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Great Kourend is a very fitting name since it’s a great kingdom and great addition to the world of Gielinor. The five cities of Great Kourend, Hosidius, Shayzien, Arceuus, Port Piscarilius, and Lovakengj all provide different valuable resources and services. But they only do so to those who are worthy of them. 

You’ll need to gain favour with each of the five cities before they open up to you. Yes, it’s 100% possible to achieve 100% favour with every city and never touch the Great Kourend questline. But doing this will lock you out of some of the best rewards in Great Kourend and we can’t have that. 

I know OSRS questing can be a slog for some people, but it’s a necessary bore and chore. Slap on your Indiana Jones gear; we’ve got a quest to do.

Quest Requirements

The only requirements for Client of Kourend are completion of X Marks the Spot and a feather. Yup, just one feather.

Quest Recommendations

Client of Kourend features no Combat and is extremely easy but requires a lot of walking around. Great Kourend is a pretty big place, so for that reason, it’s a good idea to have a few teleport options on hand. The best low-cost option would be Xeric’s talisman. 

Xeric’s talisman

If you’re a low-level player (Which is very likely since Client of Kourend is an entry-level quest), getting Xeric’s talisman can be tricky. It’s only obtainable as a drop from lizardmen, lizardmen brutes, lizardmen shamans, or the stone chest. 

The weakest lizardmen of the bunch are lizardmen with level 53 Combat and a max hit of 7, and the stone chest requires level 64 Thieving. Not practical for a new account. There is a workaround, though. 

If you have at least 5% Shayzien favour, you gain access to the east side of Lizardman Canyon. You can safely get 5% Shayzien favour by healing wounded soldiers for 0.2% Shayzien favour a pop. In Lizardman Canyon, you will find lizardmen at war with Shayzien soldiers. Bring some good food and a couple of anti-poison potions to be on the safe side, and just let the Shayzien soldiers do most of the work.

Lizardman Canyon is multi-combat, so kills will be pretty quick. It may take a while, but you’ll get Xeric’s talisman soon enough. Pick up any Lizardman fangs the lizardmen drop, as that’s the fuel that charges Xeric’s talisman. Iron Man accounts should be able to do this since these aren’t player drops. 

Two of the five teleports on Xeric’s talisman will be initially inaccessible, but you don’t need to travel to either of those locations during Client of Kourend anyway. The relevant teleports will give you quick access to Hosidius, Shayzien, and Lovakengj.

Games Necklace

The games necklace can teleport you to Wintertodt Camp, north of Arceuus. It has no requirements and will come in handy during the second leg of Client of Kourend. 

Skills Necklace

The skills necklace can teleport you to either the Woodcutting Guild or the Farming Guild. Both are in Hosidius. You will only be able to use these teleports if you’ve already visited Great Kourend already (Which you will do upon starting Client of Kourend).

Xeric’s talisman is much better, but this is a good alternative for getting to Hosidius.

Fairy rings

If you have access to fairy rings when you start Client of Kourend, that’s good. If not, don’t worry about it. 

Fairy ring access requires completion of The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Nature Spirit, Lost City, Fairytale I – Growing Pains, and starting Fairytale II – Cure a Queen. Obviously, it’s not worth the trouble doing all that just for a beginner quest like Client of Kourend. 

Access to Fairy rings will give you a shortcut into Arceuus, but you first must head to the fairy ring and pay a one-time 80,000 fee to Trossa. Already being in Arceuus defeats the purpose of needing a teleport to Arceuus. 

Weight-reduction clothing & Stamina potions

Even with the best teleport options, you’ll still be doing a lot of running. Be as light as possible and bring a couple of stamina or super energy potions.

Starting Client of Kourend

To begin Client of Kourend, speak with Veos on the docks of Port Sarim. There are several easy ways of quickly getting to Port Sarim. You can use the Amulet of Glory to teleport to Karamja, then pay 30 coins to sail to Port Sarim or teleport to Draynor Village and run west. If you have the Explorer’s ring 2, 3, or 4, you can use the cabbage patch teleport and then run south. 

If you’re an Iron Man, chances are you don’t have access to any of these, which means a long walk from Lumbridge. 

Speak with Veos in Port Piscarilius to begin the quest.

Speak with Veos on the docks and ask him to take you to Great Kourend. Once you arrive, ask him if he’s got any quests for you.

Veos will tell you that he has a client from the mainland who wants to learn more about Great Kourend. The client particularly wants to know about the hierarchy and social organisation of the five cities.

Veos, can I keep the quill?

Veos will hand you an enchanted scroll to scribe the information down. Use your feather with the scroll to get an enchanted quill, which automatically jots down the information you need to gather. Veos recommends speaking with the general store owners of every city to get the info the client needs. 

Information Tour of Kourend

The path you travel for this information gathering will depend on your teleport options. 

If you have a games necklace and Xeric’s talisman, go to the Port Piscarilius general store on foot, use the games necklace to teleport to Wintertodt camp, then run to Arceuus. After that, use Xeric’s talisman to hit the general stores in Lovakengj, Shayzien, then Hosidius last, then walk back to Port Piscarilius docks. 

If you have no teleport options, travel to each general store in a counter-clockwise pattern. 

Port Piscarilius General Store 

Gathering up the information here boss.

Speak with Leenz and ask her about Port Piscarilius. Each general store owner will have three dialogue options:

  1. What does this city provide for Great Kourend?
  2. How do people start gaining favour in this city?
  3. Why should I gain favour with this city?

The only option players need to select is option 3. The second option is purely for the player’s benefit and automatically continues into option 3. And despite what Veos says, the client apparently doesn’t want to learn that much about Great Kourend’s cities because you don’t need to select option 1. I won’t complain about less work, though. 

