Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Guide

The Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest in Runescape follows the chieftain of the Tai Bwo Wannai tribe, asking the player to help him get his three sons to return to him.

The quest serves as a follow-up to the Jungle Potion quest, offering players a fun if quaint, quest line to play through and experience to see a slice of life in Gielinor. So, if you want to go through the quest yourself, here is everything that you could need to know.

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Long
  • Required Skills: Agility Level 15, Fishing Level 5, Cooking Level 30
  • Required ItemsAgility Potion, Iron Spear, Karamjan Rum

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Overview

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio is a direct follow-up to the quest Jungle Potion. Jungle Potion’s story is brief but centered around the player gathering herbs for a potion to commune with the gods.

They do this for Trufitus Shakaya, the chief of the Tai Bwo Wannai tribe. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio then picks up right where Jungle Potion left off. After communing with the gods, Trufitus Shakaya asks the player to help him track down his three sons so that they can all return to the village of their people.

Throughout the quest, you will have to find each of the sons and help them complete a task for each of them before they are willing to head home. Before you can start this quest, however, you need to have Fishing Level 5, Agility Level 15, and Cooking Level 30.

However, I recommend having at least Firemaking Level 30 as well, and you’ll have an easier time during the quest if you have Fishing Level 65 so that you can catch Karambwan.

It is also important to note that the official difficulty of the quest is Intermediate, and the length is Long. This means that before you start the quest, you should be ready to spend more than an hour going through the quest, although you won’t have much combat to worry about.

With how long the quest can be, I highly recommend gathering the required items for the quest ahead of time so that you can go through it smoothly once you start. Otherwise, it can take even longer as you run around gathering the items you need as they come up.

Required Skills

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Required Skills

Before you can start the quest, you’ll need to reach the skill levels it requires. If you need to grind to reach these levels, I will break down the most efficient way to do so, assuming that you are a member since you have to be one to play through this quest.

Fishing Level 5/65

To start the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest, you only have to have Fishing Level 5. Reaching this level is extremely easy and can be done by just fishing anywhere for a short while.

If you want to train your Fishing as quickly as possible, the fastest way to do so is by catching Raw Crayfish in the water to the west of the church in Lumbridge. You can do this to reach Fishing Level 20 in just over 20 minutes.

However, I do recommend training your Fishing up to Level 65 unless you have a high Cooking level. This is because, during the quest, you will have to cook a number of Karambwan.

If you try to cook one and burn it, you’ll need to have Fishing Level 65 to get one to replace it. So, if you have a high Cooking level where you aren’t too concerned about burning any of them, you should be safe to not worry about training your Fishing so high.

If you are going to train your Fishing that high, the best way to do so is through Fly Fishing. Fly Fishing for Raw Trout is the best way to train all the way up to Fishing Level 70. Before you can go Fly Fishing, however, you’ll need to gather a ton of Feathers.

Killing chickens can quickly get these, or you can purchase 1,000 a day from any of the game’s Fishing stores.

Once you have your Feathers and Fly Fishing Rod, you’ll be ready to start and can start training in the Lumbridge River, in Shilo Village, or Gunnarsgrunn. Just make sure that when you go to use the fishing spot, you select “lure” instead of “bait.”

Agility Level 15

Reaching Agility Level 15 is a fast process but does require you to be actively interacting with the obstacles of Agility courses consistently. The best place to train from Agility Level 1 all the way to Agility Level 15 is at the Gnome Stronghold course.

To find it, head to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and head to the southeast section of the area. If you are starting with a low Agility Level, you should bring plenty of small food and healing items with you because when you fail to complete an obstacle in the course, you will take some damage.

If you really want to speed things up, you should also bring some Stamina Potions so that you can keep running the entire time.

Cooking Level 30

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Cooking Level 30

Training your Cooking skill is not very difficult, but it can be expensive when it comes to gathering all the ingredients that you will need. For the first 15 levels of training, you should cook either Shrimp, Anchovies, or Chicken.

If you want to save money and also need to train your Fishing Level, I recommend slaughtering some Chickens so that you can collect their Feathers.

Once you reach Cooking Level 15, you should focus on training your Fishing level if you’re going. This is because from Cooking Level 15 to 30, you should cook fish like Trout and Cod.

So, if you spend hours Fly Fishing, you will have plenty of extra fish piled up to cook to get you to Cooking Level 30 and beyond.

Firemaking Level 30 (Optional)

At one point in the quest, you’ll have to make Burnt Jogre Bones. If you don’t have Firemaking Level 30, you’ll have to travel to find a Furnace to do so, so having a higher Firemaking can help save you some time.

So, if you don’t want to have to find a Furnace, you can start training in Firemaking by chopping down regular trees and using Logs to start fires. This can carry you to Firemaking Level 15, after which you should move to Oak Trees and do that until you reach Firemaking Level 30.

