Lunar Diplomacy OSRS Guide

When it comes to locations in Old School RuneScape, one of my favorites of all time has to be the Lunar Isle. The home of the Moonclan is one of the most stunning locales you will ever find in the MMO due to its unique style and look. Ever since starting the game roughly around the time when the Lunar Isle came out, this has been a place that I visit often. If you want to know more about how to get there, you’ll need to read this Lunar Diplomacy OSRS guide.

Lunar Diplomacy is one of the countless quests that exist in OSRS. This one, in particular, is part of the fabled Fremennik continent quest line that involves several stories in one. One of the later quests you can do in this specific storyline is tackling that of the Moonclan and the Lunar Isle they call home. For everything you need to know about how to complete the Moonclan’s quest, our Lunar Diplomacy OSRS guide has you covered.

Bottom Line Up Front

Lunar Diplomacy is one of the most unique quests in Old School RuneScape since it deals with the lunar areas of the world and the special equipment and spells that are there. If you want to have access to all of the lunar items and places in OSRS, this is the quest that you need to complete. It involves finding a way towards peace between the Fremennik people and the Moonclan that are in the Lunar Isle region. It helps that the quest rewards are immense and incredible.

Quest Details Up Front

lunar isle osrs
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Here are all of the essential details that you need to know about the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest right from the start, including who can complete it, what items you need, and the rewards you’ll get in the end for doing it:

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Official Length: Long
  • Official Difficulty: Experienced (This is a generally challenging quest that can ramp up to even higher difficulty levels if you aren’t prepared well enough for the tough fights ahead against some level 110 enemies)
  • Required Quests: Lost City, The Fremennik Trials, Druidic Ritual, Jungle Potion, Shilo Village, and Rune Mysteries
  • Required Items: 1000 coins or so, tinderbox, hammer, needle, axe, pickaxe, spade, Guam leaf, marrentil, pestle and mortar, dramen staff, bullseye lantern, all elemental talisman or tiaras, plenty of runes, and lunar equipment
  • Required Skills: Level 5 Herblore, Level 40 Defense, Level 49 Firemaking, Level 55 Woodcutting, Level 60 Mining, Level 61 Crafting, and Level 65 Magic
  • Recommended Levels: At least level 75 combat level (preferably 80 or higher for simpler difficulty)
  • Quest Rewards: 2 quest points, 5000 Magic experience, 5000 Runecraft skill experience, 50 Astral runes, the Astral altar unlocked, the Lunar spell book, access to the Lunar isle, the ability to get Lunar equipment, and the seal of passage

Lunar Diplomacy OSRS Overview

There are some quests in Old School RuneScape where you can genuinely feel the roleplaying adventure that the game touts itself as. Lunar Diplomacy is one of those quests that have the player embark on a journey to a new location that they have never visited before.

The style and people of the Lunar Isle region are quite different from almost everything else that you see in the game. I actually appreciate that the most about this particular quest since it is always nice to see something fresh in a game that has been around for such a long time.

The Lunar Diplomacy quest and its part in the more extensive Fremennik quest line are some of my favorite parts of the entire OSRS journey. But this is also not one of the easier quests you will find in Old School RuneScape. Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of time and so many items to get it done. Thankfully, we have your back when it comes to all of these parts and more.


In the Lunar Diplomacy storyline, you, the player, have already helped the Fremennik people before, and now it is time to dig deeper into their issues. They are in the midst of a long-standing feud with the Moonclan people of Moonclan Island. It is your job to visit this hidden location and finally find a way towards peace for the two clans.

Required Items and Skills: How to Get Them

Perhaps the most alarming part about the entire Lunar Diplomacy quest is the fact that you need so many different items and skills even to begin it. It’s honestly bonkers how many different items are needed in this very long quest, not to mention the hefty level of grinding for various skills you’ll need.

That said, I get it; this is one of the higher-level quests you can do in OSRS. To this point, there are a lot of requirements to show that you can’t just walk up and do this quest at any moment. You have to earn your way into the Lunar Isle region, but it is worth it. Here’s how to get all of the items and skills for this quest.

How to Get Coins and Tinderbox

coins osrs
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First off, you need a fair bit of coins. We recommend around 1000 to maybe 1500 to ensure that you have enough to purchase any of the items that you will need for the mission. Regardless, this is the easiest part since you probably already have more than enough coins at this point. If not, take down some enemies, sell some stuff on the Grand Exchange, and so on to get what you need.

The tinderbox is relatively easy, too, as you may already have this in your inventory or bank. If not, any old general store will do for grabbing one of these. These two are some of the easiest items that you have to deal with in this quest.

Guam Leaf and Marrentill Explained

The Guam leaf and the marrentill are two of the special items that you need for this quest. This gets a little tricky since these have to do with the Herblore skill. There are a few ways that you can go about getting either of these items, and it comes down to your personal preference.