Arceuus General Store

You're in for a shock at the Arceuus general store.

Speak with Regath and ask him about Arceuus. The arcane store owner is more suspicious than the other shop owners and will inquire why you want to know about his city. Tell him you’re a journalist and he won’t give you any problems. 

Selecting the third will further the quest. After jotting down the info, the scroll and quill begin to glow. Your character will cry out in pain as the quill and scroll hurt your hand and arm. You have no clue what happened. Just continue the quest for now.

Lovakengj General Store

This little dwarf can give you big pointers on Lovakengj.

Chat up Little Munty and select the third dialogue option after asking him to tell you about Lovakengj. There are no jolts of pain this time, so let’s move on. 

Shayzien General Store

Jennifer is cheerful for someone in a city always at war.

Talk to the cheerful Jennifer in Shayzien’s general store, picking the third dialogue option as usual. Hosidius is the last city you need to visit. 

Hosidius General Store

Horace can provide you with food or food for thought on Hosidius.

Get the lowdown on Hosidius from Horace. After writing down the information, you’ll hear a whisper telling you to return to Veos. Make the trek back to Port Piscarilius docks. 

More Than You Bargained For

After returning to Veos, hand him your scroll and quill. Your character complains about what happened, such as the voice in your head and the pain in your hand. 

It turns out that Veos heard that voice too, and he apologizes on the client’s behalf. Something about the information you gathered in Arceuus stirred the client up; mention of the Dark Altar. 

What's the big idea here Veos?

Veos asks if you will do one final task for the client. You don’t really look like you have much choice, so agree to do it. Veos will give you a mysterious orb and ask you to activate it at the Dark Altar north of Arceuus. 

One Final Task

The fairy ring code C I S will take you closest to the Dark Altar. The next best option is teleporting to Wintertodt Camp via a games necklace and running southeast. 

If you have neither of those, it’s the walking trail for you.

Complete this last task and you're home free.

Once you reach the Dark Altar, activate the mysterious orb, and it will automatically shatter, injuring your hand again. The mysterious orb will turn into broken glass. The voice will return, giving your their thanks and again telling you to return to Veos. 

If you don’t want to run all the way back to Port Piscarilius, you can teleport off Great Kourend and make your way to Port Sarim instead. Speak with Veos there and travel back to Port Piscarilius docks. You cannot finish the quest by speaking with Veos in Port Sarim.

Who Is This Client?

Speak with Veos one last time and ask to talk about his client. Veos appears to have come down with a case of amnesia because he has no idea what you’re talking about. He claims he hasn’t spoken with you since he brought you to Great Kourend (The first time).

You'll find out who this client is...eventually.

Suddenly, Veos yells out in pain. His client has possessed his body and has a quick chat with you. You demand to know who the client is and what they have done to Veos.

The client assures you that Veos is okay and that you will learn more about them soon enough. The client also mentions they will make sure Veos rewards you handsomely.

And that’s it. The Client of Kourend quest is complete!

Quest Rewards

For a beginner level quest, Client of Kourend has good rewards.

For completing Client of Kourend, you will receive 1 Quest Point, two antique lamps, a Kourend favour certificate, and Kharedst’s memoirs.

The antique lamps will give you 500 EXP in any skill. These are very useful for Iron Man accounts who want a head start on some of the more annoying skills for Iron Man accounts, like Herblore or Farming.

The Kourend favour certificate will give you 20% favour with any of the cities in Kourend. Be sure you do Client of Kourend before 100%ing all of them. 

Kharedest’s memoirs is a book that will allow you to teleport to each of the five cities in Great Kourend. But before you can do so, you need to find the five pages of the book. And to do that, you must complete five quests, one for each city. 

Completing the Client of Kourend quest is a requirement for each of these five city-specific quests and Dragon Slayer II. Chances are that Dragon Slayer II is far out of your reach (Right now), but the sooner you get quests out of the way, the better.


Question: Which City Sould I use the Kourend favour Certificate on?

Answer: I would recommend using it on Port Piscarilius as it is easily the most annoying city to achieve 100% favour in. In fact, using the Kourend favour certificate on Port Piscarilius, then doing the quest The Queen of Thieves, is a great option for getting the first 30% Port Piscarilius favour out of the way. 
Whatever you do, just don’t use it to gain Hosidius favour. Talk about a waste of resources. 

Question: Is Kharedst’s Memoirs a Good Teleport Option?

Answer: It’s not bad. Each page gives the book eight teleport charges for a maximum of 40. After completing the quest A Kingdom Divided, it transforms into the book of the dead. The book of the dead has 60 charges instead of 40. 
The only problem is recharging the book requires 1 law, body, mind, and soul rune. If you’re an Iron Man account, those costs are less than ideal. I would only use this to teleport to Port Piscarilius. Use Xeric’s talisman and the Kourend Castle Teleport spell for the rest of the cities.

Question: Do I Need to Keep the Broken Glass?

Answer: No. Broken glass is an item that comes up in a couple of quests like Sea Slug, Forgettable Tale, and In Aid of the Myreque, but there are other ways of getting broken glass. 
And besides. It’s not safe running around with sharp objects in your pockets!


And with that, ladies and gentlemen, the first quest in the fairly lengthy Great Kourend questline is a wrap. Very simple, but with some solid rewards.  

I myself forgot about the Great Kourend questline for a very long time, but the storyline is pretty good if you do it in quick succession. And while OSRS is nowhere near RS3 levels of setup requirement, completing all the Great Kourend quests and mini-quests sooner rather than later is worth the trouble (Especially for things like Slayer or Kourend & Kebos Diary tasks). 

I hope I earned your favour with this guide, and I’ll see you next time here at RuneFanatics!

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