OSRS Oak Bed
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

At the end of the day, the wooden bed will only get you so far. Most players will want to upgrade at some point, and the first option is the oak bed. This is a small bed, too, but with a bit more style to it. This particular bed item requires two bolts of cloth and three oak planks to construct.

It also costs 3080 coins to make, which is a fair amount. But the big change here from the wooden bed is that you need to have level 30 in your Construction skill in order to make this bed. You’ll need a good bit of grinding to reach this point, so be ready for that.

In addition, the oak bed is the first bed to have two versions. There is the standard smaller version at level 30, but there is also a large oak bed that you can unlock at level 34. Creating this one requires two bolts of cloth and five oak planks. It only costs a little bit more money to make, too, at 3880 coins in total.

Oak Bedroom Layout Recommendations

For those of you with the oak bed, this is the bedroom layout that I recommend to match its style and Construction level:

  • Oak clock: Once again, the oak clock makes the most sense and it looks quite nice for the starting clock furniture item.
  • Curtains: I could see some players opt for the opulent curtains but that’s still not necessary yet.
  • Oak dresser: You could go for the oak shaving stand but it is so tiny and boring. The full-on dresser is elegant and large.
  • Stone fireplace: I’m honestly not a huge fan of the stone fireplace but it gets the job done and it’s too hard to unlock the better option at this point.
  • Rug: The regular rug looks good enough with the oak bed; it just sucks there aren’t more options here, either.
  • Oak dressers or oak wardrobe: Either one works here, and it’s honestly a matter of preference. I prefer the latter since it’s bigger but the former works, too.

Teak Bed Explained

Teak Bed
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

Next up is the teak bed. In a lot of ways, the teak bed isn’t that much different from the oak one. I, personally, think it is a stylistic choice more than anything else. Overall, the look of the two is somewhat similar since they both have red blankets with white pillows and wooden posts.

The difference here is that the pattern for the teak is a little bit more aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. In addition, the bed goes for a darker wood finish, which makes it a bit more interesting for me. I prefer this one over the standard oak bed, but, of course, that better style and quality comes at its own cost.

Players who want to enjoy the teak bed will have to grind even more Construction skill levels to nab it for their bedroom. The standard teak bed requires a Construction level of 40 and a few different materials. There are the usual two bolts of cloth plus three teak planks. You’ll then need 4104 coins to make the entire bed happen.

Like the first two beds on this list, the teak bed has a larger variant that is known unsurprisingly as the large teak bed. This version is more of the same but in a queen-style bed that is better suited to more than one person sleeping in the bedroom.

The larger size of the large teak bed means that it requires more materials, more money, and, of course, a higher Construction skill level. For this one, you need to be at least level 45 in Construction in order to get this bed. Once you have that met, you just need two bolts of cloth and five teak planks. And, well, 5560 coins, of course.

Teak Bedroom Layout Recommendations

For the players with a teak bed, here’s the bedroom layout and furniture that I recommend:

  • Teak clock: It’s going to take a fair bit of grinding to reach level 55 for the teak clock but it’s worth it for this gorgeous dark finish.
  • Opulent curtains: There are no better curtains (sadly because there’s only three options) and you shouldn’t waste your time with any of the others.
  • Fancy teak dresser or mahogany dresser: There are a lot of options here, even including the original teak dresser. But you’ve gone this far in Construction so you might as well live fancily. I prefer the fancy teak dresser myself, but some players might want the extravagant mahogany dresser.
  • Stone fireplace or marble fireplace: It is a heck of a grind to reach the marble fireplace; I get it. If you aren’t there yet, the stone fireplace is the one to go with. But if you can get there, I highly recommend the much more attractive marble fireplace.
  • Opulent rug: Like the marble fireplace, the opulent rug takes a considerable grind. But it is far better than the normal rug.
  • Teak wardrobe: The teak wardrobe is massive with a decent look to it. Still not my favorite wardrobe but it works for now.