Both have the same solutions, including as a drop from the Suqah enemy on Moonclan Island. I don’t recommend this route since the enemies are such high level, and the drops aren’t guaranteed. Instead, you either want to make them yourselves or buy them.

The former will require you to only have level three and five Herblore to make both items. This is rather easy, and you possibly already have more than enough Herblore skill to be able to do it. If not, or if you are a bit lazy like me, then just buy the Guam leaf and marrentill on the Grand Exchange for a handful of coins.

Pestle, Hammer, Axe, and More Tools Explained

pestle and mortar osrs
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Next up, we have the pestle and mortar. A solid number of Herblore and general store shops carry this item, but you could also just pick it up off the GE as always. But if you are an avid Herblore user, then it is very well possible that you already have one in your possession.

For the hammer and the axe, any old one will do here, and you can easily get these from most general stores or the GE for instant purchases. Even the Lunar Isle general store carries some of these items, so be sure to look there if you need to.

The spade and pickaxe are similar stories. Any old one of these will do; you don’t need a special version or anything like that. Get them from the general store during the quest or beforehand, whichever you like.

Thread and Needle Explained

The thread and needle are yet more items you will need for this quest. Like the last group of tools, these two are ones that are so common you may already have them. If not, you can purchase them during the quest itself or from the Grand Exchange if you want to prepare for everything beforehand.

Where to Get the Bullseye Lantern and Elemental Talisman

Bullseye Lantern osrs
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Now is when we get to the trickier items that you really have to worry about. First off, we have the bullseye lantern. This is a normal bullseye lantern, not one of the special variants that you can also obtain in the game.

You can use your Smithing skill to make one of these yourself, but I find this is rather cumbersome and time-consuming since it requires level 49 Smithing and some less common items. Instead, you can easily get this on the GE for around 1100 coins, and it is already ready to go.

For the elemental talismans, there are a couple of items that you need and ways that you can go about this part. First off, you could have the main four elemental talismans of air, earth, fire, and water. Alternatively, you could grab yourself the tiara versions of them.

However, that is still not all. If you wanted to, you could just make sure that you’ve unlocked the Guardians of the Rift or the Abyss for this particular step. It is honestly up to you, whichever works but unlocking that minigame, and the Abyss is time-consuming and not worth it right now if you don’t already have them. Just focus on buying the elemental talismans off the GE in that case.

How to Get the Dramen Staff

The final set of items you will need for the Lunar Diplomacy quest includes the dramen staff. You need the Lost City quest completed for this quest even to begin so there is a chance that you’ve already acquired a dramen team and, hopefully, you still have it in your possession.

If not, you can always make a brand-new one. To do this, make sure to have a Crafting level of 31 or higher and then use a knife on a dramen branch to make the staff. Once you have this, the final item that you need is a whole bunch of an assortment of runes in your inventory or bank, ready for a later part of the quest that we will go over in a bit.

How to Reach Herblore, Firemaking, and Woodcutting Levels

There are many skill levels that you need when it comes to the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest. First off, you need level five Herblore, which is the easiest of this bunch. Anyone could start working with some herbs for just a few minutes, and you would hit this required level in no time, so no worries there.

It gets a bit more complicated when you consider that you need level 49 Firemaking for this quest. I get that Firemaking isn’t the most exhilarating skill to grind as you run around laying so many fires in the city, but I find some peace in it. The best thing to do here is to just light a fire for the highest level item you currently have over and over until you unlock the next one. Put on a podcast or movie to watch while you do it.

For Woodcutting, you need level 55, which is a pretty hefty grind itself. This is my favorite skill in all of RuneScape, though, and there’s something so relaxing in finding a pattern of trees on an empty world to go back-and-forth with, like near Draynor Village. Again, I love this grind with some nice music or a podcast on.

Crafting and Mining Levels Explained

For Crafting, you need to reach level 61. That is pretty high and one of the worst skill levels that you need for this quest. This is going to take you a long time to reach if you haven’t already but ,the good thing is that you are a member for this quest, so you have access to all crafting recipes.

There isn’t much that you can do to speed up this process so just focus on crafting the highest level items you have available until you unlock the next one. This skill can be costly since you may have to splurge on a good bit of materials in the Grand Exchange to get your crafts done, but you can always turn around and sell those items afterward.

Mining is up next, and it requires an almost equally hefty level of 60. Like Woodcutting, though, I think this skill is much more fun to grind than some since you can just mindlessly wander from point to point, depleting it of resources. Plus, those gems and stones can then be used for other skills like Smithing to level them up and make you money.

How to Reach Level 40 Defense and Level 65 Magic

Moving into the combat area, you need at least level 40 Defense. I presume that given the required quests for this Lunar Diplomacy quest, you have already reached this point. But if for some reason you haven’t, all you need to do is set your combat to only give XP for Defense, and that will guarantee the most valuable grind for you.

