Twisted Bow OSRS Guide

When players reach high levels and want to tackle endgame content, getting a top-tier weapon is pivotal. One option for players that prefer to use Ranged for combat is the Twisted Bow.

So, if you’re looking to get the Twisted Bow and start dominating fights with attacks from a distance, here is everything you need to know.

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Obtained From: Chambers of Xeric
  • Average Grand Exchange Price: 1,273,919,321
  • Bonuses: Ranged Attack +70, Ranged Strength +20
  • Unique Ability: The Twisted Bow’s accuracy and damage increase depending on the Magical ability of the target it is used on. The accuracy bonus maxes out at 140%, and its damage at 250%.

Twisted Bow Stats

The Twisted Bow is a short piece of equipment only the most potent characters can earn. Accordingly, the Twisted Bow can hold its own in most combat situations and has a unique ability that makes it excel in particular encounters.

The Twisted Bow’s base attack bonus is Ranged +70. Beyond that, its only other stat bonus is in the form of a +20 to Ranged Strength.

Like the Crystal Bow, the Twisted Bow also comes with an attack range of ten. This is the maximum range of attacks in OSRS, making it a great tool to help you avoid damage from many attacks that can’t reach that far.

The attack speed of the Twisted Bow is a solid six, meaning that it will perform a base attack every 3.6 seconds.

When it comes to the Twisted Bow’s unique ability, it takes effect along a spectrum. Where the ability’s benefits fall on that spectrum for any given attack depends on the Magic Level or Magic Accuracy that the target of the attack has.

The Twisted Bow takes into account which of the two stats is higher.

Depending on the value of the higher stat, the Twisted bow then gains a bonus for its accuracy and damage. However, the two prizes have different ranges. The Twisted Bow’s accuracy can increase to 140% while its damage can reach an incredible 250% bonus.

These buffs can go even higher playing in the raid Chambers of Xeric. This means that a player using the Twisted Bow with Ranged Level 99, Dragon Arrows, and buffing items like Ranging Potions and Ava’s Assembler can deal a maximum of 89 damage with a single hit.

Attack Styles

twisted bow attack styles

Like all bows in OSRS, the Twisted Bow can be fired in three different styles, each with other benefits. The first is Accurate, which provides experience in the Hitpoints and Ranged skills.

Attacking with this style also comes with a +3 boost to their Ranged, further increasing the accuracy and damage of their attacks.

The second attack method is Rapid. Rapid attacks generate experience in the Hitpoints and Ranged skills and provide a +1 to attack speed. This mode shoots the most frequently of the three, but they have lower accuracy and damage than the Accurate style.

The final attack style for the Twisted Bow is Longrange. Longrange is unique because it increases the player’s Ranged, Hitpoints, and Defense.

The attack style also usually increases the effective range of a bow, but since the Twisted Bow is as far as it can go, it doesn’t enjoy this benefit. Using this attack style does come with a +3 to the player’s Defense skill, though.

How to Get the Twisted Bow

You’ll have to complete the Chambers of Xeric raid to get the Twisted Bow. To join the charge, you’ll need to make your way to Mount Quidamortem. There are two primary ways to do so the first time you attempt the attack.

The first is to travel to Shayzien’s Wall and travel west. Before using this method, however, you should talk to the Mountain Guide there. This will establish a two-way transportation path that will make it easier in the future.

The second way to reach Mount Quidamortem is to go to the Lovakengj Minecart Network. For this method, however, you’ll need to use a Minecart Control Scroll to make a minecart take you there. This method will also require you to reach a Lovakengj Favor of 65%.

Once you complete Chambers of Xeric, you will be rewarded with the Ancient Tablet, which can be interacted with to teleport to its start.

Chambers of Xeric Skill Levels

chambers of xeric skill levels

Before you attempt to conquer the Chambers of Xeric, however, I recommend hitting these skill levels to ensure that you are well-equipped:

  • Farming level 55 (unless you have a team member that is willing to do the farming instead)
  • Prayer Level 70
  • Herblore Level 78
  • Attack Level 80
  • Defense Level 80
  • Hit Point Level 80
  • Magic Level 80
  • Ranged Level 80
  • Strength Level 80

Chambers of Xeric Equipment

You should also note that it is essential for you to assemble a group of players before attempting the Chambers of Xeric.

The team you build will have to work together at every raid stage. If you don’t have many friends playing OSRS, various communities and resources can help you find a raid group.

