Vindicta RS3 Guide

Vindicta is a powerful boss and general of Zaros’ army that players with Attack Level 80 or higher can face. She can be a tough boss fight for players to face and have some interesting history and lore to explore. So, if you want to tackle one of the most exciting boss fights in Runescape, here’s everything you need to know about facing Vindicta.

Key Info Up Front

  • Members Only: Yes
  • Combat Level: 1,000
  • Hit Points: 200,000
  • Challenge Mode: Yes
  • Requirements: Attack Level 80
  • Location: Heart of Gielinor

Vindicta History

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Vindicta’s Origins

Vindicta is an Ilujanka, a lizardman race from the world of Iaia. The Ilujanka were long thought to be infertile after the god Zaros fell, but when Zamorak sent demons to hunt down Zaros’ remaining dragon riders, Vindicta was born. It happened after Vindicta’s mother, Morvannon, was torn apart by Zamorak’s demons. However, the demons missed Vindicta’s egg, and it was saved by Morvannon’s dragon Gorvek.

Gorvek took Vindicta’s egg to a cave known as Grotworm Lair. Once the egg hatched, the dragon named the young Ilujanka Vindicta to symbolize his hopes that it would be able to avenge the Ilujanka race. Then, Gorvek raised Vindicta himself and began training her from a young age to fight using the gear left behind by her mother. Because of the training and spending her entire childhood in Gielinor, Vindicta grew to be much larger than any other Ilujanka.

The Twin Furies

Twin Furies
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From early on in her childhood Vindicta swore vengeance against the Twin Furies, a legendary couple of demons that played a role in killing her mother. Once Vindicta was thought to be ready, she and Gorvek tracked the Twin Furies to the Heart of Gielinor to face them.

When Vindicta arrived, the Twin Furies were accompanied by Gregorovic and Helwyr, who agreed to help the demons in the fight. However, Vindicta and Gorvek were ultimately victorious and claimed the Heart of Gielinor for the rising forces of Zaros.

Afterward, Vindicta pledged herself to Zaros and served him during Sliske’s Endgame. However, she fell out of Zaros’ favor when she mistook the World Guardian as one of Zaros’ many enemies. As punishment, Zaros expelled Vindicta from his forces and sent her to defend the Heart of Gielinor in his name.

Meeting Her Father

While in the Heart of Gielinor, Vindicta was visited by Hannibus and Mr. Mordaut, who are both Ilujanka. When they arrived, Hannibus told Vindicta that he was her father, but she refused to believe him. She thought that her father was a fierce and noble warrior that had been killed fighting alongside her mother and not the old, frail man that Hannibus was.

However, Hannibus convinced her that he was her father. This delighted Vindicta and made her agree to travel with Hannibus to fight Kanon. Kranon was also a threat to Zaros’ designs, so Vindicta was more than happy to be able to help her father and her leader at once.

The journey took her to Daemonheim, where she is said to have been much more comfortable than in Gielinor, and she only returned to Gielinor after destroying Kranon’s cannons.

Shortly after, Hannibus led Vindicta to their homeland of Iaia. However, Vindicta did not like it. Instead, she was repulsed by it and said it reminded her of a tomb and that her people were just waiting to die. To fix it, she vowed to lead her people to a new world where they could thrive and reclaim the glory they once knew.

She eventually led them to a new land by going through the World Gate just before Iaia was destroyed by the return of the Elders, which brought an end to the planet that was her homeworld.

Vindicta Stats

Vindicta has a combat level of 1,000, and you’ll need an Attack Level of at least 80 before you can face her. She is always aggressive, so make sure you are ready to start the fight before you go to her in the Heart of Gielinor. She also comes with a whopping 200,000 Hit Points, so you’ll need to be ready for a long fight.

Before we look at the fight itself, however, we need to look at her stats to know what to expect. She uses both Melee and Ranged attacks with an attack rate of five ticks, which comes out to an episode every three seconds. These attacks are made with Attack and Ranged Level 80 and an accuracy of 1,924 for both.

