Corrupted Gauntlet OSRS Guide

The Gauntlet in OSRS is a challenging minigame that tasks players with conquering a randomly generated dungeon all on their own. This includes various skill challenges and combat encounters, culminating in a brutal boss fight.

However, the minigame not only offers a unique gameplay experience in OSRS but also offers excellent exclusive rewards that any player would want to add to their collection.

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Portal Location: Prifddinas
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Boss: Corrupted Hunllef
  • Access Requirements: Song of the Elves quest completion, Level 85 in combat skills, Prayer Level 77

Corrupted Gauntlet Overview

The Corrupted Gauntlet is entered like the regular Gauntlet. Players enter it using the minigame’s portal in Prifddinas, which temporarily removes all of the player’s items.

The items are automatically stored while the player is in the Gauntlet. Still, those playing a Hardcore Ironman character lose their hardcore status while in the minigame and Ultimate Ironman characters lose the items stored if they fail a run.

When players first start their run of the Corrupted Gauntlet, they are put into a world of connected rooms filled with resource nodes and enemies.

Players then have seven and a half minutes to gather resources and craft gear, food, and potions before facing the boss at the end of the minigame. However, players only have ten minutes to prepare, after which they are instantly teleported to the final boss encounter.

Starting Gear

corrupted gauntlet starting gear

Since players can’t take any of their equipment into the Corrupted Gauntlet with them, they are given a loadout of tools to start building their final loadout.

Players begin with four Corrupted tools, a Pestle and Mortar, and a Teleport Crystal. These items play a pivotal role in player preparations, so you’ll want to understand what each one is used for before starting your first Corrupted Gauntlet run.

First, there is the Corrupted Sceptre. This item is used to light the nodes that allow you to travel to other rooms to find resource nodes and gather items.

Until you make your weapon, you can also use it as a weak melee weapon, although I highly recommend crafting a gun instead. The second corrupted tool is the Corrupted Axe. This can be used to harvest wood in the minigame, allowing you to collect Phren Bark.

You will also start with a Corrupted Pickaxe and a Corrupted Harpoon. The Corrupted Pickaxe can be used to collect Corrupted Ore, while the Corrupted Harpoon lets you catch Raw Paddlefish for food.

On the other hand, the Pestle and Mortar that you start with can be used to turn various resources in Corrupted Shards and Corrupted Shards into Corrupted Dust. Finally, you’ll start with a Teleport Crystal that lets you return to the starting room from wherever you are in the randomly generated dungeon.

This item can only be used once, so you’ll want to save it until you’re running low on time or need to get back to the starting room quickly to finish one last thing.

Starting Room

You’ll want to return to the starting room because it has a range of stations you will need to use to prepare items. Since you only have seven and a half minutes to prepare for the boss fight, you’ll need to know exactly what each station can be used for and where they are located to get things done as quickly as possible.

The first two stations are information-focused and allow players to check recipes they may want to use during the minigame.

These are the Corrupted Slinging Recipes and Egniol Potions, so you’ll want to memorize these recipes as quickly as possible or write them down somewhere and keep them nearby so you don’t have to waste time checking these stations for recipes.

The starting room also includes a Range that can be used to cook Raw Paddlefish into an edible state and a Singing Bowl that can be used to craft Vials, Corrupted Paddlefish, Armor, Weapons, and Teleport Crystals.

There is also a Tool Storage station where you can retrieve any of your starting tools if you lose them somehow. There is also a Water Pump that can be used to fill Vials, as well as a Teleport Platform that you can interact with to exit the minigame early.

Gathering Resources

corrupted gauntlet gathering resources

Once you’re familiar with the starting room, you’ll be ready to gather resources. Since each run-through of the minigame is randomized, you’ll have to explore at the start of the run to find and collect the resources each time.

Depending on what you still need to craft for your run, you’ll want to keep an eye out for different resources. Below are detailed below: each resource, what they’re for, and how to collect them.

Corrupted Ore

You’ll need to collect Corrupted Ore to craft armor for yourself within the minigame. These can be found in Corrupted Deposits that can be mined with your Corrupted Pickaxe to gather three Corrupted Ore per deposit.

Linum Titanium

Linum Tirinum is another resource required to craft armor items. They are small plants that can be picked from without using any tool, and you can collect three Linum Tirinum from each plant that you find throughout the randomly generated rooms of your Corrupted Gauntlet run.

Phren Roots

You’ll need to find Phren Roots to use your Corrupted Axe to collect Phren Bark. For each Phren Root, you find, you’ll be able to collect three Phren Bark, which you can then use to craft armor for yourself.

