Celebratory Cabbages: Gower Quest Guide

Announced during RuneFest 2015, the Gower Quest was added to Old School RuneScape in 2016 as part of its 15th anniversary. It was designed with input by the original creators of Runescape, Andrew and Paul Gower, making it a fun throwback for longtime fans.

It also is a fun and light-hearted quest that any player, free or part of the paid member service, rich with loads of RS gold or poor, can enjoy going through and have fond memories of after. If you’re ready to experience one of Runescape 3‘s most unique and humorous quests and get a handful of OSRS gold in the process, let’s get started. 

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only: No
  • Official Difficulty: Experienced
  • Official Length: Long
  • Requirements: 34 Quest Points
  • Rewards: 1x Quest Point, 15x RuneScape Gold, 2x Treasure Hunter keys, 2x Hearts of Ice, Crispy the Cabbage pet, Retro Login Teleport spell cosmetic, Cabbagemance Outfit cosmetic, Brassica Prime Godsword two-handed weapon cosmetic

Gower Quest Overview

The Gower Quest begins simply enough, with players offering their services to help three cabbage farmers by the names of Andrew, Ian, and Paul.

The quest is also interesting in that it is ranked as an Experienced-difficulty quest, although it doesn’t require specific skill levels. It does require players to have accumulated at least 34 Quest Points, but doesn’t require the player to gather any items beforehand. So, if you are looking for a fun quest to take on, it is a great option.

How to Start Gower Quest

How to Start Gower Quest

While you don’t need any specific items to complete Gower Quest, I recommend bringing along some items. However, all you’ll need is your chosen combat loadout and some food to heal with during the quest’s final battle.

You can complete the fight with any gear, but I recommend taking a melee-focused approach if possible unless you are a cabbage god mage. This is because you’ll have to tank a lot of damage during the fight and you’ll be unable to get any range between you and your enemies. If you end up going for a non-melee build, just try to bring some extra food to help keep you on your feet.

Then, any OSRS player wanting to do this also needs to accrue 34 Quest Points before tackling the Gower Quest. This is a negligible requirement for any players that like questing in Runescape, but if you haven’t done many quests yet, you may have to grind for Quest Points.

The easiest way to do so is to play some of the early game quests that take place in the fifth age. These can be found under the Pathfinder label in the quest log. These quests are intended for early players to complete, so you’ll be able to run through them relatively easily until you get enough Quest Points.

Gower Quest Walkthrough

Meeting the Cabbagemancers

Meeting the Cabbagemancers

To get started on the quest, you need to travel to Varrock and head southeast of the lodestone there. You’ll come across a cabbage farm where you can talk to Andrew, Ian, and Paul (their names are possibly an homage to real people). In the dialogue, they’ll be excited to see you and introduce themselves as cabbagemancers that are responsible for growing some of the cabbages found throughout the world.

However, they reveal that they’ve had a hard time getting their cabbages to grow like they usually do, and they enlist your help to get to the bottom.

Because this is a Runescape quest, the best way to figure out the problem is decided to be crafting a Cabbagespeak Amulet so that you can ask them. To do so, you’ll have to gather resources from around the farm.

The first is found in the room to the west of the cabbagemancers. Search the crates in the corner to find a Pure Essence, which you can flip into your inventory to turn into a Life Rune.

You’ll then need to head to the field of cabbages southwest of the house and interact with the scarecrow there. This will give you a Cruciferous Mounting. Then, go to the farm’s courtyard and look in the water barrel to get a Brussels Sprout.

These two elements can be combined to create the Unstrung Brassican Amulet. You then will need to find a way to hang it around your neck.

To do so, head over by the rats and search the feeding trough there to get a Broccoli Root. This can be taken to the spinning wheel inside the farm’s main building to produce Broccoli String.

The Broccoli String can then be combined with your Unstrung Brassican Amulet to create the Brassican Amulet. Finally, combine your Brassican Amulet with the Life Rune you found first, and you’ll find a Cabbagespeak Amulet in your inventory.

Make sure to equip the Cabbagespeak Amulet and head over to the farm’s cabbage field. There, you’ll be able to speak to Crispy the Cabbage. Crispy will tell you that the field is currently rioting against the cabbagemancers and that their first demand to stop is to all be given partyhats.

To get them to return to the cabbagemancers and talk to them, and they will give you a stack of Pink Partyhats. Take these back to Crispy, and they will tell you that the cabbages there are magical beings and that something must be wrong “behind sceneries.”

You’ll then be able to take Crispy with you in your backpack and talk to the cabbagemancers again, who will give you a Disk of Returning to travel to the Dwarven Mine by Falador.

The Dwarven Mine

The Dwarven Mine

Once you arrive in the Dwarven Mine, you’ll need to use the Disk of Returning to get directions that will lead you to the cave home of a Dwarf named Boot. Reaching this cave will teleport you to a new area called the Black Hole.