A big part of raiding with a group requires players to bring various loadouts they can switch between throughout the raid. So, even though you are trying to get the Twisted Bow, you will also have to run a Melee or Magic builds to switch between.

On top of builds, you should bring plenty of buff potions, healing food, and other equipment your body requires. If you need help creating an optimized form for these runs, these are the ones that I tend to use:

Melee Build

  • Head Slot: Torva Full Helm
  • Necklace Slot: Amulet of Torture
  • Cape Slot: Infernal Cape
  • Body Slot: Torva platebody
  • Legs Slot: Torva Platelegs
  • Weapon Slot: Scythe of Vitur
  • Shield Slot: Avernic Defender
  • Hands Slot: Ferocious Gloves
  • Feet Slot: Primordial Boots
  • Ring Slot: Berserker Ring (i)

Ranged Build

twisted bow ranged build

  • Head Slot: Armadyl Helmet
  • Necklace Slot: Necklace of Anguish
  • Cape Slot: Ava’s Assembler
  • Body Slot: Armadyl Chestplate
  • Legs Slot: Armadyl Chainskirt
  • Weapon Slot: Dragon Hunter Crossbow
  • Shield Slot: Twisted Buckler
  • Ammunition Slot: Dragon Arrows
  • Hands Slot: Zaryte Vambraces
  • Feet Slot: Pegasian Boots

Magic Build

  • Head Slot: Ancestral Hat
  • Necklace Slot: Occult Necklace
  • Cape Slot: Imbued God Cape
  • Body Slot: Ancestral Robe Top
  • Legs Slot: Ancestral Robe Bottom
  • Weapon Slot: Sanguinesti Staff
  • Shield Slot: Book of the Dead
  • Hands Slot: Tormented Bracelet
  • Feet Slot: None

Twisted Bow Drop Chances

At the end of Chambers of Xeric, you’ll find an Ancient Chest that you can open to rolling on the raid’s loot tables. The loot that players can get from the chest is split into two loot tables: Unique and Standard.

As players go through the raid, they will earn points, and for every 8,676 points they make throughout the attack, they will gain a 1% chance of rolling on the Unique table.

While players with more points will have a higher chance of rolling on the Unique table, the percent chance is capped at 65.7%. The Twisted Bow only has a roughly 3% chance to drop from the table. You can find the entire Unique table below:

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Arcane Prayer Scroll 1 28.99%
Dexterous Prayer Scroll
Dragon Hunter Crossbow 5.8%
Twisted Buckler
Ancestral Hat 4.35%
Ancestral Robe Bottom
Ancestral Robe Top
Dinh’s Bulwark
Elder Maul 2.99%
Kodai Insignia
Twisted Bow

Using the Twisted Bow

using the twisted bow

Once you have the Twisted Bow, you should pair it with equipment that works well with general Ranged combat, like the Archers Ring and Ava’s Assembler. The bow can also use any arrow found in OSRS, but for the best results, use Dragon Arrows.

If you want to get the most out of your Twisted Bow, however, you’ll need to use it in the correct situations to maximize its bonuses. Using it to complete more runs of Chambers of Xeric is a great way to put it to use.

Not only do plenty of monsters throughout the raid have high Magic stats to exploit, but using the bow during the raid also increases the maximum boosts that the bubble can receive.

Outside of raiding, the Twisted Bow works very well against endgame bosses such as Commander Zilyana and General Graardor.

Regarding other bosses and high-level content, however, I recommend looking at the stats you will be facing, as other options in some situations outpace the Twisted Bow.


Question: Why is the Twisted Bow Considered to Be So Good?

Answer: The Twisted Bow is highly valued because of its increased performance against magical monsters, vastly improving its performance in some situations.

Question: How much is a Twisted Bow Worth in Old School Runescape?

Answer: The Twisted Bow has a stated value of 4,000,000 Coins, but on the Grand Exchange, it sells for an average of 1,273,919,321 Coins.

Question: What are the Best Bows in OSRS?

Answer: The best bow in OSRS largely depends on the player’s preferred approach and their fighting situation. Generally, the following projections are the strongest: 3rd Age Bow, Craw’s Bow, Crystal Bow, Dark Bow, Seercull, and Twisted Bow.


The Twisted Bow can be an indispensable tool for Ranged players that want to tackle certain pieces of content that feature fighting monsters with high Magic levels.

So, if you enjoy raiding in OSRS or want to grind out some bosses, spending the time required to get the Twisted Bow is well worth your time.

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