Defensively, Vindicta has no particular weakness for a certain type of damage and has 1,694 armor with Defense Level 75. However, Vindicta does qualify for the extra damage effect from the Inquisitor Staff. It is also important to note that Vindicta is not immune to reflected damage or consequences that drain her stats but is immune to poison and stun.

Vindicta Attacks

Melee Attack

Vindicta’s first attack is her standard auto-attack. This one deals Melee damage to one target while attacking further players in the arena with a Ranged attack. You should use either Deflect Melee or Protect from Melee to counter this.


Hurricane is an attack in which Vindicta holds both of her swords straight out from her body before rapidly spinning around. This attack hits all players within two spaces of her but does not affect anyone outside that range. This attack is best countered by the Protect from Melee and Deflect Melee prayers.

Fire Wall

Fire Wall allows Vindicta to summon a line of purple flames. Any players that stand in fire take high amounts of damage every tick, making this one of her most lethal attacks. If you get caught in the fire, run away as fast as possible to mitigate the damage as much as possible.

Gorvek Melee

Once the player reaches the second phase of Vindicta’s fight, she will mount her dragon Gorvek. This attack acts as her auto melee attack during the phase and sees her stabbing a nearby player with a massive lance. Like her other melee attacks, this move is best answered with the Protect from Melee and Deflect Melee prayer.

Gorvek Ranged

Once Vindicta mounts Gorvek, she also gains a Ranged attack that affects a 3×3 space. It is guaranteed to hit, so your only answer for the attack is to protect yourself from damage as much as possible.

If you have a shield equipped, you should use Resonance to heal from the attack. If you don’t have Resonance available, I recommend using either the Protect from Missiles or Deflect Missiles prayer. If you’re particularly weak, you can cast either Debilitate or Devotion to increase your protection.

Fly Away

This move sees Gorvek taking to the skies to put some distance between him and the player. He will then land in one of the arena’s corners before using Fire Wall to try and hit the player as they approach. To counter this, your best bet is to use an ability such as Barge or Surge to close the gap as quickly as possible and avoid the fire.

Vindicta Phases

While fighting Vindicta, players will have to face both of her phases. Luckily, each phase has a pre-determined rotation of attacks that are easily memorized and prepared for. However, it is essential to note that Vindicta’s attacks grow more potent with each completed cycle of her attacks, so killing her as quickly as possible is paramount to success.

Phase One Order

  • Hurricane
  • Melee Attack
  • Melee Attack with Ranged Attack
  • Melee Attack
  • Fire Wall
  • 3x Melee Attack

Phase Two Order

  • Gorvek Melee
  • Gorvek Ranged
  • Gorvek Melee
  • Fly Away
  • Fire Wall

Vindicta Strategies

Vindicta Builds

Since Vindicta has no particular strengths or weaknesses against any third of the damage triangle in Runescape, you can approach this fight with whichever you wish. If you are facing Vindicta in a group, however, you should coordinate with the other players to ensure that someone is willing to stay next to Vindicta and act as the group’s tank.

Before entering the fight with Vindicta, you should get plenty of food and potions to help get you through it. This can be Sharks, Prayer potions, or Overloads if you manage it. You can find the builds I use below for whichever combat skills you prefer.

Melee Build

  • Head Slot: Malevolent Helm
  • Neck Slot: Amulet of Souls
  • Back Slot: TokHaar-Kal-Ket
  • Body Slot: Malevolent Cuirass
  • Leg Slot: Malevolent Greaves
  • Primary Weapon: Khopesh of Timken
  • Off-Hand: Malevolent kiteshield
  • Hands Slot: Goliath Gloves
  • Feet Slot: Emberkeen Boots
  • Ring Slot: Ring of Death
  • Aura Slot: Berserker Aura
  • Pocket Slot: Illuminated God Book

