Adamant Dragon RS3 Guide

Dragons are possibly the most iconic fantasy monsters, so it’s no surprise that they appear throughout RuneScape’s world of Gielinor. There are also numerous types of dragons throughout the game, each with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses for players to consider before fighting them. So, if you’re going to end up fighting an Adamant Dragon, whether for their achievements or a Slayer task, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time.

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Slayer Level Required: 1
  • Combat Level Required: 85
  • Adamant Dragon Level: 116
  • Hit Points: 32,812
  • Aggressive: Yes

Adamant Dragon Overview

 Adamant Dragon
Image from Oldschool Runescape wiki

As their name implies, Adamant Dragons are giant dragons with green scales that have been fused with adamant metal. They are easily identified by the color of their skills and the large horn that extends from the end of their snout. They were first added to the game in June 2015 after winning a community vote for new enemy options. If you’re looking to test your mettle against an Adamant Dragon, you can do so by going to either Dragonking Lair or finding the Adamant Dragon Dungeon within the Brimhaven Dungeon. In Dragonking Lair, they have three spawns, while in the Adamant Dragon Dungeon, there are a total of 24.

If you want to kill some Adamant Dragons and get as much out of them as possible, you can also pick up Slayer tasks targeting them. To get Adamant Dragons as your Slayer quarry, you only need Slayer Level 1, with Kuradal, Morvran, and Laniakea all having a chance of assigning them. Killing Adamant Dragons in this way will give you Slayer points and 655.6 experience in the Slayer skill.

Adamant Dragon Stats

Adamant dragon
Image from Runescape fandom

Before making a plan on how to slay an Adamant Dragon, you first have to understand its stats and abilities. To start, you should know that it is classified as a level 116 monster with a whopping 32,812 hit points. This puts it at three times the hit points of a Runebound Behemoth, although it cannot cast protective spells as the Behemoth does. It is also important to note that Adamant Dragons are aggressive, meaning they will attack any players they see. So, if you’re going to be in the area of one, you better make sure that you’re prepared to fight it before stepping into its view.

Despite its lack of protection prayers, it does have a Defense skill of 82 as well as an armor value of 2,023. To counteract this, you can either exploit its weakness to air spells, equip a Kethsi Ring for 4% extra damage, or use an Inquisitor Staff, Dragon Slayer buffs, or any Dragon Bane gear to increase your damage. To make sure that you can land as many hits as possible during the fight, you can also find the Adamant Dragon’s affinity ratings below:

  • Air Spells – 90
  • Magic – 65
  • Melee – 55
  • Ranged – 45

When fighting an Adamant Dragon, you can also use status effects to your advantage. They are immune to poison despite not being poisonous, but they are not immune to deflect, stun, or stat drains. These can help you overcome them if your combat levels are a bit lower than you’d like, or they can help you kill them even faster if you’re trying to slay multiple.

Finally, before looking at strategies for fighting Adamant Dragons, it is essential to look at their attacks and how much they hurt. They have a melee, magic, and ranged attack at their disposal. All of these base attacks have a damage value of 2,178 before accounting for the player’s defenses, as well as accuracy of 2,178. Their attacks are also made every four ticks, which equals approximately 2.4 seconds.

However, Adamant Dragons are like most dragons in that they also have access to the Dragonfire attack. Dragonfire can deal up to a whopping 2,700 damage if you aren’t prepared for it. It is also a special attack in that it ignores the combat triangle that typically influences damage values in RuneScape’s combat. This means that while it is a magic attack, its damage is not affected by players wearing Ranged armor, which typically provides extra protection against magic sources of damage. So, you’ll have to bring specific gear to deal with this attack, which is explained below in the strategies for killing Adamant Dragons.

Adamant Dragon Combat


For a melee fighter, you should equip a shield described below to help you mitigate the damage of the Adamant Dragon’s Dragonfire attacks. Your positioning next to the Adamant Dragon during the fight won’t have too much of an impact on your battle, although it will prevent the dragon from using its Ranged attack.

Adamant Dragons also don’t take any more or less damage depending on which type of melee damage your weapon deals. Since they are weak to Dragon Bane equipment, you should try to get your hands on a Dragon Bane Longsword. If you can augment it, you should do so to get as many benefits as possible. Since they are Dragon Bane weapons using one will increase the damage you deal by 25%.

