Spring Cleaner RS3 Guide

Spring cleaning is one of the most complex parts of adult life, but it is a necessary evil. Thankfully, when it comes to spring cleaning in RuneScape 3, it is a much more fun and rewarding task, to say the least. This is done through the star of this Spring Cleaner RS3 guide. It is one of the most valuable and underrated items anyone can use and will change your gameplay forever.

The Spring Cleaner is a unique item that first arrived in 2014 but has been revamped and expanded upon over the years since. The general purpose of the item is to reduce the drops you find in the world to either experience or something else entirely. Either way, it is a blessing when it comes to grinding specific skills or trying to acquire a large number of certain items. Find out how to get your own in this Spring Cleaner RS3 guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Spring Cleaner is an item that every single player in RuneScape 3 can use, no matter if they are a member or not. There are two primary purposes for this item, the first being to research items. You will get rid of drops that you find in the world, but they will be converted into experience associated with that item, like for your Crafting or Smithing skill. The other is dismantling the item into its raw components. There are two ways to acquire a Spring Cleaner, either through the Treasure Hunter system or by creating one yourself.

Spring Cleaner RS3 Overview

Spring Cleaner RS3
Image from rune scape wiki

A way to really get the most out of your gameplay and time in RuneScape is to get yourself the Spring Cleaner. It is one of the game-changing items you can find in the MMO as it changes up everything that you know about how to handle drops in the game.

For many players, especially those who are members or have been around for years, drops are sort of a useless subject. Unless you are looking for a particular material, rarely are drops necessary at a certain point. You’re just there to make some money or grind skill levels.

However, the Spring Cleaner changes all that by making drops viable and crucial to the gameplay again. Even if you have almost everything that you could ever need from an enemy, the Spring Cleaner makes grinding fun again.

What is notable about this extremely rare item is that it is available to both free and members players alike. However, the former group will have a much harder time getting one since you can’t buy this off of the Grand Exchange. You will need to fulfill one of the two methods, of which only the former works for free players.

The Spring Cleaner is so valuable because of its two main functions. Both of these incorporate some intriguing ideas when it comes to drops, making even the most forgettable items from enemies at least somewhat valuable.

How to Acquire This Rare Item

Unfortunately, getting the Springer Cleaner is easier said than done. There are two main methods you can use to unlock it for you, with the two being through the Treasure Hunter or by crafting one yourself. Both come with their pros, cons, and restrictions, but are still valid ways of acquiring it. Here’s how you can get your own Spring Cleaner right now.

Treasure Hunter Method

For starters, we begin with the method that is available to every single player in the game: the Treasure Hunter method. If you are a free-to-play player, you will find that this is your only way of getting a Spring Cleaner item. So, you don’t have much choice here and are forced to go with this unlock method.

How the Treasure Hunter works is that it is the daily minigame of sorts where players are able to collect various items by opening up chests using keys. Everyone from free players to members alike can use this minigame every single day with the assortment of free or paid keys that you collect.

The problem with this method is that it is totally randomized. You could theoretically go a year, two years, and so on without ever getting a Spring Cleaner this way. And that is even if you play every single day and max out the free keys that you can earn for that day.

There are just far too many items that you can get from the Treasure Hunter, and the Spring Cleaner happens to be one of the rare ones. Rare items clock in at a roughly 6% chance of happening, which is the second-rarest category.

Those aren’t the worst odds, but then you have to consider that you aren’t guaranteed a Spring Cleaner even if you do get a rare item since there are other rares out there. This is the most random method, but, to be fair, it takes almost no effort whatsoever (just patience and some luck), and it costs nothing to do.

Using the Invention Skill

The second method is a challenging one since it involves the player themselves, but this comes with some benefits. For one, this is the only way to guarantee a Spring Cleaner without all of that RNG mess. That is, of course, if you happen to be a member of RS3.

If you are, there is a little skill called Invention. Heard of this elite skill? The first elite skill in the game is a tough one to unlock, but you can do it. If you reach level 80 in Crafting, Divination, and Smithing alike, you’ll be able to unlock Invention.

Should you already have that skill unlocked, great, now the real grind begins for the Spring Cleaner. You now need to reach at least level 43 in the Invention skill to unlock the recipe for this item. At this point, you need to gather the four materials for it.

Those materials to make the Spring Cleaner are as follows:

  • Flexible parts: You need a whopping 300 of these in total
  • Precise components: You’re going to need 50 of these items
  • Simple parts: You’ll need 300 of these parts
  • Tensile parts: Lastly, you’ll need an unbelievable 500 of these

How to Gather the Spring Cleaner Invention Materials

When it comes to these parts, there are a couple of ways that you go about acquiring them. You can disassemble some items to make these four materials and obtain them that way. This will be the cheapest method of getting them but also not the easiest.

Grand Exchange
Image from Runescape Wiki

If you’re like me and have some money to blow to make the whole issue a lot less time-consuming and annoying, then your good old pal, the Grand Exchange, is open 24/7. The only problem here is that you need so freaking many of these items in total.

