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There are many rings and other accessories in Old School RuneScape for players to equip. But there are very few items out there that can rival the greatness of the Brimstone Ring, arguably the best accessory in the entire game. It is a precious accessory that is so hard to get that it is possible to play the game for years and never even remotely come close to creating one on your own.

That said, this is where this Brimstone Ring guide for OSRS comes into play. I will break down all the methods by which you can acquire this item and what I think is the easiest way to go about it. Plus, I’ll even note some of the ways that you can make some money off of this ring and more. For everything you need to know about this valuable item, let’s dive deeper into this Brimstone Ring guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Brimstone Ring is arguably the best ring accessory in all of Old School RuneScape. How it works is that it boosts the stats of nearly every attack and combat-related skill you have in the game, from stab weapons all the way down to your Magic spells. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to get as you need to either craft it yourself using materials that are challenging to find or buy it off of the Grand Exchange for exorbitant prices.

Quick Facts About the Brimstone Ring

Brimstone Ring
Image from Oldschool Runescape Wiki

Here are some quick facts that you need to know about the Brimstone Ring, including whether or not free players can use it when it first came out, and how much it’s worth:

  • Release Date: January 2019
  • Members Only: Yes
  • Tradeable: Yes
  • Stackable: No
  • In-Game Cash Value: 10,000 coins (But, of course, this is a low-ball from the in-game NPCs and stores; expect much more from actual players on the Grand Exchange)
  • Grand Exchange Value: Roughly 4 million coins or so, depending on the day
  • Requirements to Wear: None other than owning it and being a member
  • Attack Stats: You get +4 to every stat when attacking except for Magic, which gets +6.
  • Defensive Stats: Once again, you get +4 to every stat when defending from various attacks except for Magic, which is +6.
  • Quest-Related: Nope

Brimstone Ring Overview

If you wish to truly excel in Old School RuneScape, especially when it comes to combat against some of the most demanding bosses in the game and even other players, the Brimstone Ring is where it’s at. It is one of the most recommended items for combat due to how much it helps in nearly every aspect. It’s easily better than almost all other rings, including the Slayer Ring. The only exception might be non-combat ones like the Ring of Wealth.

The fact that you get some quite good stat boosts to both attacking and defending with this item is impressive enough on its own. But then you receive boosts to other related stats and some extras for Magic that will be welcome to any spellcasting player out there.

Unfortunately, the Brimstone Ring is one of the most complex items in OSRS to unlock. It takes a considerable amount of time and some luck to get it or a hefty amount of coin in your purse. Either way you go about it, though, you should consider owning this item if you want to excel in the endgame aspects of the MMORPG.

What the Ring is Used For

The Brimstone Ring is one of the many accessories you can equip on your character. It is arguably the best due to the massive stat bonuses that you receive. For starters, when you are attacking an enemy, you receive +4 to all of your attacking stats, with the exception of Magic.

When you are using Magic, you get even more of a bonus with +6 to the skill while using it. In addition, it is a similar situation on the defensive side. When someone attacks you, you receive a +4 bonus to most stats and then +6 against the magical attacks that someone could use.

However, I am still not done yet. Besides these bonuses for combat, you also get a 4% to your Strength skill even when you aren’t necessarily fighting, so that is another layer on top of this. And there is a passive bonus, too, that makes this a must-have item for Magic users.

Whenever you use a Magic spell, you will have a one-in-four chance of decreasing your enemy’s defense by 10% each time you do it. Though those numbers are a bit low, that extra boost can be extraordinary whenever you are in some longer fights and using Magic a lot.

Overall, the Brimstone Ring is quite similar to the other rings that exist out there for combat, such as the archer ring, warrior ring, and seers ring. The difference is that you don’t have to buy all of those and switch between them constantly since all of their bonuses are wrapped up within a single item.

That is why the Brimstone Ring is not only highly recommended for all of the Magic users out there but every other type of fighter in OSRS, too. Unfortunately, that immense utility and versatility come at a hefty price. Acquiring this ring will cost you quite a bit, no matter which method you use.

How to Acquire the Brimstone Ring OSRS

There are two main routes you can go about unlocking the Brimstone Ring. Both are going to cost you, but in different ways. The first is the simplest method, and that is through the Grand Exchange, but that’s obviously going to cost you a whole lot of coins to do. As such, it might not be for everyone.

Plus, there are some players who prefer to earn everything on their own. The cheaper but more time-consuming and costly method over time is to craft the ring yourself. For this method, you need three items. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy or even trade them with another player this way. Those three items are the hydra’s eye, hydra’s fang, and hydra’s heart.

Where to Get the Hydra’s Eye

Hydra’s Eye
Image from Oldschool Runescape Wiki

For these three items, no one can help you at all. If you wish to go this route, you are solely on your own for this part of the journey. I seriously recommend thinking before picking this route. Because of how long it takes, you should basically remain committed to this if you choose this method.

With that said, the general rule of thumb is pretty much the same across all three of the items, but I have some specific tips for each of them. The enemy you need to defeat for the hydra’s eye is any of the main hydra enemies in Old School RuneScape.

If you’ve played the game long enough and encountered them before, you’ll know that these are some of the most brutal endgame enemies you can find. There are easier ones to take down, but they come with their caveats.

