Turoth OSRS Guide: Taking on This Leafy Beast

Turoths are a pretty difficult monster if you have no idea how to handle them. They are between levels 83 and 89 and have been around for over 15 years now. However, I still see people make the mistake of not bringing the right gear here, and being unable to damage them at all. 

Turoths are a pretty decent monster if you are in the medium levels. You can kill them starting from level 55 slayer, and they are a great source for herbs and seeds. They are related to the Kurasks monsters and this means you need special weapons, or magic to kill them.

This guide is mainly meant for beginning players who want to do their first trip. I am going to talk about the drops, how to kill them, the gear you should wear, and so on. In short, everything you need to know to kill Turoths is like a pro! 

Here is where you find Turoth in OSRS

There is only one place they are found in OSRS. It is pretty far away, so you should unlock some quests to get there a bit faster.

Turoth is only found in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. There are a couple of ways to get there. The best way in my opinion is the A J R fairy ring code. Yes, the slayer rings are easier, but the mid-level slayer rings cost a ton of slayer points and those are hard to get. 

There are some other alternatives to get there. You can use the lyre, or the Fremennik Sea Boots you get from the quest. Another option is teleporting to your house if your house has been moved to Rellekka, however, this is pretty far. 

If you do not have any of these teleports, you will need to make your way to Camelot with a teleport. This route is going to be pretty far, and even more so if you are in heavy slayer gear and have a lower agility level. 

There is a cool trick you can do if you have done the quest to go to Lunar Isle. If you go there without a seal of passage, and you go to talk to an NPC there, you will be booted off the Lunar Isle straight to Relleka. 

These are the drops you need to look out for when killing Turoths

Keep in mind these are mid-level monsters. So the drops are not going to be amazing. On average, you will get 1600 coins worth of drops per kill. If you are on a Konar task you are going to get 2300 coins on average, thanks to the Brimstone keys you are going to get killing them. 

I advise you to bring fire runes and put your spellbook on the normal spellbook, this way you can cast alchemy skills and save inventory space by killing these monsters. There are three weapons and armour drops that are kind of worth it to pick up if you alch them. 

Weapons and armor you should pick up

  • Mithril kiteshield – They drop these about once in every 128 kills on average. They are worth about 1k. You can sell them on the GE or you can alch them, so you can save some inventory space.
  • Adamant full helm – They also drop adamant full helms at the same rate as they drop the kite. These are worth 1.8k. I suggest you alch these too, you will get a decent profit from doing so. 
  • Rune dagger – If you have never had a rune drop, killing Turoths could be a great way to get your very first one. They drop the rune dagger about once in every 128 kills on average. You can alch these for a nice 4k coins each. This can add up pretty nicely. 

These two drops are a lot rarer, and you should keep your eyes open for them. I would not alch these, but save them on your bank.

  • Leaf-bladed sword – The leaf-bladed sword is one of their rare drops. They drop once every 500 kills on average, so you will have to be here quite a while to get this drop. They are worth 40k each and can be sold or you can use them yourself. 
  • Mystic Robe bottom (light) – Turoths is one of the very first monsters that drop the robe bottoms of the mystic armor set.  You can sell these for 47k each, or alch them for about the same amount. Getting these are going to be pretty hard, as they only drop once in 512 kills on average. 

Runes you should pick up here

  • Law runes: While they only drop 3 at a time of these, you are going to get a lot of them. They have a chance of 1 in 20 of dropping, so if you are doing an entire trip here you are going to get quite a lot of them. 
  • Nature rune: They have 2 different nature rune drops. They have a one in 25 chance of dropping 15 at a time and a one in 128 of getting them 37 at a time. This is pretty decent and will net you quite a lot of nature runes. If you are an ironman, definitely pick these up, as their runes can be pretty hard to get. 

Herbs – they drop a lot! 

Turoths are known to drop quite a lot of herbs. While they are not the best source of all they are amongst the top. For medium-level players, you are going to get a lot of valuable drops here that will come in handy soon. 

They drop herbs in different quantities. They drop one, two, or three at a time. Since they drop so many herbs, your inventory is going to be full pretty soon. These are the grimy herbs you are going to have to pick up to make some decent money.

I think if you are an ironman who is having trouble getting herblore levels, it could be worth it to at least clean the ones you are not going to pick up. 

  • Grimy harralander: I am not fully convinced of this herb. They drop them about once in 38 kills. If your inventory is full, I would not pick these up a lot. They are worth max of 2k per drop if you get 3 at once. 
  • Grimy ranarr weed:  These are my favorite drops to get here. You have a one in 50 chance of getting one to three ranarr weeds at a time. This is worth 7k to 22k per drop, so more than worth it to pick up. Ironmen are going to love getting this drop, as it is very useful to make prayer potions. 
  • Grimy irit leaf: Same here as the harralander. They drop these ones in 66, and they are not worth that much. You can make super attack potions out of it, so it might be useful to pick them up for the later levels.
  • Grimy avantoe: There is a one in 88 chance you are going to get this as a drop. They are worth it to pick up in my opinion. They have a value of 1.5k a piece, and they can drop 3 at once. 
  • Grimy kwuarm: These are useful to get for super strength potions. Just like the avantoe, they are worth it to pick up in my opinion. They will fetch you about 1.4k a piece and will come in very handy at the levels where you can make super strengths. They are pretty rare, only about one in a hundred Turoths will drop them.
  • Grimy cadantine: Another useful herb, and just like the kwuarm and avantoe they are worth it to pick up. They will net you about 1.6k each. They drop an average of one in 130 kills. 
  • Grimy lantadyme: This is the last of the herb drops I recommend you to pick up. They drop this once in about 175 kills, so this is going to be a very common drop. You will get about 1.4k a piece for these, despite them being a pretty high-level herb. You might not be able to use them now if you are an ironman, but they will be useful in the future! 