You will not be able to see anything in this area, but you’ll have to walk around and find things to interact with. To make this manageable, the items you need to interact with next will glitter with some light every once in a while, so keep an eye out for them.

The steps that you have to go through during this section, however, are as follows:

  • Search the table in the center of the room to find a rock.
  • Use the rock with the wall on the west side of the room. You will know you did so successfully when you hear a grinding sound.
  • Return to the table and look under it to find an Orange.
  • Eat the Orange to find a Small Key inside of it.
  • Use the Small Key on the wall on the east side of the room. This will give you a Tinderbox.
  • Take the Tinderbox to the northeast corner of the room and use it on the Scary Wispy Thing to get a Skull.
  • Use the skull with the Unusual Shape in the southwest corner of the room to open the Gate of Lloigh-enn.

Once you’ve opened the gate, go through it, and you’ll talk with a dwarf named Thordur. Thordur will tell you about a place known as Behind the Scenes. It is a hidden bar in the world of Runescape where you can meet with NPCs and Jagex employees.

This area is a real treat for experienced players, as there are many inside jokes and nods toward other questlines from across the game. After telling you about it, Thordur will teleport you to save any travel time.



Once you’re at the bar, take some time to explore it and enjoy yourself. Once you’re ready to continue the quest, talk to the DJ Spiral Orb. Spiral Orb tells you that the problem with the cabbages is likely a result of the Life Altar being broken.

You are told you’ll need to get three pieces of the Life Altar to fix it. To do so, she points you toward Lucien, the Chaos Elemental Steve, and Thok.

First, head over to Lucien in the northern corner of the pub. Lucien tells you that he had a piece of the Life Altar but that it was stolen from him by a character named Wise Old Man.

The only way that Lucien can think to get it back is for you to carry out a heist at the bank where it is vaulted. However, there are four problems that you have to figure out first.

To find the problems for yourself, you need to use the Central Bank Portal and speak to Clair Hick on the other side of it. This will give you the first problem, and you can find the second back going to the back of the bank and talking to a guard named Ernie. Then, interact with the door of the vault that Ernie is in front of to get the final two problems.

It is imperative that you get all four issues out of the way right away, as you won’t be able to progress toward solving any of the problems until you have found all four.

Head back to Behind the Scenes, and you can start finding four people to help you out on the heist. The first is Romeo from Varrock. Ask him to help you, and he’ll request that you first get him to love advice from five other pub patrons.

Commander Zilyana, General Graardor, K’ril Tsutsaroth, Kree’arra, and Nex, which you may recognize as the God Wars bosses. Talk to them to get some pointers and tell Romeo about what they said, and he’ll agree to help.

You’ll then be ready to recruit the actor named Guthix. In exchange for his help, he requests that you ask a cabbage for acting work for him. Thankfully, you just came in possession of a Cabbagespeak Amulet, so head to the northern part of the pub and talk to one of the cabbages on the table.

It just so happens that the cabbage is putting on a play with Guthix as a character, and it agrees to cast Guthix in the role. Tell Guthix the good news, and he’ll be willing to help you pull off the heist.

The following heist members that you’ll want to recruit are Tim and Crunchy; the environment leads at Jagex. Talk to them, and you’ll be asked to get some refreshments for their environment artists. You’re in a pub, so talk to the barkeep, and you’ll be given five Cups of Tea.

Give each one to an environment artist at the bar and then return to Tim and Crunchy to recruit them. Finally, you’ll need to talk to the penguin Sphenishchev. Spenishchev is a blacksmith, and once you speak to him he’ll agree to help without asking for anything in return.

You’ll be ready to head back to the bank and start your heist. Once you arrive back at the bank, talk to Claire Hick again and have Romeo distract her for you. Romeo and Claire will teleport away, and you’ll be able to talk to Ernie and have Guthix distract him.

Once Guthix gets Ernie to leave the vault alone, you need to have Tim and Crunchy remove the vault door from the environment. This will open the vault, which has a big chest in the center of it.

With Spenishchev’s help, pick the lock on it. Searching the chest will then give you the First Life Altar Fragment. You then can leave the bank and head back to Behind the Scenes.

Steve the Chaos Elemental

Steve the Chaos Elemental

Now that you have the First Life Altar Fragment, you should tackle the Chaos Elemental Steve to get a second one. He’ll inform you that his fragment of the Life Altar is at the Grand Exchange.

Go through the portal nearby to head to a maintenance room at the Grand Exchange. You should then interact with the Grand Exchange panel on the wall in the northern portion of the area.

This will put you into a pipe puzzle where you have to rotate pipes to connect the left and right side of the screen. This puzzle is randomized but rather simple, and once you finish it, you’ll be given the Second Life Altar Fragment. Once you’ve gotten your hands on it, you can head back to Behind the Scenes are talk with Thok.