Grym Root

Grym Root is another plant you can find in the rooms to collect Grym Leaf from. You can only get a single Grym Leaf from each Root, but you don’t need any tool to harvest it, and it can be used to create the pivotal Egniol Potions within the Corrupted Gauntlet.

Fishing Spot

Fishing Spots are small bodies of water where you can use your Corrupted Harpoon to catch up to four Raw Paddlefish. These are the only food source in the Corrupted Gauntlet, so you’ll need to collect them to keep yourself standing during the fights, especially with the boss.

Monster Resources

corrupted gauntlet monster resources

Throughout the rooms of your Corrupted Gauntlet, you’ll also come across nine different monsters. Any of these monsters can be killed to collect the same loot drops, but some higher-level monsters have a guaranteed drop rate for the best monster resources. The demons and their levels are below.

  • Corrupted Bats – Level 33
  • Corrupted Bears – Level 172
  • Corrupted Dark Beasts – Level 172
  • Corrupted Dragons – Level 172
  • Corrupted Rats – Level 24
  • Corrupted Scorpions – Level 64
  • Corrupted Spiders – Level 22
  • Corrupted Unicorns – Level 48
  • Corrupted Wolves – Level 74

You will have to kill the above monsters to collect the resources needed to craft Corrupted Weapons within the minigame. So, you’ll need to start by killing Corrupted Spiders, Rats, and Bats with the Corrupted Sceptre before preparing better gear and moving on to higher-level monsters.

The resources you’ll be looking for are all listed below, as well as what they are used for.

  • Corrupted Bowstring – A guaranteed drop by the Corrupted Dark Beast that is used to craft the minigame’s best Bow.
  • Corrupted Orb – A guaranteed drop by the Corrupted Dragon used to craft the minigame’s best Staff.
  • Corrupted Shards – These are used to process items at the Singing Bowl, so you’ll need to collect plenty to finish putting together your loadout.
  • Corrupted Spike – A guaranteed drop from the Corrupted Bear used to craft the minigame’s best Halberd.
  • Grym Leaf – These are used for Egniol Potions, the primary source of Stamina and Prayer recovery throughout the Corrupted Gauntlet.
  • Raw Paddlefish – The only food and primary source of hit point recovery in the Corrupted Gauntlet.
  • Teleport Crystal – These can be used to teleport back to the starting room from anywhere in the randomized dungeon.
  • Weapon Frame – This item is used for crafting low-tier weapons when starting in the Corrupted Gauntlet.

Craftable Gear

craftable gear

Once you know where to find the resources, you’ll be ready to get crafting. Throughout each run of the Corrupted Gauntlet, you’ll need to prepare plenty of Paddlefish to eat, Egniol Potions to keep your Stamina up, a weapon to fight with, and a complete set of armor.

Paddlefish are the easiest to craft as you’ll need to use a Raw Paddlefish on the Range in the starting room, netting you an edible version that replenishes 30 hit points when eaten.

Creating Egniol Potions takes slightly more effort. To craft on, you first have to use a Vial with the Water Pump in the starting room to fill it with water. Then, you’ll need to combine it with a Gym Leaf followed by ten Corrupted Dust.

To get Corrupted Dust, you’ll need to collect Corrupted Shards and then use them with the Pestle and Mortar. Once that is done, you’ll have made an Egniol Potion with three doses that can be used to restore your run energy, Prayer points, and Stamina.

Now we need to consider crafting your weapon of choice for the run. When it comes to weapons, you can craft Halberds, Bows, and Staves.

Each type of weapon further has three variants: Basic, Attuned, and Perfected. Getting the higher tier of a firearm requires more resources but delivers significant stat increases for the trouble. The crafting requirements for each level of weapon are below.

  • Basic – 1x Weapon Frame, 20x Crystal Shards
  • Attuned – 1x Basic Weapon, 60x Crystal Shards
  • Perfected – 1x Attuned Weapon, 1x Rare Drop (Corrupted Spike for Halberd, Corrupted Orb for Staff, Corrupted Bowstring for Bow)

Which weapon you decide to make will largely depend on what combat skill you have the highest level in. If your combat skills are all roughly equal levels, you may instead want to use whichever weapon you get the rare drop for first to save time hunting down a specific type of monster.

The stats for each of the guns at their tiers and the Crystal Sceptre all players start with are in the table below.

