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In the quest called life, people seek out many things. Some desire fame and fortune, and some desire peace and happiness. Others desire a lifetime supply of spicy tuna rolls. I’m others. 

Another common goal in life that people hold is attaining enlightenment. Enlightenment means a great many things depending on who you ask. But whatever enlightenment means to you, monks are a pretty decent starting point if enlightenment is what you seek. 

The island of Entrana has a lot of monks. It’s the perfect place to start a holy journey. One monk, Auguste, seems more ahead of the curve than the rest of his brothers. It sounds like he’s a good starting point for anyone seeking enlightenment.

Auguste’s enlightenment may not be what you had in mind, but there’s only one way to find out. It’s time for an Enlightened Journey. 

Quest Requirements

Enlightened Journey requires a little bit of account investment before you can begin. You’ll need level 20 Firemaking, 30 Farming, and 36 Crafting. You also need at least 20 Quest Points. 

Quests like Romeo & Juliet, Goblin Diplomacy, Merlin’s Crystal, Sheep Herder, and Druidic Ritual are quick and easy quests that give a lot of Quest Points.

As for items, you’ll need a laundry list of goods. These are:

  • 3 papyrus
  •  ball of wool
  • 8 empty sacks
  • sack of potatoes (Obtainable on Entrana)
  • red dye
  • yellow dye
  • bowl
  • 10 pieces of silk
  • 10 normal logs (Minimum)
  • 1 unlit candle (Obtainable on Entrana)
  • tinderbox
  • 12 willow branches

Even if you’re an Iron Man, none of these items are hard to get. For candles, you can steal them from Entrana’s church with level 20 Thieving.

You can also purchase a candle for 1,000 GP from the candle seller outside the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. You can easily acquire papyrus from Ali’s Discount Wares in Al-Kharid. Both dyes are obtainable from Aggie in Draynor Village. 

Quest Recommendations

My main recommendation for Enlightened Journey is to pay attention. Enlightened Journey’s length depends on how many trips you make back and forth. The number of trips you make depends on whether you bring the correct items on each trip. Don’t make this any longer than it has to be. 

I also recommend having a way to get to Port Sarim quickly. An amulet of glory or Explorer’s Ring 2, 3, or 4 will do just nicely. You can wear weight-reduction clothing too. 

Getting To Entrana

Speak to monks at Port Sarim to get to Entrana.

To begin the Enlightened Journey, make your way to the Port Sarim docks. Speak with one of the monks there, and they can take you to Entrana.

Entrana is a pacifist island, so there are restrictions on what items you can bring. Weapons, armor, and capes with any attack or defense bonuses are out. There are other miscellaneous items that are not allowed on Entrana, but you probably wouldn’t have them in your inventory anyway.

Enlightened Journey has no combat or prolonged periods of running, so you have no reason to bring anything outside the required quest items.

Before you take the boat to Entrana, be sure you have the first batch of necessary supplies. Your inventory should look like this:

  • 3 papyrus
  • 8 sacks
  • sack of potatoes
  • 10 silk
  • red dye
  • yellow dye
  • candle
  • ball of wool
  • bowl

Got it? Head for Entrana. Doing so will knock an easy task off your Falador Achievement Diary, so there’s an added bonus. 

A Monk Who Wants To Fly

After getting to Entrana, head to the northwest part of the island past the Herblore shop. Auguste will be hanging around out back. 

Auguste has some lofty ambitions.

Before you can even tell him your name, Auguste will ask if you want to be his accomplice, erm assistant. He will excitedly tell you that he’s going to be Gielinor’s first balloonist. That’s right; Gielinor has dragons, gods, and respawning chickens, but not balloons until you speak with this old monk. 

Auguste will lament that he’s tired of being a monk and wishes to leave Entrana. He’d like to go out and explore new frontiers. Well, actually, he just wants to go to Taverley. I guess he wants to trade in his monk robes for druid robes. 

