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For me, some of the most iconic moments in Old School RuneScape have always involved those legendary adventures to take down the horrific demon or otherworldly creature that has invaded the realm. Quests like the iconic Vampyre Slayer or even the Demon Slayer line are some of the most memorable for me. One of the best ways of taking down these supernatural foes is with the item showcased in this Arclight OSRS guide.

The Arclight is the ultimate form of the Darklight, one of the fan-favorite weapons in all of RuneScape. The Arclight is the more powerful and devastating version, designed to be the demon-slaying sword you need in your arsenal when things bump in the night. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest weapon to acquire in the MMO. On the bright side, I aim to explain how to get it, what precisely the powerful sword does, and much more in this Arclight OSRS guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Arclight is the ultimate form of the Darklight before it and the Silverlight base weapon that makes it up. This sword is designed solely to take down demons and other supernatural creatures of that ilk, like vampires. This is a demon bane sword, so it means that it is mainly only used against these creatures and not really for other enemies and humans that you fight. To wield the sword in combat, players must have a whopping level 75 Attack skill, or else they can’t harness its power.

Quick Facts About the Arclight

Arclight OSRS
Image from Old School RuneScape Fandom

Before we jump too deep into everything that you need to know about the Arclight, here are some quick facts about this weapon, including when it came out and what exactly it is worth:

  • Release Date: June 2016
  • Members Only: Yes
  • Tradeable: No
  • Stackable: No
  • In-Game Cash Value: 500 coins
  • Grand Exchange Value: None (you can’t trade this weapon or sell it to other players)
  • Requirements to Use: Level 75 Attack, have to upgrade your Darklight into this ultimate sword version
  • Attack Stats: +10 to stab damage and +38 to slash damage when attacking
  • Defensive Stats: +3 to slash defense, +2 to crush defense, and +2 to Magic defense
  • Quest-Related: None, technically. You don’t need to do a quest to unlock the Arclight, but you need to complete quests for its Darklight and Silverlight forms before it.

Arclight OSRS Overview

The Arclight is the ultimate weapon for slaying the demon hordes and other supernatural enemies in the RuneScape world. It wasn’t originally part of the MMO and came relatively recently, adding to the level of strategy that players could use in combat against these enemies.

The Arclight is one of the new favorite weapons, though its utility is limited since it is mainly meant for otherworldly foes. That said, many players wish to get it to make grinding certain enemies and areas much easier than it currently is.

This member’s only weapon is the third and final stage (for now) of the Silverlight which is infamously involved in the Demon Slayer quest and the later Darklight sword it becomes. Though those two are involved with quests, you don’t technically need to complete any quest to turn the Darklight into an Arclight version.

That said, you can’t get help from other players, either, since all of the items involved with it are non-tradeable. This makes it a bit of a grind to get the Arclight and keep up with it, considering that it has both a cost and a charging system.

What the Arclight Does in Combat

the arclight is effective against demons
Image from Old School RuneScape Fandom

As mentioned, the Arclight is a weapon in the demon bane category of swords. This means it is only really effective against demons, vampires, hellhounds, ice fiends, imps, and the like. This is not a weapon you want to use against enemies outside those categories or other humans.

That said, when it comes to fighting against demons, there is not a single better weapon of choice these days. Ever since its release in 2016, the Arclight has been the sword that most endgame players will use to take down the demonic foes that stand in their way.

There is an impressive 70% boost to your damage and accuracy when wielding this sword against the demonic creatures. What’s even more remarkable about this is that it doesn’t just boost the blade itself but all of your overall equipment stats from everything you’re currently wearing.

Plus, it has a special attack that you can use that will decrease the Attack, Defense, and Strength skill levels of all demons you take on by 10%. For other enemies, it is only 5%, but these are still good numbers nonetheless. Players can use this special attack at the cost of 50% of their special attack energy, so it must be used wisely.

Better yet, the Weaken special ability is one that you can use in succession throughout the fight, but, of course, there are only so many times you’ll be able to charge and use it. However, if you can use the special ability more than once in battle, the effects will stack on top of one another.

This means that you will effectively be dealing with 20% less defense than demons will have, and so on. If used wisely in more prolonged battles, it is possible to significantly reduce the defense of foes and take them out much easier than it would be otherwise.

Lastly, since this is the current final form of the Silverlight and Darklight line of demon bane weapons, this also means that it can take out the strongest vampires around, which are currently the second tier of them. This will allow you to take full advantage of the weapon and take down any supernatural foes that stand in your way.

How to Acquire the Arclight

For better or for worse, there is only a single possible way that you can acquire the Arclight and use it in combat. OSRS makes this somewhat challenging as you have to gather up materials and the like to turn the Darklight into the new Arclight weapon.

For starters, it begins with the Darklight itself and ensuring that you have it in your inventory.

How to Get the Darklight First

Image from Old School RuneScape Fandom

Before we can ever have the Arclight, we must first have the Darklight weapon in our possession. Now, I imagine that most people reading this guide already have the Darklight, but there are likely some curious players who have neither but are already looking ahead at what they can possibly use in the future.

If that happens to be you, well, here’s what you need to do to acquire the Darklight. It begins even further back with the Silverlight, which is the origin of this line of weapons. To get the Silverlight, you must complete the legendary quest known as Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular quests in all of OSRS and one of the first ever to release. This weapon is acquired here, and you use it to take down the demon Delrith at the finale of this quest. The catch is that this is not a member’s quest like some of the others, so even non-members can obtain this weapon.