Basically, each time that you defeat a hydra in RuneScape, there is a chance that it will drop the hydra’s eye for you. That chance is not good, either, as it varies between the three different hydra enemies that exist. Here are the rates you are looking at for each of the hydras, including the normal hydra, colossal hydra, and alchemical hydra:

  • Regular hydra: Typically, you are looking at a 1 in 1,801 chance
  • Colossal hydra: Approximately 1 in 361 chance
  • Alchemical hydra: Roughly 1 in 181 chance

Not even the best chances you have in the game will offer barely more than half a chance of finding this item. To be fair, you only need one eye, but the problem comes from the fact that these hydras are not easy enemies to find and kill.

The regular hydra on its own is level 194, and that is a waste of time since you could easily defeat it 2000 times and still not see the eye. The colossal hydra is much better at just over a fourth of a percent chance, but even it isn’t great, considering it is level 309.

So, if you’re going this route, the best option is the alchemical hydra, which requires you to take down a whopping level 426 enemy in the game. That is no easy win, but if you can defeat it over and over reliably, you’re looking at pretty decent odds with maybe 200 wins or so to see the eye drop.

How to Get the Hydra’s Fang

Hydra’s Fang
Image from Oldschool Runescape Wiki

Next up is the hydra’s fang. As you might expect, this follows pretty much the same rule as the hydra’s eye. Just like that item, you have the same exact chances of it dropping when you take down the exact same enemies, so it is up to you how you want to go about this.

Again, my recommendation is to take down the alchemical hydra if you can since you have the best chance of finding this item. Like the hydra’s eye before it, you only need one of these to proceed with creating the Brimstone Ring. Once you have one, you can move on to the final drop, which is the hydra’s heart.

Where to Acquire the Hydra’s Heart

Hydra’s Heart
Image from Oldschool Runescape Wiki

Finally, the hydra’s heart is rinsing and repeating here. You should take down any of the three hydras, preferably the alchemical hydra, for the best chances of this dropping. What I should address here is any concerns about accidentally getting the same drop twice in a row.

Some players might be concerned that if they have, let’s say, the eye and the fang, but now they need to get the heart. What happens if they accidentally get the fang or eye again? Does that mean they have to continue grinding that same enemy over and over, possibly hundreds of times, for the chance of getting the heart this time around?

Thankfully, RuneScape alleviates this concern. How it works is that you are guaranteed only to receive the item drop that you need. At first, when you start, you have equal chances of getting the three items. Once you receive one, such as the heart, you will not get a heart again so long as you are lacking the other two.

This means getting the heart ensures that your next drop will either be the fang or the eye. Then once you get the fang and the heart, you are guaranteed to get the eye next. This ensures you only have to get three of these insanely difficult drops to craft the ring.

So, theoretically, based on statistics, it should take you roughly 600 kills of the alchemical hydra to receive all three items. However, if your luck isn’t the best, there is a chance that it could take much more than that or even less, depending on what happens to you. Once you have all three items, you can combine them together to make the Brimstone Ring.

Acquiring the Brimstone Ring OSRS

Grand Exchange

Of course, there is another method of getting the Brimstone Ring. If you don’t want to deal with the immense grind and effort necessary to get the three prerequisite items, you can always skip to the end and just buy the ring from someone else who did make it on the Grand Exchange.

Of course, this comes with its own associated costs of roughly four million coins or so on the GE. Yes, one of these rings can cost more than a bond worth the actual membership in the game itself. But that is the price you pay for something that takes that much grind to acquire.

Honestly, though, I think that four million might be a lot, but it is worth it to me for getting this item that takes so much to unlock it. This is especially true since you could have well over four million coins in the game but not be ready to take down a level 426 enemy.

I think it would be a solid route to buy the item off the GE, then use it to help grind levels and stats, and eventually be able to take down the alchemical hydra with ease. You could then make a profit, grinding out that enemy for drops to make more rings to sell on the GE yourself. Not the most efficient way of making money, in my opinion, due to the immense luck factor involved, but a straightforward idea nonetheless.


Question: Is Brimstone Ring better than Berserker Ring OSRS?

Answer: I would say that, yes, 100% the Brimstone Ring is better than the Berserker Ring in OSRS. It not only has the capabilities of that ring but all of the other combat-related ones in the MMO.

Question: What is the Brimstone Ring used for? 

Answer: The Brimstone Ring is there to give you boosts to your attack and defense stats across the board. It is the compilation of many of the other similar combat-related rings. In addition, it gives some boosts to Magic users, making it a must-have for just about every type of player.

Question: How do you imbue a Berserker Ring? 

Answer: You can imbue a Berserker Ring and make it even better by gathering up enough materials from the Soul Wars content to turn it into the upgraded Berserker Ring(i) variant.

What OSRS Item You Should Get Next

Spring Cleaner RS3
Image from Rune Scape Wiki

The Brimstone Ring is one of the strongest accessories in all of Old School RuneScape. If you want to excel in combat and be the very best that you can be, it is highly recommended that you get this item. This is especially the case if you are primarily a Magic wielder due to the massive bonuses it gives you when using spells against enemies. That said, the Brimstone Ring is not the only item that you need to get.

Though not combat-based like that ring, the spring cleaner is an item that you need in your life. This item will maximize your potential for drops and every fight that you do in the game. It can turn drops into valuable materials, money, or even experience for related skills. Pair this with the Brimstone Ring, and you are looking at some of the most efficient grindings that you can do in all of OSRS.

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