Auguste can’t simply take a boat to Taverley because he gets seasick. That made him come up with the idea of traveling via a balloon, but he is in need of an assistant to help him finalize his designs. Well, since we’re here. Agree to help him in his quest to become Gielinor’s first balloonist. 

Auguste will show you his plans to create a hot air balloon. He wants to do a few test runs to be sure it will work and asks you to get supplies for two balloons. 

If you brought along the items I mentioned above, speak with Auguste again, and he will teach you how to make an origami balloon. Use one of your papyrus with your ball of wool. Use that on the unlit candle to create an origami balloon.

It can fly!

Talk to Auguste, and a short cutscene will show your character releasing the balloon. It works! It looks like Auguste isn’t crazy after all.

The balloon did catch fire, but maybe you can just use an anti-fire potion to shake it off. After the cutscene ends, speak with Auguste again, and he will take your sack of potatoes and the other two papyrus. Another cutscene will play, and you will successfully release another balloon.

I guess farmers don't like balloons. Just being insurance.

Unfortunately for you, some farmers on Entrana like performing Randy Orton impressions. They will come out of nowhere like an RKO and burn down your balloon because they don’t like fun. 

Talk to Auguste one last time to wrap up the first act of Enlightened Journey. Despite the setbacks, Auguste seems content with the results and is ready to move on to the real balloon.

He will ask you for another batch of items, so you need to go back to the mainland. You should already have some ready in your inventory. Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • 12 willow branches
  • 8 sandbags
  • 10 normal logs
  • tinderbox

You can fill your sacks with sand right on Entrana. Just don't let Gaara catch you.

You can fill up your empty sacks with sand at the sand pit a short walk away from Auguste. The main concern is the willow branches. 

You can buy willow branches on the Grand Exchange or get them yourself from any willow trees you’ve planted. If you’re an Iron Man, the latter is your only option. 

Don’t worry if you’re an Iron Man and don’t have any spare willow seeds at the moment. Auguste will give you a willow sapling and a basket of apples as payment for a farmer to watch your tree. Willow trees take four hours to grow and an additional hour to get 12 willow branches, so maybe do this in advance. 

It's time to begin the Enlightened Journey!

Once you have everything you need, head back to Entrana and speak with Auguste. Use your willow branches on the platform to start setting things up. A cutscene will ensue, and you’ll see Auguste’s hot air balloon in all its glory. Speak to him again to load your normal logs into the balloon as fuel. 

You’re ready to go! Time to get his show on the road. You’re driving. Flying. Oh, did Auguste not mention this part? He’s enlightened on how to make balloons, not flying. Here’s hoping you’re a fast learner. 

The only part remaining in the quest is getting to Taverley. To do that, you need to navigate through three journey minigames. You cannot hit so much as a cloud, or you will crash the balloon and have to start over. 

You have five movement options during these journeys: 

  • Drop sandbag (Takes you up 2 spaces)
  • Use log (Takes you up 1 space)
  • Relax (Moves your right 1 space)
  • Rope (Moves you down 1 space)
  • Red rope (Moves you down 2 spaces)

The bail option will cancel the flight. You cannot hit so much as a cloud, or you will crash the balloon and have to start over. You can only use the drop sandbag and use log options so many times before you run out of moves, so be careful. 

There are multiple ways of completing these journeys, but these are the paths that I’ve been using for years.

Journey 1

Be careful not to hit anything during your journey.

  • Sandbag
  • Log
  • Relax 9 times
  • Rope 3 times
  • Relax 6 times

Journey 2

You're two-thirds of the way there!

  • Relax 3 times
  • Sandbag
  • Relax 7 times
  • Log
  • Relax 7 times

Journey 3

You're in the home stretch now!

  • Relax 7 times
  • Red rope
  • Rope
  • Relax 3 times
  • Log
  • Rope
  • Relax 4 times

A Little More Enlightened

You have completed the Enlightened Journey!