Ranged Build

  • Head Slot: Sirenic Mask
  • Neck Slot: Reaper Necklace
  • Back Slot: TokHaar-Kal-Xil
  • Body Slot: Sirenic Hauberk
  • Legs Slot: Sirenic Chaps
  • Weapon: Seren God bow
  • Ammunition Slot: Araxyte Arrow
  • Hands Slot: Nightmare Gauntlets
  • Feet Slot: Flarefrost Boots
  • Ring Slot: Ring of Death
  • Aura Slot: Reckless Aura
  • Pocket Slot: Superior Scrimshaw of Cruelty

Magic Build

  • Head Slot: Tectonic Mask
  • Neck Slot: Reaper Necklace
  • Back Slot: TokHaar-Kal-Mej
  • Body Slot: Tectonic Robe Top
  • Legs Slot: Tectonic Robe Bottom
  • Weapon Slot: Staff of Sliske
  • Ammunition Slot: Sealed Large Rune Pouch
  • Hands Slot: Celestial Handwraps
  • Feet Slot: Hailfire Boots
  • Ring Slot: Ring of Death
  • Aura Slot: Maniacal Aura
  • Pocket Slot: Superior Scrimshaw of the Elements

Regular Mode

At the start of the fight, Vindicta will be at the center of the arena and begin attacking the closest player with Melee auto-attacks. Whichever group member is planning on tanking should be ready to soak the damage and use either Soul Split or a protection prayer to help deal with it.

At the start of the fight, Vindicta also has a brief combat phase before her two standard attack rotations. This phase sees her making two Melee auto-attacks before using Hurricane. She will then move into her first phase and follow its attack rotation.

As you fight through the rotation, you should focus on dealing damage quickly to Vindicta to avoid her attacks getting more powerful. You should also make sure to watch out for her Fire Wall. To do this, watch for her to raise both swords above her head, and then start running to either side if you think the attack may be targeting you.

Once you get Vindicta down to half health, she will move into her second phase by mounting the dragon Gorvek. During this phase, it is critical to keep an eye on your health and heal whenever necessary because of how hard-hitting Gorvek’s ranged attacks are. Y

ou should also place any ultimate that increases your damage at the center of the room so that it can reach you regardless of which corner you are fighting Gorvek in.

When they use their Fly Away ability to switch corners, you can also use skills like Combust, Slaughter, or Fragmentation Shot, depending on your chosen build, to get some free damage over time while repositioning. When they do, just make sure to get over to them as quickly as possible and remember to avoid the fire wall they always use right after repositioning.

Challenge Mode

When you face Vindicta in Challenge Mode, her health will be increased to 300,000 on top of her stats being buffed to increase her damage output. For the first two phases of this fight, you can approach it exactly how you do in regular mode, but I recommend using Tier 90 armor and weapons to get through it as smoothly as possible.

However, this mode also adds a third phase to the fight. After killing Vindicta in Challenge Mode, you’ll enter a third phase where you’ll need to fight just Gorvek. Gorvek has an additional 300,000 Hit Points to deal with and uses his melee attacks every two seconds. Once he uses the melee attack ten times, he will fly up, use Fire Wall, and then land back in the middle of the room.

It is essential to note that there can be up to three Fire Walls active at a time for you to avoid. You should also note that while Gorvek flies above the arena, Ranged and Magic builds can still attack him.

To maximize your damage during the fight, you should try to stay at the arena’s center. This will allow you to deal damage to Gorvek as consistently as possible. If you use Ranged or Magic, you’ll be able to attack him when he flies above you. If you use a Melee build, you’ll be able to start damaging him immediately when he lands. Just make sure to avoid taking damage when he lands or from his Fire Walls.

Vindicta Drops

Vindicta’s drops change depending on whether the player fights her in average or challenge mode. She has numerous tables rolled on each time she’s slain, with her tertiary tables including a chance to move on the universal rare drops table and her tertiary table.

You can find all of her drop tables fully detailed below. However, many of her drops don’t have their exact rates figured out by the community yet, so I’ll be using the standardized rarity rankings.