4-Poster Explained

OSRS 4-Poster
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

Finally, one more type of bed is available for RuneScape houses, and this is the most extravagant one of them all. If you want to show off your house to other players and let them know that you are the fanciest player around, this particular bed type is for you.

The bed that I am talking about is none other than the 4-poster style of bed. By far, this is the most unique and luxurious bed you can sleep on when it comes to OSRS houses. There is no better bed out there that you can find, making it the perfect fit for the rich players out there or those with rich enough tastes, that is.

What makes the 4-poster so unique is that it isn’t the standard wooden bed you find with the others in this guide. Instead, it is a white bed with royal posts that go up high in the corners of it, allowing for a full-on covering to go over the bed itself.

The style, color, and layout of the bed are unlike any of the others on this list. To that point, it requires a much higher Construction level and some greater costs. For this bed, you will need two bolts of cloth, three mahogany planks, and at least level 53 Construction. Once you have all that, the bed will cost you 7455 coins to make.

Most notably, the 4-poster is already a queen-size bed, but there is still a better version of it. Known as the gilded 4-poster bed, this is the most extravagant place to lie your head in all of RuneScape. It is embroidered with gold and a dark finish that makes it easily the best bed in the entire game.

But that beauty and finish come at an insanely high cost. For starters, you need to reach level 60 for Construction to even make it. In addition, you need two bolts of cloth, five mahogany planks, and two expensive gold leaves. But that isn’t all.

When you are ready to finally build this bed, you will find that it costs an overwhelming amount of money at a whopping 278,587 coins in total. That is an unbelievable amount of money, considering that the previous beds didn’t even touch 10,000 coins. This is genuinely the bed for OSRS’s elite players.

4-Poster Bedroom Layout Recommendations

For the richest of the rich in OSRS, you only deserve the very best in your estate. The millionaires out there shouldn’t spare a penny, so here are only the very best items that I recommend you should use in your royal 4-poster bedroom:

  • Servant’s moneybag or gilded clock. You only need one of the former in your house to pay your servants automatically. If you already have one in your house, go for the gilded clock, which is the very best way to check the time.
  • Opulent curtains: Until they add more curtains, this is the only one that you should use.
  • Gilded dresser: It’ll take a huge grind to get to level 74 Construction for this one, but you only deserve the very best there is.
  • Marble fireplace: The only fireplace worthy of your precious time.
  • Opulent rug: There are only three rug options in OSRS right now (seriously, this needs to change soon) and the others are not at all fitting for your 4-poster bedroom.
  • Gilded wardrobe: The very best dresser you’ll find in all of OSRS. If you aren’t using this one, what are you even doing with that 4-poster bed in your room? All jokes aside, this dresser is insanely expensive so feel free to start with the mahogany wardrobe and save up for this one, if necessary.


Question: What do you need to build a bed OSRS?

Answer: First off, you need a bedroom, which requires level 20 Construction and 10,000 coins. From there, you just need to have the right Construction level to build the bed, the necessary materials, and enough coins to make it happen.

Question: How do I add a room to my house OSRS?

Answer: You can add a house to your room once you have the high enough Construction level and the required amount of money to add it, both of which can vary from room to room.

Question: How do you get a butler OSRS?

Answer: First, you need to meet requirements, such as having two bedrooms with beds in them already and at least level 40 Construction skill. With those ready, head to the Servant’s Guild and hire the butler there for a wage of 5000 coins.

What to Build Next in RuneScape

The bed you sleep on in your OSRS player-owned house is one of the most important parts of making your home your own. It is the place that you show off to that special someone in-game and the centerpiece of your entire bedroom, which could very well be the heart of your home if you’d like. But, at the end of the day, it is but a single portion of the entire player house.

There is so much more to your home that it deserves its own guide, which we previously made for all of the best housing upgrades you can make. For the full breakdown of all the best improvements, you can make to your house, be sure to check out that guide. Maybe then you’ll be able to make a home worthy of your glorious gilded 4-poster bed.

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