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Old School RuneScape is based on a lot of English lore and comedy, likely due to developer Jagex’s own headquarters being in England. That said, you can’t do an entire fantasy MMORPG story without having one of the most famous tales of all time: King Arthur. Thankfully, OSRS doesn’t shy away from that at all, having an entire Camelot series. This Holy Grail OSRS guide covers the second of the several quests in this storyline.

Without a doubt, the Camelot series of quests is one of my favorite quest arcs in all of OSRS, ever since I was a little kid. Though it is far from the longest story arc in the MMO, it is one of the most iconic. There are three quests in total, and the second one has to do with finding the legendary Holy Grail on behalf of the king of Camelot. Here’s everything that you need to know about how to find it in this Holy Grail OSRS guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

As a member of the Knights of the Round Table, it is your sworn duty to uphold the future of the kingdom of Camelot and its lord, King Arthur. To this point, the second quest in the storyline sees you joining the other knights in the search for the legendary Holy Grail. This integral part of the King Arthur lore leads to a wild adventure against some intense enemies in hopes of finding the greatest treasure of Camelot. It is also necessary to see the conclusion to the Camelot quest arc.

Quest Details Up Front

Here is everything that you need to know about the Holy Grail quest, including how to complete it and the requirements that you’ll need to meet in order to see it through to the finish.

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Official Length: Short
  • Official Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Required Quests: Merlin’s Crystal (which you have to do anyways since it is the first quest in the Camelot story arc)
  • Required Items: Excalibur (obtained from the first quest, so hopefully, you didn’t lose it)
  • Required Skills: Level 20 Attack
  • Optional Items/Skills: Level 70 overall combat level, fast travel mechanics for various places, including Camelot and Brimhaven
  • Quest Rewards: 2 quest points, 15,300 Defense experience, 11,000 Prayer experience, King Arthur painting Construction recipe, and Fisher Realm access

Holy Grail OSRS Overview

Holy Grail OSRS Overview

If you were to ask me the most iconic quest lines in all of Old School RuneScape, there are a few that I would name. Dragon Slayer comes to mind, of course, but I also have a soft spot for the Camelot stories. They are recreated in such a unique way in OSRS, paying homage to the actual lands that inspired and bred this game in the first place.

If you are a fan of King Arthur and any rendition of his storyline, chances are you’ll love this story just like me. And you probably already like it, too, if you’re looking to do the Holy Grail quest since it isn’t even the first one in its quest line. You’ll need to have completed Merlin’s Crystal beforehand.


As a member of the Knights of the Round Table, you find yourself again tasked by King Arthur. This time, you and the other knights must locate the legendary Holy Grail, the mythical relic from eons past. You set out on an adventure that will take you throughout Camelot and beyond.

Required Items and Skills: How to Get Them

Required Items And Skills How To Get Them

Thankfully, the Holy Grail quest line is one of the simplest around when it comes to completing members’ quests. Though it is a highly popular and memorable one, even unlike some of the easier quests out there, you only need a few items and certain skill levels to be able actually to do it.

That said, even the few items and skills you need to find the Holy Grail might be a little confusing for players, so our help and tips come into play.

Where to Get Excalibur

First off, there is only a single required item that you need for this quest, and that is the legendary sword Excalibur. The very same sword that King Arthur is most known for using and that was involved in the previous quest in the Camelot series, Merlin’s Crystal.

Now, depending on how you went about the Merlin’s Crystal quest before this one, this should be a relatively easy task to accomplish. After all, the first quest in the Camelot series is a requirement for even taking on the Holy Grail quest in the first place.

So, if you’re here and ready to take on this quest, then you must have done Merlin’s Crystal already. In that case, you have already received Excalibur, as it was one of the quest rewards in that storyline. However, I get that not every player plays the MMO the same way as one another.


In fact, I didn’t even go straight from Merlin’s Crystal to the Holy Grail quest when I first did it. I took some time off from the game and even did some other activities before tackling the next quest in the plot. That’s just kind of how I like to spread out the time between quests and not finish an entire storyline in too short of a period of time.

If you’re anything at all like me, then you probably took some time off, too, between those two quests. However, taking that time might have resulted in you losing the Excalibur sword. If that were to happen or you sold it or whatever, thankfully, there is another way to get the Excalibur sword again.

Suppose you happen to lose the sword, head on over to Taverley and speak with the Lady of the Lake there again to purchase the legendary sword, Excalibur, from her for a mere 500 coins. That amount is almost nothing, and just some simple grinding or even doing certain other quests should give you that amount in no time.

