OSRS Waterfall Quest Guide: A Brilliant Start For Fresh Accounts!

OSRS features an immense amount of content that players will spend hours on. Questing is a huge part of the game that will help players progress their character, unlock new locations, bosses, and creatures. Currently, there are 150 quests players can complete, which vary in difficulty and length.

Most quests have requirements before you can begin, such as levels, items, and completing other quests. New players will be limited to what quests they can begin due to their low levels. However, the Waterfall quest is a brilliant start for fresh accounts. This is because it gives amazing rewards and has no requirements to begin.

What Is The Waterfall Quest?

The quest will take players on a journey to find hidden treasure within the Baxtorian Falls. You’ll have to encounter poisonous spiders, goblins, skeletons, and moss giants. You’ll be introduced to Almera, whose son is missing. He’ll be looking for treasure, and you’ll need to find it first to complete the quest.

The quest is a great introduction to the Elven lore, which becomes more important in the late game. The waterfall is an intermediate quest because of the creatures you’ll encounter. The official length is medium. However, players with a good pace can finish the quest within 20-minutes.

Requirements For Waterfall Quest

While Waterfall has no initial requirements preparing beforehand is essential to save time. Luckily the required items are easy to gain for both iron man and regular accounts. These are the items you’ll need:

  • 6 Air Runes
  • 6 Earth Runes
  • 6 Water Runes
  • 1 Rope

If you’re an iron man, you can get the runes by visiting Augury in Varrock. He has a rune shop, which is located directly South of the Eastern Varrock bank. The rope can be made by Ned, a sailor in Eastern Draynor Village, in return for 4 balls of wool. The wool can be gathered by shearing the sheep on Lumbridge farm. Alternatively, you can make the rope yourself by killing level 22 Yaks and picking up the hair. Use the hair on a spinning wheel with level 30 Crafting to make the rope.

There are no skill requirements to start the quest. However, we strongly recommend having these levels and gear to prevent your character from dying.


  • Level 10 Defense: Your Defense level will impact how much damage from enemies. During the quest, multiple enemies will aggro towards you, so having protection will help tremendously.
  • Level 15 Hitpoints: The amount of HP you have will help astronomically in this quest because multiple enemies will attack you. Therefore, a higher amount of Hitpoints will eliminate the risk of dying.


Make sure to equip your best armor so that you take minimal damage. The level 28 Hobgonlins can max hit for 3, and with multiple attacking at once, this can lead to serious trouble. This is the armor you should wear:

  • Chest – Steel Platebody
  • Legs – Steel Platelegs
  • Boots – Steel Boots
  • Head – Steel Full Helm
  • Off-hand – Steel Kiteshield

This is the bare minimum, and wearing higher-tier armor will be more beneficial. They have a Defense requirement of level 5, which is easy to achieve. Also, the armors are extremely cheap to purchase at the grand exchange.


When you start the quest, make sure you have 6 earth runes, 6 water runes, 6 air runes, and a rope. The rest of your inventory should consist of good food that will heal you at least 20% of your max HP.

Requermended Items:

You’ll have to run a lot during the quest, which can be easily prevented with teleports. These items are not necessary to have but can help save time. You can purchase all of them from the Grand Exchange for convenience.

  • Games Necklace: Provides a teleport to Barbarian Outpost, which is directly North of the quest start point.
  • Ring of Duelling: Provides a nearby teleport to the Waterfall.
  • Ardougne Teleport Tab: I Will teleport you to East Ardougne. Then you can run Northwest to the Waterfall.

