Xavier Geitz

Xavier has been playing Runescape for over 15 years. He's had periods of absence like every seasoned Runescape player, but he always came back. Whether it was Varrock General Store wars, sniping every uncut gem in stock, or juking players in Fist of Guthix, Runescape has provided Xavier with endless fond memories. Runescape is an irreplaceable piece of nostalgic goodness that Xavier will play until the end of time.

Slayer Ring Guide

Intro Slayer brings out the very best of combat in Runescape. There’s a ton of variety in the monsters you slay, and it’s a great way to pick up some new favorite training spots. It’s one of the best ways to make some GP. If you aren’t ready to take on raids or any of …

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Moss Giant OSRS Guide

Intro While some monsters in Gielinor exist by their lonesome, most monsters belong to a specific race with different species within that race. One such race is the giants.  Of the various giants in Runescape, I would have to say that the moss giants are my favorites. There’s just something about giant tree men who …

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Green Dragon OSRS Guide

If someone were to ask you about the most iconic monsters in Runescape, what would be the first to come to mind? King Black Dragon? Daggonoth Kings? Vorkath? Goblins? As for me, I can’t talk about the classics without including good old Green dragons. Primarily members-only, Green dragons have a storied history, several variations, and …

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Crystal Key OSRS Guide

Intro Throughout your journey across Runescape, you will obtain a lot of keys. Many are quest-specific, and you or the Wise Old Man can dump them when the quest is complete. Others are worth keeping around on a steel key ring for regular use (Like the Dusty and Brass keys). But there are some keys …

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