If you want to take the melee approach, you should also bring plenty of healing items to help keep you alive during the fight. If you have a high enough Prayer level, I recommend using the Protect from Magic spell throughout the war. This will only provide minimal protection from the Dragonfire attack but will help protect you from its regular magic attack since it will still use it at melee range, and your armor will leave you weak.


If you instead want to take a Ranged approach, you should try to get your hands on a complete set of regular or superior Death Lotus armor at a minimum. Depending on your preferences, this armor should be paired with either a Zaryte Bow or Chaotic Crossbow. However, you should try to use Dragon Bane ammunition for whichever you use to deal as much damage as possible. If you can, you should use Jas Dragon Bane Arrows instead of the regular ones to almost double the damage you deal.

Once you enter combat with the Adamant Dragon, you should stay out of melee range. This will prevent it from using its melee attack, which you will be weak to, and will instead force it to use only Ranged, Magic, and Dragonfire attacks. To mitigate the damage, you take, you should use prayers to increase your defenses against those types of sources.

To deal with the Dragonfire attacks, you’ll need to rely on the potions described below under the heading dealing with Dragonfire. This means that you’ll need a high Herblore Level and spend a lot of time gathering materials to make them. If you don’t have the Herblore necessary, you can also purchase potions like Antifire from the Grand Exchange to save time.


For players that want to use a Magic-focused approach, you’ll need to use the Refined Anima Core armor set. This will give you a boost to your Magic skill as well as boost your defense. However, the armor does not have gloves or boots, so you’ll need to fill those slots. I recommend wearing Gloves of Subjugation and Virtus Boots to fill the gaps.

For your weapon, you have a few different choices. Since you won’t have Dragon Bane equipment to boost your damage, you should prioritize using air spells to deal as much as possible. One option if you don’t want to burn through many air runes is the Staff of Limitless Air. If you aren’t as worried about the runes, you should use an Inquisitor Staff or a Staff of Darkness to maximize your damage as much as possible.

While fighting the Adamant Dragon with a magic-based combat style, you should stay inside the melee range of the Adamant Dragon. This will prevent it from using its Ranged attack, which you will be especially weak to because of your magic armor. To increase your survivability, you can also use prayers to improve your defense against melee and magic damage if your Prayer Level is high enough.

When dealing with Dragonfire, you will likely have to rely mainly on the potions described in the below section. This can take a high Herblore Level to make yourself, or you can purchase many of the options from the Grand Exchange to save yourself some time.

Dealing with Dragonfire

Image from oldschool runescape wiki

Dragonfire is an essential aspect of the fight because Adamant Dragons will use the ability regardless of their positioning in regard to the player. Every player will have to find a way to mitigate damage from Dragonfire attacks. If you are a melee player, you can equip either an Anti-Dragon Shield or a variation of the Dragonfire Shield. The Anti-Dragon Shield is the easiest of the two to get from the Dragon Slayer quest. They can also equip the Dragon Bane Square Shield, which is made with Smithing Level 80 and a Draconic Visage and Bane Square Shield +4.

If you take an approach that doesn’t work well with a shield, you’ll have fewer options. However, these options can be added to the ones above, allowing players to become fully protected from the attack. The least effective is the Protect from Magic and Deflect Magic prayers. These prayers will only offer minimal protection from the attack, however, and you will still bear most of the attack by itself.

The better option is a range of potions. The first of these is the Antifire potion which can also be made into an Antifire Mix potion by adding caviar also to provide some healing. You can also turn Antifire potions with Desert Phoenix Feathers to make Super Antifire potions that completely negate the damage of Dragonfire attacks. These can be further improved to Extended Super Antifire potions by adding Clean Arbuck to them, doubling their duration.

If you have a well-trained Herblore Level, you can also make high-level potions that provide protection against Dragonfire and numerous other stat boosts. These can take a lot of time to make, but they are:

  • Wyrmfire Potion
  • Brightfire Potion
  • Searing Overload Potion
  • Overload Salve
  • Supreme Overload Salve

Adamant Dragon Drops

Killing an Adamant Dragon will net you 1,405 combat experience and 463.6 Constitution experience. You will also get a range of possible drops that average worth of 24,545 coins. They are guaranteed to drop both a Hardened Dragon Bones and a Medium Plated Adamant Salvage every single time. Still, the remainder of the rewards are randomized using the following tables as well as the Rare Drop Table and Universal Drops Table.