Waterfall OSRS Quest Guide

  1. To begin the quest, speak to Almera in her home, which is located on the top of the Waterfall. She will tell you that her son has gone looking for treasure at the Waterfall and wants him to come home.
  2. Once you finish talking to Almera, go to the raft that is on the opposite side of the door you entered. Get on the raft, and it will take you downstream. It will break in half, and you’ll see the boy Almera is looking for.
  3. Talk to the boy and tell him to go home to his mother. He’ll refuse to talk to him again and offer to help find the treasure. He will reject your offer claiming that you’ll steal it all for yourself.
  4. When you are done talking to him, look downstream, and you’ll notice a huge rock. Use the rope onto the rock, and your character will go across. Now you’ll be on a ledge with a dead tree. Use the rope on the dead tree, and you’ll go down the cliffside. You’ll notice a doorway and a barrel on the cliffside. Do not try to enter the doorway because you will fall and take 8 damage. Get inside the barrel, and you will go down the Waterfall and spawn downstream.
  5. Afterward, head towards the Southwestern house where you’ve spawned. Talk to Hadley about the Waterfall quest and then go upstairs. Search the bookcases to get the “Book of Baxtorian”.
  6. Read the book to find out the Elves have hidden treasure under the falls. Also, you will find out that you will need a Glarial Pebble, which is located under the Tree Gnome Village. This is used later on to access the tomb of Glarial.
  7. Head to the Tree Gnome Village and make your way through the maze till you reach a ladder going down. It’s easy to locate by looking for the exclamation mark on your minimap. Then go down the ladder to find yourself in a cave filled with goblins.
  8. When you’re in the cave, go to the Eastside and search the crates to find a key. Then head to the Westside and use the key on the gate to free Golrie. Talk to him to receive the Glarial’s Pebble.
  9. Now, go to the nearest bank and deposit all your items, excluding the runes, food, and Glarial’s Pebble.
  10. Go to the grave East of Hadley’s house where you picked up the “Book of Baxtorian”. Use the Glarial’s Pebble on the statue, and you will go inside the grave. Once you’re inside the tomb, ignore all the monsters and run West past the Moss giants. Open the chest and search it to find Glarial’s Amulet. Then run into the Southern corridor and search the tomb to find Glarial’s urn.
  11. Leave the tomb and go to any bank and withdraw armor if you need it. Also, refill your inventory with food and leave 5 spaces blank for the quest rewards.
  12. Head back to Almera’s house and equip Glarial’s Amulet. Go on the raft, and you’ll appear on the island you were before. Use the rope on the big rock and then on the dead tree to get to the Waterfall cliffside. Next, click on the door to go inside.
  13. There will be plenty of shadow spiders, fire giants, skeletons, and skeleton mages when you enter the Waterfall. Take the Eastern passage and search the crates and boxes to find a key.
  14. Then go to the Western passage and follow it north through the door into the room with fire giants. Run past them and use the key on the Northern door.
  15. Now you will be in a room with 6 pillars and the statue of Glarial. Use 1 rune type on each pillar until you have no runes left. Then place the Glarial’s amulet onto the Glarial’s statue.
  16. Afterward, the floor will begin to rise. Use Glarial’s urn on the Chalice of Eternity to complete the quest.


The quest rewards for completing Waterfall are ultra-good for low-levels. The Attack and Strength experience given will blow past the early levels placing your character level 30 in both skills. These are the rewards for completing the quest:

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 13,750 Strength XP
  • 13,750 Attack XP
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 2 Gold Bars
  • 40 Mithril Seeds

The Mithril seeds are an excellent quest reward because they give players a chance to make great money. Planting them does not require using a Farming Patch. Instead, you can select users, and your character will begin planting the seeds. Flowers will grow around you, which can be picked for profit.

Red Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.08%
  • Price: 35 GP

Blue Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 15.3%
  • Price: 230 GP

Yellow Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.65%
  • Price: 30 GP

Purple Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.85%
  • Price: 220 GP

Orange Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 15.39%
  • Price: 230 GP

Mixed Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 14.66%
  • Price: 50 GP

Assorted Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 10.78%
  • Price: 200 GP

Black Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 0.2%
  • Price: 60k GP

White Flowers:

  • Percentage to Grow: 0.1%
  • Price: 270k GP

Ancient Cavern

Players who have completed the Waterfall quest gain access to the Ancient Cavern, which contains plenty of Slayer Task creatures and Dragons. To get to the Ancient Caverns, go Northwest of Almera’s house until you see a dock. In front of it will be a whirlpool that you can jump into to enter the cavern.