How to Get Level 20 Attack

While the Excalibur sword is the only required item, there is a single required skill that you must meet. This is to have at least level 20 Attack in the game. You see, one of the requirements for wielding the Excalibur sword is to have at least level 20 Attack.

Without it, the sword is useless. Unfortunately, it can’t just sit in your inventory for this quest. You’ll need to wield it in order to defeat one of the enemies in this quest. Thankfully, level 20 Attack is relatively easy to reach, and it is possible that you’ve already got it by this point if you’ve used our Attack grinding guide before.

If you don’t, though, go into your combat settings and turn on the setting to only give experience in battle to your Attack stat. Then wield the best weapon and armor that you have, and head on over to a place with enemies roughly around your level and start taking them down.

With sufficient time dedicated to grinding enemies at your proper level, it should not take too long to reach level 20 Attack.

Optional Items and Skills

There are some optional items and skills that I highly recommend you reach for this quest. Though they are not officially required, they will definitely make your job a whole lot easier in the end.

Teleportation or Fast Travel Abilities


Though this is a relatively short and arguably pretty easy quest, in the end, it does take up a fair bit of time. This is primarily due to the fact that you are going to be traveling to different destinations constantly. You will be traveling throughout the various regions and towns near the starting point of the MMO.

But it can take a while to get to these places, so having any form of teleportation spells or items to help you get to these places faster will save you a lot of time and effort in the end. There are a lot of places that you could have teleportation skills for, but here are the ones that I recommend the most for this quest:

  • Camelot: This is the starting point for the quest, so having the Camelot teleportation spell will help out immensely
  • Brimhaven: Either having the teleportation skill to this town or simply owning a house in the city will be a huge help here
  • Taverley: If you have the teleportation skill to get you to Taverley instantly, that will be a massive help in this quest. Alternatively, you could have a house in this city, and it will get you there quickly.

Again, these teleportation abilities are all optional. If you are a newer player taking on this quest, it is unlikely that you will have all, if any, of them anyways. Just be prepared for some long journeys ahead.

How to Reach Level 70 Combat Level

Reach Level 70 Combat Level

The other primary recommendation is to have at least level 70 combat at this point in your adventures. The reality is (slight spoilers for this quest) that you will have to take down a level 120 enemy at some point in this quest. That is a massively high level that can be scary to some players.

Since you can do the Merlin’s Crystal quest relatively early on as one of your first members-only quests, you can be honestly half that combat level, if not less, to complete it. So, if you go from that quest to this one right afterward, you might be severely under-leveled for this mission.

If that is the case, you’ll probably need to grind some combat levels to prepare for the Holy Grail quest. I recommend at least reaching a total of level 70 combat, but you could arguably be less than that and do fine in this quest, especially with decent gear and the like.

I only recommend against that so that you can have an easier time in this quest and not have to resort to less savory means like safe spotting to win the fight ahead. I generally recommend that someone focus on the three different melee stats equally to raise your combat level.

If you need to reach level 20, Attack, of course, focus all your experience on that alone. Otherwise, balance it out or focus solely on Defense alone. The idea is to grind roughly around your level against enemies like the barbarians in their village west of Varrock or the hill giants if you have already outranked them.

These are the easiest grinds early on in OSRS that will get you to where you need to be for this quest roughly. I would say that level 60 is a decent spot if you have good enough gear if you don’t want to reach all the way to 70, but definitely do not go lower than 50 or 55 here.

Brief Walkthrough

For my fellow Knights of the Round Table who are in a hurry to get this Holy Grail quest done for whatever reason (you really shouldn’t rush this particular experience), here are the basic steps that you must do if you would like to complete this quest in no time and with little issue:

