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High-level gear is essential when considering how players can approach completing endgame content. These pieces of equipment can be massive challenges to obtain in themselves. One of these is one of the strongest shields in the game for melee players and crossbow-users to take advantage of the Divine Spirit Shield. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on this pivotal piece of high-level gear, here is everything you need to know about the Divine Spirit Shield and how you can get your own.

Key Info Up Front

Members Only: Yes

Tradeable: Yes

Average Grand Exchange Price: 16,326,970 Coins

Armor: 338.8

Prayer Skill Increase: 3

Skill Levels Required to Equip: Defense Level 75, Prayer Level 75

How to get the Divine Spirit Shield

Divine Spirit Shield
Divine Spirit Shield From Run Escape Fandom

Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to track down a Divine Spirit Shield of your own, you’ll have to determine what method works the best for you. One way is to purchase it from the Grand Exchange for the average hefty sum of 16,326,970 Coins. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on one piece of equipment, however, there are also two ways to earn your own.

Complete Summer’s End

Before you can craft or even equip a Divine Spirit Shield, however, you first have to complete the quest called Summer’s End, which is a sequel to the quest Spirit of Summer. Summer’s End is a quest that follows the player as they try to stop a terrifying monster known as the Spirit Beast. The quest is a long one but doesn’t require many items or skill levels to complete it. The skill levels that you’ll need are:

  • Summoning Level 23
  • Hunter Level 35
  • Woodcutting Level 37
  • Mining Level 45
  • Firemaking Level 47
  • Prayer Level 55

You will also need to have either the Ghostspeak Amulet or the Cramulet, Jennica’s Ring from finishing the Spirit of Summer quest, and a Summoning Pouch made with a Blue Charm. However, I also recommend bringing many healing items and food with you as the quest can be very difficult, and it is easy to die while completing it. You should also leave all items you don’t need in your bank as you’ll be traveling to the Beast Spirit’s Realm where gear won’t help you. This will help save you from possibly losing expensive items if you happen to die. Once you’ve finished the quest, you’ll be ready to start the process of making your Divine Spirit Shield

Crafting the Divine Spirit Shield

Divine Sigil
Divine Sigil From Run Escape Fandom

If you want to make your Divine Spirit Shield, you’ll need to have Prayer Level 90 and Smithing Level 85. Once you have the skills required, you’ll need to gather a Divine Sigil and a Blessed Spirit Shield that can then be combined. To get a Divine Sigil, you’ll need to farm the Corporeal Beast until it drops one. It is the only source of the item in the entire game, and it only has a 0.04% chance of dropping. The Corporeal Beast is a boss at the end of the Summer’s End quest that players can return to fight afterward whenever they wish.

Thankfully, the Corporeal Beast has many other valuable drops, so grinding it for the Divine Sigil is a valuable diversion even if it takes you a while. To reach the Corporeal Beast, you’ll need to head to the level 33 region of the Wilderness and find a cave near the Graveyard of Shadows. Inside the cavern, you will have to go through three rooms, the last of which houses the Corporeal Beast. It is important also to note that the Corporeal Beast’s caves in the Wilderness are not considered to be part of the Wilderness, so once you are inside, you no longer have to worry about fighting other players.

Holy Elixir
Holy Elixir From Run Escape Fandom

On the other hand, the Blessed Spirit Shield can also be crafted by pklayers after they finish the Summer’s End quest. To do so, you have to combine a Holy Elixir and a Spirit Shield at any altar of Saradomin. To get the Holy Elixir, you have to receive it as a drop from either the Corporeal Beast (0.58% drop chance) or a Tormented Wraith (undetermined scarce drop chance). While Tormented Wraiths have a much smaller chance to drop the Holy Elixir, they have a combat level of only 42 and are much easier to kill than the Corporeal Beast. One can be found in the Spirit Realm during the Summer’s End quest.

The regular Spirit Shield is also a drop that players have to grind for. The Corporeal Beast drops it (1.56% drop chance), Tormented Wraith (undetermined rare drop chance), and the Ghostly Warrior (undetermined very rare drop chance). Ghostly Warriors are the easiest to grind for the drop if you don’t get it while hunting the Holy Elixir or Divine Sigil, as they have nine spawn points in the Spirit Realm and don’t take much longer to kill than a Tormented Wraith.

If you don’t have the required skill levels to craft your Divine Spirit Shield, there is another option. This is because you can pay Brother Bordiss in the Edgeville Monastery to combine the components for you at 1,500,000 Coins. Before he does this for you, however, you must complete another quest, which is called Perils of Ice Mountain.

Perils of Ice Mountain is a non-members quest that runs a medium length and focuses on the impacts of global warming on the land of Gielinor. If you’re interested in a Divine Spirit Shield, there is a good chance that you will have already completed this quest, and if you haven’t, you will be able to make short work of it. It is only ranked as Novice difficulty, and you only need the following skills:

  • Construction Level 5
  • Farming Level 5
  • Hunter Level 5
  • Thieving Level 5

Along with those skills, you also need a few items, namely a Watering Can, a Bucket of Compost, two Wooden Plants, and two Nails of any kind. These are all very easy to get, or you can purchase them for a nominal sum from the Grand Exchange or certain supply shops. Once you are ready to begin the quest, you’ll need to travel to a dwarf standing by a broken cart that is found along the road heading south from Ice Mountain.

Divine Spirit Shield Stats

The Divine Spirit Shield is a tier 75 shield that is the best nondegradable shield in all of Runescape. Players have to have Prayer and Defense levels of 75, and it is mostly geared toward melee builds. It has an armor value of 338.8 while also a Prayer value of three. The real power of the shield comes from its passive effect, however.

The effect blocks all incoming damage by 30% at the cost of Prayer points equal to 20% of the incoming damage. This drastically increases the survivability of players but does require you to carry potions to replenish your Prayer points at all times. This means that if your Prayer points are lower than the required amount for the damage reduction the effect will not be activated.

It is also important to understand how the shield’s damage mitigation is applied in relation to other effects. The Divine Spirit Shield reduces damage before the reduction effects of the Hellhound familiar and Animate Dead spell are applied. However, it does get calculated after the damage is already reduced by the player’s Defense level, equipped armor, any active prayers or curses, and defensive abilities. Keeping this in mind allows players to maximize the effective duration of their Divine Spirit Shield by stacking as many damage reductions as possible before it to conserve their Prayer points in battle.


Question: Is the Divine Spirit Shield good in Runescape?

Answer: The Divine Spirit Shield is currently the best high-level shield in the game that is nondegradable.

Question: What are some alternatives to the Divine Spirit Shield?

Answer: The two best alternatives are either the Elysian Spirit Shield or Arcane Spirit Shield which are created in similar ways to the Divine Spirit Shield.

Question: What does the Divine Spirit Shield do? 

Answer: The passive ability of the Divine Spirit Shield is its reduction of incoming damage by 30%. However, this is done at the cost of Prayer points equal to 20% of the total incoming damage before it was reduced.


A player picking the best high-level gear for themselves is a massive part of the endgame in Runescape. Picking a build of gear that all work well together for your intended playstyle while being accessible to you is no small order. If you’re looking for a shield I highly recommend the Divine Spirit Shield, especially if you want a nondegradable high-tier shield for your melee builds. While the Prayer point cost of its passive ability does force you to bring potions to keep it up, the benefits of doing so far outweigh the negatives.

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