Charms Drop Table

Charm Type Drop Chance
Nothing 23%
Gold 15%
Green 40%
Crimson 13%
Blue 9%

Main Drop Table

Item Name Quantity Dropped Drop Chance
Adamantite Stone Spirit 3-4 23%
Unfinished Adamant Bolt 24 10%
Medium Bladed Adamant Salvage 1 9%
Huge Plated Adamant Salvage 7.8%
Super Defense Potion(Noted) 7%
Super Magic Potion
Runite Stone Spirit 2 5.5%
Uncut Diamond 4.7%
Medium Bladed Rune Salvage 1 2.3%
Inert Adrenaline Crystal (Noted) Uncommon
Dragon Mace 1.2%
Off-Hand Dragon Mace
Coins 11,000-14,000
Yew Logs (Noted) 25 0.6%
Dragon Plateskirt 1 0.2%
Dragon Platelegs
Dragon Helm 0.097%
Dragon Full Helm 0.006%

Tertiary Drop Table

Item Name Quantity Dropped Drop Chance
Forcae’s Journal Page Force’s  
Hard Sealed Clue Scroll 1.5%
Court Summons Uncommon
Sakirth’s Journal Rare
Strisath’s Journal
Kalibath’s Journal
Phalaks’ Experiment Log
Elite Sealed Clue Scroll 0.22%
Draconic Visage 0.02%

Rare Drops Table

Item Name Quantity Dropped Drop Chance
Coins 50 Common
Coins 250-500
Dragon Longsword 1
Flax (Noted) 450-550
Loop Half of a Key 1
Molten Glass (Noted) 45-55
Nitrite Stone Spirit 2
Off-Hand Dragon Longsword 1
Phasmatite Stone Spirit 2
Raw Lobster (Noted) 135-165
Rune Arrowheads 113-137
Runite Stone Spirit 3
Tooth Half of a Key 1
Uncut Diamond
Uncut Emerald
Uncut Ruby
Uncut Sapphire
Big Bones (Noted) 68-82 Uncommon
Dragon Helm 1
Drakolith Stone Spirit 25-35
Dwarf Weed Seed 14-16
Grimy Snapdragon (Noted) 90-110
Grimy Torstol (Noted)
Hugle Plated Rune Salvage 1
Lantadyme Seed 14-16
Magic Seed 4
Phasmatite Stone Spirit 25-30
Prayer Potion (Noted) 45-55
Raw Shark (Noted) 225-275
Soft Clay (Noted) 450-550
Super Restore (Noted) 45-55
Teak Plank (Noted)
Uncut Dragonstone 1
Yew Logs (Noted) 675-825
Battlestaff (Noted) 180-220 Rare
Dragon Spear 1
Dragon Bones (Noted) 180-220
Earth Talisman (Noted) 68-82
Huge Plated Rune Salvage (Noted) 18-22
Mahogany Plank (Noted) 270-330
Nitrite Stone Spirit 25-30
Orichalcite Stone Spirit 25-35
Palm Tree Seed 10
Rune Javelin 5
Shield Left Half 1
Uncut Diamond (Noted) 45-55
Uncut Dragonstone (Noted)
Water Talisman (Noted) 68-82
Yew Logs (Noted) 675-825
Blueberry Special 1 Very Rare
Brawling Gloves (Agility)
Brawling Gloves (Cooking)
Brawling Gloves (Firemaking)
Brawling Gloves (Fishing)
Brawling Gloves (Hunter)
Brawling Gloves (Magic)
Brawling Gloves (Melee)
Brawling Gloves (Mining)
Brawling Gloves (Prayer)
Brawling Gloves (Ranged)
Brawling Gloves (Smithing)
Brawling Gloves (Thieving)
Brawling Gloves (Woodcutting)
Cheese+tom Batta
Crystal Triskelion Fragment 1
Crystal Triskelion Fragment 2
Crystal Triskelion Fragment 3
Hazelmere’s Signet Ring
Onyx Bolts 135-165
Vecna Skull 1