After finishing Journey 3, you will touch down in Taverley near the tree patch. Speak with Auguste one last time, who thanks you for all your help. You’re officially a balloonist now! Just don’t be an airhead about it. 

The Enlightened Journey is complete!

Quest Rewards

Completing Enlightened Journey gives you access to another transportation system.

Completing the Enlightened Journey will reward you with 1 Quest Point, 4,000 Firemaking EXP, 3,000 Farming EXP, 2,000 Crafting EXP, and 1,500 Woodcutting EXP. Those are alright rewards if you do this as soon as you hit the skill requirements. 

Auguste will also give you a real snazzy bomber jacket and cap so you can look the part of a balloonist. If you’ve picked up a set of Gnome goggles on the Grand Exchange or from the Gnome Restaurant minigame, pay Auguste a visit.

He can combine your cap and goggles into a cap and goggles. You also gain the ability to make origami balloons anytime you want.

The true prize of completing the Enlightened Journey is that you now have access to the balloon transport system.

Balloon Transport System

You can never have enough transportation options in OSRS, and given the low requirements, gaining access to the balloon transport system asap is a good idea. 

The balloon transport system can take you to five locations across Gielinor: 

  • Entrana
  • Taverley
  • Castle Wars
  • Varrock
  • Grand Tree
  • Crafting Guild

Iron Man players benefit greatly from the balloon transport system. If you haven’t started the Grand Tree quest yet and don’t have access to spirit trees, this is the best alternative. 

If your POH is still in Rimmington, the Crafting Guild option comes in handy. Taverley gives you quick transport to Taverley and Falador, which is a short walk away. The Castle Wars option is good for getting to Yanille and Castle Wars. 

The Varrock option is nice, but since The Chronicle teleports you to the Champions’ Guild, you don’t need another Varrock option much. 

These benefits come with a caveat, however. 

You start out with the ability to travel to and from Entrana and Taverley. To unlock the rest of the journeys, you must complete additional minigames identical to the ones in the Enlightened Journey. 

You need to start in Entrana and complete every other journey before you gain full access to the balloon transport system. Each journey also requires specific logs.

The Crafting Guild needs oaks, Varrock willows, Castle Wars yews, and the Grand Tree magics. The first trip requires 10 logs and every trip after that requires 1. Take some time to fill up the log storage bins near any of the balloon sites. That way, you don’t have to worry about it.

If you’re an Iron Man, you’ll need to spend a fair bit of time Woodcutting to get the most out of this. You’ll also need to invest in Firemaking as each journey has a Firemaking level requirement; 30 for the Crafting Guild, 40 for Varrock, 50 for Castle Wars, and 60 for the Grand Tree.

The balloon transport system also has a weight limit of 40 KG, so keep that in mind.


Question: Is There any Point in Making Origami Balloons?

Answer: You can craft origami balloons to get 35 EXP per balloon. If you’re efficient, you can get 75-80K Crafting EXP per hour using this method. However, this isn’t worth the effort as there are much better Crafting training methods.

Question: Is Completion of Enlightened Journey a Prerequisite for any Quest?

Answer: Yes. You need to complete Enlightened Journey if you want to start Monkey Madness II. It’s also needed for Varrock and Ardougne achievement diary tasks. 

Question: Does the Bomber Outfit do Anything Special?

Answer: No. It’s purely fashionscape. But it’s darn good fashionscape, I must say


The Enlightened Journey is a quest that I put off doing for years. After checking out the quest requirements, I’m sure you’re scratching your head and asking why.

Let’s just say that many folks in the Runescape community have a tendency to exaggerate how annoying or long quests in Runescape can be. I’m totally not including myself in that bunch. 

But I rectified that mistake, and completing Enlightened Journey is now a quest that I do sooner rather than later. If only to get my level 3 skiller account his go-to bomber outfit. It’s the closest I can get to cosplaying Pete Maverick Mitchell in OSRS. 

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