Last but not least, you need at least level 65 Magic, which is pretty steep. There are a lot of users who don’t even touch Magic, so this is especially annoying for them. Fortunately, you can reach pretty high in Magic just by doing quests. Complete your various quests like Witch’s Potion to get you up enough.

Another method from there is to simply enchant the bolts that you have available at your level, like the Emerald, Red Topaz, Ruby, and so on. This is an expensive method overall with the amount of runes you need but ,it’s also one of the fastest for those who have some money to blow on grinding their Magic skill.

Brief Walkthrough

enchanting dramen staff osrs
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

For my friends reading this who are in a hurry to get the Lunar Diplomacy quest done, here are the basic steps that you should follow in order to do everything to bring about peace to Moon Island:

  1. Once you have gathered up all of the possible items that you can and want to get prior to the start of this quest, it is time to begin. Start by heading to Rellekka in the Fremennik region of the world. Once there, speak with Lokar Searunner at the docks to begin.
  2. Once on the ship, speak with Brundt the Chieftain, who will give you the seal of passage. A quick note to always have this in your inventory to remain on Moon Island. Speak with Lokar once more.
  3. Go aboard the ship called the Lady Zay and speak with Captain Bentley. Speak with a bunch of crew members on the ship as some funny business happens, then talk to the cabin boy to find out the truth. Use the lantern he gives you to find the five seals on the ship and remove them.
  4. Speak with the captain to finally arrive at Moonclan Island.
  5. Speak with Meteora in town, and she will direct you to Oneiromancer. Talk with them in the southeastern section of the island.
  6. Go to Baba Yaga in her house north of the bank and then use the empty vial to fill it up with water. From there, leave town and kill one of the level 111 Suqah to get its tooth.
  7. Use the pestle and mortar on the tooth, then mix it with the Guam leaf, marrentill, and vial.
  8. Go back to the Oneiromancer and take the dramen staff you got to the four elemental altars in the order of air, fire, water, and earth.
  9. Go back to Oneiromancer and give them the staff.
  10. Grab one lunar ore from the dungeon northeast of town to make the helmet. Speak with Meteora, then kill Suqah until you gather four hides and receive the tiara. Trade the tiara to Meteora for the amulet.
  11. Speak with Pauline Polaris and choose the options Pauline and Jane Blud Hagic Maid to get the cape.
  12. Take the four Suqah hides to Rimae Sirsalis in the clothing shop to tan them for 400 coins total. Then use the needle and thread to make the torso, gloves, legs, and boots.
  13. Speak with Selene in the center of town and then go to the blue flowers just southwest of the southern bridge on the island. Use the spade to dig here and find the ring.
  14. Return to Oneiromancer and then head to the large building on the western part of town to light the brazier there. Speak with the NPC in the Dream World here and complete six puzzles.
  15. After completing these puzzles, defeat the Me boss enemy and then speak with Oneiromancer to complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest.

Deeper Walkthrough

I get that some of these segments, especially the six puzzles in the Dream World, can be quite challenging and/or confusing. As such, I have broken down every single part of the Lunar Diplomacy quest so that you can get it done in the simplest way possible.

Sailing for Lunar Isle

Begin your Lunar Diplomacy adventure by heading to Rellekka docks in the Fremennik region. There, speak with Lokar Searunner to board the ship for Moonclan Island. Speak with the chief on the ship, and he will give you the seal of passage. Do not drop or lose this item, or else you will be kicked out of the Lunar Isle region.

Speak with Lokar and then talk to Captain Bentley on the ship. At this point, you’ll need to figure out what’s going on since the ship isn’t going anywhere. Here are the people that you need to talk to in this order:

  • Speak with Birds-Eye Jack
  • Talk to the captain again
  • Speak with Jack once more
  • Speak to the captain
  • Talk to Shultz
  • Speak with the cabin boy
  • Talk with Beefy Burns
  • Speak with Davey-boy
  • Talk with the cabin boy again

At this point, you will need the lantern. Use the tinderbox you have on the lantern to light it up and use it to find the five symbols. Here are where you can find all five symbols to remove:

  • One of the cannons near the cabin boy
  • The treasure chest that is by the stairs on the lowest deck
  • By the cook on the lowest deck on the crates there
  • Also, by the cook on the lowest deck, found on the pillar, there
  • Lastly, in the First Mate’s cabin on the wall

Once you remove all five symbols, speak with the captain, and you will finally arrive at Moonclan Island.

Gathering Items for the Oneiromancer

lunar ring location osrs
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Once on the island, speak with Meteora in town, and she will direct you to the Oneiromancer in the southeastern area. Head here, and they will task you with finding Baba Yaga in the house north of the bank. Take the empty vial she gives you and fill it up with water.