You’re looking at a whopping 1150 materials in total that you need to make the Spring Cleaner. The benefit of all this is that, at the very least, the materials themselves are relatively cheap on their own. You might be looking at roughly 70,000-100,000 for grabbing yourself the flexible parts, for instance.

For the precise components, these may be the smallest in number, but they are exceptionally more expensive than the other components. You’ll be looking at anywhere between 250,000-300,000 coins to grab yourself these 50 items.

For the simple parts, this is another relatively inexpensive one at only around 100,000 coins (sometimes less), but tensile parts are going to be about double that. For those 500 parts, you’re looking at around 175,000-200,000 coins to get those.

In total, you are looking at upwards of nearly a million coins to make the Spring Cleaner from scratch by buying all of the parts off of the GE and saving yourself some time. Honestly, you are pretty much better off making the Spring Cleaner this way every single time.

If you are deep enough in RS3 to have the ability to make this item, then you probably have more than enough coins to cover the costs of these items off of the GE. Unless, of course, you lost everything in PvP or something. But even then, you could get well more than a million coins for these materials just through some grinding for a day or so.

All Different Versions Explained

What you will find is that there are several different variants of the Spring Cleaner item, and they each work better than the last one. They are basically like upgrades you can use for the Spring Cleaner to make it better and get the most out of it.

The most basic version of the Spring Cleaner will get the job done, but you will lack some in the items and XP that you get from it when using it. As such, you will want to upgrade whenever you can. Here are all of the different versions of the Spring Cleaner that you can acquire from worst to best:

Spring cleaner 5000
Image from Runescape Wiki
  • Spring Cleaner: The most basic form of the item that you receive when you first create it or get it from the Treasure Hunter
  • Spring Cleaner 2000: Requires 200 springs to upgrade it
  • Spring Cleaner 3000: 400 more springs to upgrade it
  • Spring Cleaner 5000: 1200 new springs needed to upgrade it
  • Spring Cleaner 9000: 2200 more springs needed
  • Spring Cleaner 9001: 6000 more springs needed

In total, you are looking at 10,000 springs that you will need if you want to upgrade your Spring Cleaner from start to finish. If you happen to buy the springs off of the Grand Exchange and speed up the process of getting all 10,000, you’re looking at roughly 8 million coins in total. It is pricey but worth it for the better capabilities that the other versions have.

How Research Mode Works

The main reason that you would ever want a Spring Cleaner in the first place is for its two primary functions. The first of these is the research mode. The general idea of the Spring Cleaner is that it is like a magic vacuum box of sorts.

What you do with it is have it suck up some items or drops that you find, and it will dispose of them in a safe and secure manner. This disposal process can happen in one of two ways, depending on what you are trying to accomplish at the time.

The first of these has to do with the research mode. When you do this, the Spring Cleaner will turn the item into some skill experience. What experience you get will be based on the item. For instance, if it is an item that might have to do with metal, like for the Smithing skill, it might give you relevant XP for that Smithing skill.

It is sort of a random way of using the Spring Cleaner, but it can honestly be a way of grinding levels for skills that is painless and easy. Alternatively, you can also turn items into coins, but this requires the Spring Cleaner 2000 and above models. This is a solid way of making money and can help fund your upgrades to get even better rewards from the Spring Cleaner.

How Dismantling Items Works

Spring cleaner
Image from Runescape Wiki

The other primary method is dismantling items. When you do this, you are reducing the drops to their base forms. This can be turning the item back to its base materials for crafting it or the like. Though this is a method that I wouldn’t personally use that often, it can be useful for some skills.

The only problem with the dismantling feature is that it has a chance of failing when you do it. That would suck if that were to happen, of course, which is why I would mostly stick to the XP and coin methods.


Question: What does Spring Cleaner do RS3? 

Answer: The Spring Cleaner is an item in RS3 that allows you to dismantle and destroy drops and items you find. It can turn these items into their base materials, give you experience for various skills related to them, or even turn them into coins for you to collect.

Question: How do you make a Spring Cleaner in RS3? 

Answer: Only members can make the Spring Cleaner in RS3, and only if they are level 43 in the Invention skill. If you reach that level, you can make this item using these components, which you can get at the Grand Exchange:
• 300 flexible parts
• 50 precise components
• 300 simple parts
• 500 tensile parts

Question: What are tight springs used for RS3? 

Answer: The tight springs are a non-tradeable variation of the standard springs in RS3. They have two general purposes, with the first being to charge up the Spring Cleaner so you can use its functions again. The other function of the tight springs is to use them to upgrade the Spring Cleaner to better versions.

The Item You Need Next in RuneScape 3

The Spring Cleaner might not be the easiest item to get in RuneScape 3, but it can change your entire route of progression in the games. Drops will never be the same, and even grinding some skill levels will be a lot easier to do with this method. However, it is far from the only optional item that you should get for yourself in RS3 to better your gameplay.

The next item that I think you should get is the chaotic spear. As one of the best weapons in the MMO, it will allow you to decimate most foes in battle and dominate much of the endgame. However, this weapon isn’t for all players since it has such steep requirements and is only available to members. That said, we have you covered when it comes to unlocking this weapon in battle.

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