Required Items

Agility Potion

The first item that you’ll need to get for this quest is an Agility Potion with four doses. If you only have Agility Potions with fewer doses, you can combine them together to make one full potion.

Otherwise, you’ll have to get a fresh one. If you have Herblore Level 34, you can make your own using Toadflax and Toad’s Legs. If you don’t have a high enough Herblore Level, they can be bought from the Grand Exchange for an average price of 525 coins.

Iron Spear

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Iron Spear

For this quest, you will also need a Spear made of Iron or better. However, you will lose the Spear during the quest, so don’t use one that you have another use for.

The easiest way to get an Iron Spear is by buying one from the Warriors’ Guild for 2,510 coins. You can buy one from the Grand Exchange, but this drastically raises the price to an average of 13,478 coins, so I recommend making the walk to the Warriors’ Guild.

Karamjan Rum

You also will need to get a bottle of Karamjan Rum, the iconic drink from the island of Karamja. The only way to get a bottle of Karamjan Rum is to buy one from either the Karamja Spirits store or Dead Man’s Chest in Brimhaven.

There is a small price difference, however, with it being sold for 30 coins on Karamja and 27 coins in Brimhaven.

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Walkthrough

Getting Started

Required Items: Karamja Rum, Knife

Before you even start Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, you should travel to Musa Point to get your bottle of Karamja Rum. Since the drink cannot leave the island of Karamja without being smuggled, however, you won’t be able to teleport with it in your inventory. Thankfully, there is an easy way to circumvent this restriction.

To do so, go to the General Store in Musa Point and pick up the Banana that can be found on the counter. You then can use your Knife on the Banana and slice it. Then, combine it with the Karamja Rum to make a new cocktail that will not be affected by your teleports.

Once you have that, you need to travel to Tai Bwo Wannai and talk to the chief Timfraku. He asks the player to help him bring his three sons back to the village to help it recover. The player is then given a direction to head for each of the sons as well as their names of Tamayu, Tinsay, and Tiadeche.

The First Steps

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio The First Steps

Required Items: None

I recommend going to Tamayu first. He is found in the mining site on Karamja to the southeast of where you talk with Timfraku. When you talk to Tamayu he will refuse to return to the village until he manages to defeat his arch-nemesis Shaikahan in battle.

When he tells you this, you’ll have to offer to help him, which will trigger a cutscene where Tamayu fails to defeat Shaikahan yet again. This will cause him to comment on the need for a better spear. Make sure to not give him your Iron Spear yet, or you will lose it, and it will not work yet.

Once you’re done talking to Tamayu, you can head southwest to find Tinsay on Cairn Island. To reach him, you will need to climb up the rockslide there, so if you have medium to low Agility, I recommend bringing food in case you fail a few times.

Upon reaching Tamayu, he will tell you that his task for you is to help him repair a statue for the tribe. To do so, he requires three items, the first being your Karamja Rum with Banana. Give it over to him right away, and next, he will request a Seaweed Sandwich made on Monkey Skin.

So, head into the nearby jungle and kill a Monkey there. They are relatively low level, and you shouldn’t have any trouble killing one. You then need to pick up its corpse but don’t do anything with it just yet. Once you have the Monkey Corpse, teleport to the Karamja lodestone and head northeast.

This will lead you to a fisherman named Lubufu. Talk to him once and he will tell you to leave him alone, but talk to him a second time and he will ask for your help.

To help him he will ask you to catch 20 Karambwanji to act as bait for catching the bigger Karambwan fish. While Lubufu is not one of the chief’s sons you’ll need to talk to him here to prepare for later on in the questline.

The Final Son

Required Items: None

The first part of this step is to head south to the lake below the village. There, net fish until you catch 23 Karambwanji since you’ll need the extra three later on in this quest. Return to Lubufu with the 20 that he requested and then talk to him again.

Lubufu will offer to take you on as an apprentice and you’ll need to accept to receive the Karambwan Vessel. Once he gives it to you drop it on the ground and talk to him again to get a second one that you will need later on as well.

Then, collect both of the Karambwan Vessels and use a Karambwanji on one of them. With that, you’ll be ready to talk to the third and final son, Tiadeche.

Tiadeche is found on the eastern island in the area on its top shore. Once you find Tiadeche you’ll have to interact with him using the baited Karambwan Vessel. He will thank you for bringing it to him and ask you to take another one to Tinsay as well. For your help, he will also give you a Raw Karambwan.

Before moving on, however, you’ll want to head to the south. There you can find a camp of Jogres. To save yourself travel time later on in the quest head down there and kill one of them and pick up the Jogre Bones that they drop.