  1. Head to Camelot and speak with King Arthur there to learn about the Holy Grail and the search for it. Then talk with Merlin on the castle’s first floor to learn more.
  2. Find out about the island of Entrana (aka the holy island) that you need to visit and Sir Galahad, whom you will need to speak with.
  3. Head to the city of Port Sarim and take the monk’s ship at the docks to Entrana. Speak with the priest on the island and then talk with the old crone to learn about the Fisher King’s problem.
  4. Find Sir Galahad in his house just west of McGrubor’s Wood. Speak with him to receive the holy table napkin.
  5. Head to Draynor Village and into the top floor of the manor that is there to grab the two whistles that are found in the room to the south of the floor.
  6. Head to Brimhaven at this point and head northwest to the mine. Use the magic whistle you found when you are under the guard’s tower.
  7. While now in the Fisher King’s lands, speak with him, and he will task you with defeating the level 120 Black Knight Titan.
  8. After defeating the titan, you will now need to head south by walking by the river to find the Fisherman NPC and talk to him to learn about the bell to get into the castle.
  9. Go southwest from here, and you will find a bell lying on the ground in front of the castle. Ring the bell and pick up the magic whistle you find inside the castle.
  10. Go up in the castle and speak with the Fisher King to learn about his missing son, who is also a fellow Knight of the Round Table.
  11. Use the magic whistle to leave and return to Camelot. Speak with King Arthur and use the magic gold feather.
  12. Head to the Goblin Village north of Falador and go into the house on the eastern side of the town. Open up the sacks there to find the missing knight and son of the Fisher King, Sir Percival.
  13. Give Percival the magic whistle and then head on back towards the Fisher King’s Realm and go into the castle there.
  14. Speak with Percival, the new king of the realm and then go back down in the castle to the eastern side and go up the ladder there.
  15. Claim the Holy Grail for your king, and then use the magic whistle. Do the long trek back to Camelot once more and give the Holy Grail to King Arthur to complete the quest.

Deeper Walkthrough

Ready for the long journey ahead to discover the Holy Grail? Here is the deeper walkthrough for those who want the full extent of our help with finding every person and location you need to go to for this quest.

Embarking on an Adventure

Holy Grail OSRS Embarking On An Adventure

First, head to Camelot if you aren’t already there from the last quest and speak with old King Arthur. His Majesty will let you know about the legendary Holy Grail item and how he wishes to claim it for his kingdom.

To this point, he will task you with speaking with Merlin to learn more. Once you talk with Merlin, he will let you know about the holy island of Entrana that you must visit and that you will also need to speak with Sir Galahad to find the Holy Grail.

From here, your journey will now take you to Port Sarim. Once you arrive in the town, talk with the monks that are hanging out at the docks there. They will let you on the ship to head to Entrana, but the twist is that you mustn’t have any weapons or armor on you, so relinquish those to board the boat.

Visiting the Island of Entrana

Once you get to Entrana, talk with the high priest at the church and then the old crone that shows up after that. After learning about what you need to do in order to find the Holy Grail, leave the island and return to Camelot, which will take you another long journey if you don’t have the teleportation spell.

Visiting The Island Of Entrana Galahad

In Camelot, you need to visit now Sir Galahad, who is found just west of the McGrubor’s Wood area in his house. Speaking with him will net you the holy table napkin. At this point, it is now time to head to Draynor Village and the manor that is there.

Go up to the top of the manor and find the room on the southern side of the floor. There are two magic whistles here that you need to pick up.

Entering the Fishing King’s Realm

Next up, it is time to head to the city of Brimhaven. This is where owning a house in the town will be helpful, but, if not, you have a few options. The docks in Ardougne, Catherby, and Port Sarim will all let you sail to Brimhaven, with them being the cheapest to do in that particular order from most affordable to most expensive.

When you arrive in the city of Brimhaven, go northwest of town near the mine and find the guard tower here. Use the magic whistle you found in Draynor Village, and you will be teleported to the Fisher King’s Realm. Go over the bridge near your spawn point and speak with the Fisher King himself.

Black Knight Titan

He will task you with defeating his Black Knight Titan in order to enter the kingdom. This titan is level 120, which is relatively high for the difficulty of this quest but has some odd weaknesses. Keep in mind that you should not use magic or ranged attacks as, though they are helpful at a range, he resists them.

However, the titan doesn’t move from the single spot it is on, so it is possible to attack him, back up, attack again, back away, and keep that up. Just don’t take too long to do this fight. Also,, remember that you must defeat the Black Knight Titan using the Excalibur sword. Any other weapon or method of defeating him, and you’ll have to redo the fight from the start.

Finding Percival

Once the titan is quelled, go south by the river until you find the Fisherman NPC. Speak with him to learn about the bell that is used to enter the castle in the realm. Head southwest of the Fisherman, and you’ll find the gates to the castle and the bell lying on the ground there.

Ring it, and you will enter the castle. Grab the magic whistle here and then head up the stairs to find the Fisher King again. Speak with him, and he will tell you about his son, Sir Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table, who is missing. He wishes you to find him as the Fisher King is sick and wants to see him before he possibly dies.