At this point, it is time to take out one of the Suqah enemies on the island to get a tooth, which will randomly drop. With the tooth, grind it up using the mortar and pestle. Then mix it with the vial, Guam leaf, and marrentill. If you don’t have the latter two yet, you can sometimes find them from Suqah drops.

Now the Oneiromancer will ask you to make a staff. To do this, take your dramen staff and visit the elemental altars only in this particular order: air, fire, water, and earth. Once done, bring it to the Oneiromancer for the final part of their tasks for you.

Head to the dungeon northeast of town and get some lunar ore here to make the helmet at the smithing area. Go to Meteora again and find her tiara by killing Suqah until it drops. If you haven’t already, go ahead and get four hides from these enemies, too. Meteora will trade the tiara for the amulet.

Speak with Pauline in town next, and she will give you a riddle about her name. The first answer is just Pauline, while the second is Jane Blud Hagic Maid. She will now give you the cape.

Next up, take the four hides you got to the clothing shop and spend 100 coins on each to have them tanned. Take the needle and thread you previously got and turn them into the torso armor, gloves, legs, and boots.

Now, talk to Selene to find out about the ring. The answer to her riddle is to head to the blue flowers southwest of the southern bridge and dig there with the spade. Return to the Oneiromancer with these items to enter the Dream World by lighting the brazier on the western side of town.

How to Complete All Six Dream World Puzzles

dream world osrs
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Once inside the Dream World, speak with the NPC there to begin the six trials. You can do the trials in whatever order you like, but let’s start with the game of chance.

The Game of Chance

The game of chance has to do with dice. A number will be randomly chosen for you, and you need to roll the dice to make that number.

Unfortunately, the RNG nature means I can’t help you directly with your solution but keep in mind that each number has a partner. 1 and 6 are paired together, 2 and 5 are partners, and 3 and 4 are a team. Use these opposites to flip over whenever necessary to carefully calculate the right number you need.

Where Am I?

The northwestern puzzle is a platforming one. How it works is that there will be rows of platforms in front of you. There is only one randomly selected path to the exit and falling will require you to start over. The goal is to memorize the correct path and use it to get the victory. I recommend writing it down or drawing a picture if you’re struggling with this one.

Copy Game

In the southeastern corner of the area, there is a copying game. This is a simple copy game where you have to use the same emote as the opponent. Just don’t copy when they nod their head to say you’re right.

Agility Race

On the eastern platform, you’ll find a race. There are four hurdles in your way, but your Agility skill should be high enough to overcome them with your stamina and win the race. You can try as many times as you need, if necessary.

Number Challenge

The pink area will include a number task. This one has to do with randomly chosen number sequences. Your job is to figure out the pattern of the sequence and what the next number will be. You will need to do this roughly twice to complete the challenge.

For example, if the sequence is 1, 2, 3. The two subsequent answers would be 4 and 5. However, if it is a harder one like 2, 3, 5, and 6, you’ll need to note that it goes up by 1, then up by 2 then up by 1 again, so the answers would be 8 and 9.

Woodcutting Game

Finally, there is the northeastern area. For this one, it is a race to see who can chop down 20 logs and deposit them in the center first. So long as you have a good enough Woodcutting skill, this should be a breeze.

Once done with these, your final task is to fight yourself. Your character is level 79, but they are notably easier to take out than some of the boss enemies in some other quests since they mirror your own skill levels. When finished, leave the Dream World and then speak with Oneiromancer to complete the quest and receive your rewards.

lunar diplomacy reward
Image from Old School Rune Scape Fandom

Follow-Up Quests

For completing this quest, you don’t just get some rewards but also the ability to complete future quests and some diaries. There are three diaries that this quest is needed for, and those include the Elite Kandarin Diary, Elite Morytania Diary, and the Hard Fremennik Diary.

This is also one of the required quests for the following quests in the storyline that include the Dream Mentor and The Fremennik Exiles quests.


Question: How do I start Lunar Diplomacy OSRS?

Answer: You can start the Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest once you reach the Fremennik region. Head to Rellekka and speak with Lokar Searunner at the docks.

Question: How do I switch to Lunar spellbook? 

Answer: To switch to the Lunar spellbook, head to the Astral altar that is found in the southeastern corner of Moonclan Island. Pray there, and you will be able to switch it.

Question: How do you light the Emerald Lantern OSRS?

Answer: You’ll need some lamp oil, which is thankfully nearby on the ship, and a tinderbox to light the Emerald Lantern.

What OSRS Quest to Tackle Next

The Feud OSRS Guide

Now that you are done with this Lunar Diplomacy OSRS quest, it is time to move on to your next challenge. I highly recommend tackling The Feud in the desert if you haven’t already. Not only are they both about making peace between two warring factions, but The Feud is quite hilarious in its own right.

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