Normal Mode

100% Drop Table

Item Quantity
Seal of the Dragon Riders 1-2
Dragon Bones 1

Main Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Drakolith Stone Spirit 15-25 Common
Noted Grimy Dwarf Weed 14-25
Noted Raw Shark 45-55
Noted Uncut Diamond 18-22
Orichalcite Stone Spirit 15-25
Coins 60,000-82,816 Uncommon
Nitrite Stone Spirit 15-25
Noted Black Dragonhide 15-44
Noted Dragon Bones 150-250
Noted Large Plated Rune Salvage 8-15
Noted magic Logs 150-250
Noted Uncut Dragonstone 8-12
Phasmatite Stone Spirit 15-25
Crest of Zaros 1 0.2%
Dormant Anima Core Body
Dormant Anima Core Helm
Dormant Anima Core Legs
Dragon Rider lance
Zarosian Essence

Tertiary Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Zaros Sigil Piece 1 Always
Shark 1-3 Uncommon
Rare Drop Table 1 Rare
Glimmering Scale Very Rare
Imbued Blade Slice

Universal Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Key Token 1 Rare
Mimic Kill Token 0.01%

Challenge Mode

100% Drop Table

Item Quantity
Dragon Bones 1
Seal of the Dragon Riders 3

Main Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Drakolith Stone Spirit 15-30 Common
Noted Grimy Dwarf Weed 20-30
Noted Raw Shark 45-60
Noted Uncut Diamond 20-30
Orichalcite Stone Spirit 15-30
Coins 70,000-95,000 Uncommon
Nitrite Stoen Spirit 20-35  
Noted Black Dragonhide 35-50  
Noted Dragon Bones 150-300  
Noted Large Plated Rune Salvage 8-15  
Noted Magic Logs 175-350  
Noted Uncut Dragonstone 8-12  
Phasmatite Stone Spirit 15-30  
Crest of Zaros 1 0.22%
Dormant Anima Core Body
Dormant Anima Core Helm
Dormant Anima Core Legs
Dragon Rider Lance
Zarosian Essence

Tertiary Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Zaros Sigil Piece 1 Always
Shark 1-3 Uncommon
Rare Drop Table 1 Rare
Glimmering Scale Very Rare
Imbued Blade Slice

Universal Drop Table

Item Quantity Drop Chance
Key Token 1 Rare
Mimic Kill Token 0.01%

Vindicta Achievements

Classic Dragon Killing

Killing Dragons
Image from Runescape wiki

RuneScore: 40

This achievement is unlocked by killing Vindicta and Gorvek while using a Charged Dragonfire Shield in an isolated instance.

Revenge is Sweet

RuneScore: 0

You have to collect all of Vindicta and Gorvek’s unique drops to get this achievement. Unlocking this achievement also rewards the player with “the Dragonrider.”

Vindictive 1-6

RuneScore: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

This series of six achievements is for killing Vindicta a number of times in challenge mode. They are unlocked at 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 kills.

Vindictive and Vexatious 1-6

Image from runescape wiki

RuneScore: 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

These six achievements are all for killing Vindicta so many times in regular mode. They are unlocked in order when the player kills her 5, 10, 35, 50, 75, and 100 times.


Question: Is Vindicta a profitable boss?

Answer: Yes, Vindicta kills average an 800% return on investment.

Question: How do you get to Vindicta inĀ Runescape?

Answer: Vindicta can be found in the southwest region of the Heart of Gielinor after getting a Zarosian kill count of 40 or higher.

Question: Is Vindicta a dragon?

Answer: No, Vindicta is an Ilujanka, a lizardman race. However, she is a dragon rider and fights alongside a dragon named Gorvek.


Vindicta is far from being the most challenging boss in Runescape, but she is still a great one for players to get experience killing. The fight is fun but challenging, and she has some significant drops that are highly profitable if you can kill her without dedicating too many resources. If you’re a fan of Runescape‘s ongoing story and lore, she also plays an exciting role. She has a little something for everyone.

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