Holy Grail OSRS Finding Percival

With that task in mind, use the magic whistle to leave the castle and head to Camelot again. If you have the ability to teleport back to Camelot, that will save you a lot of time. Once back, speak with King Arthur to learn more about the whereabouts of Sir Percival.

He will give you the magic gold feather, so use it to find out that he is in the Goblin Village. Head there, which is just north of Falador. Inside the Goblin Village, go to the house that is on the eastern side of the small village.

When inside this house, there are some sacks that are lying around. Click on them and make sure to open up the sacks, and you will find the missing Sir Percival.

Locating the Holy Grail

This wild goose chase to find Sir Percival will now reveal that he doesn’t have a way of returning to his father’s realm and the castle now. Give him one of the magic whistles that you have (make sure to have another for yourself), and he will leave.

Now, it is time for you to return to the Fisher King’s Realm yourself. Go through the whole process once more (or use a shortcut with the fairy rings if you somehow have those at this point), and once you get back, it is now time to head back to the castle.

Locating The Holy Grail

Once inside the Fisher King’s castle, you will find Percival is now the new king of the entire realm. With that concluded, it is now time for you to receive your hard-earned reward of the Holy Grail. Go back down and then head to the eastern side of the castle. You’ll find a ladder here that will lead you to the Holy Grail.

Grab it and then use the magic whistle to leave. Use whatever method you prefer to go back to Camelot and hand King Arthur the Holy Grail to complete this rather lengthy fetch quest finally.

Holy Grail OSRS Rewards

For finally locating the Holy Grail, you will receive a plethora of rewards. First off, there are the standard quest points, of which you will get a whopping two for finding the Holy Grail. In addition, you’ll receive some experience in two different skills.

You’ll get 15,300 experience for your Defense skill and then 11,000 XP for your Prayer skill. You’ll also unlock a new member’s recipe for the Construction skill. From now on, you’ll be able to buy the King Arthur picture and put it on the wall of your house so long as you reach level 35 Construction.

You can buy the painting in Falador for 1000 coins. And last but not least, you will unlock the permanent ability to visit the Fisher King’s Realm anytime that you would like to. Not that I am honestly sure why you would want to go back to that place again, other than maybe taking on some of the enemies there or speaking with the now King Percival again.

Follow-Up Quests

There is more than just the rewards that the Holy Grail quest is good for, other than just being a fun adventure and unlocking a few decent rewards. This quest is an absolute requirement for completing a single quest that comes after it. That quest is none other than King’s Ransom.

That is the final quest in the entire Camelot storyline, so anyone wishing to see it through to the grand finale will want to do Holy Grail first. In addition, if you’re going to complete the Knight Waves content at the training grounds there, you’ll need to complete King’s Ransom, which in turn, requires the Holy Grail’s completion before it.

I recommend it, too, since you’ve already come this far, so you might as well complete one of the best story arcs you can find in Old School RuneScape.


Question: How do you do the Holy Grail quest OSRS?

Answer: You can do the Holy Grail quest in OSRS by heading to Camelot and speaking with King Arthur. You must have done the Merlin’s Crystal before it, though.

Question: How do I get to Fisher Realm OSRS?

Answer: You can get to the Fisher Realm OSRS by heading to Brimhaven and then going to the watchtower northwest of town and using the magic whistle.

Question: Can you safe spot Holy Grail OSRS?

Answer: Yes, you can safe spot the Black Knight Titan in the Holy Grail OSRS quest. It doesn’t move a single inch from its spot, so you could safely attack it from afar, but know that it has resistance to ranged and magic attacks. A halberd could be helpful, though.

What Quest to Do Next

The Holy Grail story lives up to the myth and legend that comes from the real world surrounding the infamous item and the story of King Arthur. This rather fun and intriguing adventure might not be the hardest around, though, so it could be a turn-off for some players looking for a real challenge. If that happens to be you, thankfully, there is more that you can do in OSRS to get your challenging desires met.

Yet another legend of King Arthur is of him using the sword, Excalibur, to slay a dragon. Though you don’t have to use the sword itself in this quest, there is always the legendary Dragon Slayer quest and its sequel near the end of OSRS’s quest lines to take on. If you want one of the original quests that are also one of the most challenging in all of the MMO’s history, you should try your hand at slaying a dragon yourself next, so long as you are ready for it.

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