Xavier Geitz

Xavier has been playing Runescape for over 15 years. He's had periods of absence like every seasoned Runescape player, but he always came back. Whether it was Varrock General Store wars, sniping every uncut gem in stock, or juking players in Fist of Guthix, Runescape has provided Xavier with endless fond memories. Runescape is an irreplaceable piece of nostalgic goodness that Xavier will play until the end of time.

Ankou OSRS Guide

Intro I’m very much a believer in #noexpwaste. But growing up, it was hard to obtain those Gielinor gains at school (During computer lab or study hall, of course). Both my middle and high school banned the website. The boys always managed to find a new proxy website to get around the ban, but some loudmouth

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