Each section of the cavern will feature unique creatures that you can kill for supplies and XP. The first monster you’ll see is the level 115 Waterfiends. They have one of the bext XP rates for Ranged training. Also, they are great money makers because they can drop water talismans. Here are all the monsters you can find within the cave:

  • Waterfiend – Level 115
  • Confused Barbarian – Level 132
  • Lost Barbarian – Level 132
  • Skeleton Brute – Level 132
  • Skeleton Heavy – level 132
  • Skeleton Thug – Level 132
  • Skeleton Warlord – Level 132
  • Skeleton Hero – Level 149
  • Angry Barbarian Spirit – Level 166
  • Berserk Barbarian Spirit – Level 166
  • Enraged Barbarian Spirit – Level 166
  • Brutal Green Dragon – Level 227
  • Mithril Dragon – Level 304


Question: What Are The Best Quests For Low-Level Players?

Answer: Quests are a huge part of OSRS for gaining XP and progressing through the game. New players will have low stats, which means they won’t have access to top-tier quests yet. These are the best quests to complete for new accounts:
* Waterfall: This quest is medium length and very basic to do. It provides a lot of Strength and Attack experience, which will blow past the low levels straight to level 30.
* Doric’s Quest: Completing this quest is very short, and you’ll gain 1,300 Mining Also, you can use Doric’s anvils that become useful later on.
* Ernest the Chicken: a humorous quest to complete is Ernest the Chicken. During this quest, you will need to help Ernest become human again. The journey is fun and entertaining, definitely recommended for new players.
* Vampire Slayer: If combat is something you want to train, there is no better quest than Vampire Slayer. You’ll learn how to kill and defeat the vampire that sleeps in Draynor Manor. Afterward, you’ll gain a lot of Attack experience.

Question: Which Quests Is Waterfall A Requirement For?

Answer: High-tier quests in OSRS require completing other quests first. This can be due to the storyline or items that can only be gathered by completing previous quests. Waterfall is a requirement for a few important quests that will progress your character. Therefore, players should complete the quest as soon as possible.
* Desert Treasure: This is an extremely long quest but very rewarding. Completing Desert Treasure will let players use Ancient Magicks. Also, you’ll gain 3 Quest Points.
* Legends’ Quest: This master quest has a lot of skill and quest requirements. Completing Legends’ Quest will grant access to the Legends Guild, 7,650 XP in 4 different skills, and 4 quest points.
* Roving Elves: This is a sequel to the Waterfall quest and Regicide. It revolves around the tomb of King Baxtorian and the Elven lore. This quest will heavily progress your character to unlocking the Elf City. Also, it will reward you with 10,000 Strength Experience and access to Crystal equipment.

Question: What Are Quest Points?

Answer: Quest points are part of the reward players receive after completing a quest. They are considered a complete measure in OSRS, and players who have completed all quests will receive a cape.
The number of quest points differs depending on the quest. Usually, longer or difficult quests will be more rewarding. Also, some quests will require having a certain amount of quest points before starting. These are the best quests to receive points:
* Recipe for Disaster – 10 Quest Points
* Merlin’s Crystal – 6 Quest Points
* The Grand Tree – 5 Quest Points
* Underground Pass – 5 Quest Points
* Dragon Slayer II – 5 Quest Points
* Romeo and Juliet – 5 Quest Points
* Goblin Diplomacy – 5 Quest Points
* Ernest the Chicken – 4 Quest Points
* Demon Slayer – 3 Quest Points
* Vampyre Slayer – 3 Quest Points


That concludes our OSRS Waterfall guide, we thoroughly hope you enjoyed it. We’ve covered everything you need to know from the armor, items, and steps to take. So what are you waiting for? Start the quest because the rewards are priceless!

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