Weapon Attack Bonus Other Bonus
Pierce Slash Crush Magic Ranged Strength Ranged Prayer
Corrupted Sceptre 8 10 16 20
Basic Corrupted Halberd 68 68 4 42 1
Basic Corrupted Bow 72 42 1
Basic Corrupted Staff 84 1
Attuned Corrupted Halberd 114 114 12 88 2
Attuned Corrupted Bow 118 88 1
Attuned Corrupted Staff 128 2
Perfected Corrupted Halberd 166 166 28 138 3
Perfected Corrupted Bow 172 138 3
Perfected Corrupted Staff 184 3

To make sure that you don’t die horribly upon reaching the boss room, however, you’ll need to craft a set of Corrupted Armor. While playing Corrupted Gauntlet, you’ll be able to prepare helm, body, and leg armor pieces that also fit into the categories of Basic, Attuned, and Perfected.

Crafting each piece of armor is a bit more complicated, however, because of the various resources necessary. So, below you can find a table breaking the requirements down simply.

Resource Basic Attuned Perfected
Body Legs Helm Body Legs Helm Body Legs Helm
Ore 1 2 1 2
Shards 40 60 80

Each piece of equipment also carries its stats at each tier, which you can find in the following table.

Item Attack Bonuses Defense Bonuses Other
Pierce Slash Crush Magic Ranged Pierce Slash Crush Magic Ranged Prayer
Basic Corrupted Helm 2 1 2 28 1
Basic Corrupted Body 8 3 8 86 3
Basic Corrupted Legs 6 2 6 52 2
Attuned Corrupted Helm 6 6 48
Attuned Corrupted Body 12 4 12 102 4
Attuned Corrupted Legs 10 3 10 74 3
Perfected Corrupted Helm 10 3 10 68
Perfected Corrupted Body 15 16 5 16 124 5
Perfect Corrupted Legs 14 4 14 92 4

Corrupted Hunllef

corrupted hunllef

Once you have your gear sorted or reach your maximum time, you can teleport into the boss room to fight Corrupted Hunllef. Corrupted Hunleff is a punishing boss fight because of the player’s lack of their standard equipment. It has the following stats:

  • Hit Points: 1,000
  • Attack: 240
  • Strength: 240
  • Defense: 240
  • Magic: 240
  • Ranged: 240
  • Pierce Defense: 20
  • Slash Defense: 20
  • Pummel Defense: 20
  • Magic Defense: 20
  • Ranged Defense: 20

These balanced stats mean players can take any of the three combat approaches and have a similarly difficult time fighting them. During the fight, the Corrupted Hunllef switches between using Magic and Ranged attacks every four regular attacks.

Outside of those attacks, it can also use three others. The first of these is its Stomp. The Corrupted Hunllef’s Stomp Attack is only used if the player is standing underneath it, and it deals 68 damage that doesn’t have a type.

There is also a Prayer Disabling Attack move that can be used while attacking with Magic. These attacks will turn off all of your prayers, so you’ll need to watch out for them and re-activate them once you’re hit by one. These attacks have different sound cues and colors to make watching them easier.

Finally, the boss has a Tornado attack that summons several tornadoes related to how low the boss’ health is. These deal a ton of damage and chase the player for 12 seconds, so you’ll need to run around and avoid them while they’re active.

During the fight, the room floor will also light up in different sections. They first glow crimson and then orange, with the player taking damage for each in-game tick standing on the orange areas of the floor. The color transitions will speed up and become more complicated as the fight progresses.

Corrupted Hunleff also uses a protection Prayer every six hits from the player, so if you can, switching to another weapon with a different attack help can allow you to get around its protective powers.

Unlocking the Corrupted Gauntlet

unlocking the corrupted gauntlet

To complete the Corrupted Gauntlet, you’ll first have to complete the regular Gauntlet. The differences between the two are relatively straightforward. In the original Gauntlet, all of the Corrupted objects and elements are instead Crystal variants.

Regardless of which version you play, you’ll be able to craft gear with identical stats, while the enemies in the Corrupted Gauntlet are more potent than in the regular one.

The other difference is that you have ten minutes to prepare in the regular Gauntlet while you only have seven and a half in the Corrupted Gauntlet. The final difference is that they each have unique loot tables players roll on after finishing the minigame.