The seeds you should pick up at the Turoths

There are 3 kinds of seeds you should pick up here. The others are going to be taking too much inventory space and won’t be worth it. 

  • Snapdragon seed: Relative to other monsters, they are going to drop this seed quite often! They drop it about once in every 170 kills. Getting these as a drop is going to be the most GP you can get here at once. They are worth 58k a piece and you get on average 1 a trip.
  • Snape grass seed: This is a pretty useful seed to get. You can use the snape grass to make prayer potions. Unfortunately, they only drop this once per 400 kills on average. This drop will be worth 7.7k.
  • Torstol seed: This is another very good seed drop to get and the most high-level herb seed. They are worth 49k apiece. However, since the drop rate is less than one in 800 kills you will not see this drop very often, so don’t grind these if you want to get this seed. 

Other drops you might want

  • Brimstone key: If you want these, the Turoths are a very decent source to get them. You will have a chance of 1 in 100 to get these. You do need to be on a Konar task to get them! If you are not, you aren’t going to be getting these. You can open the chest behind Konar with these. 
  • Clue scroll (hard): There is a decent chance you are going to get a hard clue scroll here if you come and kill Turoths. I love these clue scrolls. They are on average worth about 100k and you can get some very nice loot from them. 

How to kill Turoth with range, melee, or magic for mid-level players

PRO TIP: I am going to give my best tip here, so you don’t miss it. Bring Bones to Peaches! Either as a spell or a tab, it is going to be very useful. Peaches are going to prolong your trip here by quite a lot, and will make sure you can do an entire task in just one go! 

Gear and inventory for melee


You are going to need a leaf-bladed weapon here. You do not have any other option as they can not be killed without. The best weapon to use here is the leaf-bladed battleaxe, then the leaf-bladed sword and the worst of them all is the leaf-bladed spear. 

  • Armor – Your armor is going to need to be decent or you are going to have some serious trouble making a decent trip here. If you have rune armor or better you are going to be fine. You should use your slayer helmet or black mask if you have one. I suggest you focus on dealing with damage since the bones to peaches are going to give you a very nice and steady food supply.
  • Amulet and gloves – If you have gloves like rune gloves or better take those. Another very decent option is the combat bracelet or regen bracelet if you can afford it. In your amulet slot, I would take glory or a strength amulet as the budget option, if you have an Amulet of Fury or an Amulet of Torture take those. 
  • Potions – I advise you to bring a combat potion, or a superset if you have one. Just bring the best potions you can get your hands on to boost your stats.
  • Herb sack – If you have a herb sack you are going to be able to pick up loads of herbs. If you are an ironman, getting a herb sack should be a priority. 
  • Food – bring decent food, you should at least have lobsters if you are going to be killing a lot of them. Do not forget to bring your bones to peaches spells to make sure you survive the trip! 

Bring alch runes to use high alchemy on the various drops you get here. 

Tip: you can use your melee prayer to avoid getting hit by their attacks. 

Gear and inventory for ranging

  • Weapon: You can use your rune crossbow or magic short bow here. However, you are going to need broad bolts and broad arrows to hit them. You can not use your normal ammo, or you will not be able to kill them.
  • Armor: You can bring your best-ranging armor to make sure you hit them. There are also some safe spots to use, so you can avoid getting hit. Of course, your slayer helm and black mask are very useful here. 
  • Gloves and amulet: If you have barrows gloves, you can use these. If you do not have them, bring your best kind of vambraces. In the amulet slot, you should have your Amulet of Glory if you are on a budget. If you have the money, an Amulet of Fury or Amulet of Anguish is going to be a very good option here. 
  • Potion: Bring your ranging potion here to get decent hits. 
  • Herb sack: Here too you should get a herb sack to pick up the various drops of herbs you get here. You won’t regret it if you are an ironman! 
  • Food: Bring your lobsters and bones to peaches spells here so you can make food out of the bones you get here. 

Bring alch runes to use high alchemy on the various drops you get here. 