Universal Drops Table

Item Name Quantity Dropped Drop Chance
Key Token 1 Rare
Mimic Kill Token 1 0.01%

Adamant Dragon Achievements

Dragon Logs

Kalibath's journal
Image from runescape wiki

RuneScore: 20

You will achieve this once you’ve collected and read all Dragonkin journals. There are four of these total that are each dropped by Adamant Dragons. You’ll need to find:

  • Kalibath’s Journal
  • Phalaks’ Experiment Log
  • Sakirth’s Journal
  • Strisath’s Journal

Forcae’s Mettle

RuneScore: 15

To get this achievement you have to collect every page of Forcae’s Journal. There are ten pages in total that have a chance to be dropped by both Adamant and Rune Dragons.

Jungle Predator

Dragon Platelegs
Image from Oldschool Runescape wiki

RuneScore: 0

The Jungle Predator achievement is unlocked once a player has gotten every unique drop from monsters in Karamja. The items and the creatures that drop them are below in alphabetical order:

  • Dragon Platelegs – Adamant Dragon
  • Dragon Plateskirt – Adamant Dragon
  • Gemstone Boots – Dragonstone Dragon
  • Gemstone Hauberk – Hydrix Dragon
  • Gemstone Helm – Onyx Dragon
  • Gemstone Gauntlets – Dragonstone Dragon
  • Gemstone Greaves – Onyx Dragon
  • Obsidian Cape – Tokhaar-Hur, TzHaar-Ket, TzHaar-Mej, TzHaar-Xil
  • Toktz-ket-Om – TzHaar-Ket, TzHaar-Xil, TokHaar-Ket Champion
  • Toktz-ket-xil – TzHaar-Ket, TzHaar-Xil, TokHaar-Ket
  • Toktz-mej-tal – TokHaar-Mej, TzHaar-Mej
  • Toktz-xil-ak – TokHaar-Xil, TzHaar-Xil
  • Toktz-xil-ek – TokHaar-Xil, TzHaar-Xil
  • Toktz-xil-ul – TokHaar-Xil, TzHaar-Xil
  • Whip Vine – Mutated Jadinko Male, Mutated Jadinko Guard

La Petite Mort

Chewed Bones
Image from Oldschool Runescape wiki

RuneScore: 0

La Petite Mort is similar to Jungle Predator above. It requires players to get every unique drop from monsters found in Kandarin. The loot you need and the creatures that drop them are below in alphabetical order:

  • Chewed Bones – Holy Scarab, Mithril Dragon
  • Cresbot (unpoked) – Automaton Generator, Automaton Guardian, Automaton Tracer
  • Dark Bow – Dark Beast, Elite Dark Beast
  • Dragon Full Helm – Adamant Dragon
  • Kaigi’s Journal Pages – Airut
  • Perfect Shell – Tortoise, Warped Tortoise
  • Pneumatic Gloves – Automaton Tracer
  • Static Gloves – Automaton Guardian
  • Tracking Gloves – Automaton Guardian
  • Tortoise Shell – Tortoise, Warped Tortoise, Spirit Impling
  • Tuska Mask Headpiece – Airut
  • Tuska Mask Lower Tusks – Airut
  • Tuska Mask Plate – Airut
  • Tuska Mask Top – Airut


Question: Where do you find Adamant Dragons in RuneScape?

Answer: Adamant Dragons are found in either the Dragonkin Lair or Brimhaven Dungeon’s Adamant Dragon Dungeon.

Question: What are Adamant Dragons weak to? 

Answer: Adamant Dragons have incredibly high defense values but are weak to air spells.

Question: Can Adamant Dragons use Dragonfire? 

Answer: Like most dragons, Adamant Dragons can use the Dragonfire ability.


Fighting an Adamant Dragon in RuneScape is no small undertaking, so you’d best prepare before trying to kill one. Once you are prepared, however, you’ll be able to slay them for some excellent loot and fun combat encounters. You also will likely have to kill at least one or two while leveling up your Slayer Level. Regardless, Adamant Dragons are a great enemy with fun mechanics and great visual flair, thanks to their cool coloring and horn.

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