Corrupted Gauntlet Loot

You’ll receive loot from rolls on multiple tables whenever you finish a run through the Corrupted Gauntlet. You’ll get three loot rolls on the main loot table and a single roll on the unique loot table below:

100% Drop Table

Item Quantity
Crystal Shard 5-9
Gauntlet Cape 1

Main Loot Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Coins 75,000-150,000 6.25%
Adamant Arrow 500-725 4.17%
Blood Rune 100-150
Chaos Rune 200-350
Cosmic Rune 175-250
Death Rune 125-175
Dragon Arrow 50-100
Law Rune 100-150
Mithril Arrow 1,000-1,500
Nature Rune 125-150
Noted Battlestaff 8-12
Noted Rune Chainbody 2-3
Noted Rune Full Helm 3-5
Noted Rune Halberd 2-3
Noted Rune Pickaxe 2-3
Noted Rune platebody 2
Noted Rune Platelegs 2-3
Noted Rune Plateskirt 2-3
Noted Uncut Diamond 5-15
Noted Uncut Emerald 15-60
Noted Uncut Ruby 10-40
Noted Uncut Sapphire 25-65
Rune Arrow 250-450
Noted Dragon Halberd 1-2 2.08%

Unique Loot Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Elite Clue Scroll 1 5%
Crystal Armor Seed 2%
Crystal Weapon Seed
Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed 0.25%
Youngllef 0.12%

Corrupted Gauntlet Achievements

3, 2, 1 - mage
Image from oldschool runescape wiki

3, 2, 1 – Mage

  • Achievement Tier: Elite
  • Achievement Type: Perfection
  • Description: This achievement is earned by not taking any damage during the Corrupted Hunllef boss fight without having a prayer active.

Corrupted Gauntlet Veteran

  • Achievement Tier: Elite
  • Achievement Type: Kill Count
  • Description: Corrupted Gauntlet Veteran is for completing the Corrupted Gauntlet five times.

Corrupted Gauntlet Master

  • Achievement Tier: Master
  • Achievement Type: Kill Count
  • Description: Corrupted Gauntlet Master is for completing the Corrupted Gauntlet ten times.

Defense Doesn’t Matter II

  • Achievement Tier: Master
  • Achievement Type: Restriction
  • Description: You can unlock this achievement by killing Corrupted Hunleff without having made any armor during a Corrupted Gauntlet run.

Perfect Corrupted Hunllef

  • Achievement Tier: Master
  • Achievement Type: Perfection
  • Description: This achievement is earned by killing Corrupted Hunllef without taking damage without a prayer active or from the Tornadoe or Stomp attacks or the damaging floor. You also have to avoid attacking Corrupted Hunllef with a weapon that he currently has a defense prayer active against.

Corrupted Warrior

  • Achievement Tier: Master
  • Achievement Type: Restriction
  • Description: You will get this achievement once you defeat Corrupted Hunllef with a complete set of Perfected tier armor equipped.

Corrupted Gauntlet Speed-Chaser

  • Achievement Tier: Master
  • Achievement Type: Speed
  • Description: This achievement is for completing the entire Corrupted Gauntlet with a total time of less than seven and a half minutes.

Corrupted Gauntlet Grandmaster

  • Achievement Tier: Grandmaster
  • Achievement Type: Kill Count
  • Description: Corrupted Gauntlet Grandmaster is for completing the Corrupted Gauntlet a total of 50 times.

Corrupted Gauntlet Speed-Runner

corrupted gauntlet speed-runner

  • Achievement Tier: Grandmaster
  • Achievement Type: Speed
  • Description: This achievement is earned by beating an entire Corrupted Gauntlet run with a total time of less than six and a half minutes.

Egniol Diet II

  • Achievement Tier: Grandmaster
  • Achievement Type: Restriction
  • Description: Players earn this achievement by completing a Corrupted Gauntlet run without making a single Engiol Potion.

Wolf Puncher II

  • Achievement Tier: Grandmaster
  • Achievement Type: Restriction
  • Description: To achieve this, you’ll have to complete a Corrupted Gauntlet run while making only a single Attuned tier weapon.


Question: What is the Difference Between Gauntlet and Corrupted Gauntlet?

Answer: The Corrupted Gauntlet is a more challenging version of the regular Gauntlet with more powerful enemies and a shorter preparation time of only seven and a half minutes. The two versions also have separate unique loot tables.

Question: What Does Hunleff’s Name Mean?

Answer: Hunleff’s name is derived from a Welsh word that translates to “nightmare.”

Question: What are the Requirements to Run the Corrupted Gauntlet?

Answer: Before you can access the map region with the Gauntlet portal, you’ll need to complete the Song of the Elves quest.
Beyond that, you’ll also need Prayer Level 77 and all your combat skills up to at least level 85. Having higher crafting skills will also help you, but there are no particular level requirements for them.


Running the Corrupted Gauntlet is a fun and unique minigame because it mixes combat and skilling into a single activity. This is generally uncommon for RuneScape‘s minigames, so it is fun to see in this one.

The Corrupted Gauntlet is also a fun challenge because every run is randomized and strips players down to the bare essentials, forcing them to build back up to a viable build to challenge the boss.

This combines to make it a unique challenge in OSRS that longtime players should try at least a few times.

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