Finally, you’ll need to talk to the Fremennik champion Thok of Daemonheim. He can be found to the northeast of Spiral Orb, and when you speak to him he’ll tell you that the third fragment is in an area called the Beta Testing Room.

Go through the portal near him to enter the room, and you’ll find Max. Talking with Max reveals that he will give you the fragment if you help him test three unreleased skills for the game.

The first skill that you can test is the Riding skill. Enter the first skill room, and there will be a Riding tutor you can talk to for an explanation of how to test the skill. Once you’re done talking to them, click on one of the unicorns stands in the room.

You will then mount the unicorn and have to switch stances according to which ones the tutor yells out. Once you’ve filled up the Riding bar, you’ll be able to move one.

The next room holds the Sailing skill. The room is filled with water and a jetty you can interact with to embark on. You then must travel through the water to shoot your cannon at battleships and search for treasure.

To find the treasure, you have to click on the bubbling water by the desert islands. Do these two actions until the Sailing bar above your head is filled, and then you can go to the final skill room.

The final skill is called Bankstanding. The room for this skill looks like a standard Runescape bank; to level up the skill, you just have to stand in front of a bank window.

Every once in a while, something will happen that forces you to move out of the area. When this happens, just move back into it, and the skill will continue to increase. Once you’re done leveling up Bankstanding, talk to Max again, and you’ll get the Final Life Altar Fragment. Then, return to Behind the Scenes.

The Final Stretch

Life Altar portal

Now that you have all three fragments, go through the Life Altar portal at the back of Behind the Scenes. You can then use all three components to repair the altar, which will result in you being attacked by a Black Knight Titan.

Before you fight him, the Titan will reveal that he killed the cabbagemancer that tended the Life Altar before, allowing it to fall into disrepair. He then intended its destruction to draw you to him so that he could kill you for your Disk of Returning and use it to escape into the outside world.

You’ll then have to fight the Black Knight Titan, but when you defeat him, he will instantly respawn and attack you again. You’ll have to kill him a second time, after which he’ll respawn a second time.

This time Crispy will ask you to throw it up on a nearby roof so that it can help you with the fight. Complete the fight a third time, and a cutscene will be triggered.

Once the cutscene has ended, you’ll be thrown into combat with the Black Knight Titan a fourth time, with your health and prayer points filled back up. This time, however, the Black Knight Titan will utilize both of his equipped weapons, doubling the damage output you’ll have to account for.

You’ll have to beat him a few more times to reach a total of six times. Afterward, Andrew Gower gives the Black Knight Titan his own Disk of Returning to reach the surface. Talk to the cabbagemancers, and they’ll agree to stay at the Life Altar and take care of the blood pact or whatever they’re going to do themselves, completing the quest.

Gower Quest Rewards

Gower Quest Rewards

Once you’ve finished up the quest, you’ll get a mix of standard and unique rewards. To start, you’ll get a single Quest Point and an odd sum of fifteen coins. You’ll also be given two Treasure Hunter keys and two Hearts of Ice.

These are all pretty uninteresting, but the other half of the rewards are much more exciting. The first is a unique Crispy the Cabbage pet that can follow you on your adventures.

You’ll also get three cosmetic overrides. The first is a Retro Login override for teleport spells, which is an enjoyable treat for longtime fans.

The second is a Cabbagemancer Outfit override to let you customize your character’s appearance without sacrificing the stats of your preferred gear. Finally, you’ll unlock the Brassica Prime Godsword cosmetic override that can be applied to any two-handed melee weapon.

However, there are a few extra rewards that you can unlock by putting in just a bit of extra effort. If you travel back to Behind the Scenes and talk to Tim and Crunchy again, you’ll unlock each of them as additional pets that you can equip.

And, if you talk to the Gower brothers when you have all free-to-play skills at levels 10, 30, and 50, you can get an additional three free experience lamps to help you along.


Question: How Do You Get a Cabbagespeak Amulet if You Lose Yours?

Answer: If you lose your Cabbagespeak Amulet, you can purchase a new one from Andrew Gower.

Question: When Did the Gower Brothers Sell Runescape?

AnswerRunescape was sold by the Gower brothers in 2010 when they stepped down from the board of directors at Jagex after significant investments from outside companies.

Question: Where Do You Start the Gower Quest in Runescape?

Answer: The Gower Quest is started by talking to the cabbage farmers at their farm to the southeast of the Varrock Lodestone.


One of the strongest aspects of Runescape‘s quest is the game’s ability to introduce new quest-only mechanics and explore a variety of tones and themes. There are quests that are more serious and emotional, and there are others that are much more light-hearted and comical.

Gower Quest is a great example of this, as it has some fun mechanics to play around with that you won’t find anywhere else, excellent hints for longtime fans to appreciate, and plenty of funny moments. Even better, it is a free quest so that every player can experience it.

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