Gear and inventory for magic

  • Weapon: Get your slayer staff or staff of the death and a lot of casts to do magic dart or slayer dart. This is going to be pretty useful to kill them. 
  • Armor: Make sure you have decent armor for your mage bonus. This is essential to get the accuracy you need to kill them. You should also use your slayer helm or black mask here if you have one. 
  • Gloves and amulet: You can use a combat bracelet as your gloves. That is going to be more than enough to cast some decent spells. Your amulet should either be the Amulet of Glory, Magic Amulet, or the Occult Necklace if you have one. 
  • Potion: You can use a magic potion here for extra accuracy, it isn´t that necessary but it helps. 
  • Herb sack: Do not forget to bring your herb sack. This is going to help you train herblore a lot in the future if you are an ironman. 
  • Food: You do not need a lot of food here if you are going to safe spot them. You can save your inventory spaces to pick up the herbs they drop if you do not have a herb sack ready for you to use. 

Bring alch runes to use high alchemy on the various drops you get here. This is going to help you make back the money you spend on your runes. 

Frequently asked questions about Turoths in OSRS

Question: What is the best leaf-bladed weapon? 

Answer: There has been quite a debate about this, but in my opinion, the answer is pretty simple. Despite being slower, the leaf-bladed battle axe is the superior melee weapon. The spear is – by far – the worst of the weapons. The reason people think the leaf-bladed sword is the best is because it is a lot faster. However, the strength bonus the battleaxe has is the best out of any one-handed melee weapon you get at this combat level. The damage it does per second is a lot higher, too, despite it being slower. The slash and crush bonus this axe has also ranks at the top of the weapons available to you at this level. All in all, the battleaxe is much better than the sword. It is however a lot harder to get if you are an ironman, as kurasks drop them, which require a higher slayer level than Turoth to kill. 

Ammo-wise, I prefer the broad bolts above the broad arrows to kill Turoth and kurask in osrs. I think the broad bolts are just a lot more accurate and more useful to kill them off quickly. However, normal arrow work too. It is a pretty decent alternative, and it won’t take you an hour extra or so to kill them. Tip: you can safe spot them with range. 

Question: Should I skip the Turoth task? 

Answer: A lot of people that go for maximum slayer efficiency and high exp an hour block these as soon as possible. I don’t think they are worth putting on the block list if you are a regular player who needs some decent exp and wants to alternate between tasks. 
People think the leaf-bladed spear, sword, and axe are not going to be as strong as the standard weapon they use when training. While this is correct, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. You will still get some decent experience and you will also get a lot of herb drops that are going to help you in the future if you are an ironman. 

You do need to fight them smartly. Since the trip is pretty far away and there isn’t a bank nearby, it is a good idea to make sure you can kill them all in a single trip. To make sure you can do that, you should either safely spot them while killing them with range or magic, or you can kill them with melee, pick up their bones and turn them into peaches. 

Question: How should I kill Turoth in old-school Runescape? 

Answer: Well by now, you probably know you need to use some pretty special weapons or magic to kill them, but what is the best out of all methods?

Part of the answer is going to depend on your levels. It is pretty close between all three combat styles, so the level difference between your melee stats, ranging and mage is going to be crucial in deciding which is going to kill them the fastest.

If all of your levels are somewhat similar, looking at the defensive stats of a Turoth is going to be pretty useful to determine how to kill them.
If you look at the melee stats of the Turoth, you will notice that their slash and crush defense are both pretty decent. They have a +20 defense bonus for them. Stab is their obvious weak point if you are going to kill them with melee. They have a +0 in this stat. 

Their range and mage defense are very bad too. Both of those stats have a +0 in the defensive category. So you will hit them pretty easily with both of those attacking styles.

Question: Can I cannon Turoths?

Answer: No, you can not. There are two reasons why it is impossible to kill these monsters with a cannon. 
First of all, as we have discussed, they have an immunity to a lot of attack types. You can only hit them with leaf-bladed weapons like the axe, spear, and sword or with broad arrows and broad bolts if you are ranging them. The magic dart spell is also effective to them. Everything else is going to fail, including your cannonballs. They will all hit zero, so do not waste them.

Second, you can not use a cannon in the Fremennik Slayer dungeon. You cannot put a cannon here because the air in the cave is too humid. The fact is that the Turoth at this moment can only be found in the slayer cave in Fremennik. So, unless they ever spawn somewhere else you won’t even be able to hit them with a (futile) cannonball. 

Conclusion: Turoths are useful for herbs, but not much else

Turoths are a monster not meant for low levels or high levels. It is designed for people around the 50 to 70 combat level who are doing slayer with the easier slayer masters. They do not have any drops that will make you a lot of money if you are a normal non-ironman account. The experience in an hour here is pretty decent, but not great by any stretch. I don’t think you should skip the task, as slayer points are pretty important. 

As an ironman, the Turoth is going to become one of your favorite tasks if you are about to run out of potions. They drop loads of useful herbs that you are going to be able to use but you will need to use your herb sack to make the most use of it. 

Whatever you do, make sure you bring a leaf-bladed weapon or ammo if you are going to melee or range them, or you will not be able to kill them. 

My two tips are 1. Bring bones to peaches to make sure you can do an entire trip without having to bank. 2. Bring a herb sack if you have one, if you are an ironman account, this should be around the point that you should grind for one in the Tithe farm to make sure you can get some good herblore levels later on. 

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