All about Karambwan

All About Karambwan

Required Items: Iron Spear, Monkey Corpse, Raw Karambwan, Agility Potion, Seaweed, Raw Karambwanji, Karambwan Vessel, Jogre Bones

Once you get to this point of the quest you’ll have to cook the Raw Karambwan that you were given. To do so you’ll need to travel to Brimhaven and cook it on the Range there.

There is a chance that it will burn, however, so if it does you’ll have to fish for a new one with a Fishing Level 65 or buy one from the Grand Exchange. Successfully cooking the Raw Karambwan will turn it into a Poison Karambwan.

Once you have the Poison Karambwan you need to right-click on it and select the “Grind” option to turn it into Karambwan Paste. You then need to combine that with your Iron Spear to turn it into a Karambwan Poisoned Spear that you need to take to Tamayu.

Use the Karambwan Poisoned Spear on him followed by the Agility Potion before talking to him again. This will trigger a cutscene of another fight between Tamayu and Shaikahan, but Tamayu will win this time.

After the battle, Tamayu will agree to return to the clan’s village. After he does, ask him to skin the Monkey Corpse for you and you’ll receive the Monkey Skin you need for the sandwich.

Once you get the Monkey Skin, head to the bridge by Cairn Isle and pick up the Seaweed on the beach there. Combine the two to make a Seaweed Sandwich and take it to Tinsay. He will then tell you that the final ingredient he needs is Marinated Jogre Bones.

At this point having Firemaking Level 30 will save you a lot of time. If you do, you can right-click on the Jogre Bones to light them on fire and turn them into Burnt Jogre Bones. If you don’t have a high enough level you’ll need to head back to the Range in Brimhaven.

Then, use one of your Raw Karambwanji with the Pestle and Mortar on your tool belt to make Karambwanji Paste. Combine that with the Burnt Jogre Bones to create Pasty Jogre Bones. You then have to cook the Pasty Jogre Bones over a fire to end up with Marinated Jogre Bones.

During all these steps interacting with the Jogre Bones make sure to always right-click on them, as “Bury” is always the first interaction if you left-click them.

Once you have the Marinated Jogre Bones you can give them to Tinsay. He will thank you and agree to return to the village.

Then, use the extra Karambwan Vessel that you have and give it to Tinsay in exchange for a Crafting Manual. The Crafting Manual then has to be taken back to Tiadeche to convince him to return to the village as well.

Finally, head back to Timfraku and tell him of your success to conclude the quest. There will be a dialogue choice after this, but you can tell him whichever you prefer without having an impact on the quest or your rewards for completing it.

Quest Rewards

Quest Rewards

When you complete the quest you will be given a suite of pretty solid rewards. The most basic rewards are two Quest Points and 2,000 Coins.

The completion window will also list 1,500 Fishing experience as a reward, but you will have received this during the quest when you are first given the Karambwan Vessel.

If you are not playing on an Ironman account you will also receive two keys for Treasure Hunter. On top of all this, you will gain access to fighting Shaikahan, the option to do the Smithing part of Barbarian Training, and will be able to accept the Hero’s Welcome quest.

However, you can also get additional rewards by talking to the three sons after completing the quest. After heading back to the village all three of them will take up residence in a row of huts along the southern wall of the village.

When you talk to Tamayu he will gift you 2,500 Attack and Strength experience, the ability to shop at his spear stall, and a free Karambwan Poisoned Rune Spear.

Talking to Tinsay will give you 5,000 Cooking experience, the ability to make Marinated Jogre Bones, and access to the village’s statue that acts like a standard Altar.

Finally, you can talk to Tiadeche to get 5,000 Fishing experience, access to his fishing stall, and the ability to continue catching and cooking both Karambwanji and Karambwan.


Question: Where Do You Fish for Karambwan?

Answer: To catch a Karambwan you first have to net fish for Karambwaji in the lake to the south of the Tai Bwo Wannai village. You then have to use one of those Karambwaji with a Karambwan Vessel to bait it. Then, use the baited Karambwan Vessel with a fishing spot to catch a Karambwan.

Question: Do Karambwanji Stack?

Answer: Yes, Karambwanji stack in your inventory, so you can accumulate a bunch of them to use for bait before you go fishing for Karambwan.

Question: Do the Cooking Gauntlets Work while Cooking Karambwan?

Answer: No, the Cooking Gauntlets only decrease the chance of burning Lobsters, Sharks, Anglerfish, Swordfish, and Monkfish.


The Tai Bwo Wannai Trio is a rather unassuming quest for a game like Runescape where most of the quests are about fighting monsters or saving the world. However, it offers an interesting peek into how life works in the land of Gielinor, which can be fun to see.

The quest also grants players the ability to fish for Karambwan, which can be a solid way of making Coin if you don’t mind the lengthy process of catching one.

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