Unfortunately, if you want the Darklight, you’ll need to be a member. Once you are, you have access to the sequel Demon Slayer quest, Shadow of the Storm. In this plotline, you eventually obtain the Darklight near the quest’s end when you take down the demon Agrith-Naar. With this Darklight now in your possession and this quest completed, you are ready to turn it into the Arclight.

How to Get Ancient Shards

ancient shards
Image from Old School RuneScape Fandom

The Darklight is only one-half of the formula needed to create the Arclight weapon. Thankfully, you don’t have to do a full-on quest here for this newer weapon, but you do have to do a bit of grinding to get the three materials that are necessary for creating it.

You need three ancient shards to make the Darklight into the Arclight. You can get these ancient shards from the various monsters in the Catacombs of Kourend area of the game. This massive dungeon is filled to the brim with various monsters for you to take down, many of which are demons themselves.

Nearly all of the enemies here have the chance of dropping some ancient shards upon defeat, with the exception of some of the ghosts and a few other monsters. The ancient shards rate is crazy, too, ranging all over the place depending on the monster you’re taking on.

For instance, if you face off against a relatively easy enemy like a moss giant that is only level 42 or so. You’re looking at a whopping 1 in 293 chance of getting an ancient shard from them. That’s noticeably pretty bad as you could go easily 300 encounters and defats of those giants and still not see a single shard.

But the worst part is that you need three of them, so that means you could go 900 or even 1000 encounters and not see the total amount that you need. That’s a lot of time possibly wasted. But, chances are, you’re at a much higher level than just 42, especially if you have the Darklight in your possession.

In that case, I recommend taking down enemies that are much higher level, like the level 278 insatiable mutated bloodveld, at the very least. This one offers only a 1 in 66 chance of finding a shard, which is pretty decent. It’s not the best, but I’ve seen much worse than that.

However, if you can take down that enemy, you might as well go all the way to the Skotizo enemies. There are about five of these in the entire dungeon, and they each have varying rates of finding one of the ancient shards for them.

One of them only has a 1% chance of finding an ancient, which isn’t great but isn’t the worst, either. However, the other four are the best odds you’ll find in the entire game. The worst of these four is only a 4% chance of finding a shard, but that is still leaps and bounds better than others.

The other three include a 5% chance, a 1 in about 7 chance, and about a 75% chance for the very best one. That is insanely good and means you could get all three ancient shards in just a few encounters at the most. These enemies, though, are level 321, which might be pretty strong for you at this point.

After all, they are nearly the best enemies in this entire dungeon, and the whole point of getting the Arclight is to make fights against enemies like them easier. That said, if you can squeeze through a few wins against the Skotizo and get three ancient shards, you’ll be good to go for earning the Arclight.

Once you have all three shards in your inventory, head to the altar that is found in the very middle of the entire Catacombs of Kourend area. With both the shards and the Darklight in your inventory at the same time, you’ll be able to make the Arclight right then and there.

Charging the Arclight

Arclight OSRS

Once you have the Arclight in your possession, you’ll be able to enjoy the extra bit of damage that it does against the demonic hordes in the Catacombs and everywhere else in the RuneScape world. However, like other significant endgame weapons like this one, you can’t use it infinitely as much as you would like to.

There are charges that are associated with this weapon, and you need to make sure that it has been charged at all times or else you won’t be able to use it. Once you first create the Arclight, it will have 1000 charges, also known as the number of times you’ll be able to use it in battle.

That is a decent amount but will only get you so far in combat. If you can find three more ancient shards, you’ll be able to charge it each time you spend these on the Arclight by another 1000 points. The max that you can do is 10,000 charges, which is definitely more than enough.

What I recommend for players to do is get the Arclight and then start grinding the Skotizo enemy over and over as many times as they can. Since you have this better weapon now, it should be even easier to take the monster out. This will let you grind for ancient shards even more easily.

Here’s where it gets a little bit complicated. If you happen to run out of charges, the weapon will turn back into the Darklight. If this happens, that means you’ll not have the firepower, so to speak, that you once had and will need three more ancient shards to get it back to its Arclight form.

That also means a visit to the altar when you don’t have to when just recharging it, so it is best to keep it charged at all times with a nice bit of leeway for it. If for some reason, you lose or get rid of the weapon for whatever reason, you’ll need to buy the Darklight for 1000 coins from Sir Prysin in the Varrock Palace area and then turn it back to Arclight.


Question: What is Arclight good for OSRS?

Answer: The Arclight is best used against demonic enemies and some other supernatural foes, like vampires, for the bonuses it gives.

Question: How do I make an Arclight OSRS?

Answer: You can make the Arclight in OSRS by taking the Darklight you earned from Shadow in the Storm and using three ancient shards on it at the altar in the Catacomb of the Kourend.

Question: Does Arclight work on Nechyrael? 

Answer: Yes, Arclight will work and apply its bonuses against the Nechyrael.

What Weapon You Need Next in OSRS

The Arclight is one of the best weapons that you can use currently in Old School RuneScape, especially when it comes to taking down the demonic foes in the MMORPG. That said, it can be argued that its value is highly limited in the fact that it is only really best used against those certain supernatural enemies. Though there are many in the game, it won’t do you a lick of good when it comes to other players and NPCs.

Chaotic Spear
Image from runescape fandom

In that case, what you want to do is find another weapon that will, instead, meet the requirements for taking down other players and foes. One such item that I recommend is the chaotic spear, one of the top weapons that you can use right now in OSRS. If you want to be a master of combat, this is one you need to use in battle. You can find out more about how it works and how to get your chaotic spear here.

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